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Outbreak Not What News Sources Reported

Robyn Openshaw, Utah business owner - Mar 27, 2020

Sorry we're closed

Dear Summit County Decision Makers, 

You’ve shut down most of our 7,014 businesses.1

You closed all 200 businesses in beautiful, historic Park City, and most of 7,014 companies registered in the county. 

My friends who own a yoga studio, a medical clinic, a car wash, a ski shop, a mechanic shop, and a restaurant, are all sitting at home, terrified, wondering how they’ll buy food and pay the bills, in the next 5 weeks and beyond.

You, Summit County’s Health Officer Richard Bullough, PhD and council members, will always have the dubious distinction as the people accountable for making Park City a Depression-devastated ghost town.  

Of course, you’re in good company. In fact, hundreds of other counties made foolish decisions that will affect the long-term legacy of their leaders, and the future of business in those counties, as well.

Governors Cuomo of New York2 and Newsom of California3 shut down most commerce and sentenced tens of millions to long-term unemployment and uncertainty, around the same time you did. 

Cuomo is now admitting his 2-month shut down of New York was an overreaction, and a bad idea.4

On Tuesday, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi sent 1.4 billion of the world’s most vulnerable people home for 21 days — their meager sources of income gone — telling them, “Forget what it feels like to leave your homes.”5

And that’s not all: Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti wins the prize on March 26 for sentencing 18.79 million people in the Los Angeles area for the longest quarantine of anyone, worldwide. Two full months of ordered isolation — all due to 650 cases of COVID19 (and no recorded deaths) on that date.6

A great deal of information has come out in the past week that shows that those leaders who destroyed our economy will find themselves on the wrong side of history.7

Your decision will not only be devastating to your political legacy; it is already devastating to thousands of Summit County businesses who have had to close their doors, and thousands of people jobless.

You were an “early adopter” of the quarantine approach to combating this virus; an early adopter in creating mass layoffs and now-defunct businesses.

Let me review some data points, each of which would have been easy to learn before your knee-jerk reaction destroyed many lives for the indefinite future.

1. I was in the Park City Hospital on March 25, the very hour that KSL reported our county had an outbreak the proportions of New York City (per capita)  — and 20 times more infected, per capita, than Salt Lake City.8

Did you contact our two hospitals in the county, to learn that not only were they not full of COVID19 patients–they didn’t actually have any?

Despite the sensational headline, there wasn’t a single patient in the ER. Not in the ER waiting room, and not in the general hospital waiting room, either. Where was the pandemonium, the overcrowded E.R., the huge outbreak? We are a small county, and besides the tiny Heber hospital, there is no other hospital besides Park City.

The eight hospital employees I interacted with during the hour I spent trying to get my simple procedure done (all of them wearing elaborate helmets and face shields) passed me from the lab, to the E.R., to the lab again. With the Red Cross shut down nationwide, I just medically needed to remove some of my iron-rich blood.

I finally left the hospital without the simple treatment I needed (this was actually my second trip there in a week, with the same results, and the same completely empty waiting rooms). I headed to Heber, only to find the ER in Heber — Summit County’s other hospital — also completely empty.

The KSL story about the “outbreak” in Park City being the same, per capita, as New York City, released by KSL, was published, strangely, the same day that KSL also published a story that only 348 cases total have been diagnosed in the entire state of Utah, and that new diagnoses were now decreasing.9

If Summit County, with its completely empty ICU’s and ER’s, had the same per-capita infection rate as New York City — I have to wonder if media reporting in New York City is also inflated.

While it is clear that intensive medicine is not built and staffed for the high point of an outbreak in densely populated cities with a high number of elderly, the media COVID19 media blitz is unprecedented in history, and has taken on epidemic hysteria worse than the virus itself (which seems to be on the decline now, worldwide, with a kill rate of not even 1% of 1% of the estimated 2.2 million dead).10,11 

For this, you destroyed our county’s economy, and likely put thousands of businesses into bankruptcy. You’ve put thousands of people out of work indefinitely.

Two Stories Run On KSL The Same Day

2. China has released its statistics, dramatically downgrading the death rate from its COVID19 outbreak. This study (pending peer review) estimates the death rate of those contracting the virus — in a country where most people smoke, and the air quality is terrible — to be between 0.04 to 0.12.12 This is 33 times lower than the media headlines of up 4 percent that dominated panic-spreading headlines for weeks.

That means the highest death rate the COVID19 virus could have achieved (touted in over 1.5 billion media stories to be extremely deadly) is .12% — and most of that small number of fatalities were people who had already outlived China’s average age.

Here in the U.S., it is simple math that any epidemiologist should know, that the only people being tracked as the outbreak happens are the ones who were tested.13 But as with every pandemic since pandemics have been studied, there are 10 to 20 times more infected people who were never tested. And, every one of them is a survivor. They must be factored into the mortality statistics. 

While China’s outbreak was contained, and data was readily available that the death rate was orders of magnitude lower than the media reported, you, Summit County, sentenced thousands of the businesses you ordered to close into extinction.14 (When you extended the existing 10-day order to May 1 — adding another 5 weeks of unemployment and shutdown.)

When those numbers are estimated and factored in, it is becoming clear that U.S. statistics will be likely two-tenths of one percent, at most. (No more deadly than this year’s flu, which is also 0.02%.)

3A. Emerging evidence shows that COVID19 may not be significantly more communicable than other infectious illnesses, either.15 Data is emerging that up to 80 percent false positives result in some test groups.16

Deborah Birx, MD, global health official, admitted 16 hours ago that the outbreak was orders of magnitude lower than predicted, and that the vast majority of ER’s and ventilators sit unused, all over the world.17

3B. A study from Iceland shows that about 50 percent of positive COVID19 cases have no symptoms, and 50 percent show moderate cold symptoms.18

3C. Washington State, in the week Summit County expanded our quarantine and extended it by 5 weeks, showed that of over 30,000 COVID19 tests, only 7% were positive!19 In fact, Washington State intel shows that the death rate, based on real data, is about 0.3. Again, orders of magnitude lower than news media reports.

4. Both South Korea and China have completed the typical “bell curve” of the outbreak.20 Most days in the last week, both countries have reported 0 new cases. (I work with a manufacturing company in the Wuhan, and they worked straight through the outbreak–so people saying that China shut its economy down, and that’s how they contained their outbreak, are wrong.) This is what the bell curve of the epidemic looks like for China and South Korea, neither of whom shut down their economies, but rather, employed reasonable and rational containment strategies:

Unlike Bullough and council members, who inflicted great harm on my business and many others, South Korea achieved total containment of this virus without destroying the livelihood of millions of people.21 Containment strategies are important, but decisions based on bad data are going to destroy Summit County.

5. In the same week you ordered a death sentence for thousands of Summit County small businesses, the epidemiologist Neil Ferguson, whose projection of 2.2 million dead worldwide from the virus, revised his estimate to less than one-tenth of the original estimate.22

Currently only slightly more than 1 percent of his newly revised 200,000 fatality prediction has taken place worldwide–with most, if not all, countries, on the downside of the bell curve that every virus outbreak follows. It appears that, again, the chaos in terms of human life created by the pandemic may be multiple orders of magnitude smaller than Ferguson predicted and the media and social media spread.

But the actions of short-sighted leaders have put many nations of the world into what looks to be a depression not seen since the 1930’s (again, with the help of the news media). 

6. In Italy, over 99 percent of the fatalities were already ill with other pre-existing conditions. This virus has shown that it has serious consequences for very few people who are even reasonably healthy and below the age of 60. A more rational containment strategy, for this and any future outbreaks of other viruses, would be to quarantine those who are vulnerable and elderly, allowing the vast majority (the healthy) to continue to work, to avoid the economic catastrophe we now find ourselves in. 

South Korea (and even China, mostly) did not see it as a viable option to send their people home, without work and a means to provide food, shelter, medications, and other necessities–like the officials in my county have. Neil Ferguson and others who made foolish false predictions, and created economic chaos with knee-jerk reactions, will inevitably give the economic shutdown credit for the small numbers in the death toll. The evidence, however, suggests otherwise.

There are dozens of excellent containment strategies that have been employed, or could have been employed, that did not destroy our livelihoods.

The information that the virus affects 99% or more elderly and immune-compromised was available in the very early stages of the outbreak.23

7. The Wall Street Journal, one day before Summit County shut down all “non-essential” businesses till May 1, explained the epidemiological evidence that our own Summit County Health Officer Richard C. Bullough, PhD seems to have missed.13 Again, the evidence is deeply flawed, because the fatality statistics are based on only those who have been tested–not the vastly higher number (of 100% survivors) who were not tested. 

Stanford’s Dr. John Ioannidis, MD (professor of medicine, biomedical data science, statistics, epidemiology and population health) said in the Daily Wire that “we are making seismic decisions” based on “utterly unreliable data.”24 The consequences will be profound. They already are, Summit County (and hundreds of others nationwide)–and the highly credentialed Dr. Ioannidis says it’s clear municipal, state, and country leaders are “severely overreacting.”

Unlike Bullough and council members in Summit County, who inflicted great harm on thousands of businesses, South Korea achieved total containment of this virus without destroying the livelihood of millions of people. Containment strategies are important, but knee-jerk reactions based on bad data are going to destroy Summit County.

Summit County Officials (and others all over North America): Please reverse your position and allow the people and businesses to return to work immediately. For every day that our businesses remain closed, many more will be unable to reopen. Many politicians and bureaucrats have made mistakes. But your mistakes have cost families and everyone who lives in Park City dearly, and every day your orders based on false information stand, the worse this gets for all of us in this community.

Utah’s Governor Herbert: Please get involved, be courageous, and please do not allow municipal economic shut-downs in our state based on deeply flawed data and unwarranted media and community hysteria.

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Robyn Openshaw is a 16-time author; Park City, Utah resident; and owner of two companies. 

Special thanks to Caroline Lowman and Dr. Jerry Bailey II in data gathering, fact checking, and editing.


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  1. Linda Hueffed says:

    Good news! Several articles today pointing out that the Scientist Dr Neil Ferguson, Imperial College of London, who originally projected 2.2 million dead in the US from Covid19 has now radically reduced his original estimates for the US and UK. He did this after the Oxford study hit the press challenging the Imperial College Data.

    1. Jeanette says:

      Yes, and he DID this to show how there would be many fewer deaths IF we did take up social isolation in earnest and flattened the curve. The previous higher estimates were what might happen if we DID NOT do that. That is the point–the previous estimates have NOT been changed, because they referred to what would happen if we did NOT socially isolate. This is a crucial fact, and his work has been misrepresented. THe lower figures only pertain IF we take up and continue proper social isolation. SO that IS indeed good news IF we continue to isolate properly, hard and sad as it is.

  2. Linda says:

    These are just your opinions, guesses, hunches and are not supported but the real data that we are in the middle of collecting. I am a nurse and people are dying. Without testing, and tracking, you have no way of knowing the danger, so the only way at this time to prevent the largest number of deaths is to use PPE, test as much as we can, quarantine, and physically stay apart. Your guesses can dangerously cost lives. The government can fix the economics once we control the virus. Do you really want to contribute to increased deaths?

    1. Nora Gomez-Clas says:

      I wished people would stay away from commenting about the subjects they know nothing about. I usually like your smoothies, but these comments are totally outrageous. If the quarantine measures would have been taken sooner we wouldn’t be in the mess we are in. People need to spend less and save more for a rainy day.

      1. Michele says:

        Totally agree.

        Try looking at what happened in Italy.

      2. Lula Berhane says:

        I agree. She sounds irresponsible and misleading.

    2. Liv 4ever says:

      Oh really ? Bail us out with our tax dollars ? 401k funds have already been looted just a few days ago. Covid 19 is indeed a serious problem, but medical martial law is eviscerating what is left of the middle class. According to Dr. Mercola, high heat like a sauna bath will kill covid 19. But msm doesn’t want you to know that.

      1. CatW says:

        Sadly, I think the economics regarding the middle class was part of the plan…

        1. Leona Wellington says:

          Sadly, I totally agree with you.

      2. Jeanette says:

        Most people don’t have a sauna. Likewise, Vitamin C and other immune boosting things can help. But most people don’t have the money or knowledge about those things. I agree that mainstream medicine is sadly restricted. But now we’re in the middle of a terrible crisis. Saunas aren’t going to help the people who are on ventilators and are overwhelming our hospitals. It’s going to get worse. The looting of the 401Ks (mine included) was looted from the casino that is the stock market, which runs our economy, which helps mostly the richest people. If our tax dollars could efficiently and fairly bail out the middle class, and help the poorest, that would be great. But the stimulus will mostly help the corporations and the wealthiest. That’s the sad truth of it.

      3. KJ says:

        I do follow Dr Mercola too. I read his article on high heat may kill viruses.
        I get clients telling me they read about drinking hot lemon juice also kills the virus. If this was true then wouldn’t boiling tap water kill all viruses?
        My point is that there are so many theories out there that who knows what’s correct.

    3. Mandy says:

      Linda, thank you for your work on the front lines, you are appreciated. I just want to respectfully point out that your statement that the government can simply "fix the economics" is incorrect. The government can’t "fix" the economy. That isn’t the way economics works. Even the stimuluses they are now setting in motion will have negative consequences for us and our grandchildren, increasing our national debt by 27%. And the government can’t bring back all the businesses who will close, nor provide for their owners when they are forced to file bankruptcy. It’s a big deal. And the author makes some very valid points.

      1. Jeanette says:

        It’s not so much the national debt. So much has been written about that–the 2008 stimulus is a good example. It’s that the stimulus goes to the corporations and the wealthiest, in the end, and those playing the stock market for disaster profits (again, like 2008). Inequality increased dramatically after 2008. We are in a much worse situation now, and the covid-19 pandemic is global. Totally global. And a lot of people are dying, regardless of what green smoothie person says. Despite its major flaws, the stimulus will help while we do the hard work right now of staying put and riding these weeks out.

      2. TMVA says:

        I agree with the article and Mandy.

    4. Levey says:

      Her post contained numbers and facts and statistics. Then based on these facts she stated her educated opinion. This is what we hope our leadership would do. To assume the government can fix this economic crisis is ignorant. I respect your opinion for the field you are an expert in, but economics is a tricky game. My family owns a restaurant and getting back on our feet again after this is near impossible…there are millions in this same boat. the economic downfall this is going to cause is catastrophic in and of itself. I believe there was a better way to handle this and an economic shutdown was hasty, not well thought out and plain panic. People will always be dying, and you will always have a highly respected and valued job to fill, but this just wasn’t the right answer…

  3. CatW says:

    You are so right! Kudos to you for pointing this out. It is heartbreaking to think of all the small businesses that I am aware of that probably will not be back. It is not just opening their doors again, but so many larger businesses have cut people’s hours and or jobs that people will not have the money for so many small type shops or services. People are going to be focused on getting back on track with their mortgages and car notes etc. They will not be going out to small neighborhood restaurants or shops.

  4. Michele says:

    You’re an idiot

  5. Leona Wellington says:

    There is and was so much verifiable information for protecting yourself against the virus that my jaw has to drop down to the floor when seeing how so many countries are destroying their own economy and their small business owner’s mainstay by shutting down businesses and laying off workers.

  6. Bill says:

    When there is not enough evidence to make a fair assessment, one is forced to make the best decisions possible with what you know at the time.., whether accurate or not. I for one leans on siding with caution. Health always takes first priority in my family. Without it, money or no money really doesn’t matter. Just my opinion.

    1. Jeanette says:

      I agree, Bill. The decisions were made in that spirit. To try to stop this absolute overwhelming of the hospitals that is happening in the cities now and will spread to other sites.

  7. Lula Berhane says:

    I am a health care professionl. I know first hand how devastating this virus can be. Closures and isolation are absolutely necessary to contain the spread. Stay home so health professionals can return to their families safely!!!

  8. Angela says:

    Ouch…I hope you are correct in some of your points, but if you’re not, just wow. I’m thankful to be in a state where the governor is taking this seriously—until we are 100% certain of anything. Your extreme message here has me rethinking following you anymore. Like I said, I’m hopeful you’re right, but until we know for sure, I’d rather be safe than sorry.

    1. Lula Berhane says:

      I agree! I also feel that I will not follow her again!

      1. Eilene says:

        I agree with you. I bought green smoothie books and have been following her after this I am unsubscribing. Stay in the kitchen and out of our health and safety except for providing us with good recipes…. you are taking yourself too seriously as an advocate. You just discredited who and what you are !!!!

    2. Kelly says:

      Right on angela!

  9. Trista says:

    This is such an irresponsibile post filled with narrow minded assumptions and selectively twisted "information". At this point, I don’t trust you at all and will make sure I don’t get any more info from you.

    1. Jennifer Fishburne says:


    2. Diane says:

      Agreed, how utterly irresponsible of her to post this nonsense. I’m done with her. I’m unsubscribing immediately. I cannot trust one thing she says about anything. That includes her products. I’m totally disgusted.

      1. Jeanette says:

        Utterly, utterly irresponsible and I totally agree with the above readers. I too am shocked by the tone and the unreliable sources being used—as if Fox news is trustworthy (yeah, Pizza Gate and Sandy Hook was a fake massacre carried out by actors and the pandemic is a "hoax", etc. ). I will unsubscribe immediately. So done with this.

  10. Miller says:

    I totally stand by you Robyn. The information being given out is not totally true!!! We should be allowed the choice of to work or not. I refuse to be Mali pupated by fear. Strengthen your immune system and march forward!

  11. Jenny Butler says:

    Everyone needs to hear this vitally important information!!

    We are business owners as well.

    Thank you so much Robin, I will pass this on.

  12. Kate says:

    Yeah I agree with Linda and also a nurse. I admitted didn’t read all of your sources, but most of them are from news sources themselves (which are typically biased) and the one PubMed scientific article I saw was not peer reviewed, a key process to removing bias and determining whether studies are actually credible and useful. It literally says do not use this to guide clinical care. Have you not seen videos from MDs and RNs in NYC? Sure, maybe it won’t be as bad since you don’t live in a place with such a dense population. Maybe those ERs are empty because those who are mildly sick are staying home and dealing with it there and because many people are scared to go the ER. The ICUs in Denver are full. A nurse friend in New York who works in the ICU not one person with COVID-19 has left their ICU alive yet.

    We lost the ability to not social distance when our government decided to ignore the seriousness of this illness in February, didn’t use World Health Organization approved tests because they weren’t "american made," and didn’t test anyone’s temperatures who traveled abroad. Korea and China have a hold on the disease because of the strict and severe measures they took. They furiously checked people’s temperatures on the streets, tested a ridiculous amount of people, and isolated those who were ill with others who were ill (not noninfected people in their homes) in hotels and other buildings. The current cure is heading towards worse than Italy.

