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What Happened When My Root-Canal Teeth Were Pulled

Robyn Openshaw, MSW - Aug 23, 2018 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

When I had my two root canal teeth extracted by my biological dentist, I paid a few hundred dollars for an analysis of what bacteria were found in these “dead” teeth. I just got my results back from the lab in Colorado.

Weighing a Root Canal VS Extraction

In this article:


My Root Canal Failed

My holistic dentist had told me BOTH my root-canal teeth he pulled were failing. Since then, I’ve talked to half a dozen other dentists and people who have extensive experience with root canals, and why root canals fail.

Dental Damage from Earlier Years

You would think that, with all the good health habits I have, I would have better luck than that. I confess to being more than a little disappointed that a bone graft and so much dental work would be required, notwithstanding my earlier years of eating lots of candy, ice cream, and diet soda.

All Root Canals Fail Years Later

But did you know that the EXPECTED time that a root canal lasts is a max of 10 years? That’s right—endodontists KNOW that their procedure has a very limited life. My brother Dave was in an ATV accident 10 years ago, where his teeth planted in the steering wheel and killed ten of them. He had root canals on all, and guess what.

Yep, they’re all failing.

Signs of Root Canal Infection

Signs of Root Canal Infection | What Happened When My Root-Canal Teeth Were Pulled | Root Canal vs Extraction

Not that those pleomorphic organisms trapped in an anaerobic environment, in a dead organ, are really contained during that 10 years anyway. They’re not! “Failing” just means that there are visible, discernible signs of rampant infection and decay. (Obviously, it didn’t get that way overnight!)

Failed Root Canal Symptoms

In my case, the signs were mild tooth sensitivity and a blister on the gums covering the tooth. A raging, itchy rash on my trunk and arms that came and went for 2.5 months, until I realized it was related to my teeth.

What Happens to the Root Canaled Tooth?

Have you ever thought about the fact that the tooth is an organ? The biological dentist knows this. It is part of an interconnected meridian in the body. When it dies—or is injured and we kill it dead with a root canal and leave it there—we are truly fossilizing a dead organism in our living mouth. And we think this won’t cause problems!

Bacteria Found in the Samples

Bacteria Found in the Samples | What Happened When My Root-Canal Teeth Were Pulled | Root Canal vs Extraction

So, my sample came back saying that 10 bacteria were detected in the tooth sample. None of them were in the “active” concentration, where the microorganism is alive and well and not being effectively attacked by my immune system.

But two were in the “bright” concentration, which means “heavy concentration of the microorganism.”

They were:

Different Bacteria in the Body

I’m not panicking about this. Fact is, everybody has candida (a parasitic fungi like yeast), everybody has cancer, most people probably have strep and even MRSA micro-organisms too. Everybody has many yeasts, molds, fungi, viruses, bacteria, and the toxic waste byproducts of those critters, in our blood and gut and organs.

Believe it or not, candida can actually have valid functions in the human body. In proportion, in tiny amounts in a teeming, healthy ecosystem, it’s not a problem.

When Should You Worry About the Bacteria?

The problem is when those baddies get out of hand. When the good guys in the body, like macrophages and healthy microorganisms, are overcome (by antibiotics! GMO-frankenfoods! Sugar feeding yeast and fungus!) and the baddies get out of control.

Killing tissues/organs such as your teeth, then trapping the bacteria in the teeth, deprived of oxygen, makes the baddies become super-psychos. That’s a gross oversimplification, but a google search on those two bacteria reveal that my own two breeds of baddies cause heart attacks, impaired immune response, and infections!


After the Root Canal Tooth Extraction

It’s weird to be missing two teeth. But I’m glad the super-psychos are gone.

The dentist had offered me an antibiotic the day of my surgery since he knows the baddies are now out, and running around. I said no thanks, that I wanted to help my body manage it. And it did. Every time I think of this, I send a gratitude message inward, thanking my body for heroic immune function during a rough patch!

What was the experience like if you’ve ever had a root canal? If you could choose, would you have a root canal or have the tooth extracted? Share your story in the comments section below.

