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What Happened When My Root-Canal Teeth Were Pulled

Robyn Openshaw - Updated: September 27, 2019 - - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

Photo of woman with mouth open and dentist with surgical tools from "What Happened When My Root-Canal Teeth Were Pulled" by Green Smoothie Girl

When I had two root canal teeth extracted by my biological dentist, I paid a few hundred dollars for an analysis of what bacteria were found in these “dead” teeth. I want to tell you what I learned when got my results back from the lab in Colorado.

Weighing a Root Canal VS Extraction

In this article:


Why My Root Canal Failed

My holistic dentist had told me previously that both of my root-canal teeth were failing.1 Since then, I’ve talked to half a dozen other dentists and people who have extensive experience with root canals about why root canals fail.

Dental Damage from Earlier Years

You would think that with all the good health habits I have, I would have better luck with my teeth. I confess to being more than a little disappointed that a bone graft and so much dental work would be required, notwithstanding my earlier years of eating lots of candy, ice cream, and diet soda.

All Root Canals Fail Years Later

But did you know that the EXPECTED time that a root canal lasts is a max of ten years? That’s right—endodontists KNOW that their procedure has a very limited life.

My brother Dave was in an ATV accident where his teeth planted in the steering wheel and killed ten of them. He had root canals on all of them, and guess what happened ten years later?

Yep, they were all failing.

Signs of Root Canal Infection

Woman holding jaw in pain from "What Happened When My Root-Canal Teeth Were Pulled" by Green Smoothie Girl

Sensitivity, blisters on the gum, pain, and even rashes can indicated a failed root canal.

But what about those first ten years? Are those pleomorphic organisms trapped in an anaerobic environment, in a dead organ, really contained during that time? Answer: no, they’re not! “Failing” just means that there are visible, discernible signs of rampant infection and decay. Teeth don’t get that way overnight! When a root canal infection is obvious, you can be sure the problem has existed for quite some time.

Failed Root Canal Symptoms

In my case, the signs of infection were mild tooth sensitivity and a blister on the gums covering the tooth. I also had a raging, itchy rash on my trunk and arms that came and went for 2.5 months, until I realized it was related to my teeth.

Sick & Tired? Dental Work May be the Culprit

What Happens to the Root Canaled Tooth?

Have you ever thought about the fact that the tooth is an organ? Biological dentists know this. Each tooth is part of an interconnected meridian in the body. When you decide to keep a dead tooth in your mouth through a root canal, you are truly fossilizing a dead organism in your living mouth. How can we think this won’t cause problems?!

Bacteria Found in the Samples

My test results came back saying that 10 bacteria were detected in the tooth sample. None of them were in the “active” concentration, where the microorganism is alive and well and not being effectively attacked by my immune system.

But two were in the “bright” concentration, which means “heavy concentration of the microorganism.”

The two most worrying bacteria were:

Photo of female scientist looking into microscope from "What Happened When My Root-Canal Teeth Were Pulled"

Getting your tooth tested with a bacteria sample can show if your root canal is infected.

Different Bacteria in the Body

I didn’t panic about this. The fact is, everybody has candida (a parasitic fungi like yeast), everybody has cancer, most people probably have strep and even MRSA micro-organisms too. Everybody has many yeasts, molds, fungi, viruses, bacteria, and the toxic waste byproducts of those critters in their blood and guts and organs.

Believe it or not, candida can actually have valid functions in the human body. In proportion, when we’re talking about tiny amounts in a teeming, healthy ecosystem, it’s not a problem.

When Should You Worry About the Bacteria?

The problem is when those baddies get out of hand, when the good guys in the body, like macrophages and healthy microorganisms, are overcome (by antibiotics! GMO-frankenfoods! sugar-feeding yeast and fungus!) and the baddies get out of control.

Killing tissues/organs such as your teeth, then trapping the bacteria in the teeth, deprived of oxygen, makes the baddies become super-psychos. That’s a gross oversimplification, but a google search on those two bacteria reveal that my own two breeds of baddies cause heart attacks, impaired immune response, and infections!2


After the Root Canal Tooth Extraction

It was weird to be missing two teeth for a while, but I was glad to be rid of the super-psychos.

The dentist offered me an antibiotic the day of my surgery, since he knew the baddies were out and running around. I said no thanks, that I wanted to help my body manage it. And it did. Every time I think of this, I send a gratitude message inward, thanking my body for heroic immune function during a rough patch!

What was the experience like if you’ve ever had a root canal? If you could choose, would you have a root canal or have the tooth extracted? Share your story in the comments section below.

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Photograph of Robyn Openshaw, founder of Green Smoothie Girl


Robyn Openshaw, MSW, is the bestselling author of The Green Smoothies Diet, 12 Steps to Whole Foods, and 2017’s #1 Amazon Bestseller and USA Today Bestseller, Vibe. Learn more about how to make the journey painless, from the nutrient-scarce Standard American Diet, to a whole-foods diet, in her free video masterclass 12 Steps to Whole Foods.



Photo of woman with mouth open and dentist with surgical tools with post's text from "What Happened When My Root-Canal Teeth Were Pulled" by Green Smoothie Girl


  1. Zehnder, Matthias, and Georgios N Belibasakis. “On the Dynamics of Root Canal Infections-What We Understand and What We Don’t.” Virulence, Taylor & Francis, 2015,
  2. Georgalas, C., Kanagalingam, J., Zainal, A., Ahmed, H., Singh, A., & Patel, K. S. (2002). The Association between Periodontal Disease and Peritonsillar Infection: A Prospective Study. Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery126(1), 91–94.


Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links that help support the GSG mission without costing you extra. I recommend only companies and products that I use myself.

Editor’s note: This post was originally published on November 23, 2012 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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  1. Lori says:

    I just finished another session at Dr. Wendell Robertson’s office this last Tuesday. 5 and a half hours later but it was a whole section of teeth. He told me that on one tooth, where a crown had been placed a number of years ago, had bacteria under the gumline and most dentists would just ignore that. He is a great dentist. he has now done two sections of my teeth. i need to get the upper sections done eventually. He painstakingly gets the bad out and builds up the teeth. Lifetime guarantee on them. He is a holistic dentist i trust. He also took the metal out of that section of my teeth. Yay. And in a very safe way.

  2. Patti says:

    Robyn, what are you going to replace those two teeth with? Zirconium implant? Also you said you had a bone graft. What did you use? My holistic dentist advises there are 3 options, cadaver, bovine and synthetic. All 3 creep me out, but he does recommend either cadaver or bovine. I wonder what the person died of and what the cow ate. Also what do you recommend for filling cavities? I understand composite is really too soft for biting areas. I have a lot to deal with in my mouth unfortunately. Thanks.

    1. tegan cascio says:

      hi, i’m im in your same situation and trying to research all my options…. can you share your experience and your choice/decision in the end? this was in 2012? thank you, nyc

  3. Lisa says:

    Hi Robyn,
    My husband had a toxic root canaled tooth removed a couple of years ago, but he still has the gaping space and just a plastic tooth insert that he wears to sleep. We just haven’t figured out what to do yet, because do not want him to have metal in his mouth, but we do not like the plastic either– and we don’t like the short lifespan of implants. With the zirconium implant, is there a titanium rod placed into the jaw onto which the implant is placed? Do you know the life expectancy of such an implant? Our holistic dentist is not using this technology yet, although he knows about it somwehat.

    1. Hi! I am a holistic dentist in Atlanta. I recommend using biocompatible all ceramic zirconia implants from Switzerland. They are safe and metal free. They have been used in Europe for many years. I brought them to Georgia a few years ago. They are all white, all ceramic and Lazer micro etched to match the topography of bone. So bone grows into them beautifully and gum tissue loves them. We then make an all ceramic crown to fit over them. Feel free to call the office and ask questions!

      Dr Michaela McKenzie
      Dazzling Smiles, PC

  4. Lisa says:

    Patti, I have eleven composite fillings in my mouth and they have been good to me so far. They were done by a holistic dentist who says they should last 15 years. I think the material is a bit weaker than amalgram, but it is much safer so I will take that. I don’t bite into hard things and have trouble biting things like whole almonds– I can almost feel that I could hurt my fillings and therefore am careful.

  5. Renee says:

    Robyn, I just wanted to say thanks for sharing your story! Toxic root canals are unfortunately so overlooked even in the community of holistic-minded people. My Dad is a Biological Dentist in MD and he does this DNA test routinely and every time it comes back with some bacteria. It’s unbelievable what is showing up! I had 2 Titanium implants put in 10 years ago due to a bad accident which caused me to lose both teeth. Fortunately my Dad didn’t do root canals on them because he was already aware of the dangers, but I did have titanium implants put in because there wasn’t much word about zirconium back then. Recently I had one of the implants tested using the preliminary DNA testing (which tests for less bacteria than the post-extraction test) and it came back with 5 bacteria around it! So now I’m considering having them replaced with either zirconium implants or a partial. Well anyway, thanks again Robyn!! Best of luck to you with all of your dental work!

    1. Joanne says:

      What is your dad’s name? Have in difficulty finding a dentist in MD

  6. Linda says:

    Renee, is it possible to let me know who your dad is, since I live in MD and would love to find a good bio dentist. I’ve got a mess going on here, and my 22 yr. old daughter already has 3 root canals with clearly wrongly placed crowns. One has fallen off twice in a year with permanent cement. We need a great dentist!

    Robyn, great story. I’m horrified now to think how much bacteria I likely have from the nightmare that is my mouth.

  7. Betty Christensen says:

    Where were you 2 weeks ago when I impulsively sought out an endodontist to give me my first root canal… wasn’t even emergency. Just thought I was doing a good thing. Spent almost two thousand dollars by the time I paid for a cat scan, the root canal, the temporary filling, the permanant filling.. and then, the tooth broke .. and another $300 for a temporary patch up. And the tooth still has feeling and is sensitive. I feel like I am in the vortex of a money pit.

  8. Cheryl Meyers says:

    Dr. Wall pulled 11 (yes I said 11) root canalled teeth of mine. It was an 8 hour surgery to remove those teeth, remove all the mercury and build up the remaining teeth. Unfortunately for me it was tooooo late the remaining teeth all abcessed and had to be pulled. Please, please, please do not have a root canal done. It will ruin your health, cost you lots of money and you will lose the tooth anyway in the end. P. S. Dr Wall is amazing!!!!

    1. Madonna Castle says:

      Not sure if you will get this but I am really wanting to communicate with you. I have 11 root canals also that need to come out….I am 55. Years of health problems. Have you felt better since Dr. Wall took them out? Any information would be helpful. Thank you! Madonna Castle, IA

      1. Amy says:

        I live in Iowa as well and was looking into a good holistic dentist. Have you seen one?
        Thank you, Amy

        1. Jami says:

          Did you find a holistic dentist? I just started seeing one in Omaha, NE.

    2. McKell says:

      Heyo Cheryl Meyers!

      I live near Bountiful and am considering Dr. Wall’s services on a root canal. May I ask how much an extraction costs? Also, did you take the antibiotics after the procedure? What would you recommend? Thank you!

  9. Kelv!n says:

    ugh… great.. i JUST had the joy of chipping my tooth in a li’l accident, which required a root canal and cap. so now i have a stub tooth rooted out w/a cap glued on… I’m not looking forward to seeing what happens in a few years under that nasty cap. the dentist did a great job, but after reading about your story and the baddies in dead teeth, i’m hoping that in a quick few years, they’ll have some stem cell tech to regrow/replace my missing tooth!! i better ask my dentist about the mid and long term consequences i have to look forward to with my tooth.

    thx for sharing your story. hey! blog posts always are better w/pics… why didn’t you post any pics on this post??? hahaha 😉

  10. christa says:

    Hi Robyn, Is there such a thing as porcelain implants? I thought I saw that on your site somewhere? I plan on having my recent root canals taken out soon! Glad you are still talking about all of this. Also, I have a book I have wanted you to read for about 2 years now, where would I send it? Thanks, Christa

  11. Stephanie says:

    Robin, have you had an silver (mercury) amalgams removed at all? I have 4 to be removed and am considering doing this now before trying to get pregnant in 2-3 months. I had a miscarriage at 20 weeks last month and I have no answers other than it was likely my hypothyroidism. I also have a bad root canal tooth that needs to be pulled. Wondering if all this work (even with a careful biological dentist) makes sense to do now? Mercury will still get into my system and I’ve read can take a year to get out of your system with a focused detox plan

    1. Luka says:

      I HIGHLY suggest removing all of these issues PRIOR to conceiving. I have two kids and I seriously wish I knew better and someone told me this beforehand. Amalgam fillings alone are 50-60% Mercury… This gets placed into the fetus and while all major organs form etc. I know in my heart that the issues my oldest has is part because of my teeth health at conception and birth.

  12. Judy says:

    Oh my! I had a 20 year old root canal in an upper molar that was stuffed with amalgam explode in pain and had it pulled in February. I, too, have had a horrible itchy scaly thing inside my ear and back of my scalp on that same side for – get this – FIVE years. No steroids, creams, shampoos would touch it. Had the tooth pulled and had a week of vomiting and vertigo. But now the hole has healed, the itchy patches are almost gone on my scalp and my ear canal finally stopped itching. I have only one week of smoothies in me so I am new at this. And I am 260 lbs. so I have a long way to go. My question is this: I have an appointment for a titanium screw implant. I can’t chew over on that side so something needs to be done. I was initially attracted to smoothies because I just can’t handle chewing meals anymore. My dentist says titanium does not harm the body by leaching like amalgam does. Does any smart person out there have wisdom to share on titanium implants?

  13. Steven says:

    Fascinating story! I’m eagerly awaiting my root canals to be pulled. Dentists all say they look fine ok X-rays but head pains, a swollen neck and painful lymph nodes are telling me otherwise. The most disconcerting of all of this, are the seemingly “unrelated” symptoms I’ve been getting sense my tooth problems really kicked in… Such as tingling and partial numbness on the left side of my face, head and now even my lower extremities! I have to admit though, you really started to lose me at the end when discussing “energy work”.

    1. Tivne says:

      How are your symptoms after the extractions?

    2. Marta says:

      Energy Work, Energy Medicine is the medicine of the future.
      I encourage you to keep an open mind.

      More will be revealed as the years unfold.
      Stay tuned!

    3. JOE says:


  14. Hi, Loved the article since it sounds like the Hell and tooth agony I am immersed in.. Did you end up getting implants? How do you feel now.. I recently 6 weeks ago had two root canals done due to abcess.. I feel like death I have bags under my eyes I didnt think could be possible.. Today some man in the thrift store stopped me.. ” You look like a high school friend of Mine.. But it couldnt be so I am 65.. ” ugh ugh ugh ugh.. I have been in a living hell since he did these root canals.. I wish I would ofkept the infection and took my chances on abcess tooth death then how I feel now.. constant nausia, no energy. complete exhaustion, depression, weird metal taste in mouth, weird tingling sensations that move around between teeth.. heat on face.. achy body.. I really feel almost suicidal.. All joking aside.. I am no wimp.. but this is living hell.. how long did you live with the root canaled teeth before extracting them? Did you get implants? How do you feel now.. Please respond to me.. I am in dire condition.. and I dont get much sympathy from friends as they think it’s just a tooth..

    I was use to running 4 miles a day I know my body as soon as the schmuch killed my teeth.. I feel half dead too. PLEASE HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP

    1. Marta says:

      Relate to you, Julia. Has it gotten better at all? Care to share?

      Wishing you radiant health and peace,

    2. Weston says:

      Hi Julia,
      i just ran across these old theads concerning root canals because i have one. I saw that the topic of energy work was brought up. I came across this information several months ago learning about Dr. Nelson and his inspired methods of energy healing called The Emotion Code/Body Code. I naturally had a great interest in learning more about how it works. is his site and there are other healer practioners all over the world from his teachings. I am now actively and successfully using these methods everyday. He has created a way for anyone to learn how to use it, even children have learned to use it. As it is taught, our bodies although are physical in nature, are also pure energy. Using these methods can help you easily find the imbalances, or underlying reasons you are feeling the way you are because your body holds all the answers to everything about you.Your subconscious is this very place that holds all that info. Through muscle testing, which he teaches different methods for anyone to learn, and asking questions, you can find the very root cause of anything about you. I have helped heal chronic back pains, neck pains, allergies, knee issues (when all other remedies failed ex:surgeries, injections, therapy) and many more things that are simple miraculous. Most of these issue were caused by what is called trapped emotions in the body that in turn causes a distortion in our own bodies energy field. That distortion can affect us mentally, emotionally,physically,and psychologically. Because your body/subconscious mind holds all info about you, through muscle testing, i can literally find out the percentage of my immune system within seconds. Say i was feeling depression, i could ask myself if i have the emotion depression in my body somewhere causing me to feel the way i am at the time. I muscle test to get a yes or no answer. A yes answer is will give a strong muscle response and a no will give a weak response.If i get a yes, i simply ask questions to find the underlying reason for this emotion, like “Do i have depression because of my tooth procedure, or it could be from some time in the past that is still affecting you in some way. Please go to and learn how this is changing so many people.

      1. Robyn says:

        Weston, hi, thanks—I was just studying his stuff this week and planning to contact the author about a collaboration. XO

  15. Bill says:

    Thanks for your story, BTW you are misinformed that the teeth start failing after 10 years. When infected teeth are given the root canal treatment, it’s impossible to kill all the infection in the root. The infection starts from day 1. Read The Roots of Disease by Drs. Kulacz and Levy. The way to recover quickly after they are removed is to take large amounts of vitamin C. That’s why you feel out of it and sick when you are carrying the bacteria around for years – it cancels much of the vitamin C in your blood, leaving you weaker and more prone to infection and heart disease.

  16. Joseph says:

    I have three RC teeth, 1 titanium implant, and 1 missing tooth. The missing tooth came about when a dentist tried doing a filling on my upper left second molar and clipped one of the nerves. I had sensitivity to hot and cold but only on the side where the nerve was. So for weeks my dentist kept telling me to wait it out. This could have gone on for months. I went to my Uncle who is a DDS and he tried replacing the filling thinking it just needed to be adjusted and he saw the clipped nerve. He immediately tried doing the root canal but didn’t think he could complete it because the location and complexity. Two days later he sent me to an endo and for 2.5 hours he tried to fill one canal that went inward. He reluctantly told me to have it pulled. 1.5 hours later with an oral surgeon it came out.

    Hopefully this is for the best, but posts like this really have me thinking. I have 2 RCT that are 8-10 years and crown wise could use some TLC. At this point knowing what I know now about RCT I would avoid it if possible. In certain circumstances dental implants aren’t feasible do to lack of function since you need to extract the tooth and wait months for it to heal and secondly cosmetic since not many people want a gaping hole for their front teeth. Also money and compatibility play a roll. An implant can range from $1500-$5000 easily and that usually doesn’t include extraction, abutment, crown, or the possibility of a bone graph or sinus lift.

    You can also go with Zirconium but they are usually more expensive, less doctors are trained to implant them, they are said to be not as durable. BUT if money is no problem there are some huge pros for them. Their restorative margin is at gum level making it easy to clean. They are white so the gum stays pink. One piece designs eliminates gingival concerns. Zirconium don’t have the allergy concerns titanium does.

    With this being said RCT or extraction and/or Implants (any kind) are a big time decision and very costly.

  17. vikas deepak says:

    Hey Robyn and everyone who had their root canaled teeth pulled, can you please tell me if the peridonatal ligament was also removed and the bone underneath cleansed? Is only pulling the tooth our sufficient? I am in delhi, india, and i can’t find any holisitc dentists around. My mother is suffering a serious autoimmune disease and we would like to get all her root canaled teeth pulled out and my internet search tells me that only pulling out the teeth is not enough and that the peridontal ligament also has to be removed. Was it removed in your case? waiting for your reply.