    This entire post was very unhelpful to stop the spread of skepticism regarding social distancing. It is important to flatten the curve so hospitals aren’t overwhelmed by sick patients all at once and then have to decide whether people’s parents and grandparents (and young people) are "worth" a ventilator.

  13. Jennifer Fishburne says:

    This is the most irresponsible thing you have ever written. So sad.

  14. Jenn-Jenn says:

    We have international and domestic airline pilots in our family, I am a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, and no one in our family has changed anything they are doing. Not even a smidgen of a change. Hysteria is not appropriate unless you just want everyone to be afraid of germs in general altogether. Be smart and improve your immunity to either avoid or fight any type of illness coming your way by means of bacteria, viruses or parasites. It’s the only way. The body is a miraculous thing and when given the right tools and ingredients, it can bring us back to health. Making people scared of their everyday comings and goings doesn’t help anyone’s immunity or encourage people to eat better for their health. Our leaders are going about this all the wrong way, but then there’s no money to be had for any of them if we are told the only options we have are manmade chemical prescriptions, vaccines, or being clean freaks and killing every germ around us while also killing off all the good germs that promote health.

    1. Sophia Corpus says:


  15. MF says:

    "A possible scenario.
    And If they didn’t plan it??
    They will be taking full advantage of it !!
    Carrying less "Old Baggage".
    Read – "The Art of War" Sun Tzu 500 BC).


    SCENE 1 :
    The curtain opens: China becomes ill, enters a "crisis" and paralyzes its trade. The curtain closes.

    The curtain opens: The Chinese currency is devalued. They do not do anything. The curtain closes.

    The curtain opens:: Due to the lack of trade of companies from Europe and the USA that are based in China, their shares fall 40% of their value.

    The curtain opens:: The world is ill, China buys 30% of the shares of companies in Europe and the US at a very low price. The curtain closes.

    SCENE V.
    The curtain opens: China has controlled the disease and owns companies in Europe and the US. And he decides that these companies stay in China and earn $ 20,000 Billions. The curtain closes. How is the play called?


    1. MF says:

      After taking the oath of office, Roosevelt proceeded to deliver his 1,883-word, 20 minute-long inaugural address, best known for his famously pointed reference to "fear itself" in one of its first lines:

      "So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is…fear itself — nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance. In every dark hour of our national life a leadership of frankness and of vigor has met with that understanding and support of the people themselves which is essential to victory. And I am convinced that you will again give that support to leadership in these critical days."

      Addressing himself to the causes of the economic crisis and its moral dimensions, Roosevelt placed blame squarely on the greed and shortsightedness of bankers and businessmen, …

    2. Sophia Corpus says:


  16. Pamela Rasey says:

    I read all your newsletters, like your health message, bought your sauna and more but I feel the information you provide here is somewhat inaccurate and misleading to people. You have sourced information but it’s a select group of info based on the slant of the story you want to tell.

    I will suggest reading and watching some of the realities from European countries that didn’t take the same measures China, S. Korea and others did upfront. See:

    China and S. Korea still had big losses but to "flatten the curve" however as soon as the virus took off, they started catching patients earlier, tracked back and tested who they were in contact with, tested at a MUCH greater rate than we are doing here (even if tests may not have been 100% accurate all the time), they sprayed streets and classrooms, public places, transportation areas and more with disinfectant and forced (at a greater rate) people to stay at home. I just went to the grocery store and people don’t seem the least bit phased while they walk and stand close to one another. No one seems to listen to what’s happening or take it seriously.

    The goal is to not have Utah and other places end up like Italy, Spain, France, New York, etc. The goal is to stop this before it gets to your community and ravishes it by taking lives of people and medical staff. Just as you speak of preventative health with smoothies and things, that’s exactly what this measure is all about – prevention ahead of the curve to flatten it in your area quickly.

    Yes, people have lost jobs, me included right now and it’s difficult. But, without these measures, the losses could be catastrophic. I follow 10-20 news sites daily, watch the number patterns across regions, read about symptoms, treatments, how people are managing and this is not a light one – it’s not the flu, it’s highly contagious, and it can kill people – young and old.

    With great respect…

  17. dee says:

    Thank you for standing up for the truth in light of all the media fear tactics. Communities supporting members is great, the killing of our infrastructure is not. I will support you and am now a fan. I live in a tourist/ski area.

  18. Gretchen says:

    This really disappoints me. Tell this to the healthcare workers in NYC and in Italy who are overwhelmed. Yes, when this is over we will likely see that the death rate isn’t as high as it seems, but that isn’t the point right now. The point is the need to flatten the curve to prevent the health system from overload. Countries that have been able to flatten the curve without shutting down tested widely, isolated people, followed all contacts, take peoples temperatures at entrances to trains, stores, etc., make people wear masks….We have done and still are not doing any of that! I will be much more circumspect about any information coming from Green Smoothie Girl.

  19. Cheryl says:

    You are spot-on Robyn. Thank you for getting the truth out. And please don’t take the comments from the “sheeple” personally – they are all caught up in the mass hysteria perpetrated by govt officials and the media. They will soon see that everything you shared in this article is true. And to the “sheeple”, “have you looked at how many people have died from the flu this season, and every other season for that matter? should we close the country down every flu season? And have you seen how many people die from automobile accidents every year? Should we force the automobile manufacturers to stop making cars? All you need to apply is a little critical thinking and you’ll easily see the truth.

    1. Lori says:

      “Clueless in Utah” You REALLY should educate yourself more with valid statistics and facts. Open your eyes and ears and look and hear what is going on in the USA and the rest of the world. I am no longer
      interested in your products.

    2. Sophia Corpus says:


  20. Diane says:

    I find your misconstruing of facts totally irresponsible. I am unscribing from your emails as I no longer have trust in you.

  21. Ni says:

    Can they really "fix" all of the businesses that will not survive two or more months of shut down? At my house are already in discussion about closing down at least one of our two locations (we have a brick and mortar business) because we will still have to pay rent and associated cost while having no clients, and we have let all of our staff go. Good luck keeping all the little family stores afloat! They may seem insignificant but they contribute a great deal to their local economies. If hand washing and disinfecting was good enough during "flu season" then why is social distancing and disinfecting not good enough anymore? It just seems overblown to have areas that are not really affected to go to those lengths to shut down businesses, and in effect declare the whole world under quarantine, whether you are exposed to the virus or not. Or maybe "they" are hoping to change the economy somehow, and shift it – to what purpose I do not yet know… but I do know that there is a change in the air and we will not be permitted to do business as usual once this is over. Just as 9/11 suddenly made air travel more complicated, this will likely make any kind of physical interaction fraught with suspicion and "danger."

  22. Cynda Grabel says:

    In the news today, March 27:


    The US now has the most recorded coronavirus cases of any country, surpassing Italy, China and other hard-hit nations. At least 82,100 people have been sickened in the US, and global cases have surpassed the 500,000 mark. In New York City, makeshift morgues have been set up outside hospitals for the first time since 9/11 in anticipation of more coronavirus deaths.

    Doctors are learning more about what the coronavirus does to patients, and it’s not good. Lung damage from inflammation caused by the virus could be permanent, even in relatively healthy patients.

    1. Kdee says:

      Thank you Robyn, that’s very brave of you to share some critical thinking and discernment upon the current overreaction and mismanagement, to say the least. I think most people are stuck in panic mode, thus some of the angry and insulting posts. Things will get better. Thank you again and happy to know you.

  23. Kim says:

    Robyn, thank you for posting. I do agree that no one knows what the mortality and morbidity will exactly be for this virus. It seems to effect different communities in different ways. But what I do know with certainty is your information about the Park City ER and ICU is completely inaccurate. The ICU at PC Hospital is small and consequently has been full the last couple of days all with Covid 19 patients. Additional patients needing ICU care or a respirator are being transported to the bigger hospitals in SLC. Unfortunately there have been some very sick people who have come through the PC ER recently with the Covid 19 virus. A couple of the patients I know personally and we have been praying for them as they remain in the hospital currently. I know you seek the truth always so I knew you would value this information. Please contact me if you need more detail.

    1. sc says:

      I certainly hope they are hydrating these patients on a cellular level and giving "High" doses of Vitamins C,D+K2!AND addressing any(and there usually is) underlying conditions!!

  24. Rick says:

    Kudos to you Robyn. You are to be commended for having the courage as a layman to voice your concerns. Every individual needs to understand the basis of virology research if they are going to comprehend what is put out in the media. The fact that opinions contrary to the party line are censored for our "safety" is an implication that the general population is incompetent, i.e. wards of the state. e.g. the use of vitamin C for COVID-19 is being censored in social media as fake news. Just how many people have died from vitamin C overdose? On the flip side, how much revenue would be lost if vitamin C proved to be more effective than any drug on the market (or vaccination for that matter)?

  25. KJ says:

    Thank you for this.
    This is the work of evil trying to kill our economy, our country, our world.
    We will prevail.

  26. Lulu colgrove says:

    You are an imbecile. You are acting very irresponsibly. My neighbor, an ER nurse in Michigan, says her hospital is already overwhelmed by Coronavirus patients. One hospital in Michigan. A pregnant friend had to move out of her house with her 2 sons while her husband, a PA, tests hundreds of people symptomatic for Coronavirus daily. Michigan’s health care system is being overrun by Coronavirus patients.

    Almost 1,000 people died in Italy TODAY. Just today, just one country.

    So, yes, there will be economic fallout. People will lose money, job security is gone for many. But these are things that can be fixed later. Repaired. We cannot fix the death of thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of people.

    1. Jan says:

      And Italy is one of the countries with 5G which if you do your research about 5G you’ll discover that the amount of radiation it produces is harming to humans. Unfortunately, the Italian’s health was already compromised before covid-19. But the media, WHO or CDC won’t reveal that info.

  27. E.L. says:

    So, Summit county in Park City, Utah, is not experiencing COVID-19 cases the way California is. Congrats! I look at new cases in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties, because my beautiful daughter with severe allergies works there. My husband’s 24-year-old employee is hospitalized in LA county with pneumonia, awaiting a COVID-19 test. Our area went from 1 to 28 cases in about a week and a half–and that’s with limited testing. Volunteers here are stretched thin buying food and toilet paper and Clorox wipes for terrified seniors scared to go out. And another group is making masks for our healthcare workers. As I am writing this, the U.S. is over 101,000 cases and 1,581 deaths. Lots of us have "pre-existing" conditions and we’re under 60. Your blog is irresponsible.

  28. Angelika says:

    While everyone is entitled to their own opinion we need to be careful what we put out there as it could have severe consequences. Especially people who have followers and therefore exercise a certain amount of influence should evaluate first before they post. This is a matter of life and death. I believe you have hosted retreats in Switzerland in the past. I’m wondering if you got in touch with your friends in Switzerland to gather more information on what is going on in Italy and now Spain. In Italy, the army had to come with trucks to pick-up dead bodies. Spain is headed that way and unfortunately, if we don’t take this seriously we’ll be on the same trajectory. Even Switzerland who tried to save the economy as much as possible had to enforce more restrictions because the infection rate jumped over 10000. Unfortunately, it seems that this is what needs to be done in order to keep citizens safe. I assumed that you were a person who would opt for saving lives no matter how old people are and not choose business over lives that can be saved. I guess I was wrong. I’m deeply disappointed and frankly shocked. I will unsubscribe and not read any of your information anymore. Yes, these draconian measurements will have horrendous effects on our economy but when this is over we need come together and re-build our economy.

  29. Steve says:

    Sadly, The NWO has arrived!

  30. Miriam Ilgenfritz says:

    I usually enjoy your notes but to be honest, I’m offended by this post. I have a son who is an ER doctor, a sister who is a nurse in Washington State and they are not treating this as the government messing with our economy.
    There are people dying. In Italy- try telling the doctors whose hospitals are at 200% capacity and they must choose who gets to live that this is no big deal.
    I get not everyone is tested and maybe lots of us have it/will get it and never know but the health cares workers who are dealing with real cases need our support. The government, much as I have issues with many of their choices, I think are trying to do the best they can. If my 16 children or my 27 grandchildren or my elderly parents can be spared death, I’ll stay home and try to keep them all home too.

    Let’s be supportive at this time. We can sort it out later .

    1. sc says:

      wow 16! God Bless you

    2. Vicki says:

      You will never be able to sort out an unemployment rate that could reach 20-30% AFTER the jobs have disappeared. i was an ICU nurse for years and watched people die…yes, Every. Single. Week Robyn’s suggestion of isolating the most vulnerable makes sense. You’ve been swayed by the media hype and people need to wake up fast. We’re losing our country and our freedoms.

  31. Ann says:

    A couple years ago I had been reading this was going to happen. Huh? How could conservative sites have known? I do believe the virus exists, but FEAR has run this country for decades. I am a nurse and I KNOW vitamin C can diminish illnesses. China has been using IV vitamin C to combat this virus. I know the doctor that has been involved with this in China. Why will our news media not report this? It is not the virus to “fear”, it is the factions that benefit from the chaos.

  32. Kelly says:

    Hello!!? We are trying to protect our most vulnerable populations. I am so disappointed in this attitude which seems especially prevalent in so called “christians” & conservatives. That is NOT a christ- like attitude. Just imagine some ppl live their whole life wondering how to pay the bills and buy groceries and now they are also the hardest hit by this virus! Small businesses aren’t alone, We will all be effected but life more precious than money. I normally enjoy your articles but come on! Stick to what you know, green smoothies and lay off the politics. Ugh.

    1. Vicki says:

      Is anyone here reading her post in detail?!? She’s painstakingly laid it all out for you. This “crisis” is no more so than any other. People who are screaming “people are dying” are missing the big picture. The numbers are no larger than any other virus that goes around. You’re all being duped. You’re succumbing to the media while they laugh behind your back at your stupidity. The economy is being crushed and your liberties stripped away. People are losing businesses they’ve created over years or decades and won’t ever get back. This is intentional. And don’t ever be fooled… Poverty and despair KILLS. It will kill more people than this virus ever will.

  33. Suzanne says:

    I tried to keep an open mind while reading your comments. I looked at your links and also tried to put myself in your shoes to understand your thoughts and message to us. My conclusions are: When you talk about New York make sure you are identifying the state or the City. They are not the same thing. The state is rolling countryside with people greatly spread out, the city is very high density living. The City is in trouble. You lose all credibility if you say it’s not or when anyone quotes Gov. Cuomo the way your source did. When you talk about the flu death rate of 0.02, that’s already twice what the actual rate is which I’m told is 0.01. Now if this SARS-covid2 is truly 0.12, then it’s either 6x or 12x more deadly than the average flu. Why do you not mention that this is a novel Covid virus? The term ‘novel’ means it’s a ’new’ virus, one that no-one has ever had before, that no-one has built up immunity to, that has no historical data to deal with this virus, that it’s the frontline health professionals that are teaching the world how to deal with it. That countries are reaching out to other countries to help them in their battle. I’ve looked at some models myself and their projections. There are so many hypotheticals built into these models it’s difficult to say one is better than the other. As for their predictability, some overstate as Dr. Birx has mentioned while others woefully have understated projections. They are after all just models. I’m sorry your life has been disrupted, that your friends lives have been too, this not something that anyone could have wished on anyone. The pandemic of 1918, which started on a pig farm in Kansas, is as close as we get to what might be happening. HUG your family, count your blessings and pray that no one has to physically suffer from this virus. You could be a carrier and infect many others without knowing. Infections that have the capacity to kill is something we haven’t had to process before let alone live with for the rest of our lives. I know I’d rather be safe than sorry. I’d also would rather know what’s going on than be surprised. And I’ll pray that your hospital stays as empty as you say it is because renting a refrigeration 18 wheeler to store the dead is going to stay etched in my mind for awhile.

    1. Carolyn says:

      I appreciate you writing this response.

  34. Nunchucks says:

    I can’t believe you are so irresponsible . Consider the sources you are quoting and listen to the experts. It is BECAUSE the economic shutdown is so drastic that you should believe THIS administration would not do it unless they were more afraid of NOT shutting down. You are not a doctor, epidemiologist, or any kind of scientist so we should trust YOUR res search and anecdotal opinions? Not likely.

  35. Well written, thanks… Plenty of good information there for anyone to follow up.

  36. Jeanettte says:

    Such a distortion of the evidence. The ‘wrong side of history’ editorial from the Washington Post wasn’t showing that those who "destroyed the economy" (as if that’s their primary goal) are on the "wrong side of history." It explicitly is saying that if Trump and Co. hadn’t been so bumbling and such denialists, calling the evidence of contagion a "hoax", etc., then this delayed reaction and closing of borders precipitously might have been avoided. It’s precisely the opposite of what you’re saying: they–he–should have acted much more quickly and intelligently to intervene and stave off what now has become the current crisis. No protective gear, no ventilators, no safety nets . . . . and LOTS of hospital deaths right now, overwhelming everything, even if the "percentage" is actually not so huge (we’ll find out more about that down the line in future years). Timing is all, and it’s the timing now that is critical.

    1. Isabelle Chappuis says:

      Thanks for your reasonable post. Looks like you live and read about the real world. I’m so scared when I read posts here of people who don’t have a clue. So sad and scary.

  37. Gale says:

    For all of you who are criticizing her for her investigations, do yourselves a favor and get into your cars and go to your local hospitals and see how full or not the parking lots are. My husband and I went to the VA in El Paso yesterday and there was not a gush of people. We were in the pharmacy area waiting for some meds and there might have been 5 or 6 single or couples in also waiting for meds. In the parking area the lot had plenty of spaces. The hospital attached seemed pretty accessible, not a lot of cars. More like a ghost town.

    1. Suz says:

      So very happy for you that this virus hasn’t come to your city. Don’t underestimate it!

    2. Suz says:

      You should be very happy that this virus hasn’t come to your city. Don’t underestimate it!

    3. Suz says:

      Don’t underestimate it! Don’t think that your town or city is the épicentre of this problem.

    4. Kelly says:

      Hello again!!?? Hospitals are preparing for the influx! Our hospital has emptied out to prepare for the transfers from the metropolitan hospitals that are at capacity! It may not be out of control in your area but that doesn’t mean it won’t be nor does it minimize what other communities are dealing with. I must quit reading these comments, with so many heads in the sand, I’m more concerned than ever!!

    5. Jsnie says:

      Yes, the many hospitals in my city are almost empty, except for employees…..Because No Visitors are Allowed!! (Hence, the ghost town you mentioned).
      Also, what would a virus patient be doing in the drugstore? The doctors are not prescribing drugs for them.

  38. Janie says:

    So disappointing and irresponsible.
    Tell these things to the families in my City who have lost loved ones to the virus.

  39. Pat says:

    Great info full of common sense! Thanks!

