Get the 7 anti-virals that have kept my family off antibiotics for 25 years!!


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I’ve raised 4 kids for 25 years--with not a single dose of gut-wrecking antibiotic taken by any of us! Here’s how.

I've found 7 SUPPLEMENTS that are highly effective. They have helped my family avoid the yeast infections and devastated immune system that happens when you take antibiotics!

Bookmark my 7 Natural Immune-Boosters and Viral-Killers for easy reference.

Very Important: Make sure your kids and grandkids who live away from home have these supplements as an emergency preparedness kit! Have everything together, in one place, so that when you begin to feel ill, you can take these supplements quickly.

You can click on the links to find the best / most organic and whole-food sources of these supplements, most of them on Amazon.