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What Happened When My Root-Canal Teeth Were Pulled

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | Aug 23, 2018

When I had my two root canal teeth extracted by my biological dentist, I paid a few hundred dollars for an analysis of what bacteria were found in these “dead” teeth. I just got my results back from the lab in Colorado.

Weighing a Root Canal VS Extraction

In this article:


My Root Canal Failed

My holistic dentist had told me BOTH my root-canal teeth he pulled were failing. Since then, I’ve talked to half a dozen other dentists and people who have extensive experience with root canals, and why root canals fail.

Dental Damage from Earlier Years

You would think that, with all the good health habits I have, I would have better luck than that. I confess to being more than a little disappointed that a bone graft and so much dental work would be required, notwithstanding my earlier years of eating lots of candy, ice cream, and diet soda.

All Root Canals Fail Years Later

But did you know that the EXPECTED time that a root canal lasts is a max of 10 years? That’s right—endodontists KNOW that their procedure has a very limited life. My brother Dave was in an ATV accident 10 years ago, where his teeth planted in the steering wheel and killed ten of them. He had root canals on all, and guess what.

Yep, they’re all failing.

Signs of Root Canal Infection

Signs of Root Canal Infection | What Happened When My Root-Canal Teeth Were Pulled | Root Canal vs Extraction

Not that those pleomorphic organisms trapped in an anaerobic environment, in a dead organ, are really contained during that 10 years anyway. They’re not! “Failing” just means that there are visible, discernible signs of rampant infection and decay. (Obviously, it didn’t get that way overnight!)

Failed Root Canal Symptoms

In my case, the signs were mild tooth sensitivity and a blister on the gums covering the tooth. A raging, itchy rash on my trunk and arms that came and went for 2.5 months, until I realized it was related to my teeth.

What Happens to the Root Canaled Tooth?

Have you ever thought about the fact that the tooth is an organ? The biological dentist knows this. It is part of an interconnected meridian in the body. When it dies—or is injured and we kill it dead with a root canal and leave it there—we are truly fossilizing a dead organism in our living mouth. And we think this won’t cause problems!

Bacteria Found in the Samples

Bacteria Found in the Samples | What Happened When My Root-Canal Teeth Were Pulled | Root Canal vs Extraction

So, my sample came back saying that 10 bacteria were detected in the tooth sample. None of them were in the “active” concentration, where the microorganism is alive and well and not being effectively attacked by my immune system.

But two were in the “bright” concentration, which means “heavy concentration of the microorganism.”

They were:

Different Bacteria in the Body

I’m not panicking about this. Fact is, everybody has candida (a parasitic fungi like yeast), everybody has cancer, most people probably have strep and even MRSA micro-organisms too. Everybody has many yeasts, molds, fungi, viruses, bacteria, and the toxic waste byproducts of those critters, in our blood and gut and organs.

Believe it or not, candida can actually have valid functions in the human body. In proportion, in tiny amounts in a teeming, healthy ecosystem, it’s not a problem.

When Should You Worry About the Bacteria?

The problem is when those baddies get out of hand. When the good guys in the body, like macrophages and healthy microorganisms, are overcome (by antibiotics! GMO-frankenfoods! Sugar feeding yeast and fungus!) and the baddies get out of control.

Killing tissues/organs such as your teeth, then trapping the bacteria in the teeth, deprived of oxygen, makes the baddies become super-psychos. That’s a gross oversimplification, but a google search on those two bacteria reveal that my own two breeds of baddies cause heart attacks, impaired immune response, and…..genital tract infections!


After the Root Canal Tooth Extraction

It’s weird to be missing two teeth. But I’m glad the super-psychos are gone.

The dentist had offered me an antibiotic the day of my surgery since he knows the baddies are now out, and running around. I said no thanks, that I wanted to help my body manage it. And it did. Every time I think of this, I send a gratitude message inward, thanking my body for heroic immune function during a rough patch!

What was the experience like if you’ve ever had a root canal? If you could choose, would you have a root canal or have the tooth extracted? Share your story in the comments section below.