    1. AH says:

      Delhi has holistic dentists (at least the mercury free ones…I live in Bangalore and I’m planning to get all 3 RC teeth removed. I think I will get this done from an oral surgeon. Yes, Periodontal ligament should be removed, the socket should be cleaned out and surrounding bone too should be scraped clean to ensure no bacteria is left there…check this with your oral surgeon.

      1. Rm says:

        Have you pulled your rootcanal tooth?I,’m from Bangalore and have swelling of glands,Pain and sensation on my head,swollen eyes and blurred vision after RC.Did you find a Dentist in Bangalore?I wish to remo ve it ASAP. Waiting for your reply

        1. Robyn says:

          Yes, I did. I pulled them. And now my doc Dr. Michelle Jorgenson says she has new methods to safely avoid me ever having a root canal again. American Fork, Utah.

          1. Rm says:

            Thanks for your reply.Start oil pulling for 15 mins daily.Will post somemoreusefull links later.

          2. McKell says:

            Robyn, I’ve noticed you’ve mentioned doctors from Bountiful, Lindon, and now AF. I live in Ogden and am leaning towards Dr. Wall. Is there a reason for the different doctors? Also, is your energy practitioner you mentioned above looking or new patrons? I can’t find her or her practice online. Thank you!

          3. Katrina says:

            I had a root canal 33 years ago. Started having pain in the toothache and gums. Also having numbness and tingling in gums, lip into nose. I started oil pulling with coconut oil when it hurts. The pain goes away in minutes. I started having this problem months ago when I was given levoquin antibiotic. I have been sick every couple of months for almost 2 years. No one can tell me why. Going to have the tooth pulled. Scared because it is the top front tooth. Not sure what avenue to chose and what will work in my budget.

        2. Ar says:

          Hi Rm, Hi AH, Could you please recommend me a dentist in Bangalore, for pulling my root canalled second molar tooth, which is causing me systemic issue like stomach ulcer ? Would oral surgeons remove the periodontal ligament . I am keen to hear your experience during/after the extraction. Did it work out fine and were the symptoms relieved after extraction ? Hope to hear back from you.

    2. Marta says:

      Yes, Vikas, you are correct.
      Have you found out any more information? Hope your mother has found the right dentist and is feeling better.

      All the best,

  18. Vanessa says:

    Please Help! I live in the NYC area and would like to know of a good biological dentist that can safely remove my root canal. My health is declining rapidly.

    1. Marta says:


      Any luck? I am in NYC too and would love to get a recommendation.
      Be well!

    2. Gerald Collins says:

      Any luck?

  19. christydh says:

    Thank you so much for your story. I have a root canal extraction scheduled for October and I want to be ready for it. Does Ellen do any long distance (phone or Skype) healing?

  20. AH says:

    Hi Robyn, the fact that I have come across your post now only means that I’m now getting ready to remove my root canal teeth (3 of them). I dont have any holistic dentist and I will have to figure out and work with a regular one. Anyway your blog has given me the additional reassurance that what I plan to do is the right thing….Thank You. Hope you figured out a solution or simply comfortable with missing teeth. I will look for your latest posts now…

  21. Donna says:

    Eight days ago, I had a tooth pulled that had a root canal done on it many years back. The extraction was very traumatic as the dentist had a difficult time removing the roots. He was able to remove one of them but left the other because he said it was impacted in the bone and he would do more damage trying to get it out. I ended up with a dry socket and I am still experiencing swelling and pain in the jaw and temple that wakes me up at night. Also feel like my glands in my neck are swollen. He put me on an antibiotic on the 5th day after the extraction. I am kicking myself for not using the biological dentist I’ve seen in the past. Is this normal for the pain and swelling to last this long and should I be concerned that he left one of the root there?

    1. Kris says:

      Hi, I’m actually going through exact same thing now, my dentist also had a difficult time removing the roots,he left one of the roots as it just wouldn’t come out, Very painful over a week after being at the dentist.
      I was wondering what happened after your experience?

      1. Robyn says:

        Kris, it would be a small BOOK to tell what happened after this experience. but you’ve got to get ANOTHER (competent) dentist and get that root out! full of infection, and will spread throughout your body when your immune system is weak.

  22. becky says:

    Hello, I have congestive heart failure on both sides and at stage 4. My prognosis is dim and I’m lucky to still be here because 20% make to 18 months. 18 months for me was last February. However, since Feb. I’ve not been doing well and was in the hospital for a mild heart attack last month. Someone mentioned about removing my root canal. I’ve been reading up on it. Do you know any good oral surgeons in the Seattle Area? And exactly what are you talking about when you say your friend did a voodoo thing on you, would you elaborate on this and let me know if there is anyone available here as well. Thank you very much

    1. Belle412 says:

      Hi Becky, how are you doing and did you find a dentist and ‘healer’, and get your issues sorted? I have found one of the best dentists ever (Dr Da Cruz, he has people travel from interstate and overseas to see him & he travels overseas to teach) however he is in Queanbeyan, NSW, Australia, which is near Canberra. You could search for his email, write and ask for a recommendation near you, or how you can find one. You mentioned ‘voodoo’, you could try looking up kinesiology and asking around for a good one. After an aviation crash, it was a kinesiologist that got me on a path to good health. I didn’t even know what it was however I was told by medicos that they couldn’t help me any more. A kinesiologist can test you up for nutrient deficiencies. I’ve had mine verified with a quantum biofeedback machine and medical blood tests. I have seen a kinesiologist for physical and emotional issues, with good results. If you haven’t, consider getting your vit D checked. Hope you are doing better. Blessings.

  23. Nikki Dunbar says:

    Where did you get your tooth analyzed?? I am trying to find a lab or someplace that will check my root canal tooth… I want to get it extracted and then checked to see what kinda of bacteria show up. Thanks!

  24. Patrick says:

    I have a root canal and want it out. Is it possible to just pull it myself?

    1. Belle412 says:

      After my exerience, I wouldn’t attempt it. The correct tools, skill and sterile equipment, appear to be paramount. I had an excellent dentist who knew what he was doing and it took a lot of effort, cutting the tooth into parts to ensure getting it all out, pulling with the correct twisting technique to ensure it doesn’t break and scraping the bone to ensure all bacteria is out. He did an xray when finished, to check, and he needed to do more cleaning/infection removal. Good luck. I now look at seeing a good dentist, as being a part of important health care, for the longer term and definitely worth the investment in a good dentist as it could cost more later, if not seen to, and even damage to the bone and overall health. Good luck.

  25. Amanda says:

    I know this is awhile after you posted, but I have to thank you so much for this. 5 years ago, I got a route canal due to tooth trauma and thought it would last much longer than it really did. About two weeks ago, I was told that I had an infection in the tooth and it would have to be pulled. The worst part is that it’s my front tooth and I was really worried. After doing LOTS of research about extractions and bridges (finding out about the types of bridges like Maryland bridge which i think is best, but what would you recommend), I found your blog and it really helped calm me down. In fact, now I believe that it’s actually a GOOD idea and I don’t think I’ll ever get another route canal again. Thanks!

    1. Kristie says:

      Hey Amanda,

      I am in the same boat as you! I am 32 yrs old and have been incredibly ill with migraines every day and autoimmune issues since 23. Lost everything in my life because I’ve been totally debilitated.

      Since researching the dangers of root canals, i decided to remove mine that i got in high school and replace with a zirconium implant. Not an easy call since its a prime front tooth!! But it could be making me sick… and will only worsen over time, so its better to do it now while I’m young and can generate bone for an implant and heal versus later after my immune system is totally destroyed.

      Almost 2 wks ago i had it pulled by a bio dentist with ozone therapy, prf and bone graft (used my own jaw bone). It is the tooth next to one of the main from teeth and i am freaking out about what is worse… an infected root canal potentially slowly killing me or if the dental implant is placed improperly leaving spacing etc or if it fails later in life due to bone loss. Unfortunately i won’t know what its going to look like for another 6 months. I pray it looks natural and aligns with my smile!!

      What i will say for everyone is that I’ve had numerous x rays done on this tooth. All showed nothing in terms of a visible infection. However, when the dentist pulled it, low and behold there was a an active draining infection, too small to show on an xray. Could this have been what crashed my body 10yrs ago? Who knows.

      But just to prepare everyone, you may not feel this overwhelming sense of immediate greatness that others have reported. I haven’t felt well and I’m approaching the 2 week mark. This is expected though, since lots of deadly toxic bacteria are released not to mention the trauma of surgery and anesthesia on the body. In a way, i think the more of a problem the tooth was actually causing your body, the more you will feel that post surgery. My body has been struggling for years and has done pretty darn well with this even if i haven’t felt wonderful.

      Big decision, folks. It comes down to a choice of the lesser evil. What’s worse? An infected root canal (which they all are) wreaking havoc on your body? Or dealing with possible implant related drama potentially for the rest of your life? Time will tell on what the implant will look lile and what the tooth removal will improve health wise for me, but at least I know now what I’ve prevented especially with a visible infection.

      1. Alena says:

        Hi. Can you tell me if you’ve felt any improvement in your health since removing the tooth?

      2. Jasmine says:

        Can you please provide any updates? 1 year later would be great to know

    2. Jami says:

      Did you have any relief? There are a lot of posts about people having their root canalled teeth pulled, but not many responses on whether or not it helped their illnesses.

      Hope you can help!

  26. Kenz says:

    I just want to say how beautiful this story is… I will share it and share it… please also look up some ayuvedic healing and diet for after toxic root canal teeth are pulled… apple cider vinegar (highly dilute and organic only w the mother***) lots of oral health after and before … maybe some charcoal brushing or if organic coconut husk charcoal use as supplement form …
    To pull out toxins

  27. Allis says:

    How do I find out if my root canaled teeth are failing

    1. Jess here, Blog Manager for GSG. I’ve alerted Kami on our support team about your question. For future questions or concerns, email Thanks for following the GSG!

    2. Jess says:

      ​G​ood afternoon​, ​Thank you for commenting on our blog! When Robyn says “a failed root canal,” she means one that is causing you problems such as pain, tenderness ​when biting, swelling of the gum​s​​ among other things. Since we are not dentists here at greensmoothiegirl, please see your dentist if you think you are having dental problems.

      Robyn recommends seeing a biological or holistic dentist. ​https://greensmoothiegirl.local/?s=root+canal

  28. Karla says:

    I am grateful to hear of your experience with your tooth and the research you’ve done about … expectancy of a root canal-tooth. I am having my first adult molar pulled tomorrow because of infection. I had some sensitivity and put clove essential oil on it……..i had sensitivity when using my waterpic……but not much pain at all. I had it checked by dentist. It was xrayed and they didn’t see much but on exam- his probe went far below gum line and pus came out. I did start an antibiotic……….it was a foreign experience for me to go to a pharmacy and pick up a prescription…… is unusual for me to see doctors………..I had problems with my teeth (8 years ago I had 2 root canals). Now I understand why it may be better to just get the tooth pulled in the first place because #1-they don’t last long and #2 they are expensive. Thanks for your insight. As for energy healing and that kind of work……….I understand all of that…………..I do that work myself. Thank you again for this post.

  29. Rm says:

    Found it useful from http://www.oil


    This is peculiar since there were no cases of adverse effects of OP on gums. In fact it was found to be effective in reducing the swelling of gums.

    After reading the above,I feel oil pulling has cured and eliminated the toxic tooth.As I’m still finding a Dentist In Bangalore.I tried oil pulling last week and then all my root canal issues peaked up.I felt someone plucking the tooth without anesthesia each time I walk jump or shake my head.So then I stopped oil pulling and syptoms reduced with swollen face glands ,neck and back pain, temple andjaw bone pain,nerve pain in my left part of my head.These symptoms come d go after my root canal.One year back they removed my buried wisdom tooth.but the pain didn’t elapse.So after oil pulling yesterday and today.There’s 70% less pain.Feeling fresh d relaxed.Swelling haz gone all-over with mild sensations.I feel great as before.Though I intuitively feel this dead tooth will come out.Will continue to detox d oil pull and in the meantime find a Dentist too.

    Thanks for this enlightening website.

    1. sandy says:

      hi rm,
      I started coconut oil pulling while living in bali 2 years ago. After 4 months of it, I started to experience some severe health issues..insomnia, bleeding gums, adrenal fatigue. after numerous doctor visits, I discovered that the oil was vaporizing the metal from my amalgam fillings. I had them removed, but the over load of metal toxicity is still something I’m dealing with 2 years later. I still have 2 root canals done in peru,and not sure if the out metal under the crowns, so hoping to find a great holistic dentist who can remove and/or possible put zirconium implants? still unsure? but a caveat to all those oil pulling, please be aware if u have metal in your mouth, it will vaporize those as well 🙁
      blessings and good luck to all 🙂

  30. E. Eagle says:

    Thank you so much for this article! I was debating if I needed anti-biotics after root canals being removed, glad to hear someone not using them. I also am feeling weird, not well, while at the same time I have used my inhaler less than 1/4 the amount as normal since the removal 4 days ago. Plus when I walk, my breathing is noticeably different, better, but it’s hard to pinpoint how exactly, less need for inhaler and I think it’s more stable. The other thing is I feel a little on edge and exhausted. I was hoping to feel really good right away after the removal so I was looking for someone else’s experience. Thank you again!

    1. GSG Support says:

      It takes time to heal. I hope you’ve fully recovered from the extractions and infections!

    2. Sophia says:

      I think they gave me one antibiotic pill right after, then I just rinsed with salt water. Didn’t need any pain meds and it healed very quickly.

  31. Linda Warner says:

    I am having my root canal tooth pulled in Boulder and I would love to send it to the lab to determine what kind of infection it carries. Can you tell me the lab in Colorado, that does this

    1. kgmark1 says:

      Hi Linda Warner ~ I’m also in Boulder and ready to pull an infected root canal tooth. Curious if you’ve done yours already, and if so, what dentist did you do it with? How did you feel ~ and heal afterwards? Any updates or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I’m so concerned that getting this procedure done will not resolve the infection properly. Thank you!

      1. Char says:

        I have to have an ozld, bad root canal removed. Is it necessary or required to have an oral surgeon do it or an ordinary dentist? I have an appt with both & have to cancel one. Are dentists ok to remove
        a root canal molor?

  32. Marta says:


    Empathize with you. Age 63, about HALF my teeth are root canaled/crowned. All my chewing molars. Now at least one is starting to fail and has abscess.
    Plus top fronts are root canaled. K’ve had terrible problems. Did NOT have holistic dentistry sadly for me.

    Why do they need to come out? Are they infected ?
    What is your plan? Good luck finding a holistic dentkst in Ilwa! Have you consulted the Holistic Dental Association?

  33. Emme says:

    I am having a root canal molar extract should I be worried?

    1. Clark says:

      How did your root canal extract go? I was advised to extract my root canal due to bone failure.

  34. Carrie says:

    Thank you for sharing this!! I like you:)
    I have/had 2 failed root canals. One i had extracted, the other im supposed to have extracted on the 6th but they are telling me i HAVE to (instead of having a choice to say no) have bone graft which is 500 bucks out of pocket or she wont do an extraction.
    I think its retarded, so im going to tell her that she can and will extract it and no bone graft or im going to call the police department and claim im a hostage who is in the process of being robbed lol.
    I serioisly just might do it and hope i make the news
    But what struck me was the itchy rash you had on your trunk. I started getting strange rashes or what i dont know and cant put my finger on a term so i call them puffy itchy raised welts kind of like how a mosquito or flea bite looks when there is an allergic reaction.
    They would appear at random and never really in the same spot and it would vanish just as fast as it appeared.
    Weird!! I thought i was crazy, then i thought i had some kind of sepsis, then i ultimately ended up in the hospital ER with pylonephritis a kidney infection. Thats when i learned the hard way and gave up being a rebel and started to drinl water. A lot of water. All the time.

    1. Margaret says:

      I have that itchy rash! It comes and goes on the right side of my trunk. Right after my root canal I had 2 incidents where I checked myself out for a uti and there was nothing, just the symptoms. Both times I landed in ER with kidney infections. I am going to get it pulled by my dentist this week. Thinking biological but it is not covered under my health insurance and is $1800.00. I would have 100% coverage through my regular dentist.

  35. imagine7generations says:

    All implants are toxic, if you have any health problems do not get them. Zirconia has toxic heavy metals. Do lots of research! A bridge with no metals from a lab and dentist you trust or a partial denture is the only way to go imo. I felt great after getting my root canals pulled! I had 2 teeth pulled in 3 sessions/appointments. I experienced the greatest healing after the last ones were pulled. It is best to get them done all at once. Otherwise you must get them all done within 30 days for best results, no longer then 6 months or the results are not so great according to Huggins. And the work must not on the 7 day mark as the body has a 7 day healing cycle. So if you get the work done on Monday, then the next appointment should be done on any other day of the week and so forth. Also get an ozone machine and a shower water pic for best cleaning results. Good luck everyone! 🙂 Your health is your greatest wealth! You will quickly get used to your new mouth and can start focusing back on what is most important in your life! 🙂

    1. Leslie Hunt says:

      I went to a holistic dentist by the name of Dr. Thomas (Tom) Gent of Sola Dental in Austin, TX. I’ve always had troubled teeth and he talked me out of most of them, especially the root-canaled ones. Guess what? I didn’t feel any better afterwards, and because he failed so miserably at extractions and implants, I ended up with holes all over my jaw and was disfigured and unable to chew for 18 months. He has been under investigation for over a year with the state dental board and we’re into a lawsuit for my injuries. This guy was doing shady things with controlled substance prescriptions, recommending unnecessary procedures, and botching procedures…the list goes on. Just because someone is holistic doesn’t mean they’re a better provider, or a even a good person. He lied and even altered dental records to cover his butt. Once you pull teeth, you end up with major bone loss. A bridge is NOT the answer after that…your jaw will just start to crumble and your teeth will move over time. Do you want to look like an old person? That’s what I looked like after Gent took most of my teeth and I had to wait for reconstructive surgeries. Once you lose teeth, it’s game over. I would give anything to have my root-canaled teeth back. I had NO problems with them…no pain, no sensitivity, no infection. Gent took them for the money. Creep.

      1. Clark says:

        We like to hear more about your story. We live in Austin. Doing research on biological dentist – as they pride themselves as doing a better/cleaner work compare to regular dentists.
        Current situation: regular dentist said that a failed root canal – causing bone loss – was told to extract the tooth.

        1. San Antonio Sam says:

          I highly recommend the dentist’s at Nunnally, Freeman, and Owens in Marble Falls, about 45 minutes away from Austin. I have had 2 teeth extracted by Dr. Owens and wouldn’t go anywhere else than there for tooth extraction. Dr. Nunn ally has a very good protocol that they follow for tooth extraction, and they are biological dentist’s. You should look at his videos on YouTube or their website.

          That being said I had 1 tooth extracted two years ago, and the other one just yesterday, primarily because I was worried they were contributing to major systemic illness that I am dealing with. I am not sure yet if this most recent tooth extraction will help my health or not. Since it wasn’t causing pain, I will kick myself if my health doesn’t benefit from taking it out. If you know you need a tooth removed though, I would definitely go to them.

          They pack the extraction site with your own platlettes to help with healing. They cut the periodontal ligament to promote bone growth. They use IV vitamin C, and ozone therapy. My previous tooth extraction healed very well.

          1. Clark says:

            I am not having any major issues with my “failed root canal.” In reading some experiences about extracting a failed root canal is worrisome. I just keep the failed root canal – (it was brought to my attention during annual check -up – gray area on x-ray) clean and don’t chew on it. I am concern about extracting it – as I am afraid that will lead to other problems.

