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If You Want to Get Well and Be Truly Healthy, You Need to Know This

Robyn Openshaw - Dec 04, 2023 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

The Truth About Getting Healthy Blog Post

From age 28 to 32, I lost my health. I had 21 different diagnosed chronic illnesses. Now, I’m about to turn 57, and I’ve stayed well for over a quarter-century.

What did I do to accomplish this?

The allopathic medical system has brainwashed you to keep looking for health in a pill or a procedure.

The truth is:

The human body is miraculous. When you give it the right conditions and nutrition, it heals itself.

So, there’s hope beyond the mainstream approaches. If you want to know how to heal your body naturally, you can.

In this article:

You Don’t Have to Develop Health Problems As You Age

Aren’t people supposed to develop more and more health problems the older they get?

We’ve come to think of this as normal and inevitable.

I had a tennis teammate, Gloria, who would NOT divulge her age. She has a beautiful little body that any 30-year-old would love to have, she eats right, and she’s never been overweight.

But her daughter also played with us and is 52. That puts Gloria well into her 70s, and I’m telling you, she is an excellent tennis player, ran as fast as we did, and doesn’t have joint problems!

Nutrition Is A Gradual Process

My #1 challenge in coaching people to better health is getting them to understand that healing takes time.

It won’t happen overnight; it’s a process. You got unwell over time, and it will take time to heal – luckily, the body WANTS to get well and knows how. It just needs some help.

How To Heal Your Body Naturally: The Truth About Change

Changing anything in your life is rarely easy.

If you want to eat healthier or heal from symptoms and disease, you might be dealing with unhealthy habits, an unhealthy environment, people in your life who don’t support you, and other challenges.

Some people don’t want to do any work to be healthy; they just know they “should.”

Shifting from unhealthy to healthy eating in one day will seem drastic. You won’t be used to it, and you’ll probably try to do too many things. You’ll miss your old food, and feel like you’re making a sacrifice.

This approach will be tough. And if you’re struggling with something difficult, you’re probably not going to last long. That’s just the way humans work.

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Personal behavior change takes place in defined states over time, according to a leading theory called the Transtheoretical Model of Change.1

This model specifies five stages of readiness:

  • Pre-contemplation: being uninterested, unaware, or unwilling to make a change
  • Contemplation: considering a change
  • Preparation: deciding and preparing to make a change
  • Action: definitive action
  • and Maintenance: attempts to maintain the behavior over time

Most people will recycle through the stages of change several times before the change becomes fully established.1 Also, relapses are understood to be part of the process.

Overall, this means lasting change requires a gradual progression of small steps toward a goal. This approach won’t overwhelm you, it’s not abrupt, and you won’t feel like sacrificing.

To succeed in making change, you’ll need a commitment of time and effort, persistence, positive thoughts, and a strong support system.

[If you need support, try my Insiders Health Coaching for $1, for a limited time. I’ll answer your questions and support you along your health journey.]

My Healing Story: True Healing Takes Time!

I want you to know how gradual my health changes were. Because I don’t want you to be discouraged if you like how you feel eating whole foods, but every problem didn’t disappear overnight.

I was diagnosed with 20/20 (“perfect”) vision when I was 40 – that was the last degenerative condition to completely resolve. (I wore glasses when I was 20.)

That and insomnia, which resolved when I started taking amazing fulvic acid in the form of GreenSmoothieGirl’s Ultimate Minerals. I love the minerals, the chelating ability, the detoxifying ability, and the overall power of that high-quality product.

My eyesight was completely restored after 12 years of an increasingly whole-food, plant-based diet. I’m one of the few people my age I know who doesn’t need to use “readers.”

All the other problems disappeared much faster than that – some were virtually overnight. Quick to disappear: hypoglycemia, eczema, migraines, TIA’s (mini-strokes), circulation problems (cold hands and feet). (Seasonal allergies took a year or two, and happened when I started eating raw local honey.)

I completely gave up artificial sweeteners and caffeine. The weight disappeared when I quit eating sugar every day–and never, on an empty stomach. I eat processed sugar only rarely now, and I don’t miss it, or the blood sugar crashes!

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I quit getting sick when I stopped eating sugar every day and started eating probiotic (cultured) foods. And stopped taking pharmaceutical products.

My energy returned, more and more – what I ended up with is something I wouldn’t have had the vision to even hope for.

I have tons of energy, every day, from early till late.

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Now that I’m in my late 50s, I have no diagnoses, medications, or symptoms. I want this for you, too!

Healing Fully Takes Commitment

Let me say this, and it’s important: I’m a big fan of green smoothies for easily increasing your nutrition intake, but green smoothies aren’t all I did. I would have been healthier, but I went further, because my first child was desperately ill, too–and I was willing to do whatever it took.

If you’re not feeling your best and still experiencing health challenges, I invite you to take more steps!

In short, a world of abundance awaits. Your tastes change. You’ll love and enjoy food AFTER your transition even more than you do now! I eat more food now, at 145 lbs., than I did when I weighed 205!

Take more steps towards being truly healthy with me. Life is better over here.

If you don’t have them regularly already, a quart of green smoothie daily is a staple you can do daily for the rest of your life. Start there.

Yes, it does take time to learn how to heal your body naturally and take small steps toward your goal. But, feeling great most of the time and being able to live fully as you age is worth it.

Ready for more?

Start Here: I detoxed in 26 days, and you can, too. Watch my FREE Detox Secrets video class, or join 1,000 new Detoxers in January in our annual 40% off deal for our GreenSmoothieGirl Detox.

Your Next Step After Detoxing: My 12 Steps to Whole Foods free class will outline the 12 steps I took, to better nutrition, gradually.

Think of the Detox as the crash course, and the 12 Steps as the lifestyle program.

Photograph of Robyn Openshaw, founder of Green Smoothie GirlRobyn Openshaw, MSW, is the bestselling author of The Green Smoothies Diet, 12 Steps to Whole Foods, and 2017’s #1 Amazon Bestseller and USA Today Bestseller, Vibe. Learn more about how to make the journey painless, from the nutrient-scarce Standard American Diet, to a whole-foods diet, in her free video masterclass 12 Steps to Whole Foods.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links that help support the GSG mission without costing you extra. I recommend only companies and products that I use myself.

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Zimmerman, G. L., Olsen, C. G., & Bosworth, M. F. (2000). A 'stages of change' approach to helping patients change behavior. American family physician, 61(5), 1409–1416.

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