  40. Burt Crews says:

    Our government has just tried to buy our votes by destroying our country. The numerous stimulus bills are the government violating your civil and constitutional rights. Now we have been told that the virus is seasonal. So every time the government wants to violate your rights and keep you from gathering or eating out, they simply say the virus is back and you can not go out. Give me the facts and let me decide if I want to risk being sick.

    1. Suz says:

      It’s not about you, it’s about all the people you’ll be infecting and possibly killing. How selfish!

  41. JC says:

    This is irresponsible. You are not a Dr. or scientist and don’t have any idea the severity of this virus and how quickly it is able to spread. How can I unsubscribe?

  42. Joe Harabin says:

    Thank you for your voice of reason and critical thinking. This discussion has become like a Religious Question based on emotion. "You are supporting the death of people. Clearly we can not be too careful" This problem started 150 years go with the doctrine of Fighting microbes in a warlike effort. When will people understand that bacteria and viruses are the scavenger effect of a toxic deficient biome and not the cause? Google these words to see an MD give a brilliant lecture on this point of view: "WATCH THIS M.D. EASILY BLOW THE GLOBAL VI-RUS PANIC WIDE OPEN!!"

    1. Suz says:

      There is no critical thinking here. More biased reporting.

  43. Isabelle Chappuis says:

    I disagree with you deeply. I’m saddened that you, a person of influence with your green smoothie followers, would post such irresponsible encouragement to disregard the scientists’ work and our work trying to pull together to prevent deaths and long term lingering of this deadly virus. Everyone wishes the economy would not get a hit. The leaders who have the heart and responsibility to shut down everything as much as possible are doing us all a favor. Italy now wishes it had done the same, much much sooner, also Spain and France and Iran… my goodness, what are your “sources”??The economy and everything is in the hands of the virus, which we are all trying to fight and eliminate as fast and as drastically as possible so we can get back to a “normal” life. So, let’s turn it around by saying “It’s in OUR hands” to follow strictly what our scientists and reporters are telling us, AND of course our healthcare workers. Let’s do this for the greater good! Just because you, your family and maybe your immediate community isn’t seeing what’s happening doesn’t mean it isn’t true and that it won’t come to you. I’m doing everything I can to stay in and hope as few people as possible will get hit. Please do your part. It saves lives.

  44. Lindy says:

    Wow I know several people in the medical field and you are WAY off base. I’ve always been a fan of yours but how dare you consider the economy over our lives. The economy will bounce back it always does but if you die you certainly can’t. You talk about elderly people as if their Expendable. This virus is real and it not only kills the elderly but young people to. When did money become more important than our lives. I pray for you and your family that you don’t get it.

    1. Sue says:


    2. Kristi Folger says:

      Also agree.

  45. Alan Patten says:

    I live in the UK.It was very obvious early on that there was some other agenda here.I still do not know what that is but it will become clearer as time goes on.

  46. Teresa says:

    Please leave this to WHO to advise. Of course your disappointed about your business. But don’t but weath before human life

  47. Laura says:

    Shame on you, Robyn.
    You and your deniers are part of the PROBLEM, not the solution. All you care about is YOUR money. Are those $$$ worth all the lives that will be lost? Families destroyed? Seriously?
    I’m ashamed of you, and ashamed of myself for ever having believed one word you wrote.
    And I’m unsubscribing from your trash site immediately.

  48. Michelle says:

    Are your products manufactured in China since you work with a manufacturing company there? If so, that is very troubling.

  49. Sue says:

    I’m a little surprised and disappointed by your views also. People are cherry picking their research, articles etc on both sides of this argument I find; here included!!!!
    Even if there are ventilators all over the world not being used, many areas could use those ventilators desperately in areas of terrible covid-19 outbreaks. AND maybe those other areas will need their ventilators soon as this is spreading globally and fast. Therefore, I find this ventilator point you made to be null and void right now.
    Also, your heavy focus on the low death rate stats, is not the point right now. Hospital beds are clogging up big time in many areas (beyond the usual flu rates) with severely ill covids, even if the people aren’t dead yet. AND, you forgot something REALLY important…..the death rate WILL be much higher due to heart attacks, strokes, accidents not being able to get ICU beds. Is that data collected?? in your research?!!! ie: Collateral damage which would jack up your low death rate argument drastically.
    Yes, the economy will be collateral damage in any scenario here but Safety of Life first people!!
    The main point people are missing is to prepare/prevent for what’s coming before your ICU staff and resources are overrun with MASH units, with this highly contagious disease (which is worse than the flu, not as bad as SARS but worse than the flu), so don’t say it’s just like the flu. I know many nurses and doctors who would beg to differ with you.
    Unfortunately, most people don’t take things seriously until it is in their own backyard, that’s why harsher measures get mandated. Sorry to say, but true. People don’t listen. They continue to ignore public health and Science. (Sound like anyone else you know?)The tide is coming your way too.
    Isn’t there enough evidence, with Italy, Spain, China, New York, New Orleans etc, for you to see that many areas that didn’t prepare fast and hard sooner were caught with their pants down. And even younger healthy people are getting hit now. Italy said they are surprised its now 30’s and 40 y.o getting hit. The virus has mutated fast once, maybe it’s mutating again. The goal right now (despite all the stats-and numbers you reference) is to FLATTEN the curve! (yes the virus will run its course and still be the same numbers overall with or without containment) but if we flatten the curve with early adopter measures hospitals won’t be having to make ethically tough pull the plug decisions that they should never have to make. Good luck in California and Florida too where people are acting like it won’t ever happen in their state, they act oblivious, invincible, selfish of others health, and are not even following social distancing; that’s why more restrictions get added, because people are often daft and ignorant. It’s easy to say don’t close this or that but people don’t follow the guidelines enough so it doesn’t work until they are ordered to stay the F home. That’s what I’m seeing in my country.
    I know it will be a disaster for businesses especially if the governments don’t help out but if you don’t contain early your economy will likely end up even worse later anyways. Either way it will be bad but you can save lives. Regardless of who is right here on the economic front, it’s a complex discussion, but the big take away is Flatten The Curve so you don’t end up like Italy where the health care collapses and more people than necessary die regardless of the mortality rate percentage predictions.
    Covid 19 is a serious public health threat, period, no disputing it. Remember that and stay safe.

  50. Shannan Binley says:

    With the experts recommending these things based on essentially a guessing game for now and changing as we gather more information, the president has made decisions in order to try to mitigate the spike in cases…It’s a tough spot to be in and tough calls to make… We will all know in the end whether or not it was done the right way… But since there’s no way for anyone to really know, no one is really to blame… Except maybe China for not telling us a month earlier like they could have.

  51. Jade says:

    Robyn, you live in a sparsely populated state. Be thankful for that. I live in North Dakota. The reactions can seem overblown. I get it, given that my state only has 65 cases right now. Do you really believe that the 10,000 people who have died in Italy were going to do so in the last couple weeks? How about the other 10,000 in Spain and France? These numbers will likely double in the next week or two. How many more would have died if they didn’t shut down? If this is no big deal, then why are the hospitals getting overrun with patients so quickly? Does that ever happen in flu season?…….NO. It’s not just old people who are getting really sick and dying. Maybe you should take a trip and visit the hospitals in New York and see personally what is going on?

    I am guessing that you are a business owner who is struggling at the moment and I feel for you, but if your business is strong you should be able to weather a slow period of a couple months. People’s health and safety is more important. I would rather be bankrupt than sick or dead. I have went through bankruptcy and survived just fine.

    For someone who’s business is health and fitness, your post really disappoints me. Stop looking at people like they are statistics and like they are real people who are getting sick and dying.

    1. Darien says:

      Jade – it does in fact happen during flu season.

      Here are a few examples from the 2017-2018 flu season where the CDC estimates 710,000 – 900k (depending on the source you read) were hospitalized and of that amount, 42% were younger than 65. This is the same flu season where the CDC estimates 80,000 died from the flu.

      There are loads more if you search.

  52. MaryK says:

    It’s to bad when people value money and profits over human life. Do you not have a t.v.? Have you not seen the people in Italy who are fighting for their lives, the doctors and nurses who are warning the U.S. ? What about the doctor in New York who showed the unit that was full of people with the virus or the nurse crying because she is afraid and has a family too? Yes, the economic situation is horrible, but the loss of life is worse. I live in Kansas and the cases are growing here. By having people stay home hopefully it will slow or even stop. You should be thankful that your area isn’t over run with cases! They are doing what they can to slow it down and keep people safe.

  53. Sue says:

    Great summary Jade!!

  54. C.C. says:

    I would so much rather say that we over-reacted than under-reacted. My state quadrupled it virus toll in 4 days. Several in my state have died. This virus is real, and it isn’t just the elderly who are getting sick. What happened in Italy is a tragedy. Your post makes it sound like you are more concerned about the economy than the lives of real people.

  55. J Brus says:

    As a health care provider with an MS public health/epidemiology background, PLEASE stop mis-representing this health crisis. Your statements just aren’t accurate or evidence-based. Trust the data and take care of yourselves, everyone. The (economic) shut-down is the ONLY way to save lives and ensure a robust economy can/will return. The data clearly show this fact. It’s about saving lives, and our economy! There should be a national shutdown, and it’s urgent!

  56. janine says:

    stay in your little bubble….and count me as another unfollower.

  57. Mona says:

    The nationwide shut down is an excellent idea and is essential to all our well being. Many have been infected and many more could have, if we did not self quarantine, especially, highly dense places like NY and CA. Americans need to be patience and learn to adopt for a month or two until the virus settles down,

    Be Safe and Well

  58. Maria says:

    I‘m leaving in Austria and the absolute RIGHT thing our Gouvernements where doing was to close all the restaurants,shops(except supermarket,pharmacy,bank,postoffice and railways)parks,children playground and so on.We have Quarantine in Tyrol and in other departments we have to stay home by order.And now our infection rate is SLIGHTLY DEGREASING !!!!!!!! You are a dangerous fool

  59. Jayme says:

    Thank you, Robyn, as always, for your well thought out and well-researched information. Other people here are implying that you value money over people’s lives, which I know as a long-time follower of yours to be completely ridiculous. Time will tell what the truth is but I always like to keep an open mind to all viewpoints and not jump to conclusions. It would be nice if others did the same, instead of posting hate comments and misunderstanding. This is a scary time, but we can still be kind and civil to each other. My sister is a nurse at a very busy Utah hospital so I definitely feel for healthcare workers at this time, and of course for anyone who has lost a loved one. I suspect most of the people here are only afraid of losing a love one and haven’t actually lost anyone. So, their comments are motivated completely by fear fed by what they are seeing in the media and hearsay, and not facts. It is valid to point out the destructive nature of the shutdown to the economy and question whether it’s necessary or not. We are not mindless robots and we should question things. Maybe it is necessary, maybe not. We’ll find out eventually I hope, but in the meantime let’s be kind to each other because we need each other.

  60. Abraham says:

    Truth over mass-hysteria.
    Thank you!

  61. arthur charlton says:

    Hi it has become perfectly clear that the co 19 virus has been all but stopped in china and the only new cases are of people entering from abroad. The use of vitamin C in large doses has been proved to work. The problem is that only small doses are being used in the USA ITALY THE U.K. EUROPE IN GENERAL. A SANER PRESIDENT IN THE USA WOULD GO A LONG WAY IN BRINGING AN END TO THE OVERRATED PROBLEM.

  62. Cyndi says:

    Having heard a couple hours ago that the U.S. now has the most Covid-19 cases is concerning. My greatest concern is all the symptomless "Typhoid Mary" style carriers who unknowingly pass on to people who end up with Covid-19. I am not so concerned for myself, but from the possibility of being a carrier and passing to at risk people I care about. Therefore, I will follow the social (physical) distancing, as I will rest easier hoping I am not the cause of someone else getting ill. It’s in all 50 states now. The spring break kids are returning from Florida with it. It’s easy to say people are overreacting, but people will change their tune if they or someone they care about ends up on a ventilator or dies.

    1. Dave Scotese says:

      Having COVID19 is no big deal. The big deal is dying from it. If you pay attention to the media, you can see that they are hyping it because they concentrate on contracting it rather than dying from it.

    2. Stephanie says:

      Exactly. A whole different story once you lose someone. This article is irresponsible and short sighted.

  63. Loulu Colgrove says:

    I live in Michigan. Southeast Michigan. We have the 5th highest number of cases in the US. Friends who are healthcare workers say that their ERs are overrun with Coronavirus patients. Our hospitals are nearing full capacity.

    Our governor just ordered shelter in place 4 days ago. It was too late. We will have tens of thousands of cases here. Everyone is afraid to grocery shop. Schools will likely not be ar ti re-open thus school year.

    You are lucky and blessed yo live somewhere that has ordered dr ed shelter in place BEFORE the number if cases in your state has overwhelmed your hospitals.

    Our health care providers do not have enough masks, gloves, or gowns. Our governor is begging FEMA for help with supplies of which we expect to get tittle.

    Police officers in Detroit are in quarantine. Two officers have confirmed cases. When the poor people of Detroit run out of food, and they will, there will be looting and riots, and not enough officers to respond. It will be a mess. There is not enough food in grocery stores. People are scared. We all know people who have Coronavirus.

    We all know someone who knows someone who has died.

    The threat is real. Real people are sick. Real people are dying.

    1. Karen says:

      . I am a physician in Detroit and we are out of supplies. Nurses are reusing masks. Our ICU beds are full. We have converted our ORs to ICU beds. Hospitals are being designated as COVID centers and patients are being diverted to other hospitals. We do not have enough ventilators with difficult decisions being made — who should we vent and when to take patients off if they don’t improve. Perhaps, if we were more prepared or shelter in place sooner our numbers might be smaller. I am unsure. I am disappointed with your post.

  64. Cyndi says:

    Look at No. 18 under sources – Iceland reports 50% of people testing positive for Covid-19 have no symptoms…doesn’t that mean they are carriers, or potential carriers? That’s what I mean by "Typhoid Mary". I don’t view that as reassuring for any vulnerable person they have been or will be in contact with.

  65. Stephanie says:

    As a 65 year old with many health issues it saddens me that you feel this way. I am a human being who deserves to live a full life and not just be a statistic for the sake of the economy. I pray no one near and dear to you gets this virus. You come off very self-righteous and self-centered. I certainly will not be sharing your post with anyone.

    1. AZsports says:

      Our two hospitals are full and one a couple hundred miles from beautiful Park City is being told to prepare their ethics plan for rationing care because the National Gaurd is spread too thin to help. I can not believe the attitude in this blog that it’s only older or sick people at risk, so the rest of us shouldn’t be impacted. I am printing blog this because it is not going to age well and I want to remember to avoid any product Influence brands sells and have proof to show my friend what was said here. I deeply care about people in their 80s that still contribute greatly to their communities and people that enjoy triathlons while managing asthma or diabetes. People are not expendable and anyone that is not horrified by people dying alone and their bodies stored in temporary morgues is lacking basic compassion. We need the business owners and food service employees helped immediately with financial resources. We need everyone keeping distance BEFORE it gets to you. We do NOT need people blaming county decision makers for looking out to protect public health. I can see from the blog that life is indeed nice in resort city Utah, people not that far from you are in dire shape. If you are going to advocate, advocate for support of your business friends and be glad you all are so lucky at this moment. Wouldn’t you give whatever you could to save the life of someone over 60 from this brutal virus?

  66. Ian Breuser says:

    Is this an open letter for others to sign. Robyn, I am sure you can get a lot of support for reopening businesses in Summit county at this point.

  67. Dorsey Thorley, MD says:

    Paraphrasing another physician — If we (the US) do this right (social distancing), you’ll be asking what all the fuss was about. If we don’t do this right, you’ll be asking yourself what we could have done to save your grandmother, grandfather, friend, loved one, countless others.
    COVID-19 is not overblown. As many physicians will tell you, it’s a terrifying disease that can present in many ways, cause severe illness and complications that are difficult to treat, and can end in death. While it is worse for the elderly it can also kill the young. There are people in your town that have it with minimal to no symptoms. They will infect others who will not show symptoms for up to 14 days later (if they do at all). This will continue until it’s clear something is significantly wrong. By then it will be too late. Social distancing when there aren’t many cases is EXACTLY the right thing to do. Instead of vilifying your representatives, I would give them kudos for making a hard call and putting lives first.

  68. Hana says:

    Please watch this video with open mind before leaving a negative comment, it’s obvious what’s really going on.

    Think about families live on paycheck to paycheck. Now they’re barely able to afford daily needs. This applies to me, too.

    1. Jan says:

      Awesome video, Hana, thanks for sharing!

  69. doreen says:

    As. you are someone who is so interested in keeping us healthy , I find your opinion to be offensive, and truthfully incorrect . Perhaps your viewpoint is narrow and not at all wholistic…we are concerned about lives and quarentining people is the choice we were given because early measures were not taken to test people up front so we knew what we are dealing with. Please educate yourself with the global situation at hand. We are after all all in this together for the good of mankind not just the economy…right?

  70. No longer a reader says:

    I think this is an irresponsible post by a disgruntled business owner. Maybe there was some incorrect reporting. However, there is dangerous, incorrect information in this article, saying only the elderly & those with underlying conditions get sick. Even if that is the case (which it isn’t – our highest age bracket at the moment is in those 20-29 years of age) – are you saying you don’t care about those who are more vulnerable? Is it okay they’re naturally going to die within the next decade anyway? I get so angry at people in the media who speak this way. I’m in my early forties, but I value EVERY life, not just my own. I understand the angst of all those millions across the world who have lost their jobs, but, health is our only wealth! I would think Green Smoothie girl would know that 🙁

  71. Else Ireland says:

    Amazing, that was so well said. You are so right on. Thanks for stepping up, telling the truth. I am behind you, all the way. Go girl!

  72. Nancy Minea says:

    You’re a greedy girl not a green smoothie girl. Very ignorant Karma will get you. Take me off your list greedy girl

  73. Kristine says:

    You’ve just lost a loyal follower. I’m stunned by your lack of sympathy for those populations that are already overrun with patients. Your greed has reared it’s ugly head. Very disappointing.

    1. Karen Mcgovern says:


  74. Gia khalsa says:

    Thank you so much for having the courage to stand up for the truth. I appreciate so much that you have all the statistics to back this up. I already felt this way but I did not know all the information that you have presented. So it is not a surprise to me but it just breaks my heart that yes so many of us are getting ruined by lies. Unfortunately I don’t know too many people Who have not fallen for the huge scam. Again thank you for standing for the truth

  75. Angeline Johnson, MPH says:

    The current death rate in Washington State is 4.7. Currently, the WA state webpage you cite offers that 175 deaths have been reported in the 3723 people who have currently been tested. That’s 4.7%

  76. Katelon says:

    I empathize with your frustration as I own a small boutique hotel in the ❤️ of Utah and we have sat eerily empty for the last three weeks. Covid19, then the Utah earthquake, have resulted in all revenue being stopped dead in its tracks (while I still have a $3,400 nut to crack every month) here at The Yardley Inn and Spa in Manti.