  36. Jorge A Martillo says:

    I had a root canal extraction as I had throbing pain for months and had failed..I had it removed by an oral surgeon and was in pain for several days after the extraction..I did take the amoxicillin and ibuprofen given to me after the surgery but was still in excruciating pain about a week later..I had a dry socket which is just a hole with no blood clot to protect the site therefore exposing the tissue and bone and got infected..I resulted to an old remedy given to me by my wife..I was desperate and was going to try is called CLOVE OIL ..what a miracle of a product, it numbed the tissues in the extraction area and I feel killed the infection. I was OK an hour after applying it with a qtip..believe me if u have a dry socket and it hursts clove oil is the way to go..

  37. Vikash says:

    I have a root canal on Molar teeth two years ago with a gold crown. It was done due to crack/chip in teeth making it weak to withstand on its own. No issue with the teeth at the time of root canal and crowning.

    But, a week before, I started getting mild pain on this teeth on biting and after couple of days got a big swelling around the gum (infection) and fever for overnight. Using home treatment, I got over the infection in 2-3days and thinking to visit the doctor. Before going, I want to understand options. My theory is, teeth might have cracked, followed with infection. But, then I feel it might be just infection no crack, because I stay high on hygiene to have infection two days after crack.

    My question to experience experts are if I get the tooth extracted, does it fixes the issues (generally) or root canal things should be removed too ( whatever is filled in the root tunnels)?

    1. Vikash says:

      Over last few days I found that my gum swelling and biting pain was not due to Root Canal. It was some kind of infected which affected my multiple area one by one. Now gum is getting over and no need to extract root canal teeth. It was false flag.

      1. Clark says:

        Did the dentist tell you to extract your root canal? It was recommended I have an extraction – due to “failed root canal” causing bone loss. Have not done it yet. Doing research – finding my options. Your comments was interesting because you were going to extract your root canal — but later found out unnecessary.

    2. Marianne Rader says:

      Nothing mine has taken four months and the dentist wont see me for 2 more months ( maybe longer I can feel the empty space) before I can get something to replace..

  38. jdavidsigmon says:

    Hi Robyn, apologies if you’ve answered this already, but did you notice any health benefits after removing your root canals (e.g., reduction in fatigue)?

  39. Jason Cohen says:

    As a passionate endodontist I must say that your viewpoint is very naïve. Spreading your opinion like this is harmful to people who want to and should keep their natural teeth. There are too many missing details in your “story “to even make any assumptions on my behalf. I wish you had better dental treatment and advice.

    1. Dr. Cohen,
      I had a root canal on a tooth with a deep cavity and curved roots on July 31, 2017. No infection present. I had cataract surgery on June 28, 2017. I’ve been suffering from migraines since July 6, 2017. I had a normal ct scan of my brain/head w/ and w/o contrast, as well as normal bloodwork. My vision is great but endo swears it’s not my tooth causing my 24/7 migraine. My body swears it is my tooth and wants it removed. I am 42 years old as of yesterday. Do you have any wise advice before I pull my tooth? I want my life back. I’ve seen a chiropractor twice also, because I developed a pinched nerve in my neck on July 4, 2017. He has helped tremendously to relieve the pinched nerve pain but it hasn’t helped my migraine.

    2. Gloria Nava says:

      Dr Cohen I had a root canal tooth extracted about three days or so ago and I have pain in my ear and neck and. Jaw line and a bad migraine that comes and goes. I don’t know what is going on but my stomach hurts since I got it removed and is swollen my mouth feels like it’s got a infection do you think it’s possible that maybe a peice of nerve stayed in there or something ?

    3. Lisa Scottsdale says:

      I had my RC tooth extracted last week after 2 abcesses and now a third. I’ve spent thousands on “TMJ” that was never there to begin with and a rash on my face for two years that is completely gone just two Dayan after the extraction. I also landed a Pacemaker for unknown reasons. It’s been infected repeatedly since the first root canal at age 14 and I’m now 52. The tissue is dead. I’m a nurse and there’s no other procedure where dead tissue is ok to leave in the body and leaving dead tissue isn’t necessary to preserve chewing or aesthetics especially when there are health risks now being reported widespread by real victims of the RC practice. These reports and evidence of the bacteria, fungi, and parasites found in RC is NOT naive and it is irresponsible of you to make that statement to true patients that have suffered. The RC practice is a known money maker and even if people don’t feel pain or associate other symptoms, MOST of the RC extractions are proving infected from the dead tissue itself and NOT from other bacteria normally found in the mouth. Spreading denial of what’s actually occurring with RC as an endodontist is whats harmful not the victim reporting his or her experience and warning others to be a strong health advocate for themselves.

  40. Natasha Montie says:

    Can you provide the name and telephone number of the land in Colorado you sent your teeth to?

  41. Jacqueline Lewis says:

    Don’t remove teeth unless absolutely necessary if it needs to be extracted go to an oral surgeon .if you have a root canal see if u can get retreatment or an apicoectomy first if infected antibiotics are good to prevent infection from spreading but they gotta get infection out so always get second opinions and if you don’t have much money go to dental clinics or hospitals which have dentist in training they are guided by supervision I mean be proactive some dentist just want what’s in your pocket find one that cares for you and giving you the best treatment options

  42. Kim McMahon says:

    Thank you for sharing this. So did you decide to get a bridge or partial dentures or anything to replace the teeth?

    1. GSG Support says:

      Hi Kim, I have since had implant work and am doing great! Thanks for asking!

      1. Kristen says:

        What kind of implant is considered safe?!

  43. kurtketchum says:

    i am curious if my root canal is the cause or contributing to the mysterious pain in my neck, shoulders, back, arm and wrists. the pain seems to move to different locations and is totally impacting the quality of may life. have tried acupuncture, chiropractic, physical therapy, mediation, massage, cortisone injection…Going broke with no lasting relief. Just dawned on me that it could be the tooth. I also have a lot of tightness in my jaw.
    only 54 and was super healthy at 50. last 4 years have been stressful and complicated. Have navigated a lot of the mental stuff successfully but the physical body is still suffering. Frustrating and depressing.

    1. Daniel Bayonas says:

      Hello, I just recently had a tooth pulled that had been giving me grief on and off for the last say 3 years. Within 24 hrs of the tooth being removed I almost feel like a new person. I feel like a fog has lifted from my brain. I am sharper, have more energy and generally feel pretty great! I did some google search and found this site with these stories and now I am convinced 100% that having bad, infected, root canal, mercury filled teeth are poisoning our bodies and making us miserable! If I were you I’d book an appointment TODAY and get that tooth removed!

      1. Karla says:

        I want to get my root canal tooth extracted. I’m not sure where to go, to find an experienced Dr. I live in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. Can anyone help me.)

        1. GSG Support says:

          Hi Karla, Currently we only have US list of biological dentists. I did a quick Google search for you and found several you could research further to see what they offer: There are several more listed – look for the most holistic approach on all fronts. I hope this helps you get started in your search.

      2. Sophia says:

        I had the same experience. I just had 3 teeth extracted, 2 root canals and an infected primary tooth, and I felt much better and clearer right away. Not placebo, since I wasn’t expecting it! No pain beyond mild discomfort either.

        1. GSG Support says:

          Sophia, glad you are experiencing a relief; though extractions temporarily leave us without teeth but ridding of the failed root canals/infections is a gift to your body. Hope you have a great biological dentist for the next portion of work, should you choose partials or implants either one.

          1. Sophia says:

            No, I can’t afford any replacements. It affects my bite on one side, but it’s not too bad and I’m getting used to it. Thanks.

        2. Collins says:

          Where did you go?
          I am looking for a biological doctor

    2. jul says:

      I went through this same exact thing. I had an old root canal that I suspected of all my pain and for roughly a year I had dentists say it was a health problem and my doctor say it was a dental problem. I decided to hv the tooth pulled and though the symptoms are better. They are not gone. An oral surgeon told me I had bone loss caused from it. I use heat on my neck and jaw which relieves some of the pain. It does seem to come and go. But when the pain is there it generates down my shoulder and chest. I do believe its caused from the old root canal.

      1. Gloria Nava says:

        Ya I too had a root canal tooth and got it extracted three days ago and I’m in alot of pain and it goes down my neck and to my ear and temple and causes migrains and stomach pain

    3. Jim says:

      Could be tmj.

    4. Janet Goldsmith says:

      I have just had a root canal taken out,although I have dry socket which is agony I have noticed improvements in my health.Pain in the neck,shoulders,arMs that I have had for 2 years has gone,thinking about things that’s when I had the root canal.May be pure coincidence but I think it’s linked

      1. GreenSmoothieGirl Support says:

        Janet, I hope your health has steadily been improving and you’re seeing even more positive changes since your root canal tooth extraction. 🙂

    5. Leave Alone says:

      Hello. I had a root canal done in 2015 and have an appointment to have the tooth pulled in two weeks. A month after the RC, I had arthritis, TMJ, pain, rash on the back of my thigh and still suffering from hair loss. It’s a crime what these dentist do to us knowing the procedure is deadly. I have found a bio dentist. Please wish me luck with my hair growth. I am a retired hairstylist of 30 years and would never imagine 40% of my hair would be gone before my 50th Birthday.

      1. GreenSmoothieGirl Support says:

        Hi, I hope you’re doing well since your tooth extraction and seeing much improved health, hopefully reversals of all the symptoms that set in immediately following your root canal in 2015! How’s your hair?

    6. Heidi Albee says:

      I just had #18 and 19 removed both were fails RC teeth. I had terrible pain in neck, shoulder, back and chest for 6 months. Tried most of all you tried. No pain since having those teeth removed.

  44. Gloria Nava says:

    Hello I looked this up and read what you wrote trying to find out if the tooth that I needed a root canal on that got pulled instead is not fully fixed. It’s been more then two days ago that I got it pulled and I’ve had pain and pulsating and it’s not dry socket I looked it up . Please help

    1. GSG Support says:

      A tooth extraction takes time to heal. You may have a very deep infection. Perhaps a call back to your dentist to discuss your continuing symptoms would be a good idea.

  45. Margaret says:

    Right after my root canal I had 2 incidents where I checked myself out for a uti and there was nothing, just the symptoms. Both times I landed in ER with kidney infections. I have had an itchy rash! It comes and goes on the right side of my trunk. The root canal is 3 years old now and I have also had a huge access in my Tongue. Th medical profession puts me on antibiotics every time. I am going to get it pulled by my dentist this week. Thinking biological but it is not covered under my health insurance and is $1800.00. I would have 100% coverage through my regular dentist. Any suggestion?

    1. Sophia says:

      Shop around. You can get it done by a good biological oral surgeon for less. I just had 3 extractions (2 root canals and a primary tooth), and it cost $875.

      1. Could you please name the surgeon I really need that.

        1. Sophia says:

          Dr. Deasy in Langhorne, PA

  46. Masha says:

    did you have implants after extraction? Was it weird to chew for with missing teeth?

    1. GSG Support says:

      Hi Masha, after a while of allowing my gums to heal plus bone grafts, I had both titanium and zirconium implant work done and I’m doing great!

      1. Jared Scavotto says:

        Did you notice any health benefits to extraction

  47. Faye Martin says:

    I just had two root canal teeth removed. The one on the lower jaw has sharp, hard fragments like part of the root canal wasn’t removed. Or it may be bone fragments. But, it is not moving or working its way out. Should whatever that is be removed by the oral surgeon who performed the surgery. Please respond soon. Thank y ou.

    1. GSG Support says:

      Hi Faye, I’m sorry to hear you have two root canal failings! How sad! It does sound like something is amiss, not quite right. You should have tender gum left and no sharp edges. I’d definitely call the oral surgeon right back, asap and let them know what you’re experiencing!

  48. Logan Wik says:

    Did you deal with dry socket at all? Or if a dead tooth is removed, is it still possible to experience dry socket?

  49. Marshall Carrie says:

    I have a question. 2 years ago I had 3 infected root canal teeth pulled. They had probably been infected for 20 years! I have been feeling run down and sick. I had a work up of my gut health recently and found that I have high levels of Euryarchaeota Phylum in my GI. This is a bacteria commonly found in root canals. My question is this.can the bacteria from my root canals be living in my intestines long after I remove to RC teeth and causing problems? Thanks

    1. Of course, Dr. Hal Huggins did DNA testings of bacteria in infected root canal and kidneys back in 90’s and what he found is that the same bacteria that is in the tooth is also in kidney causing disease. And it could be any organ because it spreads trough bloodstream

  50. LINDA Eberhard says:

    I had root canals pulled out after the topaz test showing they were bad. My dentist told me my life would change & it did so I could tune into past & present -remember better & intuit- put two & two together- better problem solver. Root canal should never be put in mouth in first place. They are too toxic & wreck much havoc in different ways for each one who has one or more.

    1. Mahala W Vail says:

      did you go to a specific type of dentist to have the test and extraction performed? I have a tooth that had a root canal and the crown has chipped so I want to have the tooth extracted but not sure who to go to. thanks

      1. Elsa Support says:

        Hi Mahala, Yes you will want to work with a reputable Biological Dentist. I recommend visiting Robyn’s new website, where you can print out Robyn’s free list of 17 questions you should ask your dentist along with using our ‘Holistic Dentist Finder.’ Best wishes!

  51. CeCe says:

    I just had my root canal extracted. How do I care for it right now? And what should I eat?

  52. Amy says:

    Can you recommend supplements to help recover from extraction faster? And who did your implants? And where did you send your teeth to be looked at?

  53. Susan McFarlane says:

    Sophia did you have a bone graft done too ?

    1. GreenSmoothieGirl Support says:

      Susan, are you asking Robyn Openshaw if she had a bone graft? She in fact did for both of her root canal extractions.

  54. Susan McFarlane says:

    Can you tell me what implants are considered safe? I can’t imagine living with removable teeth for the rest of my life!

    1. GreenSmoothieGirl Support says:

      Susan, Robyn teaches that zirconium implants are much better/safer than those made from titanium.

  55. GreenSmoothieGirl Support says:

    Yes, absolutely – great relief as my symptoms subsided.

  56. Collins says:

    Who did you go to for your biological oral surgeon? Were you sedated?
    Thank you.

  57. Collins says:

    Hello Daniel,
    Who did you go to to have your failed root canal extracted? Your oral surgeon must have done a good job, as you don’t have problems after extraction.

    1. GreenSmoothieGirl Support says:

      I don’t think how good the surgeon is has that much to do with whether they have problems, post-extraction. it’s likely more a function of the health of the patient, going into surgery, and whether they did some preventative measures like PRF and ozone.

  58. GreenSmoothieGirl Support says:

    Zirconium implants – These are far better than Titanium.

  59. Ronald Girard says:

    Thanks for this thread! I am torn on what to do? A couple of years back when we were living in Golden CO my dentist said I had two cracked molars and they needed crowns, of which it was performed. They never felt right and had pain etc. After multiple grinding adjustments to my bite they kind of felt ok but never good. I was told that the trauma needed to heal. Fast forward 2 years, we move to Zurich Switzerland for a few years on job contract etc, top one needed full root canal on all roots on my last visit back to Colorado so they say….now I am in Switzerland with upper tooth pain, swollen lymph nodes, and I think because of the pain / possible infection 2 bouts of shingles!! Arrgh!! Now I am contemplating having both teeth pulled, just nervous because once its pulled its gone. We move back to Colorado in October but I don’t think I can wait. I am afraid if I don’t get these removed soon I will go crazy!! Pain is tolerable however the swollen glands zapping my energy. My gut tells me its these damn teeth that were tampered with ( supposedly corrected) – has anyone had the same symptoms? Can I get implants later after this heals and hopefully corrects itself? Suggestions ?? Any advice would greatly be appreciated. Thanks

    1. Maneesh says:

      I just got my molar pulled. This was a root canal tooth from 2012, damaged earlier in 2011 by an incompetent dentist who put too much filling resulting in trauma. Then in 2016 I started getting headaches radiating from the tooth. My body was fighting it successfully but it can only do so much before a dead tooth overpowers the immune system and sends it crashing. The only benefit I saw was I was not getting sick because of the constant battle with the dead tooth. My immune system was in overdrive, and that is a dangerous condition that can lead to inflammation of the vascularatory system. Hence I decided once and for all to get it extracted and it may have just saved my life. I did not have the dentist put any cadaverous bone matrix to generate more bone since I prefer my body to heal naturally. Plus putting any biological foreign matter to facilitate bone growth can complicate things further if the immune system rejects the bone matrix. My future prospects for the gap where the tooth used to be are either implant or removable denture. I am not in favor of dental bridges since they modify the adjacent teeth to support the bridge. In summary, getting the root canal tooth extracted was the best decision of my life because after post extraction, I kept the tooth as a souvenir and a reminder to never ever get a root canal again. The extracted molar was rotting away and was brown and gray, clearly a breeding ground for toxic anaerobic bacteria. Stay away from root canals, because that is effectively keeping a corpse in your body. The dental community will always have plausible deniability that root canals are harmless, but that is just a hive mind to preserve the dental community. Do what is best for your health and eat healthy, brush your teeth. Also exercising improves the flow of blood to teeth and strengthens them too. Stay away from dentists and doctors as much as you can because in a business oriented environment, health does not take precedence over the need to make more money. Finally, these are the same doctors who advocate the removal of malignant tumors through expensive chemotherapy, and the removal of painful appendix but encourage keeping dead teeth in the body. Listen to your body, it is your temple and no one other than you knows what is best for it.

      1. Ronald Girard says:

        Thanks so much Maneesh for your opinion and story. I am in the process of getting it removed, they removed the crown to see how it would go but it hasn’t gotten better so I will have them pull whats left of the tooth. He is resistant to pull it being a normal dentist here in Switzerland, we live here for the time being, but I am insistent on it getting pulled. Them maybe the swollen glands will go away!
        Thanks and best

        1. dr anna martusciello says:

          I think you made a wise choice to have it removed. When I went to my dentist and the options for my molars two of them was root canal or extraction, I didnt even hesitate, I said pull them….health always trumps esthetics for me, even tho these were molars and are not visible unless you look for it, there are always hafer options. partials, bridges are 2 I know of. Be well !!

      2. Taseen says:

        I suggest u don’t go for implants as they are also toxic, best option is dentures

      3. Elizabeth says:

        I just read all this literature on how bad root canals are for your overall health & watched documentary The Root Cause & it’s scary. I just had a root canal done in July & I want it out! But I would like to go to someone who knows how to extract it & clean the area. Did u have problems finding a surgeon who knew how to do this successfully?

        1. Kerry says:

          Look for a holistic or biological dentist. One that practices with Ozone and does PRP (platelet). I’m in Oregon and there are a few here.

          1. Sarah says:

            Hey! I’m in Oregon too! Who did you go to? I think I have 3 teeth that should be removed 🙁 I want to have to cone beam exam done.

          2. Douglas Rollins says:

            Who are they? I had a root canal done in August in Portland and am not happy

    2. Bbeeba says:

      Kindly share with me the name of a lab where we can send my tooth to be tested.

    3. Kevin Spink says:

      Hi There,
      Today I have had two root canals pulled out of my mouth…I was absolutely scared and having been putting it off for years.
      Upon extraction the dentist had to remove so much toxicity and muck…

      I can’t believe I have let this stay in my body so long.

      I have struggled with immune problems for ten years.

      Do yourself a favor and get it done ASAP!
      Mine weee two front teeth and they now have a temporary bridge then I will get implants.

      1. Kevin Spink says:

        Holistic dentistry is best as other dentists have been trying to get me to re root canal them.

      2. mina says:

        I’m about to do this to one of my front teeth too! It had a root canal done about 30 years ago!!! No one ever told me it might need another and because of it being in the front nothing showed on the xrays. I had them do a close up X-ray and my dentist said it looks like there is bacteria up in my gums. He suggested another root canal but I’m going dfor the implant. The tooth is rotting in my moth under the veneer. I’m so annoyed that no one suggested it earlier as the tooth is completely broken off and has a post holding on the veneer. I’m nervous but just want it gone!!! How is the implant process for a front tooth??? Is it painful at all? I’m super scared lol

        1. Rose Butler GSG says:

          Hi Mina, I’m sure a holistic dentist can reassure you of the process and guide you to the best possible implant options. Good Luck.