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Editor’s Note – This post was originally published on November 23, 2012, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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207 thoughts on “What Happened When My Root-Canal Teeth Were Pulled”

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  1. Ronald Girard says:

    Thanks for this thread! I am torn on what to do? A couple of years back when we were living in Golden CO my dentist said I had two cracked molars and they needed crowns, of which it was performed. They never felt right and had pain etc. After multiple grinding adjustments to my bite they kind of felt ok but never good. I was told that the trauma needed to heal. Fast forward 2 years, we move to Zurich Switzerland for a few years on job contract etc, top one needed full root canal on all roots on my last visit back to Colorado so they say….now I am in Switzerland with upper tooth pain, swollen lymph nodes, and I think because of the pain / possible infection 2 bouts of shingles!! Arrgh!! Now I am contemplating having both teeth pulled, just nervous because once its pulled its gone. We move back to Colorado in October but I don’t think I can wait. I am afraid if I don’t get these removed soon I will go crazy!! Pain is tolerable however the swollen glands zapping my energy. My gut tells me its these damn teeth that were tampered with ( supposedly corrected) – has anyone had the same symptoms? Can I get implants later after this heals and hopefully corrects itself? Suggestions ?? Any advice would greatly be appreciated. Thanks

    1. Maneesh says:

      I just got my molar pulled. This was a root canal tooth from 2012, damaged earlier in 2011 by an incompetent dentist who put too much filling resulting in trauma. Then in 2016 I started getting headaches radiating from the tooth. My body was fighting it successfully but it can only do so much before a dead tooth overpowers the immune system and sends it crashing. The only benefit I saw was I was not getting sick because of the constant battle with the dead tooth. My immune system was in overdrive, and that is a dangerous condition that can lead to inflammation of the vascularatory system. Hence I decided once and for all to get it extracted and it may have just saved my life. I did not have the dentist put any cadaverous bone matrix to generate more bone since I prefer my body to heal naturally. Plus putting any biological foreign matter to facilitate bone growth can complicate things further if the immune system rejects the bone matrix. My future prospects for the gap where the tooth used to be are either implant or removable denture. I am not in favor of dental bridges since they modify the adjacent teeth to support the bridge. In summary, getting the root canal tooth extracted was the best decision of my life because after post extraction, I kept the tooth as a souvenir and a reminder to never ever get a root canal again. The extracted molar was rotting away and was brown and gray, clearly a breeding ground for toxic anaerobic bacteria. Stay away from root canals, because that is effectively keeping a corpse in your body. The dental community will always have plausible deniability that root canals are harmless, but that is just a hive mind to preserve the dental community. Do what is best for your health and eat healthy, brush your teeth. Also exercising improves the flow of blood to teeth and strengthens them too. Stay away from dentists and doctors as much as you can because in a business oriented environment, health does not take precedence over the need to make more money. Finally, these are the same doctors who advocate the removal of malignant tumors through expensive chemotherapy, and the removal of painful appendix but encourage keeping dead teeth in the body. Listen to your body, it is your temple and no one other than you knows what is best for it.

      1. Ronald Girard says:

        Thanks so much Maneesh for your opinion and story. I am in the process of getting it removed, they removed the crown to see how it would go but it hasn’t gotten better so I will have them pull whats left of the tooth. He is resistant to pull it being a normal dentist here in Switzerland, we live here for the time being, but I am insistent on it getting pulled. Them maybe the swollen glands will go away!
        Thanks and best

        1. dr anna martusciello says:

          I think you made a wise choice to have it removed. When I went to my dentist and the options for my molars two of them was root canal or extraction, I didnt even hesitate, I said pull them….health always trumps esthetics for me, even tho these were molars and are not visible unless you look for it, there are always hafer options. partials, bridges are 2 I know of. Be well !!

      2. Taseen says:

        I suggest u don’t go for implants as they are also toxic, best option is dentures

      3. Elizabeth says:

        I just read all this literature on how bad root canals are for your overall health & watched documentary The Root Cause & it’s scary. I just had a root canal done in July & I want it out! But I would like to go to someone who knows how to extract it & clean the area. Did u have problems finding a surgeon who knew how to do this successfully?

        1. Kerry says:

          Look for a holistic or biological dentist. One that practices with Ozone and does PRP (platelet). I’m in Oregon and there are a few here.

          1. Sarah says:

            Hey! I’m in Oregon too! Who did you go to? I think I have 3 teeth that should be removed 🙁 I want to have to cone beam exam done.

          2. Douglas Rollins says:

            Who are they? I had a root canal done in August in Portland and am not happy

    2. Bbeeba says:

      Kindly share with me the name of a lab where we can send my tooth to be tested.

    3. Kevin Spink says:

      Hi There,
      Today I have had two root canals pulled out of my mouth…I was absolutely scared and having been putting it off for years.
      Upon extraction the dentist had to remove so much toxicity and muck…

      I can’t believe I have let this stay in my body so long.

