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Weight Loss With ALKALINE WATER | Benefits of Alkaline Water

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | Jul 24, 2016

Feature | Weight Loss With ALKALINE WATER | Benefits of Alkaline Water

About half of those who start the alkaline water habit actually *feel* the difference.

I certainly do—very immediately, in energy (especially when I add Superfoods to it).

My 16-year old son is generally a skeptic, and not my biggest supporter in things nutrition-related.

But he said to me shortly after we got the ionizer, “I don’t know what that water is, Mom, but I feel amazing when I drink it.”

For those who don’t feel the difference? That doesn’t mean there isn’t a profound effect on their cells, tissues, blood, bone, and organs.

We, virtually all of us, desperately need a pH balancing effect towards more alkalinity.

Weight Loss With ALKALINE WATER | Benefits of Alkaline Water

I’m teaching a webclass Thursday, July 28, at Noon and 7 pm MST. Sign up to join us–and when you do, I’ll send you a little eGuide on how to bump off that weight plateau, getting more out of your water, including millions of antioxidants!

A friend of mine who is a breast-cancer survivor said that one month on alkaline water did as much for her energy and health as five years eating 100% raw. She made a list of health benefits she noticed during the first month of drinking alkaline water, listed here. She sent me a much longer list, but I’m sharing just 12:

  1. More energy! Double what it took me 6 years to recover eating a 100% raw diet after cancer.
  2. Plump skin but all the swelling from salt has gone down. Urinating more than I ever have before.
  3. Skin soft as a baby’s butt.
  4. My nails are thick, strong, white and healthy. They don’t break.
  5. My hair is healthier and shinier.
  6. The pH of my urine measures alkaline.
  7. Improved mood. I feel happier!
  8. Calcium absorption is high. No more leg cramps.
  9. I don’t have to eat as often, am not as hungry. I get fuller, faster.
  10. Improved clarity in my thinking.
  11. I look younger. The skin on my face looks much better.
  12. I sleep more deeply and restfully.

Borrowing water from her, before getting my own ionizer, I felt an increase in my energy level as well. (Unfortunately you have to drink water you get from a friend or health food store immediately because the pH returns to a more acid state gradually over 8 hours, according to my own testing.)

Acidic vs Alkaline Food | Weight Loss With ALKALINE WATER | Benefits of Alkaline Water

It takes 20 parts alkaline to neutralize 1 part acid, and most of us have a lot of acid coming in, thanks to coffee, soda, animal products, stress, and pollution in air and water.

It makes sense that alkaline water, then, is the easiest and most obvious way to balance the pH and neutralize the effects of our acidic condition. You could eat 80% raw and alkaline and not achieve effects as impressive as 8 daily glasses of alkaline water can!

(That said, please do eat as much raw and alkaline as possible! Those foods are also high fiber and low calorie and high micronutrients!)

Several ionizer companies offered GreenSmoothieGirl a good group-buy deal, but their models had inferior pH range, inferior warranties, no under-sink mounting, and no calibration to your specific municipality’s water.

Join us for the class July 28, to learn about this year’s screamin’ deal—and I’ll send you a free eGuide about how to lose weight with alkaline water!

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10 thoughts on “Weight Loss With ALKALINE WATER | Benefits of Alkaline Water”

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  1. Laurie says:

    Hi Robin, I am really interested in this as I have seen people with great looking skin who drink alkaline water. My question is, I live in Florida and our water tastes nasty so we drink purified water. Would the Maxine change that or would be have to purify and then have it go thru the alkaline process?

  2. Karen L Cleghorn says:

    I got your email about your alkaline water class on July 29. So I missed the chance to join the class on July 28. I am interested in hearing information on the group buy for the water ionizer.

    1. Robyn says:

      Hi Karen, due to many requests, we’ve put the recorded class on greensmoothiegirl.com/water for a few days, so you can still watch it! Q&A at the end, you can watch or leave the class at that point. But our annual promotion goes through Aug. 12. 🙂

    2. Robyn says:

      Hi Karen, you can watch the class we recorded, for just a few more days now, on greensmoothiegirl.com/water. Hope you enjoy it! The dealer-pricing deal goes through Aug. 12. thanks!

  3. Brenda Lambert says:

    I would like to know what brand od of water machine you use. I have looked at a couple. Very expensive.

  4. Pat Bohlender says:

    Oh my gosh!!! I’ve been traveling and babysitting my new grandson and not on top of my email and I’ve missed the whole deal!!! What can I do to get educated and buy the “water machine”!!

  5. Trudi Schutta says:

    Hi Robin. I have read many conflicting reports on alkaline water and how alkaline water affects(or does’nt) the ph in our bodies. These machines are very expensive. What research have you done?
    I don’t have an opinion on this and would like to learn more.

  6. Nikki says:

    Hello Robin, I have been following you for a few weeks now and I am interested in trying the 3 day detox but it is out of stock every time I check. Will you be getting that back in any time soon? Thanks!

    1. Robyn says:

      Hi Nikki, we’re sold out permanently, I’m afraid. Sorry about that!

  7. Jane says:

    Hi Robin, Is this all true? Does alkaline water has a balance pH?

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