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My Favorite 7 Supplements for Strong Immune Function (When You Have Symptoms)

Robyn Openshaw - Updated: March 25, 2024 - - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

I want to share with you how I helped my daughter get well using natural immune boosters, and avoided the negative effects of antibiotics.

You’re going to want to grab my FREE list of the 7 most powerful NATURAL immune-booster and viral-killer supplements that resulted in a great outcome for this story of when my college daughter got very sick.

I want you to have these for when you get sick. (P.S. We do not make or private label these supplements. They’re just what I found worked best, in raising 4 kids for 25 years.)

But you DON’T want to wait until you’re sick.

Then you’ll want to just climb in bed. You won’t want to wait till Amazon delivers, and you won’t want to drive to the health food store to shop.

Have them on hand, and all in the same place--for peace of mind, and your key to getting well, quickly, and without the negative health impacts of taking pharmaceuticals.

Supplements are a dime a dozen, aren’t they? And so many of them claim to strengthen the immune system.

Let’s look at the mechanism for how they do that, though. Let’s take a look at which supplements to take regularly, and which to use ONLY when you’re sick.

After all, you don’t want to constantly “stimulate” extra immune activity, any more than you want to run on a treadmill 16 hours a day.

Helping My College Kid When She Got Sick

Recently, after raising 4 kids for 25 years, with not a single dose of antibiotic taken by any of us….

… daughter Emma, a few hours away at college, got very sick.

I feel confident about my ability to use my natural toolbox to knock down just about any virus or infection–if I get on it, in the first day symptoms come on.

But Emma didn’t reach out to me until Day 4. The text she sent me said:

Emma and her boyfriend, Arturo

“Mom. I’m dying. I can barely swallow. Fevers and chills.”

College Students, Stress, And Sleep Deprivation

Emma goes hard. College student. ‘Nuff said? (All night studying! Boyfriend! Two jobs! Parties!) Emma cares a lot about academic performance, but she also never wants to miss anything fun. Consequently, sleep suffers. And that’s the #1 thing that affects our immune function: whether we’re getting enough sleep or not.

I wish I’d sent an arsenal of my natural, immune-supporting, virus- and bacteria-killing natural remedies, with her to school.

I won’t make this mistake again. That’s why I’m writing this–for your sake. I had taken her good health for granted. Now she’s stocked up. And I’ve gotten my other kids who live away from home stocked up, too.

By the time you’re done reading this post, I want you to know how to prepare, too. Well before flu season. (Emma got sick during the summer!)

Quick Strep Test And Antibiotics

The next morning, I had her at the Instacare. She had passed out in the shower, and I became seriously alarmed. I prepped her for what I knew would happen:

“Even if it’s viral, they’re going to try to prescribe you an antibiotic. They don’t have anything that works against viruses. Please know that I’ve protected you kids from antibiotics your whole lives, for good reasons. Please have the doctor call me before he writes you any prescription.”

They did that bogus “quick strep test.” I’d warned Emma that there are far too many false positives, and I don’t consider that test valid. I’ve tested positive every time I’ve taken it, sore throat or not!

(I even tested positive, with a vaginal swab, 15 minutes before I pushed my third baby out. They tried to talk me into taking an antibiotic, and I said no. Baby and I were both fine. I think I’m just permanently positive for strep, in the swabs and “quick strep” test, after having it many times as a kid.)

But, Emma actually tested negative, even with the quick test. And negative for several other bacteria.

Sure enough, the doc gave her an antibiotic scrip anyway. Then he called me, per my request.

I was prepared for that.

Tennyson, Emma and me

How To Talk To A Doctor About Antibiotics

Listen, those “standard of care” doctors are on the lookout for holistic weirdos, like you and me. They may think we know nothing about medicine, or the human body, and may be gearing up for an argument, the minute you start asking questions.

So let me give you some tips to totally defuse that potential situation:

1. Set The Stage And Give The Benefit Of The Doubt

I very politely but thoroughly explained that I’ve worked very hard to avoid antibiotics for my children and me, for 25 years now. That I would absolutely agree to it, for meningitis or probably even for strep, since my daughter let this bug go for quite a while, before intervention.