  60. Younis says:

    I have a root canal on my front tooth but do I have to remove it ? I mean they dont hurt …

    1. Taseen says:

      Many cases root canals have caused lots of other health issues, it over drives ur immune system… it’s up to u how u feel about it, it’s u who knows ur body best

  61. glenda says:

    thank you for all the comments here i was afraid to pulled my molars root canal tooth just only 2 months it cracked. paid 1480 cad dollar for nothing

    1. Karen says:

      Hi Glenda,
      Wondering if you are in Toronto Canada. I just had a root canal in June and having trouble. My gut told me to pull back in June but listened to my dentist instead and now I totally regret my decision. I am ready to have the tooth extracted but read that you need someone like an oral surgeon to remove the brittle tooth. If you are in Toronto do you have a good recommendation for a biologic dentist or oral surgeon who can pull my tooth. Thank you

      1. Veronica Enns says:

        I’m from SK Canada and found an amazing bio dentist in Tijuana. Dr Lagos is his name. I had all my mercury fillings replaced and a 10yr d root canal removed. my health has been declining since I got the root canal but the tooth itself didn’t show signs of problems. Once it was out I saw how bad the tooth looked, and the smell of the tooth and hole were so awful! Its only been a few days but I’m feeling better already. Soon I’ll start Andy Cutler’s chelation protocol to start removing the mercury in my body. Root canals are evil! Don’t let anyone talk you into getting them and if you have them get them removed!

  62. Holly says:

    I just had an infected root canal tooth with a crown pulled today. It had a big cyst on the root full of infection. The dentist extracted some of my blood, centrifuged it to get the platelets & injected my own platelets back into the empty socket after cleaning it to help with healing & to stimulate bone growth.
    I then had an implant put into the socket. Was so easy because he didn’t have to drill into the bone or screw in the implant, just placed it into the socket, & put a temp crown on top. As the bone heals it will grow around the implant securing it. Took an hour. Was so easy. and now I have to take high vit D & K for 30 days to assist the bone growth, & no chewing on that side for 4 months. Then will put the permanent crown on.
    I have the same tooth on the other side to do next year.

    1. Debi says:

      Hi Holly, what country are you in and what type of dentist did you go to? Thanks

    2. Collins says:

      I really like to find out more about your treatment
      Where did you go to?

    3. Marty says:

      Where is your dentist? That sounds almost too good to be true. I am desperate for solutions to my disintegrating teeth. In a very bad way.

    4. Yma says:

      Hi. Who did you go to?

  63. Ahamed says:

    I had a root canaled tooth which was broken before a couple of years and decayed very badly my oral surgeon wanted that tooth to be removed and it’s all gone by dis morning and now it’s almost 8 hours past am not feeling any serious pain

  64. I have 2 failed root canals and my symptoms after the root canals, and now a year later are looking what lead to my Candida overgrowth. Overwhelming my entire body last summer and started again two months ago. Should I ask my oral surgeon to swab both gums after they’re both extracted ?

    1. Elsa Anderson says:

      Hi Bill, Only sending the teeth to a lab will get you a definitive answer to what was in there. This will most likely cost you a few hundred bucks. Wishing you optimal health!

  65. Connor says:

    Thank you!! I have a mystery rash like you described and it happened about a month after a root canal was finished. I’ve been through two botched dental jobs on this tooth and I’m sure the bacteria trapped in there is the culprit. What kind of dentist do I search for that is holistic like yours? It’s hard to find a good dentist who thinks about the entire body as well as the teeth 🙂

    1. Elsa Anderson says:

      Hi Connor, Very sorry to hear! Look up biological dentistry in your area… Hopefully you’ll have some reputable BD’s near you. Good luck!

  66. Bob says:

    Must have chelation after pulling or its pointless. And look up cavitations in the gums. Your dentist won’t mention that.

    1. bb says:

      Hi Bob, I have heard this as well. I had a root canal tooth pulled by a specialist who did nothing other than do a bone graft. No cleaning out or anything as far as I know. I knew the tooth was infected and eventually broke and took a round of antibiotics (since this tooth was connected to my sinus cavity).

      I am now concerned that there may be residual inflammation or infection left and, as you say, pulling tooth has been somewhat pointless.

      Do you or anyone on this thread know what to do 3 months after extraction if you did not have chelation/address cavitation at time of extraction?

      1. Sanch says:

        I think antibiotics and antiseptic mouthwash is what prevents cavitations after extraction, cavitation is a lingering infection that needs to be killed

  67. Alliegirl says:

    Just had a root canal. I let the dentist talk me into it!!! It was done yesterday and my jaw is swollen. I have two and both are next to each other.

  68. Ty says:

    Hi, can someone recommend a good holistic/biological dentist in Texas? I’m from the Dallas area. For the last month or so, I’ve had soreness/tenderness, sinus issues, stiff neck, headaches, teeth sensitivity etc on the left side of my face where the root canal was performed 23 years ago. I’ve went to several ENT and dentists and oral surgeons but they were unable to see anything wrong with me. The x-rays look fine. I’m convinced at this point that my root canal tooth is the root cause but none of the docs are able to confirm this. I’m desperate for an answer at this point.

    1. Kristi Hudgins says:

      Try to Dr. Philip Kozlow off Quorum Drive in Dallas.

    2. Carol crans says:

      I have been reading all the replys. I am having a tooth removal if a very old root canal, to prepare for an implant. What Amy of tooth is left after a root canal?

    3. Charlene Casperson says:

      I just had dental revision completed at Dr. Stuart Nunnelly’s clinic in Marble Falls, TX by Dr. Owens. The entire clinic is terrific! Dr. Owens was wonderful, both as a person and a dentist. I live outside of Atlanta, GA but could not find a clinic in our area that provided such a holistic approach. We will be going back to get my husband’s dental work done next year.

    4. Kerry says: They were in the Root Cause documentary.

    5. Ha says:

      Dr. Allen Sprinkle was a lifesaver for me 8 years ago. Using muscle testing, he identified the dental materials that my regular dental used that caused my body to feel weak. After having the dental material removed, I felt 100 percent better. I highly recommend him.

      1106 W. Randol Mill Road, Suite 100

      Arlington, TX 76012

      (817) 461-9998

      1. Martha says:

        I am happy you found such a great doctor.

        Does anyone know a brilliant holistic dentist in NY, MA or Southern California?
        Teeth in crisis. I am desperate.

        Thank you.

        1. Michelle says:

          Dr David Villareal in Newbury Park, CA (near Thousand Oaks). His practice is called Biodental Healing.

        2. Mary says:

          Meetinghouse dental, Dr Lou Trovato. Pennsylvania

    6. Ellis says:

      I was reading that you would need a CT Scan for them to know where the infection is around your neck or around your face .
      Take care

  69. Eboni says:

    I am considering to have a tooth with a root canal extracted due to constant bleeding and inflamed gums. What are the chances of bone loss? Is there anything I need to know in advance of the extraction a conventional doctor won’t share? Is it better to see a biological or holistic dentist?

  70. andrea says:

    I had a root canal two months ago and am still in pain. I have made numerous visits back to the dentist and returned to the endodontist. I finally went for a second opinion. I was put on steriods for inflamation. Still having pain in my jaw, chin, ear, back of head. I am seriously considering extraction if this will take care of the pain. I wish I would have done more research before getting the root canal. I was not in much pain and just listened to my dentist. I am concerned how this is affecting my overall health. I think the stress alone has lowered my resistance to everything.

  71. Tooth Hurts says:

    Well I found this page as I was looking for reasons why my root canaled tooth is hurting so bad. The dentist told me I have to go to an endodontist to have this tooth root canaled again. Not going to happen. I can’t believe i went through all the pain and suffering years ago to have this done when all that needed to happen was to get them to pull the darn thing. Thank you for the page.

  72. Marian says:

    I actually had a root canal retreatment about two months ago, at first I felt ok but now I feel like it’s failing… I even have a throat infection which it tested negative to strep and mono, I believe is related to my root canal but I went to the endodontic and he says is healing ok and it’ll take months to heal, he just looked at it didn’t even take xrays so how do I know that’s true, I got referred to a n ENT but who knows when he’ll be able to see me, I paid 1485 for retreatment and 200 for the first appointment I’m out of money and worried, I wished I did more research before having that stupid procedure…twice

  73. Gretchen Hoene says:

    So I have a question. I’ve had a root canal back when I was like 10 from cough drops. A couple years back I had to get it redone. I just went to the dentist after years of not having insurance and they say I have an access under my root canal. It’s my first molar on my right side and it’s really the side I chew on. My question is it really better to have it pulled? And is it easy to get used to chewing elsewhere? I should also mention my wisdom teeth are growing in is there a possibility that my wisdom tooth will push my other molar closer to my teeth so I won’t have a huge gap? What are the pros and cons of having my tooth pulled vs getting another root canal? Any feedback is greatly appreciated

    1. Maneesh says:

      Get it pulled. Anything dead in the body is never ever s healthy option. Go with gap, or single tooth denture.

    2. OK says:

      If it’s been redone already, i..e the same tooth root-filled twice, you will need to get it taken out. I have just recovered from an abscess and the pain is worse than a miscarriage, and can infect your whole body. My teeth have realy long roots so there was something leftover, i.e. a bit of root that was still susceptible to infection. I will now have to get it extracted and get an implant but that’s better than the pain and infection.
      If you do get it extracted make sure that you are not on the pill. It makes it much more likely that you will get something called "dry socket". That’s also very very painful, but it does’nt always happen and is associated with high oestrogen.

  74. Amber says:

    What options do I have besides antibiotics? I got my root canal tooth pulled today, and am not interested in weakening my body any more with antibiotics. Just wondering which alternatives you chose?

    1. Nico Christo says:

      Alternative antibiotic is concentrated allicin supplement made from garlic. Got it through Amazon. Co.UK. is better than raw garlic for me because doesn’t cause stomach ache like raw garlic does.

  75. Balram says:

    I say pull it put because root canal is just a way to prolong the problem you know you all ready have that can cause more problem in time.

  76. Julie says:

    Can anyone comment on the average cost to have a tooth with a root canal removed ? A molar?

    1. Jess says:

      I got mine pulled yesterday, it was a back molar. I don’t have insurance and it was $187. They quoted $1,600 to go in through the side to "fix" it (but they were unable to do that after all) so comparatively it’s much cheaper to pull it.

  77. Laine Evette says:

    I’m having 2 side by side 20 yr old root canal and crowned teeth pulled tomorrow. Just getting numbed, curious how the pain is compared to normal tooth extraction?

  78. Liz says:

    Did you have to get an implant or you just let them be? My dentist is pushing for an implant but I really don’t want to!

    1. OK says:

      Get an implant. It really does cause problems down the line with other teeth if you don’t, and if it’s a back molar could change your face shape. that’s not just the dentist trying to earn money, because I didn’t listen to him and now have various problems due to having had two teeth pulled and not replaced (one of which might be the infected root on the remaining molar on that side)

  79. Valen says:

    Yea, i’m wondering how long i have to wait before i can breastfeed after removal…due to IV sedation. Also, whats the chelation protocol for post removal of root canal tooth?

  80. Robyn says:

    I’m only just now really finding out about this. I have a 30 year old root canal on my front tooth that has been dark for about ten years now. I have several teeth hurting right now not to mention hypothyroid and several other problems (obviously). I need to get this tooth extracted ASAP. Can anyone give me an idea of the cost of such an extraction? I know there are more important things to worry about than the money but if I don’t have the money for what amounts to an oral surgery I can’t get it done, right?

    My tooth died during my several thousand dollar orthodontic treatment when I was an adolescent. I think that having slightly crooked teeth would have been much better.

  81. Jess says:

    I had a failed root canal pulled yesterday after getting the procedure done 4 years ago. I woke up with a sore on my gums last week, went to the dentist, who referred me to a specialist to discuss surgery to remove the infection through the side of my gums. They ended up having to pull it because the bone was too thin to hold it in place. It also turns out the sinus infection I had a year ago was a result of the tooth infection!! So it has been an issue over a year and I had no idea. My sinus infection never seemed to completely go away – because the abscess in my tooth put pressure on my sinuses. In hindsight a Dr might have advised me of a connection if I went in, but who knows. My sinus is so much clearer now, the pressure is relieved, and I have more energy. I’m sad to be missing a tooth but happy to not be worrying about the bacteria!

    1. Rose Butler GSG says:

      Hi Jess, yes, it is better to have a missing tooth than chronic infection. Best of health!!

  82. Marty says:

    I’ve neglected my teeth out of fear anxiety lack of funds and a problem with self care.
    Now I have a mouth full of failing teeth, infections, failed root. Annals, and at least 1$ dieseased teeh.
    I’m chronically ill, need immediate dental intervention.

    Scared. Can someone recommend a biodentist in New York City?
    Same question for Massachusetts?

    Desperate for the help.
    I know I need extractions and have deep infections into the bone but want to have them done right with best chances for healing.

    Everyone..please take good care of your teeth. I am 66 years old, was bulimic when I was younger and it destroyed my tooth enamel.
    Neglecting my teeth What’s the stupidest thing I ever did.

    Please anyone has any information let me know immediately. This is an SOS. Thank you .

    1. Eileenc says:

      Dr Gerry Curatola in NYC he’s great!!!!

  83. Cynthia B says:

    I just had 10 root canal teeth pulled a couple of days ago. A dentist started pushing route canals when I was in my teens, as the best way to go to hold onto my teeth. Yet as I aged, I experienced so many health issues over the decades, that I am very excited about the possibilities of improved health. I am now 62 and I was a world traveler before health slowed me down. The major issues relate to my immune system. Everyone knows if your immune system is whack, then it won’t be long before everything else follows suit. I found myself being allergic to some of the simplest things I had never been allergic to before. I also have Hashimoto’s disease and look forward to having my thyroid perform properly or better, since a couple of the teeth were connected to thyroid meridians. I also have vitiligo after being exposed to toxic mold. I doubt that is reversible.So what am I looking for? I’m looking for improved metabolism, loss of weight, less fatigue, greater energy, memory and a stronger immune system. Right now my mouth is extremely sore and I’m having to get used to dentures because I could not afford the process for implants. I am also taking this opportunity to get off of process sugar and eat more healtfully, so that I can have a better quality of life and maybe travel again. Has anyone noticed a significant improvement in their health? Right now my gums are so sore I’m wondering if I’ll ever be able to eat anything of substance, that requires chewing ever again in life. I am also a bit worried about the appliances because I teach reading and foreign languages and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to speak clearly again. I took out a medical loan to get this work done and certainly need to be able to teach to pay off this bill. On a more positive note, I requested that my biological surgeon request My treatment through major medical instead of dental and it was approved! So my out-of-pocket was only 50% of the total cost as a post to 75 to 80%. My surgeon and his office were in shock that it got approved!

  84. Jenny says:

    I have just had a root canaled tooth pulled out. What a nightmare. It took one hour.. they start by shoving it up into the jaw to try and loosen it and then pull. The top broke so they had to do it in pieces. Then he talked about it it breaking into the sinus and having to cut and stitch so I wouldn’t end up with water in my nose.
    1/ never ever have another root canal/
    2/ never get another tooth out without being knocked out…
    It is now a week later and I still feel awful
    My face is bruised but at least the swelling has gone down
    Now I would like to know the consequences of having an implant?

    1. Rose Butler GSG says:

      Hi Jenny, a local biologic/holistic dentist can guide you to the best options. Usually titanium or even better, zirconium implants work best.

  85. Rita Howard says:

    I had a root canal in October if this past year a few months ago and one week after I had it I was back at the dentist asking for antibiotics because something just seemed off in my body. Didn’t know what but it just seemed off. Dentist was out if town so his tech called him and talked with him. She told me at first that they thought that maybe I had or was coming down with the flu and said that was it I today her no I know my body and this was not the flu. The tech called dentist back and he told her to write a script for antibiotics . I also wanted to talk to him or someone about me waking up about three nights after with a nasty taste in my mouth accompanied by some kind of awful liquid. Could not get answers. My blood pressure shot up very high, felt off balanced couldn’t sleep. Then about a week after that I felt a nerve shoti g pain go from one side of my upper left jaw across my forhead to the other side of my head and down the right side of my face. I froze in my tracks and after faher myself went and sat down. Went to urgent Care a young woman saw me who was and student told me about infections in root canal and for me to go back to the dentist and let them know. I began to look for another dentist thought I found one. I still had not had crown placed. He took x-rays and talked to me he and staff
    were very comforting so I let them place the crown because they said they found no infection. A week later I was back because I just didn’t feel so right and this time I had a little pain. They x-rayed and looked very closely and said Rita I think that you are being a little neurodic" I was hurt fustrated and felt like I had been passed over after being kicked to the curb and ran over by a bus. Now I continued to pray and look for HELP. I was on the phone with someone and I told them my story. I wanted them to pray with me that I needed a dentist. That just like tonight going through internet I had come across aholistic dentist and I wanted him to pray with me about this. Right before we prayed he said to me " I believe 100 percent in a holistic/ biological dentist." What a who? I said. "you won’t be disappointed". I tore up the internet looking for one here in Tulsa. Found one. Went to her and she blew my mind with all the information that we have no idea on how or what is happening to our bodies due to our teeth. I will be having her to pull the crown and root canal. I thank God. Another thing is that the office is so so clean, I mean the air is so purified in the office. Just a quick note to ask if all my symptoms will go away once I have this done. I didn’t tell you how I had to during this time pray through feeling that I was having a heart attach, the awful itching, and the sleepless nights. This is real. The root canal drama is no joke. I just want to feel better and be able to sleep at night.. pray for me. Well. That’s it. Hope it helps someone. I will let you know how everything goes. Thanks

    1. Rose Butler GSG says:

      Hi Rita, thank you so much for sharing your story. I am so glad you found a holistic dentist that is listening to you. It is very sad when other practitioners treat you like there is nothing wrong when your body is clearly telling you something IS going on. I am confident you will start to feel better after you deal with your dental issues. Best of luck and prayers to you!!

    2. Kent says:

      I’m in the same boat but maybe a little different waters. I’m 65 and got this my first root canal back when I was 25. Three years ago I needed a new crown on it. How the root area is infected however the oral surgeon is hesitante to pull it because I went through six weeks of radiation 14yrs ago. Until I can get the records as to what kinds of radiation it was I have to live with a abcessed stinky tooth that I hope does not affect other organs in my body. Of all the stories I’ve read yours has brought me the most comfort. Please lift my situation up in prayer. God Bless.

      1. Cb says:

        What side was your cancer on? Root canals are linked to cancer! Look it up

    3. Dante says:

      I’m in Oklahoma City. Can you give me the name of the Tulsa dentist?

  86. Veronica Styles says:

    Getting my failed root canal pulled changed the game for me. Back in 2006 when I was 19, I got a root canal done on a lower molar on the left side of my mouth from my childhood dentist who was not very kind, very rough handed, and seemingly money hungry. Needless to say, the root canal was done incorrectly as I later found out there was a missed root during the procedure that calcified over time. The gums around the crown never seemed to heal 100% as that area always remained puffy, and my mouth just never felt 100%. As the years went by, the crown began to leak, got infected, got harder to floss around, and wreaked havoc in my body. My breath was always embarassing, the tastes in my mouth were always bad, and I was constantly getting BV, which I didn’t even realize was related to my teeth for the longest time. Most dentists I saw didn’t bother to do anything about the tooth until 2015, when I acquired a new dentist through new insurance. He told me the tooth was badly infected and would need to be pulled and replaced with an implant. He also told me he wouldn’t be able to pull it because the tooth was too close to a nerve, so he referred me to be one of the best oral surgeons out there. The oral surgeon gave me a CT scan where he discovered that not only was root calcified and had been basically infected since I got the root canal, but that the bone was completely gone and had been replaced by a cyst that has also got infected and was causing lots of pain. After a round of antibiotics, I got the root canal tooth pulled. Almost immediately after, I started feeling so much better. No more bad breath, no more BV…I finally felt like I had gotten my old self back. Now that I know what I know, no more root canals ever. I’m more inclined to extractions and implants. Enjoyed your blog post!

