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How to Eat Right On a Budget—Contest Winners, part 1 of 3

Congratulations to our contest winners, submitting their best ideas that help them “Eat Right On a Budget!”  Here are two of the lucky winners who get $50 of free GreenSmoothieGirl stuff, and free shipping. My next blog entry will announce my second contest, where five winners get $50, too! Watch for that next. And after […]


The GreenSmoothieGirl View I do agree with Paleo theory that hybridized grains are a bad idea. Ditto processed foods. Any diet that gets us OFF PROCESSED FOODS will make you feel better. People get very emotional defending Eat Right for Your Blood Type–because people who followed it felt better. Sure they did! Every single one […]

Healing Stories About Essential Oils

  Recently, I have been looking back at the wild success of promoting green smoothie love when I put this site up 6 years ago. Then I look forward and ask: “What next?” My observations in doing 50 to 75 lectures in North American cities, annually, and meeting thousands of people, are a few things: […]

Subject: Marcie Macari in Toronto is our hero!

GSG Apprentice Coaches to the rescue! We built this cool little feature on the GSG site recently. It’s a place for people who love radically effective doTERRA ESSENTIAL OILS, like I do, to tell their stories about ways they used natural plant substances to solve problems. Check it out HERE. I’m pretty proud of it, […]

How to Eat Right While Traveling, part 3 of 3

It isn’t that we didn’t eat in restaurants. This list of groceries didn’t cover all the eating we did for 6 days, the five of us. We ate in a restaurant once a day. This is typical of my traveling, that we have green smoothies and other foods I’ve brought, or that we bought wherever […]