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Editor’s Note – This post was originally published on November 23, 2012, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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  1. Rita Howard says:

    I had a root canal in October if this past year a few months ago and one week after I had it I was back at the dentist asking for antibiotics because something just seemed off in my body. Didn’t know what but it just seemed off. Dentist was out if town so his tech called him and talked with him. She told me at first that they thought that maybe I had or was coming down with the flu and said that was it I today her no I know my body and this was not the flu. The tech called dentist back and he told her to write a script for antibiotics . I also wanted to talk to him or someone about me waking up about three nights after with a nasty taste in my mouth accompanied by some kind of awful liquid. Could not get answers. My blood pressure shot up very high, felt off balanced couldn’t sleep. Then about a week after that I felt a nerve shoti g pain go from one side of my upper left jaw across my forhead to the other side of my head and down the right side of my face. I froze in my tracks and after faher myself went and sat down. Went to urgent Care a young woman saw me who was and student told me about infections in root canal and for me to go back to the dentist and let them know. I began to look for another dentist thought I found one. I still had not had crown placed. He took x-rays and talked to me he and staff
    were very comforting so I let them place the crown because they said they found no infection. A week later I was back because I just didn’t feel so right and this time I had a little pain. They x-rayed and looked very closely and said Rita I think that you are being a little neurodic" I was hurt fustrated and felt like I had been passed over after being kicked to the curb and ran over by a bus. Now I continued to pray and look for HELP. I was on the phone with someone and I told them my story. I wanted them to pray with me that I needed a dentist. That just like tonight going through internet I had come across aholistic dentist and I wanted him to pray with me about this. Right before we prayed he said to me " I believe 100 percent in a holistic/ biological dentist." What a who? I said. "you won’t be disappointed". I tore up the internet looking for one here in Tulsa. Found one. Went to her and she blew my mind with all the information that we have no idea on how or what is happening to our bodies due to our teeth. I will be having her to pull the crown and root canal. I thank God. Another thing is that the office is so so clean, I mean the air is so purified in the office. Just a quick note to ask if all my symptoms will go away once I have this done. I didn’t tell you how I had to during this time pray through feeling that I was having a heart attach, the awful itching, and the sleepless nights. This is real. The root canal drama is no joke. I just want to feel better and be able to sleep at night.. pray for me. Well. That’s it. Hope it helps someone. I will let you know how everything goes. Thanks

    1. Rose Butler GSG says:

      Hi Rita, thank you so much for sharing your story. I am so glad you found a holistic dentist that is listening to you. It is very sad when other practitioners treat you like there is nothing wrong when your body is clearly telling you something IS going on. I am confident you will start to feel better after you deal with your dental issues. Best of luck and prayers to you!!

    2. Kent says:

      I’m in the same boat but maybe a little different waters. I’m 65 and got this my first root canal back when I was 25. Three years ago I needed a new crown on it. How the root area is infected however the oral surgeon is hesitante to pull it because I went through six weeks of radiation 14yrs ago. Until I can get the records as to what kinds of radiation it was I have to live with a abcessed stinky tooth that I hope does not affect other organs in my body. Of all the stories I’ve read yours has brought me the most comfort. Please lift my situation up in prayer. God Bless.

  2. Veronica Styles says:

    Getting my failed root canal pulled changed the game for me. Back in 2006 when I was 19, I got a root canal done on a lower molar on the left side of my mouth from my childhood dentist who was not very kind, very rough handed, and seemingly money hungry. Needless to say, the root canal was done incorrectly as I later found out there was a missed root during the procedure that calcified over time. The gums around the crown never seemed to heal 100% as that area always remained puffy, and my mouth just never felt 100%. As the years went by, the crown began to leak, got infected, got harder to floss around, and wreaked havoc in my body. My breath was always embarassing, the tastes in my mouth were always bad, and I was constantly getting BV, which I didn’t even realize was related to my teeth for the longest time. Most dentists I saw didn’t bother to do anything about the tooth until 2015, when I acquired a new dentist through new insurance. He told me the tooth was badly infected and would need to be pulled and replaced with an implant. He also told me he wouldn’t be able to pull it because the tooth was too close to a nerve, so he referred me to be one of the best oral surgeons out there. The oral surgeon gave me a CT scan where he discovered that not only was root calcified and had been basically infected since I got the root canal, but that the bone was completely gone and had been replaced by a cyst that has also got infected and was causing lots of pain. After a round of antibiotics, I got the root canal tooth pulled. Almost immediately after, I started feeling so much better. No more bad breath, no more BV…I finally felt like I had gotten my old self back. Now that I know what I know, no more root canals ever. I’m more inclined to extractions and implants. Enjoyed your blog post!