      I have struggled with immune problems for ten years.

      Do yourself a favor and get it done ASAP!
      Mine weee two front teeth and they now have a temporary bridge then I will get implants.

      1. Kevin Spink says:

        Holistic dentistry is best as other dentists have been trying to get me to re root canal them.

  2. Younis says:

    I have a root canal on my front tooth but do I have to remove it ? I mean they dont hurt …

    1. Taseen says:

      Many cases root canals have caused lots of other health issues, it over drives ur immune system… it’s up to u how u feel about it, it’s u who knows ur body best

  3. glenda says:

    thank you for all the comments here i was afraid to pulled my molars root canal tooth just only 2 months it cracked. paid 1480 cad dollar for nothing

    1. Karen says:

      Hi Glenda,
      Wondering if you are in Toronto Canada. I just had a root canal in June and having trouble. My gut told me to pull back in June but listened to my dentist instead and now I totally regret my decision. I am ready to have the tooth extracted but read that you need someone like an oral surgeon to remove the brittle tooth. If you are in Toronto do you have a good recommendation for a biologic dentist or oral surgeon who can pull my tooth. Thank you

      1. Veronica Enns says:

        I’m from SK Canada and found an amazing bio dentist in Tijuana. Dr Lagos is his name. I had all my mercury fillings replaced and a 10yr d root canal removed. my health has been declining since I got the root canal but the tooth itself didn’t show signs of problems. Once it was out I saw how bad the tooth looked, and the smell of the tooth and hole were so awful! Its only been a few days but I’m feeling better already. Soon I’ll start Andy Cutler’s chelation protocol to start removing the mercury in my body. Root canals are evil! Don’t let anyone talk you into getting them and if you have them get them removed!

  4. Holly says:

    I just had an infected root canal tooth with a crown pulled today. It had a big cyst on the root full of infection. The dentist extracted some of my blood, centrifuged it to get the platelets & injected my own platelets back into the empty socket after cleaning it to help with healing & to stimulate bone growth.
    I then had an implant put into the socket. Was so easy because he didn’t have to drill into the bone or screw in the implant, just placed it into the socket, & put a temp crown on top. As the bone heals it will grow around the implant securing it. Took an hour. Was so easy. and now I have to take high vit D & K for 30 days to assist the bone growth, & no chewing on that side for 4 months. Then will put the permanent crown on.
    I have the same tooth on the other side to do next year.

    1. Debi says:

      Hi Holly, what country are you in and what type of dentist did you go to? Thanks

    2. Collins says:

      I really like to find out more about your treatment
      Where did you go to?

    3. Marty says:

      Where is your dentist? That sounds almost too good to be true. I am desperate for solutions to my disintegrating teeth. In a very bad way.

    4. Yma says:

      Hi. Who did you go to?

  5. Ahamed says:

    I had a root canaled tooth which was broken before a couple of years and decayed very badly my oral surgeon wanted that tooth to be removed and it’s all gone by dis morning and now it’s almost 8 hours past am not feeling any serious pain

  6. I have 2 failed root canals and my symptoms after the root canals, and now a year later are looking what lead to my Candida overgrowth. Overwhelming my entire body last summer and started again two months ago. Should I ask my oral surgeon to swab both gums after they’re both extracted ?

    1. Elsa Anderson says:

      Hi Bill, Only sending the teeth to a lab will get you a definitive answer to what was in there. This will most likely cost you a few hundred bucks. Wishing you optimal health!

  7. Connor says:

    Thank you!! I have a mystery rash like you described and it happened about a month after a root canal was finished. I’ve been through two botched dental jobs on this tooth and I’m sure the bacteria trapped in there is the culprit. What kind of dentist do I search for that is holistic like yours? It’s hard to find a good dentist who thinks about the entire body as well as the teeth 🙂

    1. Elsa Anderson says:

      Hi Connor, Very sorry to hear! Look up biological dentistry in your area… Hopefully you’ll have some reputable BD’s near you. Good luck!

  8. Bob says:

    Must have chelation after pulling or its pointless. And look up cavitations in the gums. Your dentist won’t mention that.

    1. bb says:

      Hi Bob, I have heard this as well. I had a root canal tooth pulled by a specialist who did nothing other than do a bone graft. No cleaning out or anything as far as I know. I knew the tooth was infected and eventually broke and took a round of antibiotics (since this tooth was connected to my sinus cavity).