    1. Rose Butler GSG says:

      Wow Veronica, thanks for sharing your experience. What an ordeal! Glad you are feeling better.

    2. Susan says:

      I have suffered with severe oral/facial pain in my teeth, gums, tongue and face following a root canal 13 years ago. A month ago, I had the root canal tooth extracted by a biological oral surgeon. It was a success! I have no pain at the extraction site, but I am still experiencing oral pain, ear pain, headaches, body aches and more. I thought once the tooth was pulled and all infection removed, I would feel better. What’s going on? Please help!

      1. Rose Butler GSG says:

        Hi Susan, sometimes nerve damage from the inflammation and infection can take a while to heal. Sometimes weeks or longer. Please see your biologic dentists for further evaluation. However, it may just take time for all that tissue and nerve endings to heal.

        1. Susan says:

          Hi Rose….I will see my integrative medicine physician in May. He did explain that damage was done by the root canal and that was most likely the reason I am still in pain. I thought once the infection was removed, I would feel better. I am so ready to get my life back!

      2. Cb says:

        Try fighting it with homemade bone broth and ferments.

  87. Dave says:

    So my issue is this. One month ago I had a root canal done on tooth number 18 today I went to the dentist to put on a permanent crown on that tooth they put it on temporarily and then they took an x-ray then they came back in the office and told me that they would not cement the crown in because the tooth is still decayed and it has to be pulled how can that happen in 1 month of time that tooth was worked on constantly 4 hours and x-ray two or three times I’m so disappointed

  88. Shannon says:

    Do you get implants on the root canal teeth? I’ve had a RC for about 10 years and dentist said he sees a vertical
    crack and I need it pulled. I’m fresking out.

    1. Rose Butler GSG says:

      Hi Shannon, yes most people get zirconium or titanium implants.

  89. Amy Swanson says:

    I just had 3 old root canal teeth pulled by a regular oral surgeon. I also found out they all had abscesses above the root. I have another old root canal the dentist wants to redo, but now I’m ready to have that pulled. I think I need to find a biological dentist that can help me, but I’m having a hard time. I’m feeling really sick and depressed. Not sure what the next step is, but I need to get my health back! Can you please help me?

    1. Julia says:

      Hi Amy,
      I went through all that, desperately trying to find biological dentist with no success. Fortunately, my dentist was smart and flexible enough to listen to my concerns and he agreed to do a removal following biological protocol I found on the Internet and printed out for him. Everything went smooth and I am on the road to recovery.
      Don’t despair, you made the right decision to get the teeth pulled. Root canals are evil. You will feel better once they are out.
      All the best to you!

    2. Kent says:

      Rose, you have been through a lot and sounds like you’ve done your homework. Basically what is the difference between a good caring oral surgeon and a biological dentist. Is it all about approching things holistic verses typical or standardized dentistry?

  90. Pearl says:

    I had a root canal done about 10 years ago. Terrible decision! I asked my dentist to remove it but he insisted on root canal so I gave in. I had problems with that thing and so many x-rays, trips to the dentist to get it cleaned. I finally got it pulled out and my new dentist said it was infected. I really regret listening to my previous dentist but I feel better now. I kept getting sinus infections, throat infections, acne on that side of the root canal. I am glad it’s out now.

    1. Jacob says:

      If you believe that your health belongs to a doctor’s hands :))) Just tell the dentist what you want and no discussion. Do not discuss with them You two live on a different pkanet. You only need their tools, hands and anesthesia but not their ideas about which direction to move towards real health!

  91. Anita Gladden says:

    Just came from the dentist and had a root canal/crown pulled that was black underneath and was attacking the jaw bone with infection that showed up last year on X-ray, tooth never showed sign of infection or pain so it wasn’t urgent but the dentist said it could’ve contributed to my fibromyalgia, arthritis and surgeries I’ve had over the years, all this from a rotten root canal crown I paid $1400 for, never again! Maybe now I’ll start to feel Better

  92. Karen says:

    I had a root canal on #31(last tooth, lower right side) by a root canal specialist, Endodontist, on October 17, 2018. This was a tooth that had been heavily filled when I was a teenager and then crowned when I was in my 20’s because a piece of the tooth had broken off. Immediately following the root canal in October, I was in worse pain than before the root canal procedure. So one week later the Endodontist went back in and cleaned out the roots, again, essentially performing the same procedure for a second time…UGH; not fun. Btw, the Endodontist is the loveliest, most patient man and seems quite knowledgeable and capable. After the second procedure, it slowly began to feel better over the course of a week so I went back to Endodontist for the roots to now be filled with whatever material it is that they use to complete the root canal procedure. The next day my tooth was hurting even worse than ever before and I was now having pain in my lower jaw area! So back I went to the Endodontist. He put me on antibiotics in case there was an infection some where beneath the tooth that he could not see and in a few days the pain was significantly lessened. I made it through Thanksgiving with no pain and then the following week, while out to dinner with my husband and friends, I bit into a piece of steak that was a bit too well done and I began having pain under the tooth and into my jaw once again. Another trip to the Endodontist who now suggested that I see an oral surgeon since I was scheduled to be leaving for Christmas in Italy with my family in four weeks from that date. The oral surgeon had spoken with my Endodontist AND my regular dentist and they all agreed that it could be a TMJ situation from all the work that I had done on that tooth and having had my mouth open for an hour each time so he put me on steroids for the jaw and antibiotics, again, just in case there was an infection. It settled down and I left for Italy completely armed with antibiotics and pain killers in case it were to flare up while out of the country; NOT at all a stress-free way to approach a vacation! Luckily, my tooth, jaw, etc. were fine while away, however, I ended up with a sty on my lower right eye lid about two days before we left Italy (this was my first experience with a sty in my 56 years and I’m not completely convinced that it had nothing to do with this root candled tooth!) Since my return from Italy, I have had a few episodes of discomfort in the tooth socket and in the jaw bone just beneath it. I took the oral surgeon’s advice and went back to my regular dentist about a month ago to have the old crown removed and a temporary crown put on the tooth. The oral surgeon suggested that before I invest more money in this tooth, that I live with the temporary crown for at least a couple of months to be certain that the tooth is still viable and not going to need to be extracted. Approximately two weeks later, I began having a bad taste in the back of my throat near and around the tooth and discomfort in the socket of the tooth and again into the jaw bone. Called my Endodontist, once again, who I am sure was NOT happy to hear from me and he recommended that I now go to a TMJ specialist to rule out TMJ….more money!!! Keep in mind that, to date, this tooth has cost me approximately $4,000.00!!!! Instead, I decided to go back to the oral surgeon, yesterday. He examined me, took a Cone Beam CT of the tooth and sees absolutely nothing wrong going on. He pressed down very hard on the tooth when he examined me but the pain that I felt was more severe in the jaw bone right under the tooth than it was in the tooth itself so he feels that it could be the muscles along the jaw line which would possibly indicate TMJ from possible tooth grinding (he checked the occlusion; the bite, and it was fine). I just find this to be too coincidental that at 56 years old I’m suddenly grinding my teeth or clenching my jaw shortly after a root canal procedure…??? It, also, doesn’t make sense that I would be getting this bad taste around the area of the tooth from clenching my jaw…??? This is a mystery to me and all the doctors I’ve been to, thus far. Meanwhile, I have not been feeling well, physically, off and on, since the original root canal in October and after reading some of the root canal stories, I am wondering if it’s due to possible bacteria in the tooth in question. I have been having extreme joint pain, strange things happening with my eyes, occasional pain deep into my right ear and a tingling sensation up the right side of my head. I am considering having the tooth extracted but since the CT taken yesterday by the Oral Surgeon does not show any visible signs of infection, I’m hesitant on jumping into extraction. I am desperate for relief! I feel like I’m in a holding pattern; very frustrating! Any words of advice?

    1. Susan says:

      Did they take a 3D scan? Images are not as clearly defined on a 2D scan…I know because that is how my dentist could never see my infection (13 years) of severe pain. I would like to recommend the biological oral surgeon that removed my root canal tooth, but sure if this is permitted on this site…or you can email me…

      1. Karen says:

        I had the 3D scan just before the root canal and again this past Tuesday. It is not showing any signs of infection or any glaring problem with the root canal procedure. I was in SO much pain this past Tuesday and Wednesday but after taking ibuprofen Wednesday night and using the heating pad on my face, the pain was lessened by Thursday morning and today feeling even a little better than yesterday. On Wednesday, when I was in much more pain that I am at the present moment, I scheduled the extraction for this coming Tuesday…but now I don’t know what I should do…UGH!!! This is a rollercoaster ride….and not a very enjoyable one. I am leaning toward having the tooth extracted anyway just after reading an article titled The Hidden Dangers of Root Canal. After reading that article and some of the stories on this site, I’m feeling like leaving this compromised tooth in my mouth is risky….and since I’m already feeling all this joint pain, muscle weakness and fatigue, I feel that it may be best to part with this tooth and have an implant put in. How are you feeling physically since the extraction of your root canaled tooth?

        1. Susan says:

          I haven’tv had any pain at the extraction site, but I am still experiencing nerve pain in most of my teeth as well as a burning tongue, facial pain, ear pain headaches, body aches, neuropathy in my feet and no appetite…none of my symptoms have improved so far. It had only been 5 weeks since the extraction. My physician believes there is damage done to my body as a result of the root canal. In fact, things seem worse than before. I won’t see my physician for another 5 weeks…just hanging in there…

          1. Karen says:

            I would go see a Chinese Herbalist who can get you on Chinese Herbs and acupuncture. Your body is probably so out of whack from everything that it’s been through with regard to the root canal and consequent bacteria. The Chinese herbs helped me 25 years ago when I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease. I was on oral antibiotics for 10 weeks and then IV antibiotics for 12 weeks and it did not help at all. I was finally frustrated enough to try the Chinese medicine approach and, no exaggeration, was feeling 80% better in 3 weeks time and 100% better in 6 weeks. Worth every penny! I am planning on going to my Chinese Herbalist about a week post tooth extraction. I feel like my immune system has been on overload and I’m hoping the herbs and acupuncture will do the trick for me once again.

    2. JOHN says:


  93. John Do Petrillo says:

    I had a premolar extracted in upper jaw which fractured. It was a root filled tooth from 4 years ago brought on by an abscess I had back then. The tooth had split and fractured well in to root exposing white soft tissue. My dentist and I decided to extract tooth even though I was not in severe pain with tooth. Just hurt a little when biting down. I was told there would be strong risk of infection if I left tooth as was. The extraction took less than 1 minute to extract without problem. Obviously I was very upset and stressed for weeks by what had happened. I was given amoxicillin 500mg 3xper day for a week just as a precaution. As I had taken these in the past did not feel there would be a problem. 5 days in I started to feel very ill nausea diarear ears blocked and very fatigued but also unable to sleep week. I started to get dry mouth and then discovered my tongue was all white and had oral thrush. Taken tons of medicine and still have bad tongue 8 weeks on. ?? Nausea better only because have taken probiotic to get my stomach and guts back on track. Is this the medicine or tooth that has given me this. Have x-ray if any one can help me.

    1. JOHN says:


  94. Susan says:

    I have suffered with severe oral/facial pain in my teeth, gums, tongue and face following a root canal 13 years ago. A month ago, I had the root canal tooth extracted by a biological oral surgeon. It was a success! I have no pain at the extraction site, but I am still experiencing oral pain, ear pain, headaches, body aches and more. I thought once the tooth was pulled and all infection removed, I would feel better. Wgat’s going on? Please help!

  95. Donna Rae says:

    I had a crown put on a lower back molar tooth year ago Jan. 2018. I had gone back to the dentist 6 months later telling them the tooth did not feel right. The went back Jan. 20, 2019 telling them again the tooth didn’t feel right. Both times they X-rayed and said nothing was wrong with the crown. February 2, 2019 the tooth as well two other teeth on that side were all hurting, upper back teeth above it too, as well as my tongue was beginning to hurt too. So I got in to see an Endodontist on emergency and he discovered there was major inflammation under the crown. He began the first phase of the root canal, injected the tooth with meds and put in a temporary filling. I asked if he was going to give me antibiotics but he said no, that I didn’t need them. 3 days later my lympth node under that tooth began swelling really bad. I called him and he claimed the swelling had nothing to do with the tooth and he stil would not prescribe me antibiotics. I desperately needed antibiotics so I got in to see my ENT and he gave me a 14 day antibiotic. The infection cleared within 12 days…the same day I went in to complete the root canal. To say the least…I found another Endontist that a new dentist I found had recommended. I had actually gone to this new dentist wanting this tooth extracted but he encouraged me to coomplete the root canal and called his Endodontist friend for me. Feb. 20, 2019 I completed the root canal. I was still finishing up the antibiotics from my ENT and along with a precscibed mouthwash from the Endontist…next thing my tongue began turning brown and hurting. It burned like crazy! The mouthwash tire my mouth up! I immediately stopped the antibiotics and refused to take anymore! I’ve put up with a burning sore tongue since the root canal for the past month. I went back to the Endontist and he X-rayed the tooth and claimed nothing was going on with the root canal. The seal shows it going past the the actual root but he said it was of no concern. After I left I immediately called my ENT and got in to see him. He said I have Glossitis of the tongue, which can be caused by a bacterial, fungal or viral infection. I did not start having issues with my tongue until the inflammation from the crown was discovered and it has progressively gotten worse since the root canal. My upper teeth above the root canal even hurt! I want this tooth out of my head!!! I really feel it is the culprit to my declining health.

  96. Cr roberta says:

    My daughters dad just got a root canal then I learned they can cause serious health problems. I shared the information with him. He just paid 300 for the root canal two weeks ago… now we want it pulled but are not sure how much more it will cost. Anyone know how much to pull a tooth that was just root canaled?

    1. Rose Butler GSG says:

      Hi, I would recommend calling your local dentist and asking how much they charge. That will get you the best estimate.

      1. john says:

        This is just sick how they know this treatment can effect your life. people should be fighting our best to stop this with all the other problems in life one made up for the love of money right after the other. God help us so sad and very angry. ps sorry. the local dentist would freak out for just completing a root canal , and now you want him to pull it, wow crazy and sorry your going through this. i feel like just pulling one of my front t my self and get it over with. money for nothing.

    2. Jo Goff says:

      Extraction price for root-canaled teeth varies considerably across the world. Also, keep in mind that a root-canal extraction is different than a regular extraction, and it must be done right to avoid future problems (for instance, the periodontal ligament must be removed, the bone scraped, and the area has to be cleaned out very well). I live in northern California where everything is impossibly expensive, but I will give you an example of the prices I have paid (with help from a friend) to my biological dentist.

      In June of 2017, I paid $1,307 for the removal of #3. This coming Friday, April 12th (2019), I am paying $2,372 for the exact same procedure (for #5), with the same dentist. In both cases he also uses a procedure where he takes a couple of vials of your blood, extracts the platelets, and injects them into the extraction site (rather than a bone graft).

      Bone-grafts or equivalents are essential if you aim to get implants when the bone fills in. In my case, I will need five ceramic implants: #3, #5, #18, #20, and #29. The latter three are currently hidden under my lower bridges, but I have braces on right now so we cannot get to them until next year at the soonest.

      Just be sure that you see a biological dentist for that extraction. I have also been researching medical tourism: Mexico specifically. In Mexico, you can get work done at 40-70% less than in the United States. They also have biological dentists there. My challenge is determining who is the most skilled and trustworthy, because I do not personally know anyone who has done this, and I need a ton of complicated work done.

    3. Yasmin Harkes says:

      I am getting mine pulled tommorow morning ! I just had the root canal done 1 month ago so my dentist is gonna let me pull it free of charge. I already paid $1000 for the root canal & still was supposed to pay more for Thebes permanent filling.

  97. Jo Goff says:

    Hi Robyn,

    Can you please direct me regarding where to have my extracted root-canaled teeth tested. I am in California but I need to know where to send them (there will be four over the course of the coming year) and about how much it will cost per tooth. I am having the first one removed this coming Friday. It is also the oldest and most symptomatic so I want to be certain it is tested properly so I can best discern how to heal from the nightmare I have been living for so long.

    Thank you,


  98. Llinda says:

    Can root canal teeth cause fibromyalgia and neuoropathy?

    1. Carolina says:

      I’m not sure about fibromyalgia but I was paralyzed after a root canal 2 years ago and to this day I still have neuropathy, my hands and feet go numb as well as other areas of my body. Having the tooth removed this week, and we’ll see if that helps me heal faster

      1. Jo Goff says:

        Hi Carolina,

        I would love to hear back regarding how/if/when your health improves. I am having my oldest of four out this week (Friday) as well. Which tooth number are you having pulled this week? I am having #5 out this week, but #18, 20, and 29 will have to wait until next year.



        1. Carolina says:

          Hi Jo, I’m having #2 pulled today actually in a couple of hours, im so nervous but I know this is necessary. My dentist did recommend supplements after the extraction, lots of vitamin c, selenium, turmeric, etc. He recommended a vitamin c iv infusion but they couldn’t schedule me on time. Anyways he did ozone injections yesterday and will do one more today. This is to prevent bacteria from spreading I guess. I will update on the whole process once is over. Is always helpful to know what is like for everyone.
          Let me know how yours goes, I’m hoping everything works out.

          1. Rose Butler GSG says:

            Carolina, thanks for sharing!

  99. Carolina says:

    I has a root canal on Nov 2017. Everything was fine until the end of Dec, i had a cold and a bad sinus infection. Then I started feeling numbness and tingling in my feet and hands, weakness, etc. When I could barely walk I went to the er, thinking it was a pinched nerve. The diagnosed me with GBS, an autoimmune response that attacks my own nerves due to an infection. Needless to say I’m lucky to be walking again, but I’m having the root canal tooth pulled next week, because now I’m having a lot of palpitations and dizziness, I’m hoping this brings my health back just as it was before the root canal mistake.

    1. Buncit says:

      Hi, did the palpitation go away after the extraction? Thanks.

  100. Jo Goff says:

    Btw, does anyone know how we can get updates regarding new posts to this particular thread on root canals? Thus far, I have to keep this window/tab open on my desktop computer, refresh daily, and check for new responses – this is not ideal, so I am hoping there is a much more efficient way. Anyone?

    1. Rose Butler GSG says:

      Hi Jo, sadly, I don’t think there is a way to get notifications on this site.

  101. Jo Goff says:

    Hi Rose. Sorry to hear that. Thank you. Do you happen to know where Robyn got her tooth/teeth sent out for testing?

    1. Rose Butler GSG says:

      Hi Jo, let me see if I can find out for you.

  102. Jo Goff says:

    Thanks Rose! 🙂

    1. Jo Goff says:

      Thank you, Rose. I already have an outstanding biological dentist, so I am set there. He is the dentist I see exclusively now, as well as being the only one in my area. I always recommend against having a traditional dentist extract as well.

      I just needed to find out where I can send my root-canaled tooth (and three future teeth), so that I can obtain a pathology report. So far I have not heard back from my biological dentist regarding whether or not he has someone he uses for testing. I am good to go on the "healthy mouth" front. I just need about 50K on virtually no income to fix 14+ years of bad work and extract root canals which have been making me chronically ill for nearly that long.

      It is a rough and expensive road for many of us, which can lead to perpetual hopelessness, despair, and even giving up entirely on living. I am currently doing my best to hang on for a bit longer so that we can see if any of what has been done can be reversed. Fingers crossed. The best I can really hope for at this point is that all of my years of suffering, lost time, lost youth, and lost life will translate to knowledge which may educate and help others. At least I figured these things out sooner than both of my parents did (even though they knew a considerable amount regarding holistic living, healing, and life extension), so that is one positive aspect, despite everything else which has been sacrificed.

