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Vibe with Robyn Openshaw – Podcast

A revolutionary podcast that unveils the secrets to living a life of purpose and peace. Vibe invites you into greater understanding with health and wellness experts who offer their most valued insights in approachable, easygoing conversations.

You'll hear exciting breakthroughs in how applying elemental laws of physics can increase your own health and happiness. Join us, for how to metabolize your emotions, implement easy nutrition strategies, ground yourself electrically, overcome negative self-talk, and lots more. We'll have interviews with wellness and personal growth experts who have learned this great truth, from experience:

"You're not made of steel despite your challenges, but very literally because of them."

-Robyn Openshaw

Join us every Wednesday for a new episode to give you tips for living your own high-vibration life. We'd love it if you'd subscribe, rate, and review in iTunes, and follow us on Facebook!

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