    The balancing act of health of the economy and health of the nation’s citizens is a terribly difficult one that all nations, states and counties have to face!
    Americans are choosing to value human life above $.

    I am also familiar with the Wall Street Journal article you referenced in your footnotes.

    However— you need to become informed from sources other than MSNBC and the mainstream news media you refer to in your footnotes.

    Please watch yesterday’s video from a man who is both a pathologist and an economist, Chris Martenson of Peak Prosperity. You need more education.
    Because we follow him, we bought our shelter in place supplies two full weeks before any stores became chaotic and were ready way ahead of the rest of the populace. He’s been well ahead of the pack on this since the beginning. .

    Please watch this:

    And key foundational information to understand this is MATH. Not emotion. Data.
    Most adults— despite having had high school and a few college math courses— truly don’t get the rapid explosion of exponential growth with Covid19 has:

    Case. Case. Cluster of cases. Cluster. BOOM.

    Chris Martenson did an excellent video to demonstrate exponential growth. It’s short. 6 minutes.

    Watch it and then apply that to this pandemic. China News in Focus NTD News and others have reported that The Communist Chinese Party is SERIOUSLY under reporting their cases. Sick Wuhan residents report being denied entrance to three separate hospitals in one day because hospital administrators have been told if they admit and their numbers rise they will lose their jobs.

    Please watch this and then apply it to your own experience. And imagine how fast exponential growth will turn those empty ER rooms into overcrowded spaces….

    We are all in this together.
    And it didn’t have to be this way.

    But it is.
    Prayers for healing And recovery for all … emotional, financial, physical, and spiritual ascending.

    Katelon Gilbert, owner
    The Yardley Inn and Spa

  77. Linda Mandala says:

    Actually the president of India has put in place a huge package to assist farmers and all poor people. They have very low numbers of infected people BECAUSE they ordered everyone to stay home for 21 Days. I salute them for quickly recognizibg whay needed to happen and doing it. If the people comply they just might slide thru this even tho they have a huge population of poor.

  78. Sue Carney says:

    This is inaccurate reporting. I am saddened at the loss of income for so many Americans, but not nearly as saddened at the loss of life. Please remove me from your mailing list.

  79. Dr. H says:

    This is irresponsible at best, and truly evil at worst. As a doctor who has seen firsthand (both at work and with a family member) the devastation that this virus is causing, you are doing a disservice to your community with this misinformation. Cases in the US have DOUBLED in 3 days and we are testing less than 1% of the population. Do you realize what that means? Most people, MOST people with this virus, do not qualify for testing. We have to turn them away as there are not enough tests unless you are sick enough to be hospitalized. I understand that you have a livelihood, but people’s lives > your livelihood. Period. As doctors (along with our other healthcare colleagues), we risk our lives and our family’s lives by going to work every day. For the most part people have been so wonderful. And then there is this. This is so disappointing. I just got a call from my med school friend: they put in 10 breathing tubes last night. Just in one night. Another came home and cried because most people who die don’t get to say goodbye in any way. Another friend from residency posting on facebook, trying to find any information to help with her husband (a young father in his 30s) who is in a medical coma with COVID. He may not get to see his kids grow up. I want you to think of these people before you go to sleep at night. They are real. They are human. They deserve your consideration. And if and when you or someone in your family gets sick, we will try to take care of you. This virus spreads fast, and it spread in those without symptoms. If it spares your community that is because of public health measures. I hope it does.

    1. Kim says:

      I’m so glad a doctor working on the frontline has spoken up. This article is irresponsible and disgusting. So obvious you’re only concerned about money! Truly disgusting and shameful!!

  80. jeff says:

    Keep up the good work Robyn. This is where you find out which of your readers still possess the ability to think!

    God bless.

  81. Getagrip says:

    YOU are wrong, Green Smoothie Girl. I’m unsubscribing from your list. This is simply false and misleading information.

  82. Dave Scotese says:

    Well done, Greensmoothiegirl!

    I started a Telegrram group called "essential businesses" a few days ago for the same reasons you wrote this article. What I realized since is that we started out fighting the wrong battle (trying to convince political leaders to act rationally). The right battle is in my own mind, and the minds of other people who run businesses.

    Most people are not scared enough of being misinformed. They are easily misled, mostly because we learn (or perhaps more accurately, are conditioned in school) to ignore advice and explanations from those who haven’t been deemed "experts." We lose our critical thinking skills, or find them too much work to apply. We could ask ourselves "Does this make sense? How might I be misinterpreting it or might the speaker be mistaken?" Instead, unfortunately, we openly ask, "Who said that?" and subconsciously prepare to assimilate it as knowledge if it’s someone deemed "an expert," or write it off if it isn’t. You’re probably doing it right now. Does it matter who said this? Should it? I don’t think so. Useful thought is important no matter where it comes from, and your responsibility as a being with the power of reason is to make the judgement yourself whether or not any particular bit of information or thought is useful. If you agree with me that this message is valuable, pass it on.

    With that in mind, I have a message for all people with businesses that are currently not operating because of authorities: Your business is essential. Please reopen ASAP. If you feel it’s not essential, close it and start doing something more valuable. Something essential. For example, start a business that educates people on:
    * when social distancing is appropriate
    * how to protect the vulnerable from the threats that arise naturally during daily living
    * how exposure for healthy people increases their health
    * how fear degrades the immune system.
    * how to code (learn on the Internet!)

    Pass it on.

    If you have suggestions for improving this message, please message the author. The original ( of this message is in the @EssentialBusinesses Telegram Group and will be updated with improvements, but other copies won’t be, so if you’re not looking at the original, visit that link to see any improvements. Thanks!!

  83. Sandra Davidson says:

    If even one person dies it is one to many. You are not the person I thought you were. I am unsubscribing again I find all you Americans want is money for something. I am Canadian Sandra Davidson

    1. Crystal says:

      Not all Americans just want money…clearly this one does. I own a business here in the US and as difficult as it is, I closed before I was told to do so…it is not worth anyone’s life.

  84. Marsha says:

    You’re absolutely right! People need to read statistics for themselves and not listen to media fear mongers. I too have seen most of the statistics you quote but never brought them together in an article. Thank you!!!

  85. Gary Butler says:

    Hi Robyn,

    I have never read anything you’ve posted before but when my wife sent me this article, it is so well written I almost feel obligated to comment. I would like you to know that after I read it I started sending it to business people around the city. My wife and I own and operate several small businesses in Salt Lake. It’s like you wrote this article for all of us. If anyone bothers checking they will see your facts are spot on. It’s so easy to prey on paranoid people and I feel that is exactly what the media has done. This whole thing is so blown out of proportion and it seems like only people that honestly earn their own living understand that. I will continue to spread the good work you put out here. Thanks so much for getting that out there on everyone’s behalf. Good luck with your business.

    Gary B.

  86. LYNN says:


  87. Diana says:

    Strongly disagree with your article. I am a non vaccinating holistic mother of two and would die before I pop an aspirin. Yet the threat of this virus is real. What to you is a low mortality rate to me could mean my everything. Like my sister who just got tested or my brother in law who has symptoms as well. The fact that self employed and small business owners cannot see past the revenue they are losing saddens me. May God be with us all

  88. Vic Ward says:

    As many people have already said in the comments, your post is irresponsible, heartless and dangerous. 2 doctors weighed in, pointing this out. If you were on the front lines, battling this dangerous virus, instead of trying to protect your business interests, I’m sure you would agree with them. As Doreen pointed out, how can you, as someone who claims to care for peoples’ health (though you have no medical degree), put business ahead of lives? Shouldn’t you care more about people surviving? Americans will not starve due to the business shut-down. Maybe you didn’t hear, but Congress passed a 2 trillion dollar bail-out package that will send money to the millions now unemployed. You make it sound like people will starve to death with this partial shut-down– a dramatic and false claim. Yes, the hit to business is very serious, but better to lose a business than a life. The US now has the highest number of COVID cases in the world, 100,000, with 1,700 deaths. And we are not anywhere near the peak yet. Your own state has 480 (with 2 deaths), and climbing, like most of the world. China has passed its peak (maybe) by dint of draconian isolation measures, and South Korea hopefully too, due to massive early testing (which the US has not done, due to federal bungling). Yes, many COVID victims had pre-existing conditions, but COVID is what pushed them over the edge. Many of them would still be alive but for COVID. For someone who claims to want to keep people healthy, you show a startling disregard for the victims. I too will be unsubscribing from your emails, and will warn others about your irresponsible beliefs. I was already uneasy about you when you wrote more than a week ago, when COVID had already ravaged China and Italy, that you thought COVID wouldn’t become a pandemic (news flash: it already was by then) and that concern for it was overblown. Start caring more about lives than business!

  89. Trucker Joe says:

    Makes you wonder if maybe the "elites" are trying to use this pandemonium to orchestrate and bring in a New World Order and One World Government???

  90. Unsubscribing … says:

    No, you heartless business owner, YOU are wrong!
    I feel sorry for any "loved ones" you may have, who are over 60.
    And to claim (without a source) that every single one of the infected people who were never tested is a survivor … well, that’s just mindbogglingly ignorant.

    Perhaps you’d like to argue your points/sources with Dr. Colleen Smith, an ER doctor at NYC’s Elmhurst Hospital. Wait, don’t bother – she’s too busy trying to save lives while risking her own. Elmhurst has been forced to hire *refrigerated trucks* to store their growing number the corpses.

    1. Vic Ward says:

      Right on, Unsubscribing! She is a heartless business owner indeed. No sympathy whatsoever shown in her article for the massive death toll. I wish she could go to Elmhurst hospital to see the carnage there.

  91. Michele says:

    Do you support Trump?

    1. Victoria H Jayne says:


    2. SS-The Independent says:

      Do you support Joe the Pedophile, Killary, Pocahontas, or other left psychopath ? Not that I like Trump and the neocons around him…but at least I understood that ‘ our political system is corrupt to the core. I came from Eastern-Europe, where we had ONE-State Party, to US, where we have TWO-Headed-ONE Party : The Demo-Repu-Communist-Fascist-Corporate Party ! Wake the fo.k up !

  92. Terry Adler says:

    I live in Canada where our Federal government announced today that it will support small businesses by subsidizing 75% of employees salaries. That and a number of other supportive measures will help small businesses remain open and viable instead of the government allowing the cascade of harmful economic consequences to escalate, leaving many people destitute. When values other than “every man for himself”, are important to a society, options other than what you describe are seen and implemented.

  93. Deborah says:

    Inaccuracy of information is causing so much fear. Fear is damaging people, relationships and livelihoods. The facts you have provided seem sound. It was helpful. Thank you. However, the concerns and facts in a couple of the posts from doctors and people experiencing COVID19 first hand are confronting. Are you able to follow up on these and provide further clarity please.

  94. Unsubscribing … says:

    Re: Deborah Birx, MD …
    No surprise. She’s the coordinator of the White House coronavirus task force.

  95. Susan says:


    Thank you for taking a stand. I disagree with it but I also disagree with those that think you are only motivated by money. I too am a small business owner. I also am the daughter of an 89-year-old woman with COPD. I do not ever want to see a company forced out of business or a family go hungry because of a temporary shut down. I also do not want to lose my mother to something that is preventable. In my opinion, a business can come back or be reinvented or pivot. Lives lost are lives lost. There is no going back. God bless you and God bless us all!


  96. Miranda says:

    Thanks for posting this information-you’re very courageous

  97. Disappointed says:

    Did you ever consider the reason the # of diagnosed cases is “low” is because of the stay at home orders not despite them????

    You go tell all of those health professionals world wide that increasingly are forced to make the decision of who lives or dies and gets a ventilator that this is no big deal. I am deeply affected financially by the shutdown. However, it is needed and already happened too late. With the country not having a strong leader to guide us through this pandemic, not supplying enough tests (still!) to even determine who had the virus because it makes him look bad, not shutting things down earlier by completely dismissing the problem and only being concerned with how anything negative makes him look and not the welfare of the people he is supposed to serve, thankfully we have state leaders doing the right thing. If our president could’ve put his is ego aside, tested extensively early & often, a lot of this could have been avoided. Your grief should be with him. Yes, the economy is important but the “almighty dollar” does not come before people’s lives. For someone who touts health, it’s shameful you don’t agree.

    1. Jake says:

      Ever heard of Chicken Little? Don’t believe everything the media and/or government is telling you. Look at ALL the info, track it over time, and realize news media thrive off sensationalism and the bottom line.

      1. Jan says:

        Totally agree, Jake. There is so much more to this "pandemic" that a lot of people don’t know, but yet are willing to believe what the media says is true. Awesome video:

        1. Charlotte says:

          This guy is a quack. Please inform yourself.
          “Rashid Buttar is an American osteopathic physician from Charlotte, North Carolina. He is known for his controversial use of chelation therapy for numerous conditions, including autism and cancer. He has been reprimanded by the North Carolina Board of Medical Examiners for unethical treatment of patients.“

    2. Brad says:

      The problem with your stance is so far Covid-19 is far less deadly than the common flu was this past winter. The death rate for the common flu in the USA was 10%. There were 23,000 deaths from the flu and no one was shutting everything down. How do you justify that???? There are between 20,000 and 50,000 deaths in USA alone every year from the common flu but NO Pandemic!

    3. Mira says:

      wow, so much fear mongering! (

    4. Claud says:

      After this the “almighty dollar” as you refer may be gone. If you think your struggling financially now wait until the “dollar” is dethroned. Read what financial experts are saying. The president is trying to keep the whole US economy afloat.

    5. Victoria H Jayne says:

      THANK YOU for this comment. I am unsubscribing from this site due to this blog which consider COMPLETELY irresponsible! Victoria

      1. SS-The Independent says:

        Good riddance ! Maybe in one day you are going to use your brain and not letting the Establishment and their presstitutes thinking for you 🙂

    6. Amy W says:

      You clearly get all your "info" from mainstream media…aka liberal left media. Anyone who has an ounce of common sense or would read other new outlets besides MSNBC, CNN, etc would know that nothing about this outbreak is Trump’s fault. You’re certainly entitle to your opinion but if you look for it, you’ll see that it was the Dems who were behind the slow response to this. Just ask Pelosi….bi-partisan work on a relief bill was happening until she came back and decided to try to push her socialist, power grab agenda by adding so much pork to the bill that it stalled negotiations. Trump has his flaws…every man/president does…but he is a businessman and knows how to negotiate trying economic times. And I’m not sure how you think Trump was supposed to magically have all these tests on hand. Just one more "reason" the Left has to blame Trump.

  98. Sc says:

    I’d leave the shutdown recommendations to the epidemiologists, and going by the consensus it means shutting far more down and faster. Follow some ICU doctors on Twitter, it’s a war zone and only getting worse. And no that’s not a politicized statement, it’s a worsening reality on the ground

    1. Jake says:

      How about the medical experts and government consider quarantining all those susceptible to serious illness from this COVD19? Then, re-open businesses, companies, and govt. agencies again; but, with upgraded cleaning/disinfecting regulations which can keep public areas cleaner?
      We don’t need a major recession or worse, a sudden global depression.

  99. Eileen Waldow says:

    I hope you are correct that we don’t need this but I’m not willing to take a change. When you talked about 348 cases in Utah you didn’t mention deaths. Right now it is 480 with 2 deaths. Sharing a border with you, Colorado has 1734 cases and 31 deaths, 7 in the last day. It was just shown on TV that there were less spring breakers coming back from Florida to Utah than to Colorado. Maybe that will be a saving grace for you. There is a city, Albany, in rural Georgia has filled 38 ICU beds with Coronavirus patients. I don’t know how many deaths have been reported in LA but CA has 97deaths. I suppose there may be false positive tests but death is probably not a false result. I keep thinking of the young nurse, the 36 yo high school principal and the young doctor who have all died. 80+ deaths in one day in a NYC hospital. I hope you are correct for Summit County. I will be watching. Soldiers Hollow is a special place to me.

  100. tina says:

    We were just talking about the risks one takes in saying somethings out loud.
    I am glad you stood up for what you think. I am not sure it is accurately informed, however, NOR, am I sure that MY thoughts on this are accurate.
    Outright lies and delusion from elected personalities cloud all of our judgement on the potential of something so small it takes a strong microscope to see.
    Are we being "played" as a nation? or are we being keep ignorant as a form of crowd management. What is being lost here, more than lives, is the credibility of our nation and trust in the government, at risk is the freedoms and "democracy " we strive for. Maybe we all need to be more diligent, in our health and in our roles at citizens.
    We can pivot here, right now, towards Totalitarianism or true democracy, and the vision of enlightenment our founders hoped for. Good health, high quality food without toxins,water without pollution, living in harmony with the planet as well as our neighbors. This what I want, I hope you want the same. choose love

    1. Judy says:

      The United States is not a democracy, but a Constitutional Republic. This panic is going against the Constitution and allowing freedoms to be taken away, due to an "emergency" clause. The people calling the shots now are pushing boundaries that our forefathers feared.

    2. Just passing through says:

      Well said, Tina!! Especially, what’s really going on? What’s the bigger picture? What’s really behind the curtain? The agenda? There has been so much info that it makes one feel insecure, frightened and your head spins to the point of confusion and not being able to decipher what is common sense or how to use it..And so we will “look” and “obey” to what is in store for us in the future to find security and comfort…Crypto world anyone? 5G? Dare I say mandatory world wide injections?

  101. Cheryl says:

    Robyn, I would like to invite you to New Jersey for a reality check. We have close to 9,000 confimed Covid cases and close to 110 deaths. If this is something that we can stop the spread across the county by closing down, then do it. My son has a friend that tested positive for covid. He has no symptoms at all! He was exposed by friends that visited Spain over Spring Break. By your petition, he could be walking around infecting lots of people. Your mother, father, elderly grandparents? What then? Does your opinion change because it has affected someone directly that you love? We need stop it as soon as we can. I for one do not want to risk the elderly or immune comprised. The elderly have paid their dues to this country with their service. The least we can do is to pay them back with our treatment towards them…quarantine yourselves! New Jersey has 3 convention/arena centers that there are gearing up to accept patients. This is not over inflated statistics…this is reality. You should feel blessed that this has not come your way. I pray that it doesn’t. I feel like going to the food store puts my life in risk because who know how it will affect me. 110 lives lost in NJ is 110 lives too many. I will be more than happy to quarantine myself if it stops just one person for dying.