      1. Rose Butler GSG says:

        Jo, I am so glad to hear you are working with a holistic dentist and sounds like someone you trust. I wish you the best of health going forward and that you can continue on your healing journey with confidence. Dental issues are one of the most challenging as we can see here with all the comments from folks trying to get help and sharing their stories. Thank you for reaching out and let us know if we can help in any other way.

  103. Jo Goff says:

    p.s. The links are great, too, thank you. Natural antibiotics are especially key. 🙂

  104. Jo Goff says:

    Hi Rose,

    So I heard back for sure from my holistic DDS. He is researching it but has no idea where to send my teeth for pathology. I have Googled and cannot find it. The most important tooth comes out tomorrow, so if you find any dentist or testing facility I can call for a kit (sounds like Robyn used a place in Colorado, via her DDS), please let me know. Thank you.

  105. Jo Goff says:

    p.s. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, so something local is preferred if it exists, but at this point I am Googling for anywhere at all.

  106. Jo Goff says:

    Thus far, I have found the following:

    Oral Pathology Laboratories (out of New York). Gladys was very helpful. They send out kits to the dentist. Testing costs anywhere from 245 to 600 (depending upon complexity). They have a fax number where the dentist sends over his or her info in order to obtain the kits.

    If a kit is not already in hand at the time of extraction, the tooth may be placed in a bottle of alcohol (counter-intuitive, I know) to preserve it until the kit arrives.

    We are also trying to get in touch with UCSF for a local option.

  107. Jo Goff says:


    I wanted to be sure to post the answer (to my own question) in this thread so that anyone searching in the future may more readily find the information.

    I have located the best solution (as of 15 April 2019) for extracted tooth testing, and any patient, doctor, or dentist may use this resource.

    The company is called DNA Connexions (located in Colorado), and there are two ordering options available: one, the patient may order a single kit, which is $400 and tests for 88 different aerobic and anaerobic bacteria; two, the dentist or doctor may order bulk kits (6, 12, 24, or 36), which likely knocks the cost of the test down considerably (of course it would be amazing if this savings could be passed down to the patient, but the practitioner would need to see what the testing demand is first – perhaps the demand will be higher if patients know that this test exists).

    If there is no kit on hand at the time of extraction, the tooth (or teeth) must be placed in a tube and stored in the freezer until a kit is procured, at which point you transfer the tooth into the kit as per the instructions from DNA Connexions.

    I have linked the website here below. There are several oral panels which may be ordered but the "extracted tooth sample" is the one you are after in the case of root-canaled teeth. If you click on that one, it will give you all of the information.

    I hope this information will be helpful to those who manage to stumble upon it. Be sure to share your stories and experiences here if you can, as it will greatly help others while struggling through the often frustrating path to figuring out some of the more challenging "roots" of chronic illness symptoms.

  108. Jo Goff says:

    p.s. I DO NOT recommend using the Oral Pathology Lab (out of New York), as their recommended protocol for placing the sample in alcohol is absolutely incorrect. Do not ever place a tissue sample in alcohol (I was right about it being counter-intuitive), as this will destroy much (if not all) of the bacteria you are aiming to test for.

  109. Marie Gilbert says:

    Today I saw my dentist, who is fairly new to me – 18 months. I had one dentist all my life until his retirement (I’m 60). This new dentist has performed a couple of fillings during those 18 months. The very first tooth he filled (a back upper molar) has been hurting with any pressure from chewing, so much so that I only chew on the opposite side now. The dentist xrayed it today & said I had an infection & need a root canal. Never having experience with root canals, I asked what caused this & he said trauma. From what – the filling? I did not say that, but wish now I had.
    A foremost concern is I have severe psoriasis & rheumatoid arthritis & have to take biologic injections & have been on many Dmards. Nothing, even a simple scratch, takes forever to heal. I am scared that a root canal would turn into a nightmare. Would an extraction & bridge ( no implants plz) be a safer option? Advice & comments much appreciated!

    1. Rose Butler GSG says:

      Hi Marie, we would recommend a second opinion especially with a holistic dentist in your area. Sounds like the extraction may be the best viable option based on your medical history.

  110. I read through all the research articles I could find on pubmed that had root canal in the search and they only covered materials, methods, how long they last compared to the alternatives, how long the pain lasted after treatment. I didn’t find any research about the long or short term health effects or killing off the bacterial in the surrounding tissue. I don’t think this has been looked in to or if it has, nothing has been published that doesn’t promote the practice.

    1. Melissa says:

      I have read that Ozone therapy kills off the bacteria

  111. Melissa says:

    I have an infection in a 25 year old root canal tooth that has a crown. I have been pit on antibiotics and just finished a 7 day course. The pain has not left which means I think the infection is still there. Do you think they will pull the tooth or do I have to wait till this infection is gone? Any answers to how this infection started 25 years later? Has this been brewing in my body all this time!!?? TIA

  112. Miriam Amaya says:

    Hello, I had a re treated root canal back in December2018 since then I have suffered with Sinus, Ear Headaches issues. I went to the Oral Surgeon Last week and I was told I needed a 3rd opinion on what to do. I am not the type of person to suffer from Dental work so its very frustrating to me that I am not getting the help that I need. I know its my tooth causing pain. I am at the point that I dk if I need to go get an MRI or Cat Scan. But I need to get this tooth pulled its been 6 months of hell and no sort of Help. any one please help what Can i do. I need a doctor willing to pull it.

  113. Carol Lloyd says:

    Hi Greensmoothiegirl, just left the dentist – a specialist. Have 3 root canals for over 10 years. One has already had an infection and is giving me trouble again. It has a broken piece of instrument in one of the canals that has calcified probably causing pain as well.
    The worst is it is all attached to a bridge so once out I will be missing 2 teeth – molars. The only ones I have on that side.
    Lately I’ve been having severe itching on my torso and scalp, piercing headaches, not sleeping, extreme hotness waking me up, and high blood pressure. It will be interesting to find out if this all disappears.
    After removal he said he will disinfect with peroxide and something else. Nothing I’ve heard of in holistic medicine. And then a round of antibiotics. Wondering now if I should take them.
    I live in Canada where could I send the tooth to check bacteria? This would be interesting as it may make me decide to remove the other 2 root canals. Thanks for your article. Unfortunately we don’t have any holistic dentists near by.

    1. John Buckner says:

      dont "wonder" about the 2 others.
      you already know.
      get them all out of your head.

  114. John says:

    hey there.
    many of the same problems.
    I was fortunate enough to have seen the documentary Root Cause on Netflix. BEFORE the ADA had it forcibly removed. ( fact. ) at 49, i am the USA’s poster child for this documentary.
    3 badly infected root canals have had 10 to 12 years to reach a state that has me in constant pain. slowly but surely taking my health in all ways conceivable. I sought out a bio dentist. 3d cone scan xray revealed this truth. scheduled removal of 3, 30 & 33 tomorrow. I am very disappointed in our modern Dental professionals not fully realizing the implications of their disservice to the general population. I KNOW this will solve many…if not all of my current issues. fight the good fight friends.
    j. buckner.

    1. John Buckner says:

      just returned home from extraction procedure. 2 bone grafts and a sinus lift. – bone grafting preparation for 2 implants in the near future: 5 months. 6 thousand dollars lighter – thus far. embarrassingly enough for me to admit. THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT KEPT ME FROM doing this in the first place… I traded the least expensive way – for my health. awful decision. I will NEVER get another root canal EVER. and neither should ANYONE else. if the choice of extraction / implant is too costly.
      you can always have the implant done at a later time. please…dont do what I did. Get it removed. if it hadn’t been for that documentary. NO ONE would’ve EVER made the connection. and I’m positive that the outcome would have been a Dyer conclusion.
      I will try to remember and post my recovery findings as they progress.
      here are SOME of my symptoms over the past 10- 12 years. I am 5′ 8" 145 lbs. athletic build. type A.
      panic attacks.
      fainting. 4 or 5 very bad spells. once leaving the dentist office.!
      lack of appetite.
      bad headaches once month.
      sex drive – gone…
      zero motivation.
      depression. constant fatigue.
      arthritic feelings in almost ALL of my joints from my neck to my toes.
      mostly in my left hip. was told by orthopedic surgeon I need a hip replacement.
      numbness in my fingers & toes.
      dizziness- lightheaded – alot.
      basically where it had gotten was a "feeling" that my body was a toxic dump. broken down and riddled with cancer. I was often unsure how I could possibly continue…
      foot note. the oral surgeon had me on ANTIBIOTICS for the past 8 days.
      I feel quite a lot better…
      WHAT DOES THAT SAY…?-!-? exactly.
      stay posted.
      love & peace.

      1. John Buckner says:

        1 week later!
        My body no longer hurts EVERYWHERE! in just 1 WEEK!!!!!
        we really all need to be a voice for this problem. ROOT CANALS ARE NOT OK. I am living proof.
        THE END.

        1. Carol Lloyd says:

          Greensmoothiegirl, I wanted to update yous. I had the root canaled tooth extracted. Because it was part of a bridge I lost the tooth attached so I woke up to 3 missing teeth. The specialist said he could still do the 2 implants and bridge them. So essentially just the cost of another tooth inbetween. I have to go back in 6 weeks for the bone graft, sinus lift and removal of the broken tooth. This whole ordeal has been extremely traumatic as my biggest fear is losing teeth. And I had to be put out. The flipper they made looks good but is impossible to eat with other than drinks. It fits well but food still gets underneath. We have a trip coming up that makes this worse. With a missing eye tooth it’s hard to hide. Men can get away with it but women seem to be judged.
          I’m waiting for the results now from DNA Connections with the root canal tooth. As far as the other 2 teeth in my mouth that have root canals I’m not sure I can give them up yet. I first can’t afford it and second I need to be able to chew and eat and being all molars and only left with 21 teeth in my mouth it will be a slow process. I’m looking for high grade chlorophyll drops that will help with bacteria, but we will see how I feel after this all heals. I’m proud I was able to come this far.

  115. Deborah Moote says:

    My far back bottom left molar has a crown and root canal. The tooth is vertically cracked to the bone and must be extracted. Should I go to my dentist or an oral surgeon? Should I have it prepped for an implant, or just leave it? I really need advice please.

    1. Rose Butler GSG says:

      The best advice would be to find a holistic or biologic dentist near you for their evaluation.

    2. Shruti Kumar says:

      Hi guys . so i got 3rd rct in a tooth front tooth and fell and broke as a child . Now dentist did not find a problem in xray but same rct tooth was hurting and immediately after brushing or listerine it would subside . So i knew something is wrong . Plus two teeth surrounding the rct teeth got cavity . And no other cavity since 10 years .And now dentist says i might need rct in that cavity too . i got scared to death . Here i am trying to get rid of them .. i searched all my health conditons ad found a link . while writing this comment i have chronic knee pain and gerd which developed last year when the rct teeth got bad i assume. H pylori detected in my blood at age 22 . Linked to root canals .neck pain and knee pain are worse Than before . Insulin resistance. pre diabetic. chronic fatigue which is worse now . with so much work i end up in tears at times . I need help guys . I feel so stupid going in for 3rd rct on same tooth . i was not able to find bio dentist in my country and teeth pain needed to be addressed
      . At this point i get head aches neck pains gerd and knee pain alomg with teeth pain . What are my options ? These are my front teeth .

      1. Shruti says:

        I am not crazy as dentists here think I am Linking rct to diseased . I was healthy child. immediately after first rct around age 12, i got chronic throat infection for years . second rct on same tooth . so see rct fails. and i have chronic knee pain in just left leg . h pylori . neck pain since i am around 19-20. and its worse now with new conditions cropping up . and teeth being bad around same time . My head hurts . I want this thing out . please help with dentist or if i can check . Thinking of going to a very good ayurvedic doctor I got to know of , to restore good health . But what do i do with these failed rct teeth . i dont believe i actually got 3 rd re-rct today on same teeth. I was desperate and wanted to protect other teeths which surely had some impact due to failed rct . No other cavities in years 10 to be precise , just two surrounding rct teeth .With good oral hygeine I am not able to place what went wrong other than the failed rct … Plus why adjacent two and no others . And new health issues i never had in this last one year . Where can I find a bio dentist . What is best option to restore teeth post extraction . I am willing to travel a little. I want my health back .

        1. Kiran says:

          Just extract them and get a zirconia implant.

          Bridge is good if you are above 50.

    3. Caro says:

      This happened to me and I had an oral surgeon removed the crown and root canal for me. Due to financial issues I wont get an implant but I will get a bridge. I hope this helps.

    4. Tara says:

      Please go to YouTube and run a search for lectures and interviews by Dr. Thomas Levy. He explains in a number of videos why root canal-treated teeth are toxic and also explains that implants are also problematic in many cases.

      Some argue that implants can be useful if enough time is left after the extraction to allow the bone to heal fully. Unfortunately most implants are done way too early.

      Another issue is that it is difficult for the implants to be fully sterile, so implants can also harbor bacteria and so on (though not to the degree of root-canal-treated teeth, which harbor the bacteria, etc. inside the tubules, which no longer have access to the body’s natural immunity system).

      Anyway, don’t listen to me, listen to Dr. Thomas Levy. You’ll have a much better idea what to do after you watch 10 of his videos.

      1. Badjek says:

        I had a root canal year 2011, and now 2019 it hurts and got infected, idecided for extraction!!! I also had itchy skin prior to the infection specially on my tummy and ankle

    5. Laura says:

      Deborah, I’m in the same boat as you. I have a bottom right molar (second from back) that had a root canal done in 2008. In 2017, it was retreated. I suffered from pain on and off for years with it. The retreatment was horrible and I will never do that again. Now 2 years later, I’m back to having sensitivity and I will have it removed but A) do I go to my normal dentist or the endodontist? and B) do I go for an implant? I am so confused and frustrated…

  116. It definitely needs a big heart to say no to the antibiotics that the doctor has offered, cause the pain after the wisdom tooth removal is humongous. And yeah thanks for sharing your story among us, it definitely help people who are looking for wisdom tooth removal.

  117. Carol Lloyd says:

    Hi Rose, I found the link to order the kit for the bacterial testing. They will send it to Canada. Does anyone have a promo code for it. At $400 USA that works out to over $500 Canadian. Thanks

    1. Rose Butler GSG says:

      That’s great Carol, which company did you find that will ship to Canada?

      1. Carol Lloyd says:

        Rose, I spoke to DNA Connections. They were great!! My chiropractor actually uses them for Lymes disease testing.
        Now I have to go to the dentist who is pulling the root canaled tooth and hoping he will agree to the testing. My daughter is a dental assistant and says all teeth now are disposed of by the dentist and does not give them to patient’s.
        I did find a dentist who uses ozone therapy. But I have a huge fear of dentist’s and it doesn’t make sense to go to 3 different dentists for this. The one who is pulling will do the implants if I get brave enough and come up with the money.
        As a note my daughter told me when they do root canals they use Formaldehyde in the tooth which can’t be good for you.

  118. John Buckner says:

    1 week later!
    My body no longer hurts EVERYWHERE! in just 1 WEEK!!!!!
    we really all need to be a voice for this problem. ROOT CANALS ARE NOT OK. I am living proof.
    THE END.

    1. Minda Johnson says:

      wow!! I am really starting to look into this as a possible cause for many health problems I’ve been having. I’ve had 2 surgeries on root canal tooth and it still hurts and moves around in my head.

    2. Amanda says:

      Thank you, as I am having an old ‘2008’ rct extraction tomorrow and am do feared that it may be a bad decision (meaning years of pain) like the tct has caused me. I was young when I had the rct and was lead to believe that it was the best decision for me, when it fact I had rxtreme pain 6 months after and now 11 yrs since!!

      1. charlotte says:

        how did your extraction go? did you get sedation?i am thinking about getting my root canal with amalgam and a gold crown removed very soon i have told it has been infected although i cannot feel any pain. I really hope it went well for you x

    3. Jeremy Burch says:

      Hey John just curious what you had done to fix your problem? I had a root canal done 20 years ago and want to get it taken care of.

  119. Nora says:

    I had my first root canal in 2004. Iwas just 9 at the time. It started failing 3 years after I did it. I took good care of my oral hygiene but it finally went bad in 2011! Since then I wanted to pull it off but I couldn’t find a dentist who agreed to do so. I still have that tooth & I am suffering from a lot of health issues since 2011. It started with recurring cough & cold issues followed by acid reflux & migranes. Now I am hypothyroidic have symptoms of RA. I’m so confused… Pls help me with advices.

    1. Rose Butler GSG says:

      Nora, Did they say why they would not remove it? Can you find a holistic dentist near you? https://greensmoothiegirl.local/healthymouth/getlist/

    2. Shruti Kumar says:

      Hey . Need to discuss and seek some guodance from you . Have two root canal teeth. Want to get those removed .

      Please WhatsApp on +919893289168.

      1. Rose Butler GSG says:

        Hi Shruti, as we are not medical professionals we cannot diagnose, treat or prescribe for any specific condition. Please refer to a holistic dentist in your area.

        1. Lorena Lara says:

          Holistic dentist in Clovis Ca

  120. Pauline Law Yui Wan says:

    Having watched Root Cause on Netflix (before it was taken off with pressure from the ADA etc) I checked with a dental clinic in my country that had 3D cone x ray facility to find I had 4 of my root canal teeth infected…..I had been having various health issues and decided to have them pulled……to be honest I felt so much better afterwards. I have now just read ‘The Toxic Tooth’ by Robert Kulacz and Thomas E. Levy……again a real eye-opener about the toxicity of root canals and cavitations. Sadly root canal treatment is huge business and the ADA and other Associations will do all they can to discredit anyone whose work establishes the connection between root canal-treated teeth and systemic diseases. BAN ROOT CANALS.

  121. Heather says:

    I can not afford to have my two root canal teeth pulled and implants put in right now. Is there anything you can do to help lessen the effects of the leaking toxins?
    Thank you!!

  122. Emily says:

    Is it safe to have root canal extraction from regular dentist? I am senior citizen and am on Medicaid and live in a small town.

    1. Rose Butler GSG says:

      Hi Emily, of course… you have to do what is best for you and where you live etc!!

  123. Ami says:

    To be honest, I am and was a bit skeptical about the science behind this. From what I’ve heard (and I’ve done extensive research), there is no scientific evidence to link root canals to any illness. However, being the very paranoid person I am, I’m still considering getting my root canal (2nd molar) extracted, but my wisdom teeth are also starting to grow out, pushing against it. I’m thinking of pulling the root canal molar and hopefully having the wisdom tooth replace it, but I was told this may be impossible because my wisdom teeth are growing at an angle into the tooth. I’m thinking perhaps by having the open space from extracting the root canal molar may give the wisdom tooth more room to grow into that space and straighten out, but I have no idea if that would actually work. Also, straightening and moving the wisdom tooth to the empty spot may make that area prone to more infection and cost a ton more, so does anyone have any opinion as to what I should do?

    Also, is there a difference in the end result of having a root canal tooth extracted and having a normal tooth extracted? As in, would the extracted root canal site be more prone to infection, missing nerves, etc? Thanks!

    1. Rose Butler GSG says:

      Hi Ami, all good questions. These would be best answered by a holistic dentist.

    2. Anna Green says:

      Ami, it is best to have your wisdom teeth removed. Mine were pushing against my other teeth and I kerpt on getting gum infections there. So the dentist tooth them out but that was in 1992 but I have never regretted having them extracted. Most people have had their wisdom teeth out because they cause a lot of problems and you can’t do anything with them. They cannot be filled and they make the other teeth hurt.