    1. Rose Butler GSG says:

      Wow Veronica, thanks for sharing your experience. What an ordeal! Glad you are feeling better.

    2. Susan says:

      I have suffered with severe oral/facial pain in my teeth, gums, tongue and face following a root canal 13 years ago. A month ago, I had the root canal tooth extracted by a biological oral surgeon. It was a success! I have no pain at the extraction site, but I am still experiencing oral pain, ear pain, headaches, body aches and more. I thought once the tooth was pulled and all infection removed, I would feel better. What’s going on? Please help!

      1. Rose Butler GSG says:

        Hi Susan, sometimes nerve damage from the inflammation and infection can take a while to heal. Sometimes weeks or longer. Please see your biologic dentists for further evaluation. However, it may just take time for all that tissue and nerve endings to heal.

        1. Susan says:

          Hi Rose….I will see my integrative medicine physician in May. He did explain that damage was done by the root canal and that was most likely the reason I am still in pain. I thought once the infection was removed, I would feel better. I am so ready to get my life back!

  3. Dave says:

    So my issue is this. One month ago I had a root canal done on tooth number 18 today I went to the dentist to put on a permanent crown on that tooth they put it on temporarily and then they took an x-ray then they came back in the office and told me that they would not cement the crown in because the tooth is still decayed and it has to be pulled how can that happen in 1 month of time that tooth was worked on constantly 4 hours and x-ray two or three times I’m so disappointed

  4. Shannon says:

    Do you get implants on the root canal teeth? I’ve had a RC for about 10 years and dentist said he sees a vertical
    crack and I need it pulled. I’m fresking out.

    1. Rose Butler GSG says:

      Hi Shannon, yes most people get zirconium or titanium implants.

  5. Amy Swanson says:

    I just had 3 old root canal teeth pulled by a regular oral surgeon. I also found out they all had abscesses above the root. I have another old root canal the dentist wants to redo, but now I’m ready to have that pulled. I think I need to find a biological dentist that can help me, but I’m having a hard time. I’m feeling really sick and depressed. Not sure what the next step is, but I need to get my health back! Can you please help me?

    1. Rose Butler GSG says:

      Hi Amy, having to deal with dental issues can be very overwhelming! However, it sounds like you are on the right track moving forward to address these issues. Here is a source from the article above that may help you find that holistic dentist. . You can also dig deeper for answers in Robyn’s Healthy Mouth Masterclass. Also, detoxing is an excellent way to begin to narrow down the virus and pathogens that cause toxic buildup in our fat cells and organ tissues and also to help eliminate heavy metals. Here is a link to Robyn’s FREE Detox Mini Video Masterclass. Hope some of these tips help!

      1. Kent says:

        Rose, you have been through a lot and sounds like you’ve done your homework. Basically what is the difference between a good caring oral surgeon and a biological dentist. Is it all about approching things holistic verses typical or standardized dentistry?

    2. Julia says:

      Hi Amy,
      I went through all that, desperately trying to find biological dentist with no success. Fortunately, my dentist was smart and flexible enough to listen to my concerns and he agreed to do a removal following biological protocol I found on the Internet and printed out for him. Everything went smooth and I am on the road to recovery.
      Don’t despair, you made the right decision to get the teeth pulled. Root canals are evil. You will feel better once they are out.
      All the best to you!

  6. Pearl says:

    I had a root canal done about 10 years ago. Terrible decision! I asked my dentist to remove it but he insisted on root canal so I gave in. I had problems with that thing and so many x-rays, trips to the dentist to get it cleaned. I finally got it pulled out and my new dentist said it was infected. I really regret listening to my previous dentist but I feel better now. I kept getting sinus infections, throat infections, acne on that side of the root canal. I am glad it’s out now.

    1. Jacob says:

      If you believe that your health belongs to a doctor’s hands :))) Just tell the dentist what you want and no discussion. Do not discuss with them You two live on a different pkanet. You only need their tools, hands and anesthesia but not their ideas about which direction to move towards real health!