      I am now concerned that there may be residual inflammation or infection left and, as you say, pulling tooth has been somewhat pointless.

      Do you or anyone on this thread know what to do 3 months after extraction if you did not have chelation/address cavitation at time of extraction?

  9. Alliegirl says:

    Just had a root canal. I let the dentist talk me into it!!! It was done yesterday and my jaw is swollen. I have two and both are next to each other.

  10. Ty says:

    Hi, can someone recommend a good holistic/biological dentist in Texas? I’m from the Dallas area. For the last month or so, I’ve had soreness/tenderness, sinus issues, stiff neck, headaches, teeth sensitivity etc on the left side of my face where the root canal was performed 23 years ago. I’ve went to several ENT and dentists and oral surgeons but they were unable to see anything wrong with me. The x-rays look fine. I’m convinced at this point that my root canal tooth is the root cause but none of the docs are able to confirm this. I’m desperate for an answer at this point.

    1. Kristi Hudgins says:

      Try to Dr. Philip Kozlow off Quorum Drive in Dallas.

    2. Carol crans says:

      I have been reading all the replys. I am having a tooth removal if a very old root canal, to prepare for an implant. What Amy of tooth is left after a root canal?

    3. Charlene Casperson says:

      I just had dental revision completed at Dr. Stuart Nunnelly’s clinic in Marble Falls, TX by Dr. Owens. The entire clinic is terrific! Dr. Owens was wonderful, both as a person and a dentist. I live outside of Atlanta, GA but could not find a clinic in our area that provided such a holistic approach. We will be going back to get my husband’s dental work done next year.

    4. Kerry says:

      https://www.healthysmilesforlife.com/ They were in the Root Cause documentary.

    5. Ha says:

      Dr. Allen Sprinkle was a lifesaver for me 8 years ago. Using muscle testing, he identified the dental materials that my regular dental used that caused my body to feel weak. After having the dental material removed, I felt 100 percent better. I highly recommend him.

      1106 W. Randol Mill Road, Suite 100

      Arlington, TX 76012

      (817) 461-9998

      1. Martha says:

        I am happy you found such a great doctor.

        Does anyone know a brilliant holistic dentist in NY, MA or Southern California?
        Teeth in crisis. I am desperate.

        Thank you.

  11. Eboni says:

    I am considering to have a tooth with a root canal extracted due to constant bleeding and inflamed gums. What are the chances of bone loss? Is there anything I need to know in advance of the extraction a conventional doctor won’t share? Is it better to see a biological or holistic dentist?

  12. andrea says:

    I had a root canal two months ago and am still in pain. I have made numerous visits back to the dentist and returned to the endodontist. I finally went for a second opinion. I was put on steriods for inflamation. Still having pain in my jaw, chin, ear, back of head. I am seriously considering extraction if this will take care of the pain. I wish I would have done more research before getting the root canal. I was not in much pain and just listened to my dentist. I am concerned how this is affecting my overall health. I think the stress alone has lowered my resistance to everything.

  13. Tooth Hurts says:

    Well I found this page as I was looking for reasons why my root canaled tooth is hurting so bad. The dentist told me I have to go to an endodontist to have this tooth root canaled again. Not going to happen. I can’t believe i went through all the pain and suffering years ago to have this done when all that needed to happen was to get them to pull the darn thing. Thank you for the page.

  14. Marian says:

    I actually had a root canal retreatment about two months ago, at first I felt ok but now I feel like it’s failing… I even have a throat infection which it tested negative to strep and mono, I believe is related to my root canal but I went to the endodontic and he says is healing ok and it’ll take months to heal, he just looked at it didn’t even take xrays so how do I know that’s true, I got referred to a n ENT but who knows when he’ll be able to see me, I paid 1485 for retreatment and 200 for the first appointment I’m out of money and worried, I wished I did more research before having that stupid procedure…twice

  15. Gretchen Hoene says:

    So I have a question. I’ve had a root canal back when I was like 10 from cough drops. A couple years back I had to get it redone. I just went to the dentist after years of not having insurance and they say I have an access under my root canal. It’s my first molar on my right side and it’s really the side I chew on. My question is it really better to have it pulled? And is it easy to get used to chewing elsewhere? I should also mention my wisdom teeth are growing in is there a possibility that my wisdom tooth will push my other molar closer to my teeth so I won’t have a huge gap? What are the pros and cons of having my tooth pulled vs getting another root canal? Any feedback is greatly appreciated

    1. Maneesh says:

      Get it pulled. Anything dead in the body is never ever s healthy option. Go with gap, or single tooth denture.