    1. Janice says:

      What rubbish. How many deaths in a huge country like USA? It’s all lies and manipulation. If you believe all the lies you’ve got no brains. People die every day on the world. 56 million a year in fact. Of all sorts of reasons. This is a test to see how much we will take. Taking away our human rights to live and thrive. In UK 400 odd deaths out of 66 million people. Shameful cruelty to business, individuals, well being etc. Janice

    2. Brenda says:

      Funny no one cared about the thousands of people last year who died from the flu.

    3. Mira says:

      Not that I disagree with you, just wanted to say that people would be still dying if there was no corona virus.
      Also, elderly and high-risk people could be isolated, but not the rest of us.
      Close to 40,000 people die in car crashes a year – should we not drive?
      A lot more than that die from medical intervention – should we not go to the doctors?

      1. Just passing through says:

        Mira, I was just going to say the same thing!!! Let’s not forget about the cancer statistics and projections of how many will get it…isn’t it 1 out of 2 men and 1 out of 3 women? Something close to that. Why are we not cleaning up our OXYGEN and WATER (that 5G will disrupt) and our chemical laden food and bodily and household supplies? Oooohhh, because a slow silent death goes unnoticed.

    4. Get real says:

      Once you finished you visit to New Jersey then head over to Elmhurst Hospital and consult with those who have to chose who lives and dies because there is not enough ventilators and staff to keep these poor people alive.

  102. Jo says:

    Interesting how many people are misled by media – try doing the basics first – how many people actually know what a ‘virus’ is? In western germ theory its the things of horror movies and apocalypse – the truth as actually so far from this. It is a primal communications method built into all living things to signal other living things to adapt to changes in their environments – pollute the air, poison the water and the living organism bleeds these signals from its cells in an attempt to let the immune system either suppress it in temporal cases i.e. you visit a polluted area, or you are exposed over a long period of time to toxicity and the immune system has to continuously ward off the signalling because adaptation does not happen overnight – as living organisms we can adapt to changes in our environment, but it takes time – do this ‘too fast’ and you end up with ‘disease’ and blame an inanimate primal signalling function as the ‘invisible enemy’, when what we should be doing is demanding that the damage to our environments are stopped and reduction of toxicity accelerated, but mostly and always, Trust, but Verify

    1. Bill K says:

      I think you make some great points. We are so bust blaming the "Virus" that the real issue continues to make us sick. It is about time we started to get to the real issues like pollution, toxins etc… It does seem like every place there is an "outbreak" we also have a lot of pollution….China, Italy, Los Angeles…..

  103. A human being says:

    You should be ashamed

    1. Janice says:

      No one should ever be ashamed of the truth. It’s reported that 80.000 died on UK of a virus in 2018. Where was the hype then. No one warned, just advised to get a flu jab if vulnerable. The world is full of nasty bugs. Just keep a healthy body in a healthy mind at any age. Don’t listen to fear mongers.

    2. A concerned senior citizen says:

      Fully agree. This is a very misleading piece. Maybe the models are out but in developing countries (India and Africa for example), the notion of social distancing is not followed and the rapid spread of an infectious virus will be devastating because health and social services will not cope. Then the businesses that are now closed won’t need to open again

  104. Claire says:

    Interesting read, completely agree with the over reaction regarding the lockdown. Typical media manipulation. Please research Mike Maloney, hidden secrets of money.
    We should look after our physical & mental health & also our financial health.

  105. Anna says:

    You make a good point but it is just on the other end of the spectrum. I agree that closing everything down is too drastic but because politicians, waited, hovered, hesitated and people were too selfish to self quarantaine we are now in the situation we are in and just have to row the boat with the oars we have. I have a severely compromised immune system and my young fabulous niece compromised lungs. My husband’s company refused to let him work at home (which he can do and he works more efficiently at home) until in the end they had no choice and the government made the decision for the company whose only interest was clearly money). Every day he would completely disinfect himself in the public hallway and put his clothes in a trash bag before entering the flat, the thought he might actually kill me by being exposed terrified him and thinking he might be infected but showed no symptoms and therefore inevitably infecting me kept him up at night. When the quarantaine was announced people partied in huge groups, all night long, every restaurant, bar and club was packed as if they were having a cocktail party on the titanic, so much for the consideration of others. The hysteria may be over the top, death is real and if our hospitals were overwhelmed because no quarantaine was imposed I would be one of the people that died. 70-80% of us will get Covid-19. It is that contagious, vaccines won’t be on the market for at least a year so I will highly likely get ill, hopefully at a time when the hospitals aren’t overwhelmed and my chances of survival are maximised. To this date 24 doctors have died, healthy people who passed from overexposure and exhaustion trying to save the lives of others. Many more young healthy people have unexpectedly died. You live in America, a large country but I live in a country where more than 12 million people live on a pinprick on the map, infecting each other is a given, social distancing is really hard, even the isles in many supermarkets are less than a meter wide, no massive costco’s in this country. You became a green smoothie girl when your baby son was very ill, he was really weak, under your suggestions in a place like this you would now be standing by his grave. There is no way you could have protected him unless you self quarantined. If everybody who only mildly became ill kept running around happily infecting each other (which is almost inevitable if normal contact remains in packed countries) you would have to be quarantined 4-6 months if not longer. So your business would be right where it is now. I totally agree that this could have been handled differently but he reason that it is handled as it is now is because politicians and the lemmings of which a large part of the population peopling this planet consist of, ignored the warnings and/or refused to take actions. As for the numbers, yes, articles are coming out, yes, statistics are made but A. it is too early to scientifically evaluate the workings of this virus, who is infected, who dies and why (yes, for now we think it is just the elderly and ill but that is changing as inexplicable deaths of apparently healthy younger people are on the rise) and how much more it will mutate (it is mutating, currently slow and insignificant but that may well change) and B. I think we all agree that we are not correctly informed and I certainly do not believe dictatorial countries like China are generous with the truth (in fact we know they have tried to suppress information on every pandemic (SARS, MERS) until they had no choice. I’m a small business owner and I will be bankrupt, but I’d rather be bankrupt than dead at the age of 52, and no, I do not have an online business like you that will likely keep you afloat until you are back on your feet. I will have to start from scratch, not a great prospect at my age in a country where agism is rife and I will deal with that when the time comes, but at least I will be alive to do that, hopefully, as this pandemic will rage for another year and I too will at some point get infected. There is no option to live in a bubble forever. I hope that out of all of this comes solidarity amongst people and good and we don’t end up in a world where the rich have gotten even more richer and the poor poorer as has been the economic trend on the rise.

  106. Fraser Liscumb says:

    The unfortunate part of being a leader is making choices that are not always i the best interest of those that allow money and self-interest get in the way of what in the best interest of all the community. we live in a world with no borders anymore and money cannot fix the problems created by those that put money and self-interest ahead of a sustainable future and one reality your money has no value if your customers get sick and believe you were the source of them getting sick. If some do not make it and you are seen as the source. Then you will not like the consequences of being seen as someone who sees money and self-interest as being more important than being part of the solution. Many a good business has become a Nortel due to bad leadership. A good business leader learns to adapt and innovate to survive during bad times and in business, there are always bad times. It part of being in business.

  107. Kimberly says:

    Of course people are going to test positive for this Coronavirus —everyone has particles in their body at different levels and their are many different strands of the Coronavirus in our bodies!!!!
    This is all a huge scam that is leading to the NWO —digital money, —Sunday laws—making people worship on Sunday (the false day of worship) Saturday is the True day do worship—look at your Bibles, the 4th commandment—Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy, six days shalt thou labor!!! Satan wants worship—this is leading to the return of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ—He is coming to take those who love him and keep his commandments, home to Heaven to reign with Him!!!!
    Wake up people!!!

    1. SteveO says:

      Perhaps worship each day on your own by praying your rosary and saying your prayers. Remember God is every where and God loves you. Because God is everywhere going to a building is not necessary. Do not let governments, churches or any established organizations control your life. Keep Smiling.

  108. Bill K says:

    Did you ever consider the real fact that it isn’t the "virus" that is making us all sick? We may be spending a lot of wasted time chasing the wrong cause. Check out this interview:

    I have been following the whole virus issue for over 15 years and there is a lot more to this whole story that is worth looking into!!

  109. V says:

    Very well researched and well done…you are right.

  110. Unsubscribing also says:

    Hmmm, me thinks I see a trend in this article. All of the public officials criticized in the missive are DEMOCRATS. And at least one “source” cited is FOX News (otherwise known as tRUMP TV). Another “source” is the Daily Wire, a far right wing news and OPINION website. Add to that the laughable citation that China has released it’s statistics… we should believe anything out of China!! The ZeroHedge “source” has been permanently suspended from Twitter for its conspiracy theories concerning Covid 19. Indeed, a number of the “sources” cited are strictly financial and market news sites and publications whose main interest, I would venture a guess, is how much money that particular author/journalist could lose. I had previously admired your input on health and wellness but based on this slanted and irresponsible article, I need to re-evaluate my previous opinion. There are plenty of others online and in book stores with the same information to turn to for inspiration, recipes and yes, products. Unsubscribing from your email list as I am a 67 year old mother, grandmother and great grandmother who is undergoing chemo and immunotherapy for late stage cancer. I live in a densely populated urban east coast city and am isolating in place because my life is not expendable, I am not just collateral damage. Oh, and by the way, it is not just the elderly that are dying of this virus…..research is your friend.

    1. Gwen says:

      Well said!

  111. Lisa says:

    I disagree with you and I think that you are way too far into statistics than into compassion. Severe cases of this disease can occur in otherwise healthy young adults and can cause death. The numbers have been kept "down" because of isolation.

    And you are mistaken about South Korea. I have been in touch with several friends in Seoul, and everything possible shut down; schools, universities, libraries, dance classes cancelled, meetings canceled, people work from home, subways are running on the almost empty. Your opinion should be based on accurate facts. The responsible thing is to curb the spread of this disease, and unfortunately, yes, people will suffer economically.

    Please also consider that if we relax the isolation and social distancing, people will also pay an economic price of paying for the funerals of their loved ones. One way or another there will be economic suffering.

  112. Stewart says:

    Hey Robyn,

    Loved reading your blog on on the convos-19, you are correct that just about every country in the world has reacted on a fear based media campaign and reacted in a way which will crippled economy’s everywhere.
    Don’t listen to trolls who want to tear you down.
    Hope you and your friends with businesses are able to weather this storm in a tea cup.

  113. Ana says:

    It will be interesting to watch how our perspectives change in the coming weeks.

  114. Pam says:

    I commend you for speaking out! I totally agree with you. Most people have no idea who the media is controlled by…We are fed lies and misrepresentations constantly! It’s propaganda at its finest. Ive seen pictures of a major hospital here in Houston that was also like a ghost town. People were baffled. I had also heard a lot of the tests were flawed, creating false positives. The whole idea was to destroy the economy in my opinion. We will come back even stronger!
    God Bless you for taking a stand!

  115. Jenny says:

    Folks, she is RIGHT! My brother called me 6 days ago sharing his frustration about all the closures, etc. He stated that he already had all these symptoms at the end of December and the doctor couldn’t identify what it was other than to say it was a type of flu. Yesterday, our naturopath said that back in December he saw all these symptoms, but didn’t know what it was. Back then he thought it was a flu, but now he knows it was C-virus. Ask yourself this question: if the C-virus is so contagious, why did it take 3 months to get from China to the States? The answers is simple: It was already here and there are many people who have already had it. Robyn is not the only alternative medicine person who is saying this. Dr. Tom O’Bryan just put on a webinar about this very fact and he told about a fingerprick test to show whether or not you’ve already had C-virus.
    Another question: More people have died from the flu this year, but no one talks about that and there were no closures. WHY? Is main stream media where you are getting your information? DON’T TRUST THEM! Why are big box stores still open, but all the little mom and pop places closed? There is an agenda here! You/we are the pawns! I beg you to research more before you crucify Robyn. She is a voice of truth!

  116. Dr. Ira Bernstein says:

    The fact that the U.S. did NOT implement containment strategies in time (eg: allowing Mardi Gras to proceed, keeping Miami Beach open over Spring break) has huge consequences seeding the spread of this virus. Things are only getting started. Consider working on the front lines in a hospital ICU.
    Perhaps you would like to be on the Holland American Zaandam cruise ship stuck at sea with four dead passengers so far due to Covid-19 which you suggest is not serious.
    I’m glad I didn’t order a sauna from you. As a health care worker, I value life. It’s not just the old people dying.

  117. Victoria H Jayne says:

    This blog is completely irresponsible. If it were a loved one of yours who dies would you then say what you say? There are two main reasons to respond harshly/strictly which is the communicability of this virus AND it IS more fatal than the flu % wise! AND we ARE out of equipment locally! AND just because our "great" country has never had something this major probably since WWII most of us aren’t old enough to understand we aren’t immune from crisis.

    I will unsubscribing from this site. I think it best you stick to what you know which is healthy eating/lifestyles.

  118. Frances Brennan says:

    Thanks very much Robyn for your valuable information for all of us to review and reflect on. If the majority of us USA citizens want to be back at work can we create a country-wide petition with all of our signatures to send a message to our Senators and Congressman and the President that states we will guard our familities and loved ones as best we humanly can, but we can’t shut down our economy and have an additional financial crisis that would be even worse than the first medical crisis ! Be well and stay safe everyone !!
    With much Love,

  119. Julie Prochnow says:

    I agree with many that this is not your place. This very irresponsible of you to be sharing your opinion here. But I guess we are all allowed our opinions. You are creating fear as well. Your behind a lifestyle of creating peace and joy and not a scientist. Leave this to those who are equipped to decipher the vast information out there. Share with your following the ability to create an ease in this time of disease. That is what green smoothie girl is all about.

  120. TamiK says:

    So disappointed in this. You have confused yourself that just because you publish something online, you somehow can pull together some quotes and un verified works and know what you are talking about. I will listen to scientists instead of someone that makes green smoothies. Have you ever heard the saying "keep in your lane?" The reason we have done so well is because of social distancing and shut-downs. New York has to use refrigerated trucks to store the dead. That’s true! And verified.

    1. Sonia says:

      The news distorts information and extremely exaggerates for their own motives. Healthy immune systems are the best defense against illness. Taking precautions without fear is best. The economy is at risk because of the false reporting, (which is what the agenda is) How far do we let this go? Who do we let take us down?

      1. Lois Bishop says:

        Well said, Sonia!

      2. Lisa says:

        Ditto Sonia!

      3. Ljenn says:

        No. This site green smoothies is questionable. I would not use this as your source of information to understand the COVID19 pandemic.

    2. Maureen says:

      No, the refrigerated trucks is not a fact and you might want to check your sources before you take on someone else’s.

      If you do not like what Robyn has written here, move along!

      1. Kathy L Gobble says:


    3. JAMES M OHEARN says:

      You should move over to the idiot lane.

      1. Dr Brown says:

        Please see the logic here and dont be swayed by the media. The media and politicians are using this for a reason. I am a Dr on the front lines and this is accurate info. It’s been way too much of an over reaction and media political hype. I’m seeing more flu and strep and zero corona

        1. Kenneth says:

          ah yes, the truth! hype and hysteria is the crisis the Dems want! They don’t want to let this pandemic go to waste! Hurt everything you can while you can is there tactic…can you imagine where we’d be if they got in instead of Trump! He restored faith in our country in every area. The Dems won’t have it! Not while one is still standing! I hope they are held accountable at some point. It’s treason at the highest level! If not here on earth….then later!

    4. Marjorie Castle says:

      Critical thinking, curiosity, and constant examination of the sources and quality of data will keep us moving forward to positive outcomes. Excellent compilation. Re the “stay in your lane” comment below … health is everybody’s lane. Curiosity and lifetime leaning are everybody’s lane. Here’s to our continued ability to share information and freedom to read opinions that we might or might not agree with. Freedom of expression, please. And freedom to agree or disagree.

    5. Jeff Petric says:

      This disease is not even as bad as a flu season. So many people die from so many things far worse than this, and nothing noteworthy is ever stated about them. COVID-19 is not worthy of business shut downs and quarantines. Social distancing cannot be proven to have "stemmed the tide of Corona Virus." At best what should have been suggested, which is suggested at all other times, is that people who have pre-existing conditions should take appropriate precautions for their own sake. It is simply false, and evil, to have done what the media and governments have done, but that’s typically what they do. But we will all see this in the days to come. Stay tuned.

    6. RG says:

      TamiK – Young lady, you are a good follower of the herd. All you have to do is go outside the controlled main media to find the truth. I can name you 5 modalities that will cure most diseases, all natural. Can show you the necessary vitamins and minerals that you can take to protect you. How you say? Who are the ones dying. In every case those with a poor immune system an have other health issues. So research what vitamins you can take to protect you against most diseases even cancer. Watch The Vitamin Move to start. But you won’t, you’ll just keep stuffing your face with those items you call food and before you know it you will be in a Nursing Home wondering what happened to you.

      1. Kenneth says:

        Is anybody aware that 70,000 people died from prescribed drugs in 2017 from our medical field? Talk about a pandemic… who’s gonna address this $$ making scam and stop it? Robyn is educating people to take care of their own health and wake up to the lies being shoved down the sheep’s throats. You go girl!
        The Vietnam war had less American military casualties than one year of prescribed drugs. Is anybody paying attention?
        We have the internet… use it and get informed you headline readers and wake up

    7. Ferval Lankman says:

      I’m a scientist and I have been saying for weeks what she has said here.

      You should stay in your lane, and let us science-y people do the work then, M-kay?

      1. Ferval Lankman says:

        My commentary was directed at Tami K, who thinks everything on TV is real.

    8. Jerry says:

      Then why aren’t you verifying it? Freezer trucks of dead? Sound like BS to me. Show me.

    9. Tammy says:

      TamiK, You are very misled. There are plenty of scientists who disagree with the shutdown of our economy, you just don’t hear about it on mainstream media. Also, believe it or not, scientists do have an agenda. The ones that are being quoted about "flattening the curve" etc., are the ones that work for big pharma and are all to eager to make sure we are shutdown until the miracle "COVID19 vaccine" can make an appearance. Big money, mandating the entire world to get this vaccine. I’m sure you will be first in line, sheep!

    10. Dr Brown says:

      Please see the logic here and dont be swayed by the media. The media and politicians are using this for a reason.

      1. SS-The Independent says:

        Dr. Brown, where is cognitive dissonance, there is no logic. They were at the peak of their Ponzi scheme/house of cards ( financial bubble ) and they cannot play the same card like in 1914 and 1939…with nuclear weapons…They saw the torches and pitchforks straight ahead…who to blame…a pLandemic ! Scare da sh.t of the sheeple and do " not let this crisis to go to waste "!

    11. John Schumacher says:

      Robyn please stick to what you know, and watch this video on pandemics TO THE END to educate yourself and your audience to the danger, severity and inevitable likelihood of worldwide pandemics in the future based on intense factory farming of chickens, cattle and pigs. These unnatural factory animal farms ultimately are the source of all these mutated viruses.