  124. Anna Green says:

    I have just extracted 2 of my top teeth, both my top premolar and my top canine or eye tooth on the top right hand side of my mouth myself last night after months of pain. Because I could not find any dentist willing to take them out. They were hurting badly but the dentists I saw wanted me to have root canals, which I did not want as I am frightened of the side effects. So I had to extract the teeth myself. I did this by first putting Oralgel(benezane) gel which is a local anesthetic gel you can by over the counter, on my gums to numb them. Then I pulled both teeth out with pilers.
    Yes it hurt when I did it as the gel only numbs the gums not the tooth but I got both of them out tooth and all without leaving any behind. But this is not the first time I have had to do it.

    Last year I had to pull 2 other teeth my 2nd molar on the top left and my other premolar on the top right because a dentist I went to botched the tooth extraction of my first molar on my top right and the pre molar next to it was loose and no one would take it out. And they wouldn’t take out the 2nd molar either. So I had to extract them myself. I now don’t have any biting teeth on my top right hand side so I will probably have to get dentures when my gums heal. But I would rather have false teeth than a root canal which I cannot afford anyway. I won’t have implants because one dentist said I have bone reduction so I think my jaw might be too sensitive for those. So hopefully I will get denture so I will be able to crew hard foods again.

  125. Anna Green says:

    I am in the UK BTW and over here most dentists prefer to save the tooth by doing a Root Canal rather than extract them. But I am very worried about having a RC incase I have an allergic reaction to what they put in it .

    I have 2 white fillings on my 2 bottom molar teeth and have not had any problems but I don’t know if the fillings they put in a RC is the same as that or not. As I said before I had to pull my own 2 teeth myself because no dentist I went to would do it. Also I did not want to pay £1500 for a Root Canal and a crown as it would have been for each tooth, when I did not really want it, and it might not have worked if I had still had the toothache. As RC can fail and the teeth would have to have been taken out anyway.

    I will now have to get dentures because I have no biting teeth on my top right of my jaw. But I don’t want implants because it means having meta screws in your jaw and because my dentists say I have got bone reduction. I think my jaw is too sensitive for implants. So I want to get dentures, but one of my top teeth on the other side of my mouth a premolar on my top left is loose. But I am not sure what to do about it. Because if that has to come out I will have a gap in between my molar and other tooth. So I am hoping to save that tooth if the dentist can.

  126. Shannon Moses says:

    Thanks for this. I had a faulty routine filling put in. My current dentist told me my dentist beforehand (never going back to that one) didn’t clean out the decay well enough before she filled it so there was decay between my molar and the filling for six months. I couldn’t reach it with a tooth brush or floss and didn’t know until it reached rather close to my nerve. If my nerve ends up being too damaged then I will know it’s better to just get it extracted. It’s better than paying for a root canal that I’m not covered for (on disability and can’t work) and have it cause me more problems when I’m in my late 30’s. Kind of sucks because this is my other dentists’ fault and not mine- but I’m glad I found the right information and my new dentist did such a god job informing me of what happened.

  127. Patricia says:

    I have been ill with upper respiratory infections since February of this year [flu, pneumonia, flu again, pleurisy, what we thought was a sinus infection, then maybe a cold or another sinus infection, and now a confirmed (via a camera scope) throat infection, same spot I had a staph infection (not MRSA) at 18 months ago]. The ENT has me on Doxycycline (10 day dose) and Mupirocin. I am scheduled to get my root canal tooth extracted tomorrow. Both the ENT and holistic dentist do not seem concerned. Has anyone had a tooth extracted while being treated at the same time for another infection? I would think you would want your body in tip top shape before doing an extraction, but at the same time I am thinking I am sick possibly from this tooth. The day of surgery will be day 4 of 10 of the antibiotic and then the dentist has me on some homeopathic drops too.

    1. Christine says:

      Hello – just read your comments as I search for answers on my health issues which seem to be related to a root canal! Your description sounds EXACTLY like mine – several months of colds, sinus infections, antibiotics, etc. and the cone beam scan showed the only pocket of infection was right above my root canal’d tooth. So I am curious how was the outcome after you had the teeth removed? Did your sinus and other issues clear up? I would love to hear how you are doing now since our stories are so similar!

  128. Gloria says:

    I was diagnosed with myalgic encephlomylitis (ME) with chronic fatigue and post exertional malaise. I progressed to having serious nutritional malabsorption. This started as fatigue and symptoms piled on over a few years. I was diagnosed with SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth) that left me homebound to the point even taking a shower exhausted me for a day. I was treated with Xifaxan 4 times. I got my first wheelchair in Jan 2016. I got 2 neighboring root canals removed early this year when my dentist said that he no longer felt that root canals were safe and mine were quite old. He had come to the conclusion that many of his patients have autoimmune illnesses and sleep problems due to root canals. I have steadily improved in the last 6 months and no longer need my wheelchair. I have been able to resume many of my normal activities if I rest and anticipate returning to a normal life as I continue to heal. I was amazed! Frankly, I didn’t think there would be any difference at all but opted for the removal because of the age damage to the tooth.

    1. Rose Butler GSG says:

      Gloria, that is truly an amazing recovery story. It is so wonderful to hear stories like this that give many people hope. We need more dentists like yours to realize the damage root canals can cause and treat their patients accordingly. Thanks for sharing your story!!

    2. Julie says:

      That is so encouraging, thankyou! I had 3 root canals removed yesterday & 13 amalgam fillings removed earlier. I am hoping I will notice improvement in energy and autoimmune problems.

  129. KD says:

    Did a 3d CBCT scan turned out had a fractured root canal tooth on my first molar and had infected radicular cyst underneath it and abcess infection which extended up until my wisdom had the root canal tooth extracted and a cyst removed.. unfortunately couldn’t do ozone as there wasn’t surgeon who would ozone treatment in my state.. the surgeon said we should keep it under observation for 3 to 6 months to monitor the healing process… as he said in some cases it could relapse and the remaining 2 molars would need root canal or in major cases it needs to be extracted…. but in my case he said there is 90% chance it won’t happen….
    1) i would like to ask are there natural and effective ways heal and my up my oral health and to cure dental abcess…ive heard that tea tree oil and colloidal silver are good but not so sure…
    2)any specific oral care routine i should follow?
    3)i would be needing braces and would like to avoid any dental implants because of my condition …can braces be used to pull the 2 back molars forward? so that i would’nt need implants?..but if not possible bonded bridge is my best option is it safe?
    would like to have your opinion…

    1. Rose Butler GSG says:

      Hi KD, you have some very valid questions that would need to be addressed by a dentist. We recommend you follow up with a holistic dentist to help guide you. If you don’t have one in your area, perhaps you can find one that will be bale to work with you remotely via skype etc.

  130. Joseph says:

    I recently got 3 root-canaled teeth removed. When the dentist showed them to me after, I was appalled. How could I have let those decayed and infected things live in my mouth for so long? I had to have a sinus lift and bone graft put in. I had a great dentist do the work for me in Mexico. She even used ceramic implants which are more biocompatible.

    My question is that after the procedure, I have been getting night sweats and chills, waking up sweating. Is this normal? She said that this was my body was detoxing itself. I just want to make sure that this isn’t a result of new infection.


    1. Rose Butler GSG says:

      Hi Joseph, we can’t advise you about your specific, complex health problems as we are not practitioners, so that isn’t ethical, and of course we have no access to the complex interplay of factors that comprise your health history. Those symptoms can be from a detox reaction but of course, an infection is not out of the question. You would need to check with your dentist or health care professional for further evaluation. Best of luck and so glad that you were able to remove those decaying root canals.

    2. Stacey says:

      Hi random question i need my root canal pulled out! Is it the same as having a tooth taken and do all the screws and crap they put in with it come out or do they have to be screwed out separate after the tooth?

      1. Rose Butler GSG says:

        Hi Stacey, I would check with your dentist to explain the exact procedure to you. I hope you can find a holistic dentist in your area to take are of removing that root canal for you.

  131. Manoj Kumar says:

    I had a root canal about 10 years ago. They also created two gaps in the tooth for placing a dental cap. I did not use any dental cap though. What happened after that root canal was a disaster for my life. Suddenly I found people are going away from me for bad breath coming out of my mouth. For last 10 years I suffered loss of my confidence and honor as well as other health issues. Everything was due to the root canal tooth. So, I have the root canaled tooth removed recently. After that, I am now fine with no bad breath problems and also having a better health. So, guys, just remove those root canal teeth and do not do root canal anymore. It always fails.

  132. Stephanie says:

    Hello all. I had a failed root canal tooth extracted on August 7 2019; after five years of declining health and every symptom you can think of. After having the root canal done, I was sick for five years until I decided to have the tooth extracted last month… The procedure was utterly horrible, as the holistic dentist didn’t prescribe anything for the pain but two weeks later and I felt GREAT! I no longer had the crushing weight-of-the-world exhaustion I was used to having… that is until I took two days worth of antibiotics an infectious disease doctor prescribed for me. The dentist sent my extracted tooth to the lab to be tested for bacteria – I had a large amount of “serratia marescens” bacteria, the bacteria that causes meningitis – and was told I needed to be on some heavy antibiotics. The antibiotics made me feel horrible and I was told to stop them. This was two weeks ago and now I’m right back to feeling exhausted and sick again. I broke down today and I hope finding this post will help me; I just feel like I was certain this was what was making me sick and after it was removed, I felt like the old me!! To have that and now it’s gone again, well, I’m struggling keeping my hopes up… Anyone experience something similar? What should or can I do?! I wish you all the best of health and happiness! Thank you for reading this.

    1. Sylwia says:

      Hi, I’m now in a similar situation. I got rid of my root canal tooth and waiting for improvement. I have inflammation in my body which isn’t located. I hope the tooth was the source since doctors suspect lupus. I advise you to visit an immunologists to have tests done because your symptoms may be caused with some of autoimmune disease.

  133. michelle says:

    Thank you for confirming my concerns of having an infected root canal. I also have been suffering with a raging rash with blisters on my torso and back area…then a blister on my gums near the infected tooth.

    Dentists all tell you root canals are sure way to preserve your teeth, but that is a non truth.

    Now I am the victim of loosing two teeth due to a failed root canal that lasted less than four years. Yes it is depressing. and a lesson learned the hard way.

    When you really think about it…how can a dead tooth with no blood supply fight off infection…it can’t!

  134. Rita says:

    I don’t know if you remember me but I had a root canal done in October of 2018, and was having health issues. Last Wednesday, September 5, 2019 had old root canal tooth removed and bone graft had to be put in for my jaw not to sink. Anyway went to a biological dentist and had procedure done. I will say as far as I can tell the itching has stopped through out my body, I do feel a little more like my old self, I am sleeping longer at night. Now this is just since Wednesday and today is Sunday. I go back to the dentist on Wednesday to have a check-up and to get info on blood that was drawn while they were doing procedure. I am still taking Tylenol, on ice pack and 5 day antibiotics. My question us about bone grats and success rates and what to expect. Believe me I do not want to face any surprises. Hey give me some feedback back. Thanks

    1. Rose Butler GSG says:

      Hi Rita, we would recommend asking your dentist, preferably a holistic dentist, about the success rate of a bone graft and what to expect. Everyone is different and they would be the experts to answer your question based on your dental history.

  135. Leslie says:

    I’m in Denver.. who is your dentist? I have recurring stomach infections and had learned earlier root canals could be the root cause. I’m currently looking for a bio dentist.

  136. Frank r says:

    Was wondering if anyone here had digestive issues after having a root canal done? A week after having a tooth done with 4 canals and being on antibiotics I had horrible digestive issues including ecoli and sibo

  137. Amy says:

    I have had progressively worse digestive issues since a root canal retreat 3 years ago. Were you tested for sibo? I suspect I have it after rounds of antibiotics for the tooth over the years.

  138. Z.S. says:

    Where can I send my root canal molar to have them tested and what is the cost?

  139. Laura BC says:

    My Endodontist told me that I have a cracked tooth (#19) which is the source of my tooth pain when chewing. He told me that I needed a Root Canal and subsequently a crown over that tooth to ‘fix’ the problem. Prior to my visit, I had already watched the documentary "Root Cause" on Netflix (I was lucky to see it before the powers-that-be took it down). I’ve also done some of my own research regarding Root Canals, how they can fail and their connection to all types of medical problems. I have always been a ‘preventative’ medicine type of gal and would rather do things to promote my health and whenever possible avoid potentially harmful procedures. With all this said, I’ve decided to just have this tooth extracted but I’m not CLEAR on what to do after that!
    I know it’s not ideal to leave the space in my mouth – so what’s the better, healthier choice? — to get a Bridge or Implant done? Can an implant also have toxic bacteria implications?
    I’m in the process of trying to find a reputable Biological Dentist to get their ‘second opinion’ to what my Endodontist said. Any thoughts would be helpful 🙂
    As a side note, I have Tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and have noticed that it’s gotten louder on the same side of my mouth where my cracked, inflamed tooth is. This is another reason that I don’t want to get a root canal — in fear of harmful bacterial causing more inflammation and maybe affecting my Tinnitus.
    Thanks GSG! Your website and information is just great!

  140. Lisa Landy says:

    I am wondering if removing the root canals in a tooth are the same as just extracting that tooth.

  141. Janine says:

    I had two root canal teeth removed at the end of September and ten amalgams (big ones) replaced with ceramic over the last several months as well. I have had a history of sinus, hypothyroidism and four years ago was diagnosed with late stage lung cancer. My biological dentist believes all of these issues have been caused by my dental health. The root canal teeth were both infected around the roots according to the oral surgeon and one had been in my mouth for around six years and the other twenty? My question is how long after removal of the root canals and the amalgams will my body feel the benefits? I guess more accurately how long does it take to rid the body of those horrible toxins? I have turned my life upside down to heal from the cancer and have made so many positive changes. I think I should have addressed the dental earlier but there are so many areas of your health that you need to address when dealing with a cancer diagnosis that it’s not possible to address everything at one time. And I prefer natural to conventional (surgery wasn’t an option for the cancer and I said no to chemotherapy and radiation). I did do a targeted drug for a year and a half along with several natural treatments but after that have been utilizing natural treatments to deal with the cancer. My body definitely prefers them. With the detoxing I do ongoing for the cancer and now the detoxing from the dental toxins I’d love to hear more about when people noticed a real difference in how they felt. Thank you.

  142. Trisha Pender says:

    I have had a troublesome tooth for over a year now. It has been filled a couple of times but to no avail. Two weeks ago my dentist performed the first part of a route canal treatment. Then I got a massive abscess on my gum above the tooth. When I went back he obviously couldn’t work on it so he prescribed an antibiotic which I took and the abscess cleared up. I went back yesterday and had the nasty tooth extracted. However. I developed an itch while on the antibiotic. I actually thought it was a reaction to amoxicillin but I’ve never been sentitive to amoxicillin before. The itch was around my groin and bottom, under my arms, forearms and legs. No rash. The tooth is gone 24 hours now. No pain yet and fingers crossed, no dry socket.

  143. Billie says:

    Hi there! So I’m really thinking that my root canal has caused enough damage to affect my digestive system. As I write this I can’t bite down in my root canal tooth that was re-done 8 months ago after 30 years. I’m going for blood work and other tests to rule out other infections like HPylori but I’m pretty sure my gastritis like symptoms, depression, fatigue, nausea, headaches, stomach pain, gas, severe bloating and loss of appetite could be linked.

  144. Sylwia says:

    I had my root canal done 8 years ago.two months ago the tooth chipped so I decided to have a ceramic tooth crown. So I visited my dentist and he started preparing the tooth to do so . After a week I got a fever of 40 degrees Celsius, rash and joint pains. The doctors suspected Still disease and now lupus. I’m a wreck of a human, because of the stress. rheumatologist gave me steroids and immuno suppressive medications. Then I met an immunologists who asked me about any roots canals. So I visited the best dentist in my town who listened to me carefully and did me a MRI scan of my teeth. He noticed some artefact next to the root and decided to remove the tooth. So we did 7days ago. Together with my rheumatologists we decided to quit the medications and now I am waiting for my body’s reaction. I’m holding my breath waiting for a miracle to happen.Without steroids my CRP was raising showing inflammation in my body. Has anyone here had similar problems? Oh, and I developed Hashimoto disease few years ago, so I must have some immune disorders. What is more, it seems I wasn’t feeling ok since that tooth done. I became weaker, no energy and my blood tests were showing some inflammation occasionally. I’m going to do blood tests in three days.

    1. Sylwia says:

      Hello, anyone?

  145. Monica says:

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  146. You have to visit a crisis dental specialist when there is an emergency. While you are confronting a physical issue to your teeth you have to visit a crisis dental specialist in Chermside and not smother it taking agony executioners. From the start you can visit your family doctor and afterward cause a meeting with a dental specialist to go further to take care of the issue. This is significant as a dental center is outfitted with trend setting innovation explicitly intended to deal with oral wounds. Specialists will ensure that you no further experience any sort of agony. For example, if your youngster is encountering horrifying teeth torment, it gets inescapable to hold up until the morning to visit a specialist. Crisis dental specialists investigate the issue with need and take care of the issue.

  147. Robin says:

    I had a root canal I think about 8 to 10 years ago. Had I known then what I know now I would have had the tooth pulled. At the time, I had no issues with the procedure and suffered no ill effects. Having learned about the bacteria that could build up, I am leaning toward getting it checked out now. I still have four mercury-based fillings that I am trying to get replaced (had five but ended up having to get one of the teeth pulled). I have had nothing but problems with my teeth since I had those amalgam fillings put in in college (I am now in my 60s) – extreme sensitivity and periodontal disease, which I am convinced is associated with the fillings. So, time to get the root canal tooth looked at too! And then do a metal detox.

  148. Lwood says:

    Is this why I ‘all of a sudden’ developed Sinus issues at the age of 55 (never before had any) after a Root Canal?

    1. lwood says:

      Forgot to add, this has been going on for 10 years now …

    2. In my opinion. I would say it’s a definite possibility. Reason being around age 23 I started experiencing excruciating headaches. I thought it was part of life, just getting older. Age 28 I get a dental implant on my molar. I knew I had a cavity. Didn’t know it was rotting and probably had tons of bacteria. The implant changed my life. It was as if a dark fog lifted from my mind. No more head aches. Your teeth are so incredibly important to your overall health. I went six years with bacteria in my tooth, who knows how many years that shaved off my life. So to answer your question, just get your root canal teeth replaced with implants. You may find that was the problem.

  149. Kiran says:

    I had my 7 months rct extracted today. Tooth #19. Doctor gave me ozone oil and homeopathy medicines for faster healing.

    1. Julie says:

      may I ask which homeopathics?

  150. Mel says:

    Wow!! I also had the rash a few weeks ago that was told it was pityrisais rosea. The doctor asked if I had been sick recently which I hadn’t. This week I found out my old root canal is infected. Never would have known there was a connection. You’re the first place to indicate the relationship. Thank you

  151. Olivia says:

    My husband had his root canal extracted a week ago and the smell is horrible. Has this happened to anyone else and what did u do about it?

    1. Lee says:

      I had my root canal removed 9/3 . It was not bothering me after almost 30 years, but wanted it out. I’ve noticed more of an odor, but not really that bad. It’s the bacteria in the mouth creating the bad breath, and the fact that we can’t clean where the tooth was extracted. Ask your husband to brush his tongue about 3x’s a day. He can also get some chlorhexidine gluconate 0.12% oral rinse from doc. Or, at least ask the doc to get it for him – it’s by prescription – rinse 3X’s/day little – just let it roll around in the mouth, and let it fall out of the mouth – don’t actually use any force to spit to keep the site undisturbed. My doctor used ozone to clean the area where the tooth was extracted, and put PRP (protein-rich plasma/my own) in to build up the bone ridge before an implant – 4 months down the road. I hope your husband had that done. However, I’m in pain in the my entire lower jaw and upper. I have bad neck pain, too. Of course I was freaked out in the chair as the whole procedure was horrible. Appears my teeth are really tight and gums healthy. That’s good, but it was bear getting that thing out. I thought it would never end! After looking at photos of removed root canals, I had only one root with a little black on the end of it, but nothing like the photos I saw. I go in tomorrow for another check (my 2nd). I sure hope I feel better soon. It’s 2 weeks tomorrow, and still feel badly. Sometimes I get sick when I’m under stress, but the pain is another thing. Head hurts, too. Glad it is the only one I had. Your husband should still brush as good as he can (gently) everywhere else in his mouth, but not close to the extraction. He should still use dental floss on the other teeth and then brush again. I use a dental pick (you know the thing with the little pointed rubber thing on the end?). I put it between the teeth near the gumline – giving it a little rotation (on the inside and outside of the teeth) – and this helps with circulation in the gums. Then I brush again. Hope this helps! Best to you and your husband.