(I wanted him to know I’m a reasonable person. Educated, rather than a doctor-hater, or somebody who would let my child die rather than give her a drug. I did this to set the stage for what I would say next. This is important. Those of us committed to holism come up against the medical folks’ recommendations sometimes. It’s good not to take up arms, assuming from past experience that the “standard of care” practitioner will be arrogant or combative.)

In this case, he was friendly and pretty educated and open to what I was saying, as he would prove, the next couple of days. He also listened patiently.

I’m very glad I gave him the benefit of the doubt and treated him like a partner in caring for my daughter. Rather than an enemy I needed to scold or debate with.

2. Firmly Explain Your Position On Antibiotic Risks

I then explained that if she takes the antibiotic, it will destroy years’ worth of healthy colonization of the healthy bacteria in 30 feet of her gut–which comprises 85 percent of her immune system.

And that if she took an AB, she’d be likely to get a yeast infection and probably repetitively get sick with whatever viral and bacterial things are going around.

Depending on her genetic expression, she might even be fighting the effects of pharmaceutical use, and trying to rehab her gut, for years. Worst case scenario, an autoimmune condition or even C-Diff could result. (A great deal of evidence points to these risks, from taking antibiotics.)

(What I did here is outline precisely what the very real risks are, to my daughter, whom he is treating. I want him to know that I’m watching, and that I don’t consider what he’s telling her to do to be without risk, and I was holding him responsible for jumping the gun. At this point, I did not believe her illness was bacterial, and he couldn’t prove that it was.)

3. Ask The Doctor To Back You Up On Appropriate Antibiotic Use

I told him, I consider antibiotics to be very invasive. I realize that sometimes you give them because the patient just wants something. Some folks want anything, whatever you’ve got, if there’s even a chance it might make them feel better fast. We aren’t that kind of patient, I said–we don’t want an antibiotic unless it’s appropriate.

And, I said, you and I both know, doc, it won’t do her a bit of good if this is a viral infection. Then she gets all the devastation of the drug, without any of the benefits.

I asked him to support me by taking the scrip away from Emma, and explaining to her why.

I said, “Please back me up and don’t make me be the bad guy here. She’s an adult, and she will do whatever she wants, she just wants to feel better–so I’d really love it if you’d educate her about all the good guys that live in her gut, and why she needs them, and what the consequences are if she fills this prescription.”

Then I asked Emma to use the natural immune-supportive and natural bacterial- and viral-killing items I would buy her immediately.

Emma and me in Switzerland – 2015

I sent her boyfriend to the health food store, to have the clerk call me for my credit card.

Emma was furious for a minute, and raged at me.

I told her, “That’s okay, you can be mad. You might feel differently later. I wish someone had educated me, when I was your age taking antibiotics, not knowing any better.”

(Then I smiled: this is a good sign, that Emma’s still being Emma–flashing white-hot! Luckily, like me, she doesn’t stay mad more than 5 minutes.)

Arturo went to find my 7 Immune-Boosters and Viral-Killers, which I’m sharing with you now. Bookmark the page, but even more importantly, get some or all of the supplements now, so you’re ready in a crisis.

The doctor had taken blood, and the tests would come back in 24 hours, showing whether there was anything bacterial going on.

The next morning she texted, “Mom, I’ve had it. I need to get well so I can go back to work–I’m going to take the antibiotic.” It had been just 12 hours since she’d gotten the supplements.

She went back to the clinic where, to my surprise, the doc refused to give her the prescription! He said, give your supplements time to work, and let’s get this blood test back first, to see if it may be bacterial.

Later that day she texted, “I’m feeling somewhat better.”

Emma and me at The Festival of Colors

I was happy–we had dodged a bullet. She got well and went on an international trip the next week.

