{VIDEO} 3 Ways To Make Your Coffee Healthier

Remember the Dolly Parton song, “9 to 5?”

I always thought the lyric “Pour myself a cup of ambition” was a clever phrase.

That little kick of courage is just ONE reason people love their coffee.

Is coffee good for you, or not?

CoffeeTwo-thirds of Americans are drinking an average of almost two cups a day. And despite heavy marketing by the coffee industry about some benefits, you’re better off relegating it to occasional use rather than daily ritual.

Coffee is, after all, among the most acid-producing substances you can ingest. Dr. Rashid Buttar, in his best-selling 9 Ways to Keep the Doctor Away, says there are 203 different acids in coffee.  And acidic environments are the perfect disease climates.

Non-organic coffee is also highly contaminated with herbicides and pesticide. It’s one of the most-sprayed crops in the world.

And then lots of folks are further junking up their liquid ambition with awful creamers and sweeteners.

A healthier cup of joe

There’s a better way! If you’re going to be drinking coffee, let me show you how to get rid of all the additive toxins. Take a look at this video on THREE ways I make my own occasional coffee habit much healthier (in fact, there’s a little fourth bonus tip–watch for it!).

Check out my video above if you love coffee.

This is my favorite coffee on Amazon because it’s delicious, it’s organic, and it has tons of great reviews. Then my favorite liquid stevia, in English Toffee flavor, can be purchased from Amazon as well!

And here’s that link to the FREE Video Masterclass I mention in this clip. Where I’ve got SIX free video classes on how to eat healthy, super-cheap, in ways your family will love.

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  1. I would advise not using dyed ceramic mus, plates etc., they contain cadmium, especially orange and yellow colours, this is toxic to human brain, darker colours (blue..) contain cobalt. Porcelain, glass, some say stainless steel are better alternatives 🙂

  2. Loved the video about coffee! I do drink organic coffee with organic raw milk cream but will definitely try the coconut milk. I was surprised though to see you hold up a plastic container in which to store the left over coconut milk. From what I’ve read, it would be better to store any food in glassware.

  3. What about the fact that most coffee, even organic, is laden with mold? Check out what the Bulletproof guy says about it and his recommendation for grass-fed buttered mold-free coffee….it’s delish!

  4. I think everyone is going to regret getting on the stevia bandwagon in 20 years, when the health results start showing up. I don’t even trust the leaf, much less the processed stuff. It’s the new version of my mom’s Sucrel in the 1970’s. Stop with the sweeteners. All of them.

    1. That’s funny! Yes, and she is storing her leftover coconut milk in a plastic container. Love Robin, but sometimes she doesn’t take it far enough for me. But then again, I know she’s trying to reach the masses.

  5. I use Enzo (Amazon.com) organic stevia powder. Super concentrated, no after taste. Thank you for your insight Robyn

  6. Cool ideas. All in all
    Pity that SweetLeaf is so shy to publish a straightforward list of ingredients. I read “natural flavorings” in the official FAQs.
    Thus is how flavorings are defined in Germany:
    Artificial flavoring: artificial, nothing new here.
    Natural chocolate/mint/etc flavoring: real, true chocolate/mint/etc. used to flavor.
    Natural flavoring: e.g. fermented cabbage, glucose and salt. Out comes a substance that smells like pineapple. Who knows what SweetLeaf did to obtain all those flavorings… No Thanks

  7. Thank you Robyn! You always help me makes small changes a little at a time. I’ve followed you since the beginning and I love that you are still relevant. I also love that you’re trying to help your daughter and her roommates. Thanks for all your hard work and love that goes into your research!

  8. You put the leftover coconut milk in a plastic container.
    That is a definite no no. I buy green coffee beans, roast them as I need them that way the coffee is always fresh. I then cold brew my coffee which makes it much smoother tasting.

    1. Thanks for this info George. Where do you get green coffee beans? Do you just roast them in your oven on a cookie sheet? How do you cold brew? Bet I could find a Youtube video on this, but if it’s easy for you to reply, please do. Blessings!