      1. Mindy says:

        I am considering having this done and just read your comment. Since your follow-up, is the head and neck pain a normal part of the recovery process? I have 3 that will be removed, more than likely all at once. I am working with a biodentist and I know he plans to use the ozone, but not sure of the plasma.

        1. Gayle Swanson says:

          I just had 3 root canals removed yesterday…it wasn’t horrible, and I have 3 flippers to replace the teeth immediately. I was treated with ozone after….the teeth were very discolored, and she had to scrape the bone to remove the diseased areas…..I have had so many crazy symptoms that Dr.’s couldn’t diagnose, then I started researching and reading about root canals. I feel better today than I have for quite a while…less body pain…back, and knee…..If you have this done go to a Bio dentist…not a wholistic…..good luck, Gayle

      2. Donna P. says:

        Thank you for your post. Wondering how you are doing now?

        I have one that is over 30 years that needs to come out soon.

      3. Nancy says:

        I hear you!!! I’m having the very same issue with a pulled root canal tooth!!! The root canal should never have been done last year this time! It failed…that tooth has been under severe traumas throughout 51 years. I wish I would have done research on this last fall…I should have just had the tooth pulled back then, and I would have saved over $3,000! I’m now paying on that root canal and bridge for nothing (nothing to show for it because it all has been ripped out)! I don’t know if I’ll ever be right. It’s going on 10 days. I was given a powerful antibiotic because I can’t take any penicillin products. I’ve now developed the side effect of diarrhea. Such a lousy experience, I can’t tell you!!!

        1. cindy says:

          you need probiotics for and least 10 days
          there are capsules/drinks and yogurt
          if the diarrhea continues, it may have to be treated
          really important

    2. krt says:

      I have found that holistic essential lavender oil, therapeutic only, can be put on a q-tip and be used to clean the site. It reduced my gum inflammation and helps in healing too. It is concentrated, so not a lot, taste not great, but it works.

    3. Veronica says:

      I’ve had constant discomfort, not pain, but a constant feeling of pressure on my root canaled tooth from 2 years ago. I went to the dentist, they did xray and said root canal is fine. I have no answers as to why I feel this. I’ve called several oral surgeons and they’ve all said they won’t pull out my tooth unless there’s something wrong with it. It’s really frustrating, I just want the tooth out. I’ve been feeling a lot of things on that side of my face, itchy inside of ear, pressure on cheekbone and congestion, which I never had before but doctor says it’s unrelated. I truly feel that root canal has something to do with all this.

      1. Laura says:

        Please look up Dr. Kelly Blodgett. He specializes in removing root canals and will answer all your questions through his website.

      2. Andrea says:

        I had the same experience as you. Look for a biological dentist and ask for a CT bone scan….that’s how I found out my canal was failing. Had the tooth removed and feel so much better.

      3. Marcela Ortiz says:

        I totally understand your frustration, I’ve through the same freaking experience, sorry but those doctors just don’t understand that they have to LISTEN to the patient and if you want it removed they should just do it. I finally found a dentist that will remove mine but she still told me yesterday to give it 2nd thought before our next appointment I had several painful months to think about it. I have the same symptoms as you plus now I get the sensation that I have needles in that place. I follow Dr Leedia on insta, she’s amazing and look for Blodgettdentalcare as well, if I lived in the USA I would had reach them long time ago. I hope you get rid of that tooth soon

    4. Doug says:

      Oh my gosh yes! I had a crown fall off of a healthy tooth last year and it was horrible! The smell was just like dead rats! I am looking for an holistic dentist to extract two root canaled teeth now. I have an unexplained condition where my heart races for no apparent reason. All pathology tests have came back normal. Do you know of any in NC, or even SC or VA would be fine. I need to fix this.

  152. Mark says:

    I have a question. Are the people removing the root canal-ed tooth getting an implant? Ceramic or titanium? I have one root canal and my dentist wants to remove it. She does both titanium and ceramic. I am leaning toward the ceramic as other dental work I have had has worked better when ceramic. Thank You,

  153. Nancy says:

    I had a root canal and bridge put on my right back molars last October/November. Because of the Covid issue, I was not able to go to my April, 2020 cleaning appointment and did so September 21st. At the cleaning appointment, the hygienist discovered that the gum was quite puffy around that area, so she x-rayed it. It showed that the root canal had failed, and either one of the roots or the total tooth had to be removed. Well, I had the tooth removed (and the bridge had to be cut off). The extraction was fine, but ever since 10/5/2020 (when this was done), I’ve been battling with severe pain. The antibiotics he prescribed have made things more difficult as I now have developed diarrhea. Looking at the area makes me sick. It is definitely not healing very fast, and the white bone is exposed. That is where most of the pain has evolved. I was so angry with this dentist because the tooth he pulled has been under a lot of trauma in 51 years. I’m approaching 70–had a lot of dental work done in those 51 years. I believe the root canal should never have been done because of this, but I didn’t do my research last year when I should have! He’s fixing everything for free, so I highly doubt he will send me to a specialist as I would end up footing that bill, too. I wasted over $2,000 or more with this being done for nothing!! The bottom line here is to NEVER, EVER HAVE A ROOT CANAL, NO MATTER WHAT!!! I have bridge work and veneers on my top teeth (and 3 root canals up there). It’s just a matter of time before those fail!! I’m beginning to disrespect dentists! The one I saw is a prosthetic dentist with 45 years of experience!! Go figure!

    1. cindy says:

      the white should not be there. you need to go back in
      or see another oral surgeon. you need probiotics for the
      diarrhea capsules drink or yogurt for at least 10 days
      you can do it at least twice a day

    2. Marcela Ortiz says:

      Check Dr leedia on Instagram, she is amazing!!! And she does virtual consultations in case it’s not near your area. I hope you feel better soon

  154. Janie says:

    I had a root canal 7 1/2 years ago, but I would not have ever agreed to it, had I known what I know now. Recently, it began to hurt when I put pressure on it by chewing. Since the soonest dental appointment was a month away, I wanted to prevent it from becoming a dental emergency in the meantime, so I started oil pulling 2x day, and now it only hurts if I bit on it hard. My appointment is on Monday. Since I’ve learned about the dangers of root canalled teeth to the body, especially immune system, I’m thinking I would like to have it extracted now, regardless. I’ve also read that common x-rays in dental offices often miss the more mildly infected root canals, and I’m wondering, how should I respond if the dentist tells me that the tooth is fine, and I don’t need it pulled?

    1. Janie says:

      So I guess I’ll reply to my own comment, to update. The dentist, to whom it was my first visit, offered to extract the infected root canalled tooth on the spot. I was surprised, but I agreed. First they did an x-ray, and there was no missing the decayed spot. It was right there under the root. They offered the apicoectomy procedure as an alternative, but I chose the extraction.
      I was very happy with the result–at least at first. After the procedure, I had a feeling like things were going on in there (good things). It did not smell (verified by another person). It was sore for 3 days, but this is normal, and now I just have to go easy on the area. Happily, my IBS-D cleared up overnight, and has for the most part stayed in remission. My maintenance insomnia did go away too, initially, and I found myself waking up at a healthy time, feeling rested; however, it seems to have returned since 3 days ago. I’ve been feeling my heart pounding a bit at night, and my resting heart rate has gone up, without doing anything else differently. (Of course, I don’t know for sure whether it’s related to the tooth, but I think it makes the most sense to look there first.)
      Since I had been in pain, I took the soonest available dental appointment, but since doing more reading, I believe it’s better to go to a holistic dentist. It seems people tend to develop cavitations if the area is not thoroughly cleaned and the periodontal ligament removed. I’m planning on getting a holistic dentist to take a look as soon as possible.

    2. Lynn says:

      They said mine didn’t need to be pulled, just needed a new crown. I insisted that it get pulled. He said ok as long as I got a referral from my primary dentist which she understood how I felt.

  155. David Walker says:

    It’s good to learn that rampant infection and decay could be a sign that you need a root canal procedure. My wife is wanting to improve her dental health and she was wondering what she should know if she needs a root canal. I’ll be sure to tell her that she should get a root canal if she notices her teeth decaying.

  156. krt says:

    I am getting root canal and extraction, is the article still relevant if tooth is extracted? I am getting an implant.

    I was wondering how long the swelling takes to go away after procedure, and the pain in an upper molar, near the sinus??????? Anyone please….

  157. Jewel Sowell says:

    This article is spot on. I went to Dr. Yolanda Cintron, Awesome Florida Dentist. Check out the website about root canals.

  158. Diana Baxter says:

    Hi, I just had 2 bottom root canaled teeth extracted a week ago. they were 44 years old. they had already been through two sets of crowns when the decay, I mean disgusting decay, was discovered. I had no taste or pain

    About a year ago I started to have strange rashes. then sudden allergies to shellfish. My knees, my elbows, my sacral joint was throbbing and stinging. now for the past 25-30 years I’ve had all sorts of mysterious symptoms but nothing comes back from the doctor’s reports.
    When I had the crown taken off back in February 2021, she said the teeth have to go. okay, shocking.
    They put a temporary crown on until I could get to the periodontist on one of the teeth.
    That seems to have opened up Pandora’s box. My strange pains and muscle fatigue was out of control. I knew it was the bacteria from tooth amping up.
    The periodontist extracted both on Monday. They came out in pieces. the pain, has been off the charts even with the meds. they did bone grafts for collagen prepping them for implants down the road. they want everything to heal for the next 5 to 6 months and I’m on strong antibiotics.
    I’m not one to take antibiotics but I have no choice since the infection was really bad. I also am taking probiotics to counterbalance.
    it is unbelievable what bad decaying root canals can do to your immune system.
    I’m on the road to recovery but it won’t be quick. I work with nutritionists and I’m going to start with ion foot baths and a detox. by the way, when the dentist took a picture of what the tooth look like it was filled with Mercury! 45 year old poison. both teeth.
    my body believe it or not, it feels lighter.
    when I was reading your post about the rashes, it just clicked!! thanks so much!

    1. RC says:

      How do you know that all the immune responses were from your tooth? Are you just guessing or is that what the dentist said? I’m just curious and thinking about having one extracted.

    2. Cindy says:

      This is so interesting to read! I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease 3 years ago, I had a root canal almost 4 years ago. Most of the time gradually since then I was fatigued, didn’t sleep well, rashes, strange reactions to food, all over body pain, uncomfortable neck, shoulders, back, feet, hand joints swellIing, tight chests on and off etc.. the list has been endless! .I had an abcessed gum recently and went to the was the upper root canal tooth, it got pulled and strangely enough most of my above symtoms have disappeared! I too feel lighter!

  159. Jolene says:

    Hi Robyn,
    How long did it take you to get better after the extraction of your root canals?
    Also, would you recommend something in particular to detoxify?
    Thank you for sharing your story.

    1. jo says:

      Charcol Pills after the extraction. Absorbs the toxins released from the removal

  160. Lisa Perrin says:

    Every root canal I’ve ever had has since been extracted. Going in today for another one.
    I hate having all these holes. Guess it’s one step closer to dentures.
    I have severe dentist anxiety. Due to the fact that I dont like being treated like a hillbilly redneck. If there was another way, I would choose it. And the $$$ spent, of course.
    Man, I wish we were born with a little shark DNA.

    1. Beth says:

      Why did you have them all removed?

  161. Beth says:

    I am freaking out. I am a major dental phobic person and just hearing the words, "your root canal tooth #19 is old, infected and needs extracted", had me balling in the oral surgeons office.

    I am terrified. he said this was going to be a "very bad" extraction…WTH? What should I do in preparation?

    I’m crying my eyes out…

  162. Vanessa says:

    thank God! for the information , I’ve been in pain for 5 months, and been diagnosed with a infected tooth, where the dentist telling, me nothing’s wrong.. I need a extraction. because pain pills, is not helping…Thanks people for you helpful comments..

  163. Tara Poirier says:

    Careful Picking a Dentist !??
    As Long as He Cares More For Your TEETH Than He Cares About MONEY Is the Answer !
    Some Dentist Will Tell You That You Need a ROOT CANAL
    And You Really Don’t !! Or You Need a CROWN !?? And You Really Don’t ???!! Or They Have to Pull This Tooth ???
    Think About it Long Ago They Tried to Save Your Teeth There was No Such Thing as Root Canal or Crown. They Would Either Give You a Very Large Filling or if the Tooth Had Hardly Any Root Left From Decay They Would Pull it !!!
    Very Sad !!!

  164. Lisa says:

    How much does it cost approximately to have a failed root canal tooth removed by a holistic biological dentist? Do most dental insurances cover some of the cost?

  165. Ally says:

    I had a root canal 4 years ago, the procedure was never right from the start in my opinion. I always had facial and neck/head pain and my sinuses would play up, the tooth turned black, however I went back a few times only to be told they can’t see an infection on the xray that is until recently. I had an abcess, fever, vomiting and severe tooth pain, facial and neck pain sure enough it was that tooth. I’ll never have a root canal again, it was 4 years from hell, now I feel so much better and all the pain in those areas left once the tooth was out 🙂

  166. Laura says:

    Home from having 2 side by side root canal teeth extracted. 1 was super old and the other just done last year!!!
    Should of listened to my instincts and never had it root canaled. Ever again
    Definitely was experiencing immune issues including eczema ( horrible) and I was never an eczema sufferer and all sorts of other misc stuff including sinus pressure, ear ache, headache on that side etc starting in January off and on. Then on and off pain in tooth
    My regular dentist has outdated x-ray equipment. Went to oral surgeon ( who I went to previously for a separate extraction ( not a root canal tooth) he’s not a biological oral surgeon but awesome. Took full scan of teeth and what do you know? Full blown infection in one ( which means it’s been there for YEARS! And the other was just starting and he said was definitely on the road to deteriorating. I clearly saw it on x-ray Whole process took 15 minutes!! Home recovering
    SO happy that’s done. Yes 1st day or 2 not fun but stay ahead of pain all should be good!

  167. Jill says:

    This is long but I hope it helps someone. Had an injury to my bottom front tooth 12 years ago and had a root canal. Dentist said he was going to put in a post just in case I needed a crown down the road but right now it was fine as it was. The tooth has been fine all these years, not even much sensitivity and only slight color change. I go to dentist every six months like clockwork for xrays and cleaning and no infection ever showed up. As a matter of fact I was just there two months ago and everything was ‘fine’.

    Well two weeks ago I had another injury to the that area, (ugh only me) both injuries were from other people’s carelessness, just wrong place wrong time :-), it hurt, but the tooth still looked fine. I see an oral surgeon the next morning because I’m in pain, he tells me that there is a hairline fracture you couldn’t even see with the eye running down the center of the tooth and a ‘pocket of infection’ at its base. I would have to take a week of AmoxClav to get rid of the infection, then come back and he would clean it out and do a second root canal.

    For the last ten years I have had so many medical issues come up HBP, sinus infections so bad they wanted to do surgery, cellulitis in one eye/side of my face which required a week in hospital where they ran a zillion tests even on my brain, infectious disease doctor, Eye Dr, Nuro etc. but no one even mentioned the possibility of teeth, they found nothing, it resolved with heavy duty IV antibiotics so I never had an official diagnoses

    As well, my ANA has been through the roof, yet again rheumatologist ran test for lupus, Lyme disease, arthritis etc. took xrays of my swollen joints and all come back negative, imaging doesn’t even show fluid around my joints so why the heck are they so swollen. They wanted to put me on arthritis medication even though it came back negative just to see if it would help my swollen joints and full body joint pain. I refused, why would I take medication for arthritis when the test showed I didn’t have arthritis it didn’t make any sense to me.

    I decided to change my diet after spending thousands of dollars seeing a holistic doctor and getting vitamin drips and a zillion Supplements just to get some energy. Then I had a heart problem, T-wave on EKG, ischemia, scary stuff! I didn’t eat any carbs hoping that would help with the inflammation and I ended up becoming vegan because wellness Dr thought it might be meat and dairy causing my systemic inflammation. My hands were so swollen that a surgeon wanted to remove an old ucl anchor I had years ago with the thought I was having an allergic reaction to it.

    That lead me to the allergist where I find I’m allergic to so many foods, some medications as well as adhesive, latex, sulphur, and so severely allergic to metal that the Dr said she had to stop the test early because it was literally melting my skin away and she said she had never seen that for thirty years in practice. So now I am concerned that I should have all metal removed from my body and I’m thinking about this post. The dentists said, don’t be crazy, its titanium, most people aren’t allergic to that. What they don’t tell you is that all metal, even titanium, has trace amounts of other metals, Its just the science of nature you can’t avoid it.

    More testing showed that my creatine level was through the roof, actually it was so high my doctor thought the test was a mistake she said we need to redo it because if you are at that level you would not even be able to walk into my office never mind Drive a car here, turned out second results were the same! She was stunned. My iron level was also through the roof so I had to do blood letting to lower the number. My calcium level was through the roof. They tested both my liver and kidneys, both were low functioning.

    It was insanity, I was healthy, had two children naturally, was a competitive athlete who always worked out, ate healthy, did yoga, pilates, didn’t smoke or drink etc. now I was exhausted walking up the stairs and all my organs were having issues and the joint pain was bad enough that I had just scheduled an appointment to go back to the rheumatologist and go on the agreed medication‘s. Actually my appointment was missed because I was dealing with this tooth last week.

    So I was back home with my antibiotics for two days and going to see the oral surgeon again in ten days to have the infection taken care of, my thought was just get the tooth out of me, he said no it’s better to try to save it because the tooth was small and they may not have an implant small enough, sounded ridiculous to me, I wanted it out.

    Well turned out I didn’t get a choice because within a day, my face turned red and swelled and the pain was so excruciating I ended up in the emergency room. Turned out the fracture (which their xray showed was also in the jaw bone not just tooth) allowed air to get to the festering infection and it spread like wildfire even though I was on high dose Amoxclav. This infection was there for years eating away at my jawbone! They diagnosed cellulitis of the face as the red, painful infection was spreading from my eyes down my neck, I was having difficulty swallowing and ot felt like the skin on my chin was going to burst open it was so swollen. IV Demerol, Dilaudid, and Percocet did nothing to touch the pain. They immediately put me on IV antibiotics and we awaited the blood work to ensure I wasn’t sepsis so they could determine surgery plan. Thank goodness I was not yet sepsis so they did emergency surgery to remove the tooth and clean out the infection. It was strep infection.

    5 days in the hospital on antibiotics and the cellulitis went away, minimal pain in tooth area. I will now have to wait three months for a zirconia implant and getting a temp today.

    I have been home just a week and my joint pain is MINOR, actually only in two fingers! My creatine level is NORMAL as is my iron and calcium levels! I have more energy than I have in ten years and I’m still recovering. My back doesn’t hurt, I can walk down the stairs in the morning with no pain in my feet!

    I don’t know what the future with show as far as my organs, ANA and other issues but I’m hopeful this was the answer to my problems.. I do hope they will heal and will post a follow up here when I am retested in December. I do know that I will never get a root canal again and nor will my family members. I will also never have any metal in my body again. Wishing you all health and healing!

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