  121. Eva says:

    Robin I know there are more people out there like you who will uncover the truth. Keep it up!!! You are much needed it this pandemic.

  122. Holly says:

    Brilliant assement Robyn! Although we were thinking along these lines already, this ties it all up in a nice big bow and is backed by data and the references you provided. We can only pray that the powers that be in charge of this country wake up sooner rather than later. In the meantime, You can find us in our new sauna! We absolutely love it and we feel we got it just in time.

  123. Lois Bishop says:

    Agree with so much you have said. Makes one wonder if liberals are dancing in their sleep to see how they are orchestrated American citizens’ dependence on government to care for them. This is how we lose our freedom and independence. Too bad Common Sense is a dying character trait.

  124. Erling Jacobsen says:

    I agree with you that this is an over reaction. This whole thing smells bad. I think it is manufactured to hide the fact that our monetary system is crashing.
    The Ponzi scheme of money created from nothing and creating monstrous debt is luciferian in my view. BTW, what happened to the credit side of the balance sheet? Where did it go??

    Nutrition is the key to staying well!

    Thank you Robyn for posting this statement of truth.

    1. Nadia Villarreal says:

      Love this created from nothing…definitely comes from the devil! We lose our freedoms from fear mongering government shutdowns.

  125. Eva says:

    Davis noted the refrigerated trucks are not specifically for coronavirus cases. They’re intended to help alleviate the morgue space at hospitals if needed. The trailers will be used if the hospital morgues reach capacity. The trucks are part of a city plan to prepare for the potential surge of bodies from the coronavirus pandemic, Worthy-Davis said.

    This is from Fox 10 news …. notice it they are planning for a “potential” surge of bodies. Their morgues are not even close to capacity. My personal opinion is they don’t want to bring cases of corona into the hospital so they set up makeshift hospital rooms outside.

  126. Annagail says:

    You are way off base on this! The numbers show that this is a death sentence for many older people it is a very very serious illness and it is spread so quickly and there is not enough equipment to treat sick people please don’t miss inform people like this they need to understand the seriousness of this

    1. Gena says:

      Yes-I totally agree that the response to the FEAR of the virus is the sickness; which has crippled us economically.
      Let this be an awakening!!

    2. Tammy says:

      Annagail, you are off base. The "death sentence" from COVID19 is less than that of the seasonal flu. We have never had such measures in place during flu season that puts people’s livelihoods on the line and plunges us into a depression.

  127. John Ragozzino says:

    You are wrong. The virus started in China on Dec 10. China was not on the verge of collapse, nor was America.

    Had President Trump gone against WHO and CDC advice, he would have been impeached, again.

    If I were you I would stick to smoothies and steer clear of politics.


  128. Laura says:

    My dear, I think you just cut off your nose to spite your face! If money is your chief concern, you just alienated a good number of your followers…and customers. Several people have used the term courageous to describe your publishing of this narrative. To my eye it is not courage but anger. Anger that you and business people that you know will have less green paper and unstable stocks. Never good practice to mix politics and business but you did just that by exposing yourself as a right wing conspiracy theorist, cherry picking right wing and financial sources that agree with your point on this subject. It is quite likely you will suffer some financial losses but when you look back on it you will see that it was not entirely due to shutdowns but instead, many of those losses came from alienation of customers due to this irresponsible conversation.

    1. Diana says:

      I assume you are not a business owner? What you say is nowhere near the truth. We are an honest, generous business in this community and we have many loyal customers doing their best to keep us open but it’s just simple math. The numbers aren’t there and we are most likely not going to have the funds to reopen. This has nothing to do with greed. Its basic economics. This means we are out of business, not just "less green paper" but NONE. My husband, 3 small children and I don’t know where our next grocery shopping fund will come from as of right now. He is busting his butt every day, gone 7 days a week, just to keep our business floating. No money in our pockets. Everything has to go to business rent, and paying those who love us who have showed up every day to help! Robyn is expressing the other side of this tragedy!!! She’s not wrong!!! None of this was conspiracy. Did you look at her sources?? Or just Fox and CNN?? Who have continually misconstrued information about this over and over again. Even many doctors are bashing the media for creating mass hysteria. Anyway, there’s another side of this and millions will be out of a job…this is a disaster any way you cut it.

      1. Laura says:

        Diana: Your assumption is wrong. It’s never wise and indeed presumptuous to assume something about someone you don’t even know. I am a senior with advanced CANCER working part time as a School Crossing Guard earning 13k a year (currently off duty until further notice due to the virus). Obviously 13k a year is not enough to survive on, so I also have 2 small online businesses/shops on Etsy. com, both of which are near dead due to the virus shutdown, I ASSUME. One is a handcrafted organic skincare shop for which I cannot now afford to order ingredients and supplies for. In addition, to try to make ends meet, I have a pet sitting and walking BUSINESS which is 100% dead due to people staying at home and caring for their own pets and not traveling. So I don’t need to be told about how financially difficult things are. I also do not know where the money is going to come from for my next grocery store trip. And yes, I DID look at her sources, a number of which are far right wing authors/publications and 1-2 of which are conspiracy theory publishers and authors (Google them). I for one, am just going to abide by the information issued by reputable scientists and doctors and practice social distancing due to my cancer and suppressed immunity issues. While some might think that I and others my age are expendable, my loved ones and family don’t think I am. The President of the United States today in his daily Covid-19 briefing said he is extending the suggested restrictions until April 30. Admittedly, I’m not a particular fan of his but many on this blog appear to be. He initially said he had a “hunch” this whole thing would blow over in a week or 2 and there were only 15 people in the US affected (that was in early February). His “hunch” proved to be wrong and he is now saying the worst is yet to come and it should peak in about 2 weeks around Easter, the very same time that he told us a week ago that he wanted to “see the churches packed for Easter”. This is a constantly moving target and no one, not Robyn, you, me OR the President knows how or when it will end and just have to do the best we can.

    2. Melonie says:

      You do not have all the facts right.
      Granted not all the facts are right on the news either but neither are some of your resources.
      I have family in Hong Kong and China and many friends there. My neighbors son works for the US embassy there. I also have a cousin whose husband is still there. Your facts about China do not correspond with their experiences over there. Also economy there is affected as well.
      I live in Oregon. I know what is happening here and in Washington. People flooded to the Oregon coast for spring break and now they have cases there in a small town of Tillamook with limited medical equipment. This could happen to Park city as well and it will probably happen to all the other small towns on the Oregon coast because everyone packed those small towns with people on spring break. The people who live there do not want to all get sick because some some people are not considerate.
      I have a friend who has a family member that works as a medical worker in that small town.
      If you want to know facts about things make sure you check with people who are there in the situation and reliable sources.
      Yes some of the cases are mild but elderly people and those with certain health problems as well as newborn infants like my niece who was 6 weeks premature are at risk. Why risk getting it and passing it to someone you love who is in that categor? My mother in law is 88 years old and we want her to live to 90 at least. I have asthma and do not want it.
      There was a nursing home in Eugene Oregon where it spread and a large number of the people there died.

    3. Cheriel says:

      As an 80 year old, I am astonished that you think my increased chances of a very terrifying potential death is nothing compared to a few weeks of money in your pocket.

      I no longer want to get anything you write, produce or sell.

      And to think I was planning to get a sauna from you.

      Thanks for revealing you are a right wing nut job.

      1. Kenneth says:

        Robyn is not wrong. This could have been handled very sensibly with concern for small business’. So many have been drinking the Kool-aid for so long they can’t see beyond their feelings of what might really be happening. Use common sense…if you’re old stay inside…etc. It’s not rocket science. The u. s. is so full of lefties who hate anyone who disagrees with them, for each other (and anyone who dares to have their own opinion) and seemed bent on socialism that this crisis is exposing this hatred outright. Robyn is right to express the over reacting few who destroy so many lives. This will have much farther lasting devastation than the virus. We’ll lose more to prescribed drugs on any given year. Wake up people!

    4. Valerie Richards says:

      Diana’s right. You must not own a business. and if you, do you’re heartless. These are people. Real people who have worked hard. And this whole pandemic was fear mongering. And it COULD have been handled WITHOUT such an economic death to Almost the WHOLE nation.

      I would wager that MOST of our politicians ARE actually GOOD people, like the rest of us, who were duped. It is unwise to throw out our best with the bathwater. But we DO need to make sure this doesn’t happen again – the FEAR mongering.

      We NEED Government decisions to be LOCALLY DONE with the BEST case scenario being the ONE THAT WE DO, NOT the WORST. And advising of the worst so people can make their OWN choices in the OWN homes. THIS would have been the VERY best decision for America. If we take the risk, THEN it’s OUR risk, NOT anyone else’s decision MADE FOR US. FREEDOM. It’s a GOOD thing.

  129. S-Pi says:

    Sounds reasonable to me. There are links to references. You have to wonder about why most people in the medical field don’t know how many lives could be saved by the long proven methods against other corona virus strains using vitamin C as high-dose, intravenous for cure and smaller oral doses for saving dying patients in critical care. Results are now coming out from China and Korea of their successes with it in this pandemic. This article gives links to references that are peer reviewed.
    PS I am a scientist 🙂 but what we need most is common sense under our thinking caps.

    1. Gena says:

      Prevention is the best medicine:
      Overdose on nutrition
      Rest and less stress
      Count our blessings

  130. wandasue ward says:

    I have said all along this smacks of lies !!!!!

    5G being installed without law approval!!!!



    1. darwar says:

      We the people have to stop them from putting 5G in our neighborhoods. We don’t need it if it’s going to be detrimental to our health.

  131. Karla says:

    Robyn, so happy there are people out there with common sense! Yes, it is a problem for those with other underlying conditions as well as suppressed immune systems and for those my heart goes out to! But in reality the common flu also affects those people. So many people I know all believe the quarantine is an over reaction. The fact that you can not even go to a park for a walk is ridiculous! Keeping your body healthy is the BEST thing you can do to fight offANY infection and that has even been taken away! Our bodies need to be outside!

    1. Rebecca says:

      You can’t go outside to a public park?
      Where do you live?
      I spent the first 28 years of my life in Southern California where we lived out doors…except when there was a smog alert.
      The next 26 years we have lived in Houston where we are only outdoors seasonally.
      Since the pandemic Houston looks like SoCal as everyone is outdoors walking, talking to neighbors (of course they are keeping 6 feet between them), coordinating all sorts of activities for kids during their walks and bike rides, caring for the elderly and more!
      Feeling greatful for my community!

    2. Melonie says:

      I live in Oregon and we have a stay at home order but that does not mean you cannot go outside. We go walking every day. The grocery stores are open and medical office. Massage is one thing not onen but it is to protect the therapist as much as the clients. I have a close friend who is a massage therapist. Restaurants are take out or drive through or delivery but some are just shutting down not from lack of business but from sick employees.

    3. Amaly says:

      And I quote: "CDC estimated there were 60.8 million cases (range: 43.3-89.3 million), 274,304 hospitalizations (range: 195,086-402,719), and 12,469 deaths (range: 8868-18,306) in the United States due to the (H1N1)pdm09 virus." and another report:
      "Flu season in the US, which runs from October through May, claims tens of thousands of lives every year. This season CDC estimates that, as of mid-March, between 29,000 and 59,000 have died due to influenza illnesses. Add to that the misery of hundreds of thousands of flu-related hospitalizations and millions of medical visits for flu symptoms this season." The quarantine is an overreaction. We are believing what the media is saying when we should stop and think on our own and inform ourselves. The media express their opinion and what they want you to believe not always the truth.

  132. Bonnie says:

    This post was totally irresponsible of you. There is a worldwide pandemic and you are showing more concern for economics than the health of people. Yes, we are ALL concerned about the financially devastating results that are in our future but we will recover from that as well. Health and life are more important and you have benefitted from promoting good health and then you post this? I am unsubscribing from all of your emails and I will be skeptical of any information coming from you in the future.

  133. Henry says:

    This article is in no way a scientific treatment of the subject.

    The author is hurt and seems mostly motivated by the fact that businesses are tanking.

    She’s cherry picking from studies and news articles to push her agenda.

    In Bullet point 1 she says "that only 348 cases total have been diagnosed in the entire state of Utah, and that new diagnoses were now decreasing 9.", but if you look at cite 9 it actually says: "There’s a Slowdown in Percentage Growth". That means that the cases are increasing, but not as fast, NOT that new cases are decreasing. (and by the way that slowdown was ONLY due to a lot of people doing social distancing at the time)

    Bullet point 2 cited a study, which if she actually read it states the R0 for the virus is inherently very high, 5.2. In fact the study uses that high R0 as the basis for it’s model and suggestion that the CFR is relatively low (in their opinion). (and this can be argued, as the paper is only theoretical and not peer reviewed.)

    But then the author completely reverses her argument in 3A by saying "COVID19 may not be significantly more communicable than other infectious illnesses".

    She really can’t have it both ways.

    Listen to or watch some real epidemiologists and doctors from S. Korea or Italy if you want the truth, and yes, it is serious.

  134. E.L. says:

    Oh dear! Summit county in Utah is getting hit hard. The rates are continuing to climb in your county and it appears that your small hospital can’t keep up. Thankfully, your community will be shut down for a while to try to limit the FAST spread of the contagious virus. Instead of writing a blog demanding that the little yoga shops and quaint shops in Park City remain open, how about doing your part and shelter at home? Check in with neighbors and any seniors to see how they’re faring. Seeing the high spread of cases in a rural county, like yours, makes your blog post even more exceptionally self-centered.

  135. KC1776 says:

    Robyn, I know you have shared your experience in this area of studying pandemics in the past in other webinars etc…, it would have been helpful to have added your qualifications to why people should listen to you at the beginning of your article…in reading the responses a few people think you dont know what you are talking about because you are "just the green smoothie girl"… if they knew your background, maybe they’d take your excellent information more seriously… it is unfortunate that they are not, and that they are trapped in the fear they are being brainwashed with…
    Thanks for what you are doing.

    1. SS-The Independent says:

      I don’t think so…it’s called ‘ cognitive dissonance ‘…If you expect a scared brainwashed people to wake up when the entire mass-media is bombing them 24/7 with ; fake-news/fear-porn, you expect what Thomas Jefferson well said : " If you expect to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, you expect something what never was and never will be ".

  136. Natalie says:

    Unsubscribing immediately. Red flags went up with your sauna sales pitch last month for me anyway.

  137. Val says:

    Glad more people are speaking up to this BS. This is a panic/demic made up for what….
    In China etc. they are using intravenous Vitamin C to successfully treat the complications, that hardly anyone gets, from this coronavirus 19.
    That should be the headline !
    But wait, treating the complications is TOO simple and TOO cheap.
    Prevent and treat simply, look at:
    Peer reviewed studies to back it up:
    Stay healthy

  138. Unsubscribing … says:

    One thing that Robyn’s post (annotated with politically far-right, quack sources) has made abundantly clear: her priorities lie with monetary wealth, NOT with people’s health. As a business owner myself, I find it especially ironic, therefore, that by publicly stating her "truth" in an already deeply divided political environment, she has managed to alienate a sizable portion – perhaps even half – of her customer base.

  139. Nichole Single says:

    Hello Robyn,
    I have very much enjoyed being a part of your Green Smoothie Girl emails. I have learned a lot and you have introduced me to lots of other people like Chris Wark. I usually look forward to what you are sending out next. I have to be honest with you about this email regarding the shut down of businesses due to the Covid19 virus. I understand that this is a great hardship on a lot of people, but I feel it is necessary. I also am sorry that you had to bring this into the wonderful health forum. I need places to read about being healthy and help give me ideas to stay strong and positive through this. I need positive political free spaces! I have to really consider leaving and unsubscribing from you if this is what you are going to spread. Please reconsider and continue with all the great health information and leave the politics somewhere else.

    1. No longer a fan says:

      Shame on you, Robyn! Do you not care at all about the traumas unfolding in the hospitals of Italy and NYC? In addition to old sickly people dying, otherwise healthy people of all ages with asthma are also being killed by this disease, and countless doctors and nurses without pre-existing health conditions are also dying after extended exposure to those sick with Covid-19. But even if it were only the elderly with compromised immune systems dying, that would still be reason enough to act to protect them.

      The U.S. is not handling social distancing especially well, because too many Americans are not willing to put the common good of society ahead of their own personal wants, but it’s the best thing we can do in the absence of sufficient protective gear and/or sufficient tests to determine asymptomatic carriers, and/or an effective vaccine.

      Economies and businesses can be brought back and built up again, but death is not something one can recover from. This is not fake news, and the deaths are real, regardless of what mortality rate is or isn’t extrapolated/interpolated.

      Your cherry-picking of data and commentary is transparent and self-serving, and several of your conclusions are flawed. You complain about orders of magnitude errors made by others, but you cannot even correctly write two-tenths of one percent (0.2% not 0.02%), and you conflate the rate of increase of new cases with incidence of new cases and with incidence of cases overall.

      Staying home and having my life and economic situation upended this way is not pleasant, but I am willing to do so in order that the health of others be preserved. I’m being compassionate and prudent about it, not panicked, but then I don’t pay attention to fear-mongering editorializers, and neither should you.

      I am very disappointed to learn you authored such a selfish and irresponsible blog, very grateful that you are not my neighbor, and am unsubscribing immediately.

  140. Stephanie says:

    Hi Robyn,
    I too was surprised by this post. I look forward to articles that support health and wellbeing. I am licensed in the healing profession. I am in an area of shutdown for the 3rd week coming up. I miss being able to meet the needs of my clients, but have made a personal decision to lower the curve. As an acupuncturist I am "allowed" to practice, but I am not treating life or death situations, so I am closed so that I do not spread this virus to my wonderful people. My husband is currently unemployed. We have NO income coming in right now. But I feel it is our duty as Americans to follow the guidelines that the federal and local government has asked us to comply with. I have a friend who is AT HOME with a collapsed lung awaiting results of her tests. It’s too risky for her to be in the hospital at this point. She is being monitored daily. THIS IS REAL. It may not be AS real in Utah, but it could be if we don’t stand down. Believe me when I say I do not agree with everything I am hearing, but I am respecting the voices of those who do this for a living and are experts in their fields. And for the first time is YEARS, I am seeing our lawmakers working together night and day to help us through this.
    The wonderful cooperative effort being put forth from individuals and companies around the country is admirable. There are MANY heroes. Being a back seat driver, so to speak, to judge the difficult decisions that are being made is not helpful. You don’t have all the information to make that judgement. You can’t. It’s being filtered with agendas all over the place! Know for every article you see written one way, you’ll find another saying just the opposite.
    So this is not a judgment against you personally. You are expressing yourself where you are right now. But I think now is the time to focus on what we can do to help those that are in need. This is a time for selflessness. For compassion. For working together. The economy will be what it’s going to be. People are the priority. Thank you for allowing me to express where I am right now.