  9. I have tried the liquid stevia and it still has a bad after taste, and I only use 5 drops. Why. The video shows you using 2 droppers, is it better if you use more?

    1. I only use 2 to 3 drops per serving. Never dropper fulls. Was Robin making large amounts? More would make it taste worse in my opinion. Try less. And make sure it’s the liquid kind.

    2. I had a small cup of coffee this morning with 2 Tblsp of coconut milk and 3 drops of liquid stevia and it made me nauseous. This is a good way to quit drinking coffee.

  10. Green Smoothie Girl, I’ve got a tip for you, store your extra coconut cream in a glass container! I love your recipes and advice on nutrition, you’re awesome! I preheat my cup with boiling hot water before adding my coffee concoctions. Eat Well, Be Well!

  11. Also Trader Joe’s has a wonderful decaf fair trade organic french roast. for $8.99 for 13 oz. Much better price, and yes it’s decaf.

    1. I love Coffee, but I have to have Decaf, I don’t do well with Caffeine, get heart palpitations and depression. so thank you for this information.

  12. I add a pinch of baking soda to my cup of brewed coffee and litmus paper strips show that it is no longer acidic.Less than 1/8 teaspoon makes a difference but does not really alter the taste, especially when one sweetens it with stevia.

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  14. Do you know that the Natural News store – Mike Adams has an organic low acid coffee bean that is healthier? Plus Amazon is only interested on profit not in making sure products are as advertised ( organics can still be full of heavy metals if not tested and Amazon does not do this.

    1. Cold brewing is the way to go! My coffee is fantastic and light tasting (in a good way) andI’ve given up any creamer at all because it tastes so good. I am trying to create a non-acidic system and using the ph strips and the cold-brewed coffee I’m where I need to be–alkaline…try it you’ll like it.

  15. Another couple of tips: One from a food chemist is to add a pinch of baking soda to your coffee grounds just prior to brewing…cuts the acid level! Secondly, try making a coffee concentrate; this also produces much less acid and is oh, sooo smooth tasting. My brother, who usually adds half and half to his coffee, actually drank it black when I offered him the concentrate. It used to be called toddy coffee. You don’t need any special devices to make it. The recipe I used was to put a pound of coarsely ground coffee beans in a glass bowl, cover with 8 cups of purified water (and a pinch of baking soda). Let it sit for 24 hours and strain through a nutmilk bag. When using the concentrate, use 1 – 2 TBSP per cup of hot water, or just pour it over ice *)*

  16. Being a BIG coffee lover You did have some good points in this video. HOWever, Still a MUCH MUCH healthier version is to make Cold Brew Coffee. Very easy to make and benefits are as follows: Reduced risk of heartburn due to fact that it is the heat that makes coffee acidic. So you have LESS acid . It’ s sweeter than brewed coffee and I think a more smoother taste…..Can be stored it for up to 2 weeks once made. Caffeine is about the same. I use organic coffee, sweetened with Stevia and add Organic/ Unsweetened Almond Milk to mine. and now I will drink this any day over brewed coffee….. ( google for recipes ). Hope this helps somebody…..

  17. my husband recently got a medical report that his kidney function is not where it should be and after reading up on it we find that coffee and caffeine are a problem. He drinks 3-4 cups reg coffee daily and is now looking to change our diet of food to make things better and keep him healthy. Thanks for all your info.

    1. Look up Cordyceps and other natural supplements for improvement of kidney function, avoid shots which contain aluminum which is highly toxic to the kidneys. One flu shot can throw you into full blown renal failure. See Dr Suzanne Humphrey’s research…

  18. Great tips!! I love coffee and drink about 2 a day. I drink decaf because it gives me less heartburns. Have any other suggestions??

    1. Drink cold brew coffee. It has less acid (some studies say up to 67% less). I had heartburn and acid reflux from hot coffee and switched to cold brew. Now I have no issues.

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