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Discover the Simple Steps Robyn Took to Recover Her Health with Whole Foods

Her FREE Healing with Whole Foods Video Masterclass Is Open — for 2 Weeks Only!

You Can Do It Too! Easily. Deliciously. Inexpensively.

Is it possible to heal with healthy foods? Yes. Is it easy? Not unless you have guidance. That’s why Robyn wants to help you, and your family.

Do you know Robyn’s story? In 2001, her life was at a standstill. She had 21 disease diagnoses, was 70 pounds overweight, and her son was diagnosed as a “failure to thrive” baby.

In her Free Video Masterclass – which is open now, for 2 weeks only – Robyn will introduce you to the exact steps she took to drop 70 pounds, heal from 21 disease diagnoses, and get her family well.

The transition from any type of Standard American Diet isn’t easy. Robyn read stacks of books, researched for countless hours, and spent so much time in the kitchen. Now, she wants to make it easier, quicker, and cheaper for you …

Robyn is inviting you to join her FREE Healing with Whole Foods Video Masterclass while it’s open — for the next 2 weeks only. Are you in?

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What People Are Saying About Robyn Openshaw…

‘Fantastic nutrition available to everyone’

“Over the years, I have learned a lot of good information about nutrition, but I have never been able to follow through with what I know. So many nutrition gurus make it sound like you need to go to extremes to be healthy, and it’s very difficult to follow these programs and still participate in social events. Robyn insists on good nutrition, but she is not extreme. Robyn makes fantastic nutrition available to everyone, including single/working moms and families with low budgets.” — Katie G.

I Reveal My Detox Secrets in These 4 Short Videos ... Join Now for Instant Free Access!'Pure truth about nutrition'

“Robyn has done all the research on all of the nutrition stuff out there. She has sifted through it leaving pure truth about nutrition. I would have never been able to put all of this information together myself. It truly has changed my life and given me a completely different perspective to what eating a healthy diet truly means.” — Lesli W.

a green smoothie in a wooden bowl with sprinkles of chia seeds and chucks of banana and mango next to spinach leaves and a wooden spoon on a gray slate background from Green Smoothie Girl's "smoothie bowl"'A breath of fresh air'

“I have read so many books and articles on healthy eating and this feels like a breath of fresh air. I love the practical approach. I love that Robyn is sensitive to the time and money constraints that are part of real life.” — Kelleen P.

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