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Have You Heard? Can’t-Miss March Podcasts

Robyn Openshaw - Apr 04, 2019 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

"Have You Heard? Can't-Miss March Podcasts" at Green Smoothie Girl

Each Wednesday, on the Vibe show, I interview one of the world’s leading experts in holistic health. Or I share with you, from my own knowledge base.

This month, we talked to the amazing Dr. Bruce Lipton, author of The Biology of Belief.  We talked to our oldest doctor yet, about his 50 years of eating a raw, plant-based diet. And my colleague Ari Whitten explained why solving our deficit in certain LIGHT spectra (which are actually NUTRIENTS you must get) is a missing link in getting well and staying that way.

Here’s a quick roundup of the high vibes you might have missed:

Prefer reading to listening? A link to the transcript is in the show notes for each podcast!

Light as a nutrient?

Did you know that your body needs different wavelengths of light the same way it needs Vitamin A, or zinc? Ari "Are You Deficient in Light Nutrients?" at Green Smoothie GirlWhitten, author of The Ultimate Guide to Red Light Therapy, joined me to talk about the incredible anti-aging and health benefits of red and near-infrared light. He’s also a good friend of mine, and a high-integrity researcher.

He considers recent breakthroughs to bring the benefits of cold laser and other light-therapy treatments to the public–inexpensively–to be the closest we’ll ever get to a “miracle drug”–only with NO side effects.

Tune in, and I promise you’ll see nutrients in a whole new light —  literally. (The special price and offer on a red and near infrared therapy device ends Apr. 7. Check out the deal here, and use code GSG at checkout for $25 off!)

“Thousands of studies have shown that different wavelengths of light have absolutely profound and distinct effects on our bodies and the function of our cells.”

-Ari Whitten

Listen to Episode 125: Are You Deficient In Light Nutrients? With Ari Whitten

Are you being sabotaged by your subconscious?

Research shows that our subconscious programming plays a BIGGER role than our genes do in determining health"It's Your Subconscious, Not Your Genes!" at Green Smoothie Girl. and happiness.

Medical school professor Dr. Bruce Lipton talks the new science of epigenetics, and why your REACTION to events, traumas in your life are the major reason.

“We’ve been blaming everything on genes. But it turns out, less than 1% of disease is connected to genes. In fact, over 90% of disease has nothing to do with genes but rather our consciousness, our environment, and the programming that we got growing up.”

-Dr. Bruce Lipton

Listen to Episode 124: It’s Your Subconscious, Not Your Genes! Become More Conscious, with Dr. Bruce Lipton

You can’t bully yourself into healing

So many of us associate better health with deprivation, rigidity, self-coercion, and force. But Dr. Charley Cropley’s "Discovering Your Innate Power for Self Healing" at Green Smoothie Girlstudents know better.

True healing and health go hand in hand with self love, compassion, wisdom, and kindness.

“I bring about better behavior in myself by being kinder to myself. This love and caring empowers my ability to change.”

-Dr. Charley Cropley

Listen to Episode 122: Discovering Your Innate Power for Self Healing with Dr. Charley Cropley

This is what a raw, plant-based diet looks like

What does a lifetime of raw, vegan nutrition look like? Nonagenarian Dr. Fred Bisci, author of Your Healthy "Life Experiences in Living Raw" at Green Smoothie GirlJourney and practicing clinical nutritionist, has a few insights!

If you’ve ever wondered just how powerful a diet of real, raw, clean food can be, this is your episode.

“People have been led to believe that animal protein is the only complete protein. But consider this: a plant-based diet requires about a fifth of the energy to digest. Where’s the rest of that energy going? It’s going to make you live longer. It’s going to keep your joints free of inflammation. It’s going to keep your mind sharp.”
-Dr. Fred Bisci

Listen to Episode 123: Life Experiences in Living Raw with Dr. Fred Bisci

Remember, you can join us every Wednesday for a new episode of Vibe with Robyn Openshaw for tips on living a high-vibration, happy and healthy life.

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"Have You Heard? Can't-Miss March Podcasts" at Green Smoothie Girl


Disclaimer: This article may contain affiliate links, which allow you to support our mission without costing you extra.

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