Why Natural Alternatives To Antibiotics? Gut Health And Immunity Function

In my 20’s, I thought antibiotics were a wonderful silver bullet. I took them every time I got anything at all, and was so excited I didn’t have to get strep tests like I did, growing up, in military hospitals an hour away, where you wait in hospital lobbies for hours.

(I was on many courses of antibiotics for serious strep infections, through my childhood. My mom was young and had no other tools.) In my 20’s, I was so thrilled that the doc would just prescribe over the phone, with no testing. My, how times have changed!

Finally, I learned the truth about antibiotics. When I got strep for the last time when I was 27, I beat it with a Goldenseal and Echinacea combo supplement.

After having flu and other illnesses countless times in my 20’s, I rebuilt my gut and virtually never get sick anymore, in my 50’s–despite this past decade being one with a lot of life stressors in it. I have not been ill from strep since I was 27, half my life ago.

May I share this impression with you:

Your body is miraculous. It has fought off 1,000 invaders. You never even knew you were in danger. It keeps cancer cells, strep, staph, candida, and many other bad guys in control, every day. Some experts estimate that you develop detectable cancer four times in a lifetime, on average–but you don’t know, because your immune system takes care of it.

Your immune system is a complex, finely balanced thing of beauty, involving many biochemical processes and organs.

No one really understands how it works, entirely. But as we learn more and more, we identify the players. Macrophages, killer T cells, gut permeability–so many factors keep you well, or make you vulnerable.

To rapidly dividing aberrant cells (cancer). Or to overgrowth of yeast (candida). Or to takeover by a viral or bacterial infection.

I love the body and worship the forces that create it.

That a baby takes root and grows, and is born perfect and healthy, millions of times every year, just blows my mind. A thousand things have to go right. The Universe is simply perfection, sometimes. Consider that, in the wake of so much man-made tragedy these days.

Love and nurture your body, okay? Make sure YOUR kids (and you!) have these 7 Natural Immune-Boosters and Viral-Killers on hand. Tell them to begin taking them the moment they feel symptoms coming on, so they’re most effective:

7 Natural Immune-Boosters and Viral-Killers

Take the first 6 at the first sign of illness as directed, for 2 weeks only. But take #7 (beta glucan) always to keep you strong against viruses and infections you come into contact with:

Ultimate Minerals
PreZyme Pro
Beta Glucan (I suggest taking this always)
Vitamin C
Colloidal Silver
Goldenseal (liquid)
Oregano Oil (in caps)

Bookmark my 7 Natural Immune-Boosters and Viral-Killers, get them for you, your kids and grandkids out of town, and please make sure they have them all in one place.

(I put them all in a gallon freezer Ziploc bag with their name and “IF YOU GET SICK” written on it, with a Sharpie.)

Buy them the whole collection of 7 for a holiday or birthday gift, and write them a letter telling them how this can be their first line of defense to get healthy.

It’s such a thoughtful, health-promoting gift, and you can quote me as the expert if it serves. (You’re never a prophet in your own land, right?)

I also will share with you my grandmother’s Immune-Fuel Hot LemonAid, here. Have it made now, and in your freezer, clearly labeled. That way, when you feel symptoms coming on, you can take it out of the freezer to thaw, and just drink a bit, every two hours. This has worked for me so many times, in my life.

By the way, if you’d rather watch, versus read, I’ve made a video about this subject here.

Photograph of Robyn Openshaw, founder of Green Smoothie GirlRobyn Openshaw, MSW, is the bestselling author of The Green Smoothies Diet, 12 Steps to Whole Foods, and 2017’s #1 Amazon Bestseller and USA Today Bestseller, Vibe. Learn more about how to make the journey painless, from the nutrient-scarce Standard American Diet, to a whole-foods diet, in her free video masterclass 12 Steps to Whole Foods.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links that help support the GSG mission without costing you extra. I recommend only companies and products that I use myself.

My Favorite 7 Supplements for Strong Immune Function

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    I was looking at the colloidal silver which seems to come in spray form, are you supposed to ingest it? Some sites claim it can cause liver damage, is this true? Thank you

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