  7. Anita Gladden says:

    Just came from the dentist and had a root canal/crown pulled that was black underneath and was attacking the jaw bone with infection that showed up last year on X-ray, tooth never showed sign of infection or pain so it wasn’t urgent but the dentist said it could’ve contributed to my fibromyalgia, arthritis and surgeries I’ve had over the years, all this from a rotten root canal crown I paid $1400 for, never again! Maybe now I’ll start to feel Better

  8. Karen says:

    I had a root canal on #31(last tooth, lower right side) by a root canal specialist, Endodontist, on October 17, 2018. This was a tooth that had been heavily filled when I was a teenager and then crowned when I was in my 20’s because a piece of the tooth had broken off. Immediately following the root canal in October, I was in worse pain than before the root canal procedure. So one week later the Endodontist went back in and cleaned out the roots, again, essentially performing the same procedure for a second time…UGH; not fun. Btw, the Endodontist is the loveliest, most patient man and seems quite knowledgeable and capable. After the second procedure, it slowly began to feel better over the course of a week so I went back to Endodontist for the roots to now be filled with whatever material it is that they use to complete the root canal procedure. The next day my tooth was hurting even worse than ever before and I was now having pain in my lower jaw area! So back I went to the Endodontist. He put me on antibiotics in case there was an infection some where beneath the tooth that he could not see and in a few days the pain was significantly lessened. I made it through Thanksgiving with no pain and then the following week, while out to dinner with my husband and friends, I bit into a piece of steak that was a bit too well done and I began having pain under the tooth and into my jaw once again. Another trip to the Endodontist who now suggested that I see an oral surgeon since I was scheduled to be leaving for Christmas in Italy with my family in four weeks from that date. The oral surgeon had spoken with my Endodontist AND my regular dentist and they all agreed that it could be a TMJ situation from all the work that I had done on that tooth and having had my mouth open for an hour each time so he put me on steroids for the jaw and antibiotics, again, just in case there was an infection. It settled down and I left for Italy completely armed with antibiotics and pain killers in case it were to flare up while out of the country; NOT at all a stress-free way to approach a vacation! Luckily, my tooth, jaw, etc. were fine while away, however, I ended up with a sty on my lower right eye lid about two days before we left Italy (this was my first experience with a sty in my 56 years and I’m not completely convinced that it had nothing to do with this root candled tooth!) Since my return from Italy, I have had a few episodes of discomfort in the tooth socket and in the jaw bone just beneath it. I took the oral surgeon’s advice and went back to my regular dentist about a month ago to have the old crown removed and a temporary crown put on the tooth. The oral surgeon suggested that before I invest more money in this tooth, that I live with the temporary crown for at least a couple of months to be certain that the tooth is still viable and not going to need to be extracted. Approximately two weeks later, I began having a bad taste in the back of my throat near and around the tooth and discomfort in the socket of the tooth and again into the jaw bone. Called my Endodontist, once again, who I am sure was NOT happy to hear from me and he recommended that I now go to a TMJ specialist to rule out TMJ….more money!!! Keep in mind that, to date, this tooth has cost me approximately $4,000.00!!!! Instead, I decided to go back to the oral surgeon, yesterday. He examined me, took a Cone Beam CT of the tooth and sees absolutely nothing wrong going on. He pressed down very hard on the tooth when he examined me but the pain that I felt was more severe in the jaw bone right under the tooth than it was in the tooth itself so he feels that it could be the muscles along the jaw line which would possibly indicate TMJ from possible tooth grinding (he checked the occlusion; the bite, and it was fine). I just find this to be too coincidental that at 56 years old I’m suddenly grinding my teeth or clenching my jaw shortly after a root canal procedure…??? It, also, doesn’t make sense that I would be getting this bad taste around the area of the tooth from clenching my jaw…??? This is a mystery to me and all the doctors I’ve been to, thus far. Meanwhile, I have not been feeling well, physically, off and on, since the original root canal in October and after reading some of the root canal stories, I am wondering if it’s due to possible bacteria in the tooth in question. I have been having extreme joint pain, strange things happening with my eyes, occasional pain deep into my right ear and a tingling sensation up the right side of my head. I am considering having the tooth extracted but since the CT taken yesterday by the Oral Surgeon does not show any visible signs of infection, I’m hesitant on jumping into extraction. I am desperate for relief! I feel like I’m in a holding pattern; very frustrating! Any words of advice?