    2. OK says:

      If it’s been redone already, i..e the same tooth root-filled twice, you will need to get it taken out. I have just recovered from an abscess and the pain is worse than a miscarriage, and can infect your whole body. My teeth have realy long roots so there was something leftover, i.e. a bit of root that was still susceptible to infection. I will now have to get it extracted and get an implant but that’s better than the pain and infection.
      If you do get it extracted make sure that you are not on the pill. It makes it much more likely that you will get something called "dry socket". That’s also very very painful, but it does’nt always happen and is associated with high oestrogen.

  16. Amber says:

    What options do I have besides antibiotics? I got my root canal tooth pulled today, and am not interested in weakening my body any more with antibiotics. Just wondering which alternatives you chose?

    1. Nico Christo says:

      Alternative antibiotic is concentrated allicin supplement made from garlic. Got it through Amazon. Co.UK. is better than raw garlic for me because doesn’t cause stomach ache like raw garlic does.

  17. Balram says:

    I say pull it put because root canal is just a way to prolong the problem you know you all ready have that can cause more problem in time.

  18. Julie says:

    Can anyone comment on the average cost to have a tooth with a root canal removed ? A molar?

    1. Jess says:

      I got mine pulled yesterday, it was a back molar. I don’t have insurance and it was $187. They quoted $1,600 to go in through the side to "fix" it (but they were unable to do that after all) so comparatively it’s much cheaper to pull it.

  19. Laine Evette says:

    I’m having 2 side by side 20 yr old root canal and crowned teeth pulled tomorrow. Just getting numbed, curious how the pain is compared to normal tooth extraction?

  20. Liz says:

    Did you have to get an implant or you just let them be? My dentist is pushing for an implant but I really don’t want to!

    1. OK says:

      Get an implant. It really does cause problems down the line with other teeth if you don’t, and if it’s a back molar could change your face shape. that’s not just the dentist trying to earn money, because I didn’t listen to him and now have various problems due to having had two teeth pulled and not replaced (one of which might be the infected root on the remaining molar on that side)

  21. Valen says:

    Yea, i’m wondering how long i have to wait before i can breastfeed after removal…due to IV sedation. Also, whats the chelation protocol for post removal of root canal tooth?

  22. Robyn says:

    I’m only just now really finding out about this. I have a 30 year old root canal on my front tooth that has been dark for about ten years now. I have several teeth hurting right now not to mention hypothyroid and several other problems (obviously). I need to get this tooth extracted ASAP. Can anyone give me an idea of the cost of such an extraction? I know there are more important things to worry about than the money but if I don’t have the money for what amounts to an oral surgery I can’t get it done, right?

    My tooth died during my several thousand dollar orthodontic treatment when I was an adolescent. I think that having slightly crooked teeth would have been much better.

  23. Jess says:

    I had a failed root canal pulled yesterday after getting the procedure done 4 years ago. I woke up with a sore on my gums last week, went to the dentist, who referred me to a specialist to discuss surgery to remove the infection through the side of my gums. They ended up having to pull it because the bone was too thin to hold it in place. It also turns out the sinus infection I had a year ago was a result of the tooth infection!! So it has been an issue over a year and I had no idea. My sinus infection never seemed to completely go away – because the abscess in my tooth put pressure on my sinuses. In hindsight a Dr might have advised me of a connection if I went in, but who knows. My sinus is so much clearer now, the pressure is relieved, and I have more energy. I’m sad to be missing a tooth but happy to not be worrying about the bacteria!

  24. Marty says:

    I’ve neglected my teeth out of fear anxiety lack of funds and a problem with self care.
    Now I have a mouth full of failing teeth, infections, failed root. Annals, and at least 1$ dieseased teeh.
    I’m chronically ill, need immediate dental intervention.

    Scared. Can someone recommend a biodentist in New York City?
    Same question for Massachusetts?

    Desperate for the help.
    I know I need extractions and have deep infections into the bone but want to have them done right with best chances for healing.

    Everyone..please take good care of your teeth. I am 66 years old, was bulimic when I was younger and it destroyed my tooth enamel.
    Neglecting my teeth What’s the stupidest thing I ever did.

    Please anyone has any information let me know immediately. This is an SOS. Thank you .

    1. Eileenc says:

      Dr Gerry Curatola in NYC he’s great!!!!

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