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Have You Heard? Can’t-Miss May Podcasts 2018

Robyn Openshaw - May 31, 2018 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

Blog: May 2018 Podcast Roundup

Each Wednesday, I interview one of the world’s leading experts in holistic health. This month, we talked about human longevity…binge eating…functional medicine…toxic laundry products…and pro tips for getting chemicals out of your home.

Here’s a quick roundup of the high vibes you might have missed:

Prefer reading, rather than listening? A link to the transcript is in the shownotes for each podcast!

Why your kids’ lifespan could be shorter than yours.

Blog: May 2018 Podcast RoundupWhat can we learn from people who live to be 100 and older–at 30 times the rate Americans do? Jason Prall, founder of the Human Longevity Project, gives us some exciting insights to how centenarian populations can teach us how to live.

“We get caught up in this crazy, artificial, insane life. And we don’t need it–it’s harming us.”

-Jason Prall

Listen to Episode 79: Human Longevity with Jason Prall

Never binge again. Really.

Blog: May 2018 Podcast RoundupIf you struggle (or have struggled) with binge eating, this episode is a must-listen. Glenn Livingston is a psychologist who has worked with thousands of people struggling with food obsessions or obesity, and how he went from obese, to fit, himself. He shares why traditional psychology has failed us, and why healing is closer than we think:

“People have no idea that they’re 96 hours from freedom, and a lot of people live a lifetime in a food prison, not knowing that.”

-Dr. Glenn Livingston

Listen to Episode 80: Never Binge Again with Dr. Glenn Livingston

Is your house (or workplace) making you sick?

Blog: May 2018 Podcast RoundupAndy Pace is a building materials expert who consults to folks with chemical sensitivities for 25 years now. He shares how commonly used products like paint, carpet, furniture, and upholstery can wreak havoc on human health–and what your best alternatives are.

“Right now there’s over 88,000 chemicals used in the production of building products and home goods. Out of those 88,000 chemicals, we only know the toxicological effects of three percent.”

-Andrew Pace

Listen to Episode 81: Non-Toxic Environments with Andrew Pace

Get the chemicals out of your clothes!

Blog: May 2018 Podcast RoundupStephen Ezell shares his unique insights into the chemical industry–and specifically, why we should be questioning the mystery chemicals in laundry products:

“The unfortunate reality is the clothes smell nice and may have the appearance of brightness, but you’re using toxic chemicals. Those chemicals leave a film on your clothes, and you put them on your kid’s back. Then, your kid runs around and sweats, and we’re creating a microfilm: we’re sleeping in them, and we’re breathing them.”

-Stephen Ezell

Listen to Episode 82: Non-Toxic Laundry with Stephen Ezell

Could an infection be causing your depression?

Blog: May 2018 Podcast RoundupEvan Brand is a nutritional therapist and functional medical practitioner who got passionate about healing chronic fatigue, obesity, and depression after his own hard-won battle. He shares how he got healthy, why functional medicine matters, and why parasites and bacterial infections are a huge piece of the puzzle:

“Some people think they have dementia or Alzheimer’s because their brain is in such bad shape—when it’s actually Candida.”

-Evan Brand

Listen to Episode 83: Functional Medicine with Evan Brand

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