    1. Susan says:

      Did they take a 3D scan? Images are not as clearly defined on a 2D scan…I know because that is how my dentist could never see my infection (13 years) of severe pain. I would like to recommend the biological oral surgeon that removed my root canal tooth, but sure if this is permitted on this site…or you can email me…

      1. Karen says:

        I had the 3D scan just before the root canal and again this past Tuesday. It is not showing any signs of infection or any glaring problem with the root canal procedure. I was in SO much pain this past Tuesday and Wednesday but after taking ibuprofen Wednesday night and using the heating pad on my face, the pain was lessened by Thursday morning and today feeling even a little better than yesterday. On Wednesday, when I was in much more pain that I am at the present moment, I scheduled the extraction for this coming Tuesday…but now I don’t know what I should do…UGH!!! This is a rollercoaster ride….and not a very enjoyable one. I am leaning toward having the tooth extracted anyway just after reading an article titled The Hidden Dangers of Root Canal. After reading that article and some of the stories on this site, I’m feeling like leaving this compromised tooth in my mouth is risky….and since I’m already feeling all this joint pain, muscle weakness and fatigue, I feel that it may be best to part with this tooth and have an implant put in. How are you feeling physically since the extraction of your root canaled tooth?

        1. Susan says:

          I haven’tv had any pain at the extraction site, but I am still experiencing nerve pain in most of my teeth as well as a burning tongue, facial pain, ear pain headaches, body aches, neuropathy in my feet and no appetite…none of my symptoms have improved so far. It had only been 5 weeks since the extraction. My physician believes there is damage done to my body as a result of the root canal. In fact, things seem worse than before. I won’t see my physician for another 5 weeks…just hanging in there…

          1. Karen says:

            I would go see a Chinese Herbalist who can get you on Chinese Herbs and acupuncture. Your body is probably so out of whack from everything that it’s been through with regard to the root canal and consequent bacteria. The Chinese herbs helped me 25 years ago when I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease. I was on oral antibiotics for 10 weeks and then IV antibiotics for 12 weeks and it did not help at all. I was finally frustrated enough to try the Chinese medicine approach and, no exaggeration, was feeling 80% better in 3 weeks time and 100% better in 6 weeks. Worth every penny! I am planning on going to my Chinese Herbalist about a week post tooth extraction. I feel like my immune system has been on overload and I’m hoping the herbs and acupuncture will do the trick for me once again.

  9. John Do Petrillo says:

    I had a premolar extracted in upper jaw which fractured. It was a root filled tooth from 4 years ago brought on by an abscess I had back then. The tooth had split and fractured well in to root exposing white soft tissue. My dentist and I decided to extract tooth even though I was not in severe pain with tooth. Just hurt a little when biting down. I was told there would be strong risk of infection if I left tooth as was. The extraction took less than 1 minute to extract without problem. Obviously I was very upset and stressed for weeks by what had happened. I was given amoxicillin 500mg 3xper day for a week just as a precaution. As I had taken these in the past did not feel there would be a problem. 5 days in I started to feel very ill nausea diarear ears blocked and very fatigued but also unable to sleep week. I started to get dry mouth and then discovered my tongue was all white and had oral thrush. Taken tons of medicine and still have bad tongue 8 weeks on. ?? Nausea better only because have taken probiotic to get my stomach and guts back on track. Is this the medicine or tooth that has given me this. Have x-ray if any one can help me.

    1. Rose Butler GSG says:

      Hi John, so sorry to hear about your ordeal. Unfortunately, antibiotics can cause havoc on the body including nausea, diarrhea oral thrush, all the symptoms you experienced. A good Naturopath may be able to guide you on how to get rid of the oral thrush and some of your other symptoms. In the meantime, here is a great article Robyn wrote on "What to do after You’ve Taken Antibiotics. Hope this helps guide you.