  141. SS-The Independent says:

    No offense, but I think you are ‘ wrong ‘ ( assuming that ‘ they ‘ – those behind, and the presstitutes ‘ working ‘ for them, don’t know what’s really going on )…It’s an agenda, in it’s huge: not only deflating the financial bubble ( controlled demolition of their house of cards ), but that ‘ Pearl Harbor ‘ ( casus belli ) invoked by ‘ neocons ‘ right before Sept. 11, 2001. I think that ‘ they ‘ are ‘ not going to let this crisis to waste ‘…and what’s for us, ahead, is forced vaccination/RFIC, gun confiscation, a cashless society, ‘ social card ‘…An Orwellian nightmare, in the name of democracy, human rights, tolerance, security and peace ! I pray to be wrong, but…based on my experience under Communism and here ( for 25 years )…we are on ‘ our own ‘ ( God/Nature/Universe had ENOUGH with us )…

  142. SS-The Independent says:

    One more thing, Robyn…Based of what I have read here, there is no hope for this Country ( maybe the rest of the World ). Born in Eastern-Europe, with a bachelor degree in one of the Eastern-European capitals ( related to biology and chemistry ), I saw many in my life, there in here. Part of those ‘ revolted ‘ are trolls/shills, many are sheeple brainwashed by the system. They really believe that we have fair election and honest politicians…man, oh, man…where are you, George ( Carlin )…?! We have two daughters born in early ’90s, they are clueless of what’s going on ( but very proud of their diplomas )…Yeah, for most of your scared to death brainwashed ‘ audience ‘, we have to destroy the village, in order to save it ?! " A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves " – Edward R. Murrow

  143. Valorie Daigle retired Health Director says:

    Remove me from your email list immediately,

    1. SS-The Independent says:

      Mrs/Ms Valoire Daigle, based on your ‘ reaction ‘, I can imagine how ‘ competent ‘ were you as a Health director 🙂 As a legally immigrant from Eastern-Europe ( with 5 years bachelor degree in related science to biology.chemistry and couple thousand books read in my life, in two languages ) to Us ( past 25 years ), I can assure you, madame, that in this Country we have NOT a health care, but a sick/death care. No offense, but I understand now WHY we are here: incompetent/ignorant people in most of the ‘ fields ‘, psychopaths/liars/criminals at all the ‘ leading levels ‘ of government, Wall-Street, MIC, etc. No wonder that this country is bankrupt financial AND moral/spiritual !

      1. Tj says:

        I think you really have no right and it’s people like you that should get in a boat go to China and live there if you are so opposed to how things are done in this country. You don’t get to say it’s ok who dies and that it’s ok because they were a certain age or have an underlying condition. You are a narcissistic selfish fool and please when you get sick stay home and don’t show up and endanger our doctors and nurses that are putting their lives and their families lives on the line. You should be ashamed of yourself.

        1. SS-The Independent says:

          TJ, reading your non-sense, I remember Ron White’s line: " YOU CAN"T FIX STUPID "

  144. Sophia Jazzar says:

    We are burying my mother on Wednesday. She was alive in NYC and was 77 She contracted the virus and within a week was dead..In her final 36 hours my father drove to three hospital in Queens where she was refused admittance. She was unable to breathe. They went home and she died the next morning in my elderly fathers arms. I do not care if people can not do yoga or have a beer or late or watch a movie or have dinner outside. My parents worked their whole lives and paid taxes to only be treated as less then human and denied medical assistance when a once in a lifetime man made pandemic is sweeping the world. Its our governments who should be creating assistance for small business when this is over and in interim Not starving and bankrupting small business. ALL HUMAN LIVES ARE EQUAL and that includes old, immune compromised, young…Your viewpoint is WRONG and shame on you looking at the money..That is a toxic perception.

    1. Your comment brought tears to my eyes. I am so, so, so sorry for the loss of your precious, irreplaceable Mother!!

      May you be comforted as you bear this additional, heavy burden and grieve her parting at this tragic time in the worlds history.

      I believe she is in a place of light and love and will be your angel.

    2. PJ says:

      There appears to be a problem with the "Health" Care in Queens who denied your elderly mother admittance. Who is treating the "old, immune compromised" as less than human?
      Maybe there should be a CHANGE in the care that the 3 hospitals that denied an old, immune compromised woman who was unable to breathe, admittance.
      I am not sure how you arrived at the conclusion that Robyn’s editorial somehow was advocating denial of treatment for your mother.

      1. Tracy says:

        That isn’t what Sophia said. She didn’t say that Robyn was advocating for the denial of treatment for her mother. Read it again. If that’s your conclusion after a second read, then bless your heart.

    3. SS-The Independent says:

      Yeah, Sophia, suuure…I believe you…I’m toooo old ( and young enough ) to smell a a rat from a mile. What the average brainwashed American sheeple ( opposite to the Eastern-European one, under Communism ) is that she is a ‘ victim ‘ of specials psyops like ‘ MKUltra ‘, ‘ Monarch ‘, or ‘ Mockingbird ‘…Based on your ‘ professional ‘ posting, I assume that the Establishment enrolled not only an army of ‘ crisis actors ‘, but ‘ crisis trolls/shills ‘…One question: nobody in this days is dying of regular flu/influenza/pneumonia and other respiratory disease ?! How come ?!

    4. Tracy says:

      I’m so sorry for your loss. I hope that the procedures for screening and treatment have improved in your area.

  145. There is way too much evidence that this whole pandemic thing was a hoax that has done more damage than the virus itself could ever have done.

    My question is this: How do we tell the people (government, media, etc.) who are doing this to take a hike and get back to our normal lives?

    1. SS-The Independent says:

      The government and media IS in this PLANdemic and pLanic, don’t you get it ?! I understand that is much easy for me and others born under totalitarian regimes to see this ( deja-vu ), but come on, how long it takes to you to wake up ?! Watch George Carlin’s ‘ The American dream ‘ and ‘ The real owners of America ‘ and you gonna get it 🙂

  146. Jacque says:

    I am very disappointed in this. I am shocked that you would prioritize business over peoples lives. I had assumed that you really cared about people’s health but apparently that was a bad assumption. There is far too much evidence that this is a real crisis for you to ignore it. All lives matter! Let’s save the people and the businesses will recover. I own my own business too and have shut it down for now.

    1. SS-The Independent says:

      Well, Jacque, if you are not a ( paid ) troll or a useful id…t, and you have a business ( and what kind of business you have ), as an ‘ outsider ‘ I can tell you that you can kiss your as…I mean business good bye ! How do I know ?! Because I took the ‘ pill ‘ long time ago ( back there, in Eastern-Europe ) and after I learned English, I understood that " The table is tilted, folks. The game is rigged. And nobody seems to notice. Nobody seems to care. " – George Carlin

  147. John Schumacher says:

    I wish to add some light:
    Without a vaccine yet available, the best ways to bolster your immune system and AVOID infection would be:
    1. Replenish all your deficient nutrients that support your immune system and cellular function: Vitamins C & D, a Methylated active B complex, zinc, selenium
    2. Get Ultra violet light/ sun exposure.
    3. Sit in an Infrared sauna.(Kills many pathogens so your immune system can fight other battles)
    4. Bio-identical hormone supplementation at physiological levels to bring your thyroid, adrenal, testosterone (amazing for cardiovascular, LUNG, and circulation function for BOTH men and women) estrogen and progesterone levels – Need to bring them up to the top 1/3 of normal levels shared by healthy robust 30 year olds. (Amazing for anti-aging as well)
    5. Fix your gut biome: a.). take plant sterols, b.) take digestive enzymes with all cooked meals, c.) take probiotics to help keep out bad bacteria, fungus, mold and allow your white blood cells to fight off virus pathogens so your body is not over run with candida, yeast, mold, fungus, bacteria, etc. e.) eat some raw food with live enzymes every day – like Robyn’s green smoothies. f.) Alkalize your body with greens, vegetables, fruit (1 green smoothie a day) reduce and/or stop intake of all added sugar, processed franken-foods, fast Franken-foods, all fried foods, toxic oils ( all of them except extra virgin olive oil) and move toward a paleo/vegan diet.
    6.) learn to lower your stress and cortisol levels – stress kills your immune system. Do this with a simple DAILY breathing/meditation/Energy practice. Inhale Compassion + sunlight into your heart/lungs/chest and receive Divine compassion. Then exhale gratitude, anger, hatred and resentment. Start out slow and “grow your heart space” with daily practice until you can do this daily for 20-30 minutes or more. This is a 4500 year old time-tested practice that will change your energy to positive/neutral and equanimity. You must feed your heart daily, just as you must feed your stomach and body daily. What you practice, you become – so if you practice receiving compassion, you will fill up your own inner tank to overflowing and have abundance to share from within. Focus on your exhale as that activates your parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digestion and immune function) whereas your inhale activated your sympathetic nervous system – fight/flight.
    7.) stay connected with others. We are stronger together than isolated. Use FaceTime and video chat if you are stuck indoors.
    8.) Give to others out of abundance, but remember to fill your heart each day first
    9.) Look for things to create the feeling of gratitude Emotions are the “language“ of the body and will influence your thoughts. 10 % of your neurons are in your gut and your heart muscle – and directly influence your thoughts.

    1. SS-The Independent says:

      I agree with you, John S., EXCEPT your hope in that vaccine. ONLY an uninformed/brainwashed sheeple take a flu shot, or a Corona shot ( well, if it’s the beer, I’m in ). It takes couple hours to find what is in vaccines and understand the risk…but ‘ Americans don’t read ‘ ( like Alan Dulles said about the ‘ magic bullet ‘, after JFK’s assassination ). If ‘ knowledge is power ‘, " ignorance could be lethal "…

  148. Gena J. says:

    How throughly irresponsible of you! It might have been possible not to have a shut down if Trump and his administration had adequate testing available from the outset of this pandemic (which he says he knew was a pandemic before anyone called it that) then our country may have been able to track the virus and quarantine only those who were infected. But Trump chose to ignore scientists and chose to politicize and diminish the significance of the virus. So here we are in a health care crisis and an economic mess.

    You could at least wait until numbers were coming down to put this ridiculous article online! One good thing for me though – you just saved me several thousand dollars on an infrared spa. Sounded good at first, but now I don’t trust your research or your judgment.

    1. SS-The Independent says:

      Gena…another leftist sheeple…What do you mean, that when Trump start his mandate, this Country was in a pristine condition ?! I’m an independent and I know that the President and the politicians were put there for you sheeple to believe that you have choices. You don’t. You have owners ( like George Carlin said ). Wasn’t Trump under non-stop prestitutess/fake news attack, with that Russian ‘ interference ‘ BS ?! What did your Nobel Prize for ‘ peace ‘ winner, Barak Obama ( if this is his real name ) did for us, beside bombing countries and killing people with drones ?! Unless you wake up, you deserve the slaughter house awaiting for you…

    2. Morgan says:

      Your comment resonates at a high frequency and sits in tune with my beliefs. Thank you. I hope you didn’t buy that expensive ionizer she touts, either! The filter and citric acid cleaner cartridges costs are insane and unsustainable. Horribly run company imo.

  149. Jess says:

    Robyn I see what you are saying, but please be open minded and watch this video! You may change your mind.

    Professor Kim from Korea University Guro Hospital is one of the most prominent experts on infectious diseases and the caronavirus. He’s dealt with infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, AIDS, measles, SARS outbreak, Swine Flu outbreak, Ebola outbreak, and MERS. From his 30 years of experience he says that COVID-19 is the most challenging.

    Watch this video to understand what Korea is doing to contain the virus. Because of things they already went though with SARS and MERS, the government was completely prepared. Everyone wears masks (which they say ARE effecting to prevent spread), they were prepared with test kits and testing is widely available. The fact is, the United States lacks masks for citizens, we don’t have enough tests, and we are running low on protective equipment for medical professionals. Businesses in Korea and China are able to stay running because they are more prepared and have ways to contain and reduce spread other than social distancing.

    Our economy vs making the right choices during a pandemic must be a very weighted decision for our politicians at this time. Since we are very underprepared compared to other countries, it makes sense that the quickest option is to social distance and shut high risk quickly spreading areas down right now. They also passed 2 Trillion bill to help people and businesses.

    Because South Korea is able to test so much, they have a lot more data. From their research, 20% of infected people are asymptomatic, but they are able to still spread the disease. Also, the death rate of those infected / tested is 2-3%. 90% of those deaths are occurring in people older than 60. Seasonal flu has a death rate of .1%. And not all people with the seasonal flu are even tested for it. The other unique problem Dr Kim says with COVID-19, is they are finding people who have had it, can be reinfected.

    This virus has only been around for 2-3 months with a lot of information and research still to be done to understand it. And the end of the video he gives advice to stay humble, we cannot become arrogant about it. He says the doctors are even exhausted in Korea where they have the best case scenario as far as preparedness. He says it is an outright war for the medical community. I think this video is worth the watch.

  150. Ylean says:

    Thank you for the information. My belief from the start is that the media and politicians are hyping the situation because their agenda is that, to destroy the economy, with no concern for the lives of the American people. Also, from what I have seen and heard, this not worse than the swine flu or even the regular flu but again, the media and certain politicians have taken it to another level for their own agendas. Just as bad are the governors of some states that refuse to allow doctors to give patients that new medicine that has proven to be effective. I think its time we start protesting and start asking questions and putting politicians on the spotlight to put their political agendas to the side and allow people to get their lives back. It’s not right for people like your neighbors to lose their livelihood for a man that no only lied but doesn’t have your best interest in mind. Thank you for your post.

  151. Regina says:

    Agree. There is more behind this than meets the eye. Check out Dr. Shiva, MIT researcher who studies immunology daily. Understand that Bill Gates owns the lab in Wuhan and the patent to the vaccine for this virus. Thanks for being bold enough to share thi.

    1. Anita says:

      *There is no vaccine and he doesn’t own the lab*, although I doubt anything that contradicts the nonsense she’s passing off as facts here will have any impact on what you choose to believe.

      1. Tony says:

        He may not own the lab, but I saw an article the other day that Gates wants it so that everyone needs to carry a certificate showing they have received the vaccine. That is a pompous tyrannical thug. That will be the day anyone sticks a vaccine in my or my families bodies without our consent. This is America still I believe, and we still have the freedom to choose. Just another elitist thug who thinks he has moral authority over another human.

        1. Connie says:

          So agree. To think all this pandemic chaos has possibly been orchestrated to have people in this country in so much panic to be at their mercy. Is sickening. If the truth ever came out, don’t think we could handle it!

      2. Joe says:

        Good one ~ smoothie girl is crazy. And all of this finally proves it.

    2. Jim Hallett says:

      Thanks for pointing out that Bill Gates owns the patent for the virus in Wuhan. This is the thrust of the globalist scheme – to impose a vaccine on everyone, and perhaps use that to reduce world population, something Gates has pushed for. People are in fear, and refuse to put things in perspective and the media just spurs them on. I hope the truth comes out sooner than later.

      1. suz says:

        How can you spread such falsehoods! Do your research instead of $5M to help them find a vaccine. Have you any idea how many labs across the world are trying to develop a vaccine? Did you know that President Trump was trying to by a vaccine from Germany for the exclusive use in the USA? Did you know that the lab turned down the offer because they want to serve everyone? How selfish everyone seems to be! Have you all been so jaded in your lives that you can’t see good in anyone anymore?

      2. susan says:

        First, the virus is a natural creature, like you and me. No one owns a patent to it.
        Second, assuming you meant to write "vaccine", well, there is not an accepted vaccine, yet.
        Third, if there was an accepted vaccine being produced in China, a patent would be irrelevant and worthless, as China does not reliably honor or protect them.
        Fourth, no, i’m not defending Gates. I have little to no respect for his presumptions.

        1. Donna says:

          A virus is not a "natural creature." It is not alive; the only way it obtains life is by binding with our own cellular DNA, and yes, it is patented because it is man-made.

          Yes, there are many labs trying to come up with a vaccine, however vaccines are filled with so many harmful substances, that they will be more dangerous than the disease. I, for one, won’t be in that lineup.

          What China does or does not do is none of our business. We need to take care of our own, not by locking them up, but by respecting their liberty and their agency.

          Gates is evil and has a wicked agenda that needs to be stopped.

          God is in charge, and although this time is turbulent and sometimes frightening, the end is glorious for those who serve Him, and not so much for those who don’t.

        2. Connie says:

          Wait a minute? Didn’t Trump say this will go away just like other flu outbreaks? He sat back even with advice from health advisors and seeing China, Italy were giving example of what was coming our way..
          to have Trump laugh off these gruesome possibilities, laugh off implementing the National defense program to get medical products produced, to state hospitals wronged calculations for ventilators, medical supplies, to complain of governors not being more appreciative of him, to deny certain state governors medical supplies because of his dislike(democratic states)…even Trump’s refusal to wear a mask as finally that idea is being promoted….he is the worst role model and disappointing president…leader. Disappointing that his ego, arrogance and run of the mouth without thinking first….is what people in this country find so appealing. Too many lies and his character flaws are disturbing. He likes to hear himself talk and wants all to endlessly praise him… for what…telling us this flu bug will pass like the others….will be back to norm by Easter???? He is clueless! He also cannot handle the truth…and was not elected by popular vote…only by an outdated, not needed electoral college system.

          Of course the desire for a vaccine will be the only course taken. But where did this virus originate from? Sad to read the gruesome possibility of a leak from a lab right in Wahun, China.
          "The evidence points to SARS-CoV-2 research being carried out at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. The virus may have been carried out of the lab by an infected worker or crossed over into humans when they unknowingly dined on a lab animal. Whatever the vector, Beijing authorities are now clearly scrambling to correct the serious problems with the way their labs handle deadly pathogens." Please read this, and this is not the only article of this information…

  152. Robyn
    Thanks for sharing this information. I have followed your health education for many years and commend you on speaking out to shine light on the darkness that is closing in on US. As you well know the media always has a part to play in the hidden agendas of promoting bad news and doom and gloom. Many companies put profits over people. Very little helpful information about natural health is being promoted in the media. People seem to have a hard time understanding that people should focus more on being healthy and improving their immune system. Unfortunately too many people are brainwashed into looking for the drugs, pills, quick fix, silver bullet, and vaccine to fix things. Unfortunately many people are making detrimental decisions without understanding the real valid data and cycles of nature. It appears some politicians are willing to sink our ships in order to deal with some nuisance rats without realizing how many business and people will sink along with the few rats. Then they will look for the government (US) to bail them out with magic money that grows on magic trees. We spend more money on healthcare than any other country and rank 47th in the world with our results. More people die of cancer, malaria, heart disease and diabetes than flu or virus yet we do not try to stop the global or US economy to solve those problems. What makes them think this situation deserves them crushing our businesses and economy? If they do not start the economy back up soon we will soon see desperate people doing desparate things to survive. The virus will come and go as they always do but the economy may not recover in our lifetime. Imagine what happened in 2008 but only many many times worse. Something to think about.

