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What happened when my root-canal teeth were pulled

By Robyn Openshaw | Nov 23, 2012

When I had my two root canal teeth extracted by my biological dentist back in August, I paid a few hundred dollars for an analysis of what bacteria were found in these “dead” teeth. I just got my results back from the lab in Colorado.

My holistic dentist had told me BOTH my root-canal teeth he pulled were failing. Since then, I’ve talked to half a dozen other dentists and people who have extensive experience with root canals, and why root canals fail.

You would think that, with all the good health habits I have, I would have better luck than that. I confess to being more than a little disappointed that a bone graft and so much dental work would be required, notwithstanding my earlier years of eating lots of candy, ice cream, and diet soda.

But did you know that the EXPECTED time that a root canal lasts is a max of 10 years? That’s right–-endodontists KNOW that their procedure has a very limited life. My brother Dave was in an ATV accident 10 years ago, where his teeth planted in the steering wheel and killed ten of them. He had root canals on all, and guess what.

Yep, they’re all failing.

Not that those pleomorphic organisms trapped in an anaerobic environment, in a dead organ, are really contained during that 10 years anyway. They’re not! “Failing” just means that there are visible, discernible signs of rampant infection and decay. (Obviously it didn’t get that way overnight!)

In my case, the signs were mild tooth sensitivity, and a blister on the gums covering the tooth. A raging, itchy rash on my trunk and arms that came and went for 2.5 months, until I realized it was related to my teeth.

Have you ever thought about the fact that the tooth is an organ? The biological dentist knows this. It is part of an interconnected meridian in the body. When it dies—or is injured and we kill it dead with a root canal and leave it there—we are truly fossilizing a dead organism in our living mouth. And we think this won’t cause problems!

So, my sample came back saying that 10 bacteria were detected in the tooth sample. None of them were in the “active” concentration, where the microorganism is alive and well and not being effectively attacked by my immune system.

But two were in the “bright” concentration, which means “heavy concentration of the microorganism.”

They were:

Campylobacter rectus
Prevotella melaninogenica

I’m not panicking about this. Fact is, everybody has candida, everybody has cancer, most people probably have strep and even MRSA micro-organisms too. Everybody has many yeasts, molds, fungi, viruses, bacteria, and the toxic waste byproducts of those critters, in our blood and gut and organs.

Believe it or not, candida can actually have valid functions in the human body. In proportion, in tiny amounts in a teeming, healthy ecosystem, it’s not a problem.

The problem is when those baddies get out of hand. When the good guys in the body, like macrophages and healthy micro-organisms, are overcome (by antibiotics! GMO-frankenfoods! Sugar feeding yeast and fungus!) and the baddies get out of control.

Killing tissues / organs such as your teeth, then trapping the bacteria in the teeth, deprived of oxygen, makes the baddies become super-psychos. That’s a gross oversimplification, but a google search on those two bacteria reveal that my own two breeds of baddies cause heart attacks, impaired immune response, and…..genital tract infections!


It’s weird to be missing two teeth. But I’m glad the super-psychos are gone.

The dentist had offered me an antibiotic the day of my surgery, since he knows the baddies are now out, and running around. I said no thanks, that I wanted to help my body manage it. And it did. Every time I think of this, I send a gratitude message inward, thanking my body for heroic immune function during a rough patch!


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  1. Ronald Girard says:

    Thanks for this thread! I am torn on what to do? A couple of years back when we were living in Golden CO my dentist said I had two cracked molars and they needed crowns, of which it was performed. They never felt right and had pain etc. After multiple grinding adjustments to my bite they kind of felt ok but never good. I was told that the trauma needed to heal. Fast forward 2 years, we move to Zurich Switzerland for a few years on job contract etc, top one needed full root canal on all roots on my last visit back to Colorado so they say….now I am in Switzerland with upper tooth pain, swollen lymph nodes, and I think because of the pain / possible infection 2 bouts of shingles!! Arrgh!! Now I am contemplating having both teeth pulled, just nervous because once its pulled its gone. We move back to Colorado in October but I don’t think I can wait. I am afraid if I don’t get these removed soon I will go crazy!! Pain is tolerable however the swollen glands zapping my energy. My gut tells me its these damn teeth that were tampered with ( supposedly corrected) – has anyone had the same symptoms? Can I get implants later after this heals and hopefully corrects itself? Suggestions ?? Any advice would greatly be appreciated. Thanks

    1. Maneesh says:

      I just got my molar pulled. This was a root canal tooth from 2012, damaged earlier in 2011 by an incompetent dentist who put too much filling resulting in trauma. Then in 2016 I started getting headaches radiating from the tooth. My body was fighting it successfully but it can only do so much before a dead tooth overpowers the immune system and sends it crashing. The only benefit I saw was I was not getting sick because of the constant battle with the dead tooth. My immune system was in overdrive, and that is a dangerous condition that can lead to inflammation of the vascularatory system. Hence I decided once and for all to get it extracted and it may have just saved my life. I did not have the dentist put any cadaverous bone matrix to generate more bone since I prefer my body to heal naturally. Plus putting any biological foreign matter to facilitate bone growth can complicate things further if the immune system rejects the bone matrix. My future prospects for the gap where the tooth used to be are either implant or removable denture. I am not in favor of dental bridges since they modify the adjacent teeth to support the bridge. In summary, getting the root canal tooth extracted was the best decision of my life because after post extraction, I kept the tooth as a souvenir and a reminder to never ever get a root canal again. The extracted molar was rotting away and was brown and gray, clearly a breeding ground for toxic anaerobic bacteria. Stay away from root canals, because that is effectively keeping a corpse in your body. The dental community will always have plausible deniability that root canals are harmless, but that is just a hive mind to preserve the dental community. Do what is best for your health and eat healthy, brush your teeth. Also exercising improves the flow of blood to teeth and strengthens them too. Stay away from dentists and doctors as much as you can because in a business oriented environment, health does not take precedence over the need to make more money. Finally, these are the same doctors who advocate the removal of malignant tumors through expensive chemotherapy, and the removal of painful appendix but encourage keeping dead teeth in the body. Listen to your body, it is your temple and no one other than you knows what is best for it.

      1. Ronald Girard says:

        Thanks so much Maneesh for your opinion and story. I am in the process of getting it removed, they removed the crown to see how it would go but it hasn’t gotten better so I will have them pull whats left of the tooth. He is resistant to pull it being a normal dentist here in Switzerland, we live here for the time being, but I am insistent on it getting pulled. Them maybe the swollen glands will go away!
        Thanks and best

        1. dr anna martusciello says:

          I think you made a wise choice to have it removed. When I went to my dentist and the options for my molars two of them was root canal or extraction, I didnt even hesitate, I said pull them….health always trumps esthetics for me, even tho these were molars and are not visible unless you look for it, there are always hafer options. partials, bridges are 2 I know of. Be well !!

  2. Younis says:

    I have a root canal on my front tooth but do I have to remove it ? I mean they dont hurt …

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