  10. Susan says:

    I have suffered with severe oral/facial pain in my teeth, gums, tongue and face following a root canal 13 years ago. A month ago, I had the root canal tooth extracted by a biological oral surgeon. It was a success! I have no pain at the extraction site, but I am still experiencing oral pain, ear pain, headaches, body aches and more. I thought once the tooth was pulled and all infection removed, I would feel better. Wgat’s going on? Please help!

  11. Donna Rae says:

    I had a crown put on a lower back molar tooth year ago Jan. 2018. I had gone back to the dentist 6 months later telling them the tooth did not feel right. The went back Jan. 20, 2019 telling them again the tooth didn’t feel right. Both times they X-rayed and said nothing was wrong with the crown. February 2, 2019 the tooth as well two other teeth on that side were all hurting, upper back teeth above it too, as well as my tongue was beginning to hurt too. So I got in to see an Endodontist on emergency and he discovered there was major inflammation under the crown. He began the first phase of the root canal, injected the tooth with meds and put in a temporary filling. I asked if he was going to give me antibiotics but he said no, that I didn’t need them. 3 days later my lympth node under that tooth began swelling really bad. I called him and he claimed the swelling had nothing to do with the tooth and he stil would not prescribe me antibiotics. I desperately needed antibiotics so I got in to see my ENT and he gave me a 14 day antibiotic. The infection cleared within 12 days…the same day I went in to complete the root canal. To say the least…I found another Endontist that a new dentist I found had recommended. I had actually gone to this new dentist wanting this tooth extracted but he encouraged me to coomplete the root canal and called his Endodontist friend for me. Feb. 20, 2019 I completed the root canal. I was still finishing up the antibiotics from my ENT and along with a precscibed mouthwash from the Endontist…next thing my tongue began turning brown and hurting. It burned like crazy! The mouthwash tire my mouth up! I immediately stopped the antibiotics and refused to take anymore! I’ve put up with a burning sore tongue since the root canal for the past month. I went back to the Endontist and he X-rayed the tooth and claimed nothing was going on with the root canal. The seal shows it going past the the actual root but he said it was of no concern. After I left I immediately called my ENT and got in to see him. He said I have Glossitis of the tongue, which can be caused by a bacterial, fungal or viral infection. I did not start having issues with my tongue until the inflammation from the crown was discovered and it has progressively gotten worse since the root canal. My upper teeth above the root canal even hurt! I want this tooth out of my head!!! I really feel it is the culprit to my declining health.

  12. Cr roberta says:

    My daughters dad just got a root canal then I learned they can cause serious health problems. I shared the information with him. He just paid 300 for the root canal two weeks ago… now we want it pulled but are not sure how much more it will cost. Anyone know how much to pull a tooth that was just root canaled?

    1. Rose Butler GSG says:

      Hi, I would recommend calling your local dentist and asking how much they charge. That will get you the best estimate.

    2. Jo Goff says:

      Extraction price for root-canaled teeth varies considerably across the world. Also, keep in mind that a root-canal extraction is different than a regular extraction, and it must be done right to avoid future problems (for instance, the periodontal ligament must be removed, the bone scraped, and the area has to be cleaned out very well). I live in northern California where everything is impossibly expensive, but I will give you an example of the prices I have paid (with help from a friend) to my biological dentist.

      In June of 2017, I paid $1,307 for the removal of #3. This coming Friday, April 12th (2019), I am paying $2,372 for the exact same procedure (for #5), with the same dentist. In both cases he also uses a procedure where he takes a couple of vials of your blood, extracts the platelets, and injects them into the extraction site (rather than a bone graft).

      Bone-grafts or equivalents are essential if you aim to get implants when the bone fills in. In my case, I will need five ceramic implants: #3, #5, #18, #20, and #29. The latter three are currently hidden under my lower bridges, but I have braces on right now so we cannot get to them until next year at the soonest.

      Just be sure that you see a biological dentist for that extraction. I have also been researching medical tourism: Mexico specifically. In Mexico, you can get work done at 40-70% less than in the United States. They also have biological dentists there. My challenge is determining who is the most skilled and trustworthy, because I do not personally know anyone who has done this, and I need a ton of complicated work done.

  13. Jo Goff says:

    Hi Robyn,

    Can you please direct me regarding where to have my extracted root-canaled teeth tested. I am in California but I need to know where to send them (there will be four over the course of the coming year) and about how much it will cost per tooth. I am having the first one removed this coming Friday. It is also the oldest and most symptomatic so I want to be certain it is tested properly so I can best discern how to heal from the nightmare I have been living for so long.