    1. Jen says:

      Thanks Michael! Very well said! I hope people are getting a better understanding of what is really going on….

      Thank you Robyn for your courage to speak your truth and starting the conversation that is well needed. We all need to use critical thinking rather than herd mentality.

  153. Mats E says:

    Thanks for the insightful information Robyn.
    Totally agree this is far from a pandemic as caused by the virus. 25.000 victims so far on a world population of more than 6 billion. But what is following in the wake of this is horrendous. Seems like the entire world has come to an economic standstill.

    1. Anita says:

      The definition of a pandemic has to do with how and how far the contagion spreads, *not by current case and death statistics*. It’s going to get far worse before it gets better, and in places like India with very poor areas where thousands of people are all living on top of each other and have poor sanitation, the death rates are going to be staggering.

      1. bo jangles says:

        Based on…………. your opinion and superior knowledge of the future? Time will tell! as it always does.

  154. Linda says:

    Hi, Robyn! Love your site and all that you do. In the beginning of this article, it’s written to your county (I believe). Do you think it would still be ok to share with other states’ leaders?

    Thank you!

  155. Anita says:

    So many errors in this blog. Cuomo did not say that the quarantine was a mistake for any economic reasons, he said it was a mistake because he realized afterwards that it probably wasn’t a good idea to quarantine young people in with older people. You are seriously spouting a bunch of nonsense here.

  156. Tricia says:

    I love your blogs
    And i am all for you on this subject.




    I SAY





    1. Geraldine Gentry says:

      And we kind of know what that agenda is, don’t we?

  157. Jenny says:

    Interesting how money is your main reason to risk the lives of so many of your fellow human beings. I hope your influenced followers stick to your green smoothies which surely enhance health, and don’t risk their lives and their loved ones lives following this distorted version of reality. Our lives are worth saving. I wish this was not happening, but pretending it isn’t is no help. You might as well put on your red shoes and click your heels together three times.

    Both state and federal governments are stepping up to help both individuals and small businesses, even though the Repubs fought hard against helping little people like us.

    But too much of this is about politics, and the corona virus is not political, it does not care. Not even the flu virus is political, and statistics show a higher flu death rate per capita in states, generally red states, where people don’t believe in flu shots. The corona virus is more contagious and far more lethal than the flu. Young and middle aged people also get serious cases, and many die or end up with damaged lungs for life.

    Please don’t influence people to disregard the seriousness of this pandemic. Since it seems that money is most important to you, you could be causing yourself the loss of customers due to untimely demise. Just think of that lost income! Not to mention your moral culpability.

    1. Kenneth says:

      this is what’s nice about America… you can criticize anyone you like and truth doesn’t even have to be in play for it to happen. Robyn, I believe you are right about the hysteria and over zealous behavior the media has created. Don’t be offended by the uninformed controlled left. Ecclesiastes 10:2 The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left.
      Thank you for being bold ( and I believe spot on) in this time of need. We all need hope right now and those who believe, truly believe will have it. It’s there for all! Philippians 4:19 And this same God who takes care of me will supply all your needs from his glorious riches, which have been given to us in Christ Jesus. If you don’t believe this now, then maybe you should start?

    2. Tony says:

      Just wondering if you were so fearful and outraged that Obama didn’t shut down the country from the swine flu in 2009, that took about 17,000 American lives in one year and hospitalized nearly 300,000 but incredibly the media was downplaying it. could be because Obama was president? Is that not playing politics? Secondly, I would never ever get a flu shot. I’m 57 and I’ve never had the flu in my life because when you take care of your body and give it what it needs you don’t need a flu shot. Remember, humans are not vaccine deficient. So many people have been harmed including children by vaccines, yet so many like Yourself are like sheep just excepting anything the government tells you, without questioning the efficacy. My firstborn almost died after getting the MMR vaccine. My other 2 children never received a vaccine in their lives and are as healthy as can be and rarely sick. The media is definitely fear mongering and over hyping this far more than the other side is downplaying it. This is not the Spanish flu. This will not kill 100 million people, (not even remotely close) yet you would think the world is coming to an end with these propaganda, Partisan media outlets, who only care about one thing, and it’s not people’s lives, it’s getting rid of a president that they despise and have despised and have tried to destroy for the last four years. That’s what I call politics.

    3. Carol says:

      There is no pandemic.

    4. Joan says:

      "But too much of this is about politics, and the corona virus is not political, it does not care. Not even the flu virus is political, and statistics show a higher flu death rate per capita in states, generally red states, where people don’t believe in flu shots." Seriously???? The highest rates are in BLUE, liberal states! Look at California and NY. The BLUE states are the ones pushing for mandatory vaccines and typically PRO-VAXX! You are backwards, my dear. Please don’t post public comments as you prove yourself to be a fool.

    5. John Van der Sluijs, NL. says:

      VERY, VERY well said Jenny.

  158. Christine says:

    Thanks for your courage Robyn! It’s mind boggling how unquestioning a portion of the population is.

  159. James says:

    What a disservice you are doing for those who follow your blog. Would you have nothing done to protect the population from the coronavirus? Simply allow the infections and deaths of thousands to go on and increase in number, often because a few refuse to follow the guidelines?

    I fervently hope this virus does not end up affecting you, your loved ones, and friends, all for the lack of action that you would have our country undertake.

    1. Tony says:

      There is absolutely no need to shut down the whole country as Chris Martinson says, it is as simple as ABC, everyone wears a mask and this ends. you can’t give it to another person if you’re wearing a mask. you don’t need to shut down the whole damn country and destroy millions of lives. In South Korea and China they are all wearing masks.

    2. Tony says:

      There is absolutely no need to shut down the whole country as Chris Martinson says, it is as simple as ABC, everyone wears a mask and this ends. you can’t give it to another person if you’re wearing a mask. you don’t need to shut down the whole damn country and destroy millions of lives. In South Korea and China they are all wearing masks.

    3. Carol says:

      Please get a grip. There is no pandemic. Only the flu. Way more die from the flu than this virus.

    1. Tony says:

      The New York fake news times, all fear mongering. I can’t believe there is so many gullible people in this country who listen to these so-called experts who are wrong more than they are right. If everyone wore a mask there will be no need to shut down the country, I have millions of people’s lives destroyed, and this thing would be over rather quickly because you cannot spread a virus if everyone is wearing a mask. There you go, I just saved the country trillions of dollars and I’m not even a so-called expert!

  160. Lin says:

    Good on you girl, for talking about this openly

  161. KQ says:

    These are some pretty substantial stats proving that Sumit County has done the right thing, hopefully early enought to prevent doubters like you from getting the virus.

    1. Carol says:

      The only virus is one of fear. And, you have succumbed to it.
      Get a grip. Look around you. How many do you know who are sick? How many are dying?

  162. ann says:

    I totally agree with Robyn!!!!!! Remember ……. the government are the people that also say genetically modified seeds are okay ……. they allow big businesses to continue to pollute our air we breath with pesticides and chemicals……pollute our environment with plastics ….. allow all kinds of chemical products on the shelves of our stores…….and the food chain is continually being poisoned by allowing the farmers etc….. to use chemicals on the food we ingest, the products we use for every day living……. a peach doesn’t even taste like a peach anymore ….it tastes like a pesticide peach! It all boils down to money and greed we are all paying the price for being guinea pigs. Why didn’t we stick with paper bags…… glass bottles? I could go on and on ……why is it alway man made chemically made pharmaceuticals for every problem of the human anatomy…..vaccines for every problem the government has created!!!!!What’s and immune system???????…….why can’t they use medicine from the earth??????? MONEY!!!!!!!! It’s getting worse and worse…….I feel sorry for kids they are not going to know what a healthy happy life is. What is the world coming to?????

  163. Deb M says:

    Thanks, Robyn, for sharing this info.

    There are many who don’t buy in to the inflated and inaccurate data being reported though ‘fear-based journalism’.

    Best wishes to you!

  164. Connie says:

    Common all state governors….show some appreciation to our president!! He needs more appreciation…not sure what…kiss his &$#$ ! Was your state victorious for Trump? He is a revengeful being. Careful with your words to not speak against him…or you will have necessary life saving supplies held back!
    And why are we not better prepared…….which is inexcusable…
    "Trump disbanded NSC pandemic unit … They’ve been warning about the next pandemic for years and criticized the Trump administration’s decision in 2018 to dismantle a National Security Council directorate at the White House charged with preparing for when, not if, another pandemic would hit the nation."

    Yes, he claims too many unnecessary people in this pandemic group and in 2018 dissolved some to claim to have enough able to handle this pandemic….with much reference to Obama’s failures..Trump stating in his numerous tweets… attacks against Obama…
    ""The United States must immediately institute strong travel restrictions or Ebola will be all over the United States-a plague like no other!” Trump wrote on Sept. 30, 2014." Did Trump for COVID19?
    "Obama just appointed an Ebola Czar with zero experience in the medical area and zero experience in infectious disease control. A TOTAL JOKE!” he wrote two weeks later. (Wednesday, Trump defended his choice of Pence, who is also not a doctor or scientist, because he had been a governor.)" Really?
    Wasted a whole month, disclaiming the seriousness of the virus…stating will go away when weather warms! Now all scrapping, Trump changing his not so serious tone to finally putting the National Defense program in place to, well, get "one" company to start making medical supplies. Trump lies repeatedly! Does not respect those of science, medical experience…just states whatever in on his mind!!! Creates confusion. "At times, he has seemed far more concerned about the virus’ effect on the stock market than on human beings." Campaign year is more his concern! Lie…lie…lie! Me…me…me, and why all the nasty reporters that ask him nasty questions? He’s caught in a lie…then a nasty question. Can he handle the truth…no he just can…..deny…deny…deny.
    It would be a miracle to get the truth about this COVID19 virus. Why did China not warn other countries back in Nov/Dec. about their knowledge of it? Where did this virus truly originate? Why were many warnings of the possibility of a pandemic put on the back burner? I do not know if Americans could handle the "truth" if ever that could ever happen!

  165. Carol says:

    Everyone on this forum, please watch Del Bigtree’s latest Highwire.
    He shows new statistics and has multiple testimonies from doctors and scientists that say that the current policies are not supported by the data.


    Please look at this and pass it on.


  166. Jon Herring says:

    Great article, Robyn! Thank you for being brave enough to swim against the current and for doing the research to prove your case!

  167. TLS says:

    PATENT # 2006257852

  168. Jen says:

    Event 201…a simulation done in the fall of 2019 about a coronavirus that becomes a pandemic and spreads around the world. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is in the credits. YouTube it and start to understand the agenda.

  169. glenn mallard says:

    You are I’ll informed and your attitude will cause deaths if there are more like you. You are being selfish, just look at what’s happening in Italy and Spain.

  170. Kathy says:

    Dear Robyn,

    Did you miss the part about Flattening the Curve?

    Regards, Kathy

    1. spencer says:

      F T C……..Just slowing down all this nonsense, look around people at the bigger picture we are screwed, the economy and the people who are loosing there jobs, the global health of this country, think about it, all these diseases created from who… made political crap (oh wow I can’t even go on) so many more lives are being affected from the steps the government has taken. THE GOVERNMENT is wrong on so many levels! Thank you Robyn, for having the courage to stand up and say what truly is going on!!!!! I wish I could.

  171. Ljenn says:

    Questionable sources not peer review and reading the syntax of how they were written indicating the authors’ ARE NOT scientists. More fake news. I’m a virologist and you and yours are a disservice to public health and education.

  172. glenn mallard says:

    If it’s just the same as common or garden flu why the navy hospital ship in NY ? Your attitude on this flies in the face of statistics and science. Your attitude on this issue spoils the good stuff you do regarding smoothies, etc. I can’t believe you are sticking your head in the sand and believing totally irresponsible sources.

  173. Janel says:

    Unsubscribe me.

    1. Jan says:

      I believe that’s done through email, not a blog post.

  174. Jim says:

    In Washington State, where you point out that only 7% of people tested for COVID-19 were positive, a choir group of 60 people got together to practice. They all used hand sanitizer at the door, stayed apart, and refrained from touching each other. A few weeks later 45 of them are presumed to have COVID-19 (28 tested positive so far) and 2 have died. (

    Imagine if this were your church or your neighbors. Imagine that they decided it was ok to practice carefully and safely together after reading your blog. Your "only 7%" nostrum wouldn’t mean much, would it?

    P.S. You need to brush up on basic math. You said that the 0.3% death rate in Washington (you actually said "0.3," which is 30%, but presumably you didn’t mean that; also the actual current rate is 4% (219 deaths from 5,187 cases, per John Hopkins University data, but let’s give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that 10 people are infected but untested for every 1 person tested) was "orders of magnitude lower than news media reports." Two orders of magnitude (x 10 x 10) would mean the news media reported a 30% death rate, which is of course ridiculous. But that’s what you said. Please get your facts and your words straight.

  175. Jim says:

    Did you actually read the reference in your section 5 to Neil Ferguson’s update? Did you read the Imperial College reports? (

    They did NOT revise the original projection of 2.2 million deaths, which was based on *no intervention*. They updated the projection to take into account the very interventions that you are complaining about. In fact, they say "with current interventions remaining in place to at least the end of March, we estimate that interventions across all 11 [European] countries will have averted 59,000 deaths up to 31 March" and "we estimate that in the absence of interventions, COVID-19 would have resulted in 7.0 billion infections and 40 million deaths globally this year."

    In other words, their prediction of potential deaths without interventions remains unchanged, but they believe the "stay at home" measures that you complain about so bitterly averted 59,000 deaths in less than two months and will avert millions of deaths before the end of the year.

  176. Karalee Manning says:

    I feel betrayed and like a prisoner in my own home. Something insidious and sneaky is going on.

  177. Carol Strickler says:

    Thank You for your research! Bravo for having the courage to realize and print the truth. This is more about the economy, than a virus and that could be deadly for our country. Why not simply ask health compromised people to avoid crowds as with previous epidemics?

  178. Sarah says:

    I think its people like you who are what is wrong with utah. Those who are taking this lightly will continue the spread. You are only concerned with your businesses and not the welfare of others. This will only matter to you when this virus hits close to home and you get sick or someone dies. You cannot tell the weak to just stay home while people like you and me will carry about our lives— we will bring it to them one way or another. I expect you to write later about how utah should have all closed down and been constant and then be angry about how much spread happened and that the leaders didn’t do enough.

    I lived in china for three years and can tell you they are not being honest with their numbers. It is not possible to have the graph go so flat and have that quick of a recovery. They filter a lot to save face with the rest of the world. They didn’t even air the olympics that was in utah when we lived there and we lived through SARS when it happened there.

    Talk to a few people that are working at the hospitals and some who have it now, it is eye opening.

    1. Salem Thorup says:

      I wonder how much communist propaganda you embraced while living in China. How do you know those deaths weren’t just people murdered by the government? Robin is the kind of person that keeps our country from turning into China. What will you say when we’re several months into this and more rights are being lost and the hospitals are still empty?

      I’m sure there’s a real virus and people are really getting sick. But Robin didn’t write this selfishly. So many people can’t afford to stop their lives in the name of keeping others safe. If your health and safety is my family’s responsibility, do we now get to make decisions to help fulfill that responsibility? I want you to only eat what I approve at the times that I say. Also, stop taking any prescriptions. After all, I’m trying to keep you safe.

      Oh, and also for your safety and well being, you need to worship how I worship. Let’s also get rid of all your electronics. And you don’t need fingernails. You’re likely to cut yourself with those. Let’s just remove them. For your safety and mine. After all, it’s my responsibility to keep you healthy and safe.

      Your rights to have a say over my life end where it hurts me. If that means you’re exposed to something, that’s just how life is. If you really can’t risk exposing yourself to the world, then YOU take necessary precautions. YOU take care of your family and I’ll take care of mine.

      Where were you when my daughter was sick? You didn’t keep her from getting cancer. You didn’t stop her from dying. You didn’t bury her and you don’t grieve her. You aren’t there to recover my family financially or emotionally. Because none of that is your job. Be careful about what responsibility you give others in relation to your health and safety. Giving responsibility also extends authority.

  179. Salem Thorup says:

    I have a new found respect for you. You have some serious spine writing this. God give you power, you amazing woman. I wonder if the haters even read your full article. They’re so attached to the information they refuse to question. Thank you, Robin, for speaking up. You will be remembered by your children, grandchildren and many others as a leader and a hero.

    1. Vicki says:

      But why then is Robyn now promoting hand soap and detergent to stock up on for this pandemic that isn’t really happening? Is she a liar or just so money hungry she will endorse anything? You just ensured I’ll never by from the company My Green Fills. Any company a liar recommends is not for me. This is real and I know people that have died and you are an awful person for writing this piece of

  180. Lily says:

    Until a few hours ago I would have been 90% in favor of this letter, my opinion changed when in the lobby of my Queens, NY apartment building I ran into a friend who works in a local hospital. While I am inclined to agree that for most of the country a full quarantine might not be necessary, I can tell you that we have been hit very hard, with healthy, young people dying inexplicably, hospitals full, medical personnel overwhelmed morgues have 10-day backups, and the whole system is at the breaking point. Several people I know have lost parents to the virus and I just found out that a friend’s husband is at home with a high fever.
    I suggest that at the very least, social distancing, wearing masks and gloves in shops, and washing your hands often are good hedges against infection, along with minerals, healthy food, exercise and sleep.
    I also believe that there are many people/companies that benefit from government-funded research into expensive new drugs and forcing people to be vaccinated. Fauci and Birx are among the people who are not to be trusted, and the president is getting both bad information and bad advice from them. The highly inaccurate prediction model came out of the Gates Foundation, not a source I personally would rely on.
    Bottom line, common sense and good health are the best protection!
    Wishing everyone safety and good health-

  181. herpaderp says:

    All these idiots posting in March, probably still downplaying things when 200k are dead with 1k more dying daily.
    Smoothie idiots.

  182. That is very fascinating, You are a very professional blogger. I have joined your feed and sit up for seeking extra of your great post. Additionally, I have shared your site in my social networks|

  183. Justin says:

    You should probably update the post with actual data now that we’ve been living in this for over a year.

    Initial worries about death rates were fortunately overblown – but by the end of March 2020 no one knew what was going to happen. Your “kill rate” numbers also have proven to be sadly way low, and if people come and read this post still they are going to be mislead.

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