    Thank you,


  14. Llinda says:

    Can root canal teeth cause fibromyalgia and neuoropathy?

    1. Carolina says:

      I’m not sure about fibromyalgia but I was paralyzed after a root canal 2 years ago and to this day I still have neuropathy, my hands and feet go numb as well as other areas of my body. Having the tooth removed this week, and we’ll see if that helps me heal faster

      1. Jo Goff says:

        Hi Carolina,

        I would love to hear back regarding how/if/when your health improves. I am having my oldest of four out this week (Friday) as well. Which tooth number are you having pulled this week? I am having #5 out this week, but #18, 20, and 29 will have to wait until next year.



        1. Carolina says:

          Hi Jo, I’m having #2 pulled today actually in a couple of hours, im so nervous but I know this is necessary. My dentist did recommend supplements after the extraction, lots of vitamin c, selenium, turmeric, etc. He recommended a vitamin c iv infusion but they couldn’t schedule me on time. Anyways he did ozone injections yesterday and will do one more today. This is to prevent bacteria from spreading I guess. I will update on the whole process once is over. Is always helpful to know what is like for everyone.
          Let me know how yours goes, I’m hoping everything works out.

          1. Rose Butler GSG says:

            Carolina, thanks for sharing!

  15. Carolina says:

    I has a root canal on Nov 2017. Everything was fine until the end of Dec, i had a cold and a bad sinus infection. Then I started feeling numbness and tingling in my feet and hands, weakness, etc. When I could barely walk I went to the er, thinking it was a pinched nerve. The diagnosed me with GBS, an autoimmune response that attacks my own nerves due to an infection. Needless to say I’m lucky to be walking again, but I’m having the root canal tooth pulled next week, because now I’m having a lot of palpitations and dizziness, I’m hoping this brings my health back just as it was before the root canal mistake.

  16. Jo Goff says:

    Btw, does anyone know how we can get updates regarding new posts to this particular thread on root canals? Thus far, I have to keep this window/tab open on my desktop computer, refresh daily, and check for new responses – this is not ideal, so I am hoping there is a much more efficient way. Anyone?

    1. Rose Butler GSG says:

      Hi Jo, sadly, I don’t think there is a way to get notifications on this site.

  17. Jo Goff says:

    Hi Rose. Sorry to hear that. Thank you. Do you happen to know where Robyn got her tooth/teeth sent out for testing?

    1. Rose Butler GSG says:

      Hi Jo, let me see if I can find out for you.

  18. Jo Goff says:

    Thanks Rose! 🙂

    1. Rose Butler GSG says:

      Jo, Robyn wanted me to share this article with you. and also to give you this link to find a biologic dentist near you. She said that MOST of the dentists will be able to do the testing, but you should call one before engaging him/her to extract and send your tooth in for testing. She would NOT recommend having any tooth extracted by a regular dentist unless they do prep like ozone etc. Hope this helps. If you ever want to dig deeper, Robyn has an amazing Masterclass called Healthy Mouth, Healthy Life. It’s one of the first things I invested in when I started following Robyn.

      1. Jo Goff says:

        Thank you, Rose. I already have an outstanding biological dentist, so I am set there. He is the dentist I see exclusively now, as well as being the only one in my area. I always recommend against having a traditional dentist extract as well.

        I just needed to find out where I can send my root-canaled tooth (and three future teeth), so that I can obtain a pathology report. So far I have not heard back from my biological dentist regarding whether or not he has someone he uses for testing. I am good to go on the "healthy mouth" front. I just need about 50K on virtually no income to fix 14+ years of bad work and extract root canals which have been making me chronically ill for nearly that long.

        It is a rough and expensive road for many of us, which can lead to perpetual hopelessness, despair, and even giving up entirely on living. I am currently doing my best to hang on for a bit longer so that we can see if any of what has been done can be reversed. Fingers crossed. The best I can really hope for at this point is that all of my years of suffering, lost time, lost youth, and lost life will translate to knowledge which may educate and help others. At least I figured these things out sooner than both of my parents did (even though they knew a considerable amount regarding holistic living, healing, and life extension), so that is one positive aspect, despite everything else which has been sacrificed.

        1. Rose Butler GSG says:

          Jo, I am so glad to hear you are working with a holistic dentist and sounds like someone you trust. I wish you the best of health going forward and that you can continue on your healing journey with confidence. Dental issues are one of the most challenging as we can see here with all the comments from folks trying to get help and sharing their stories. Thank you for reaching out and let us know if we can help in any other way.

  19. Jo Goff says:

    p.s. The links are great, too, thank you. Natural antibiotics are especially key. 🙂

  20. Jo Goff says:

    Hi Rose,

    So I heard back for sure from my holistic DDS. He is researching it but has no idea where to send my teeth for pathology. I have Googled and cannot find it. The most important tooth comes out tomorrow, so if you find any dentist or testing facility I can call for a kit (sounds like Robyn used a place in Colorado, via her DDS), please let me know. Thank you.

  21. Jo Goff says:

    p.s. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, so something local is preferred if it exists, but at this point I am Googling for anywhere at all.

  22. Jo Goff says:

    Thus far, I have found the following:

    Oral Pathology Laboratories (out of New York). Gladys was very helpful. They send out kits to the dentist. Testing costs anywhere from 245 to 600 (depending upon complexity). They have a fax number where the dentist sends over his or her info in order to obtain the kits.

    If a kit is not already in hand at the time of extraction, the tooth may be placed in a bottle of alcohol (counter-intuitive, I know) to preserve it until the kit arrives.

    We are also trying to get in touch with UCSF for a local option.

  23. Jo Goff says:


    I wanted to be sure to post the answer (to my own question) in this thread so that anyone searching in the future may more readily find the information.

    I have located the best solution (as of 15 April 2019) for extracted tooth testing, and any patient, doctor, or dentist may use this resource.

    The company is called DNA Connexions (located in Colorado), and there are two ordering options available: one, the patient may order a single kit, which is $400 and tests for 88 different aerobic and anaerobic bacteria; two, the dentist or doctor may order bulk kits (6, 12, 24, or 36), which likely knocks the cost of the test down considerably (of course it would be amazing if this savings could be passed down to the patient, but the practitioner would need to see what the testing demand is first – perhaps the demand will be higher if patients know that this test exists).

    If there is no kit on hand at the time of extraction, the tooth (or teeth) must be placed in a tube and stored in the freezer until a kit is procured, at which point you transfer the tooth into the kit as per the instructions from DNA Connexions.

    I have linked the website here below. There are several oral panels which may be ordered but the "extracted tooth sample" is the one you are after in the case of root-canaled teeth. If you click on that one, it will give you all of the information.

    I hope this information will be helpful to those who manage to stumble upon it. Be sure to share your stories and experiences here if you can, as it will greatly help others while struggling through the often frustrating path to figuring out some of the more challenging "roots" of chronic illness symptoms.

  24. Jo Goff says:

    p.s. I DO NOT recommend using the Oral Pathology Lab (out of New York), as their recommended protocol for placing the sample in alcohol is absolutely incorrect. Do not ever place a tissue sample in alcohol (I was right about it being counter-intuitive), as this will destroy much (if not all) of the bacteria you are aiming to test for.

  25. Marie Gilbert says:

    Today I saw my dentist, who is fairly new to me – 18 months. I had one dentist all my life until his retirement (I’m 60). This new dentist has performed a couple of fillings during those 18 months. The very first tooth he filled (a back upper molar) has been hurting with any pressure from chewing, so much so that I only chew on the opposite side now. The dentist xrayed it today & said I had an infection & need a root canal. Never having experience with root canals, I asked what caused this & he said trauma. From what – the filling? I did not say that, but wish now I had.
    A foremost concern is I have severe psoriasis & rheumatoid arthritis & have to take biologic injections & have been on many Dmards. Nothing, even a simple scratch, takes forever to heal. I am scared that a root canal would turn into a nightmare. Would an extraction & bridge ( no implants plz) be a safer option? Advice & comments much appreciated!

    1. Rose Butler GSG says:

      Hi Marie, we would recommend a second opinion especially with a holistic dentist in your area. Sounds like the extraction may be the best viable option based on your medical history.

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