How To Find A Good Biological Dentist: 10 Questions To Ask

Why should you find a biological dentist, and how will you know if you’ve found a good one? Your traditional dentist can’t tell you that some regular dental treatments like root canals and amalgam fillings are linked to chronic illness, but a biological dentist will avoid using these and other toxic practices to heal your teeth.

What is a biological dentist?

A biological dentist (also called a “natural” or “holistic” or “functional” dentist) is a type of dentist who treats dental problems as part of a person’s overall health.

They look for the root causes of why something is going wrong in your mouth, studying far beyond what was taught in dental school. They dare to be different, looking for ways to serve you that don’t also harm you over time.

They’re high-integrity dentists who’ve done deeper research that your typical dentist has, refusing to give you standard treatments they know puts your long term health at risk, or at least offering you alternatives and educating you about them….and they’ve had to invest in different, expensive equipment and get extra training.

And they do it because they care about their patients, and they’re the kind of people who dig deep and aren’t afraid to question authority, and take the road less traveled.

Many of the biological dentists are also motivated by the fact that THEY have gotten sick, due to exposure to mercury and other toxins in their dental practice. Did you know that dentists are among the sickest professions in North America?

(Hairdressers and farmers are close behind, likely due to their exposure to toxic chemicals as well.)

Is Your Dental Work Making You Sick?

The health of your teeth and gums, and the choices you make in your dental care, has everything to do with your overall health!

I learned this the hard way. I ate sugar for the first 30 years of my life, and I had a bunch of metal fillings, and I even had a few root canals. I did not know any better, and it led to a lot of suffering and an eventual investment of nearly $50,000 to fix issues in my mouth that were leading to symptoms in my body.

woman at the dentistBecause guess what: you can’t expect ANY dentist to tell you about the ways mercury in your teeth can harm your overall health, or even that for the sake of your health, you should have your mercury fillings removed—they can literally lose their license for telling you that.

They’ll even get in trouble if they tell you WHY almost every time a woman has cancer in her left breast, she also has a root canal in her tooth that lines up on that left-side biomeridian of the body. There’s a lot of data about how dangerous current dental practices are, but…most dentists really don’t want to know.

This makes it SUPER important for you to educate yourself, which is what I want to do here today. I want to give you information that 99% of Americans don’t know. I want you to know what you can do about it, if you’ve had metal fillings, or root canals, or your dentist is using x-rays and other practices that can cause harm to your health.

Now, I’m not a dentist. And that is precisely why I can speak boldly. No one can take away my license, because…I don’t have one. I’m able to research to the bottom of an issue and then…tell you the truth.

I’m going to make it REALLY easy for you to use my research, to make some easy changes in your own dental care, with a gift I’ve been working on for you.

How to find a good biological dentist: 10 questions to ask

Finding a really good holistic or “biological” dentist has been such a blessing to me, and so powerful in helping me learn about how to keep what happened in my mouth from destroying my overall health.

Biological Dentist Dr. Michelle JorgensonNow, just because a dentist identifies as “biological” doesn’t mean she’s GOOD. So, since I came by my hard-won knowledge only after going through a few dentists AND spending $50k in my mouth…recently, I got together with my own really amazing bio dentist, the one I’ll have for life: Dr. Michelle Jorgenson. We’ve put together a really great present for you.

I asked her, what are the critically important diagnostics, or tests—and treatments—that you expect any really good bio dentist to have and be very skilled at?

And, how can I help people choose the biological dentist in their area who is the very best?

And then, once I got to the bottom of those answers from Dr. Jorgenson, we created a list of 10 questions you should ask any dentist who identifies as “bio” or “holistic” or “functional” in the way they practice dentistry.

  1. Are you mercury SAFE or mercury FREE in your office?
  2. What are your procedures for removing mercury fillings?
  3. What alternatives to root canals do you offer?
  4. Do you avoid the use of fluoride?
  5. Do you use digital x-rays instead of film?
  6. Do you offer alternatives to metal implants?
  7. Do you offer ozone treatments?
  8. Do you have a CT scanner for checking out the health of my root canal teeth, or to see if my jawbone is strong enough for an implant?
  9. Does your office offer alternatives to antibiotics or nontoxic alternatives to pain medication?
  10. Does your office offer alternatives to drill-based cavity treatment?

Okay, you can go google and call the bio dentists in your area, and start asking them all those questions I just told you. But guess what…we already did.

Grab the free Insider’s Guide to Holistic Dentists I’ve made you, and you’ll see at a glance what services these dentists provide, and what they don’t. Some bio dentists have only 1 or 2 of those 10 special abilities or technologies or services. Not all holistic dentists are the same!

(If you have a really great biological dentist we missed, leave a comment and we’ll get their info in our resource as soon as possible.)

We didn’t offer anything or charge these bio dentists any fees to be in this resource, because it’s isn’t advertisement. We’re not interested in being a marketing resource for dentists! We’re about YOU, educating YOU to take control of your health.

Learn What To Do At Home To Heal Teeth Naturally

Finding a good holistic dental provider is just the first part of taking charge of your dental health.

You also need to understand WHY each of those ten questions I gave you is important, and what your options are if your holistic dentist doesn’t offer all the services.

healthy teeth from visiting a biological dentistWhat you do at home to care for your teeth might be even more important than what goes on in the dentist’s chair.  You should know the everyday, simple practices you can do to remineralize and heal your teeth yourself (It’s possible!).

Dr. Jorgenson and I have teamed up to make these and other strategies simple, interesting, entertaining, easy to learn, and best of all, short.

In this concise 10-video masterclass we call Healthy Mouth, Healthy Life, we’ll teach you options you never knew about before. We want to teach you secrets that are even simpler than brushing and flossing that may have an even bigger impact on your dental health.

Here’s just some of what you’re going to learn:

  1. You CAN Heal Your Teeth—My Holistic Dentist Tells You HOW
  2. How to Keep Your Teeth CLEAN and WHITE Without Bleach and Toxins
  3. The SECRET About What Prevents Cavities (That Has NOTHING To Do With Sugar, Brushing, or Flossing)
  4. How Do I Find a GOOD Holistic Dentist Near Me?
  5. What to Feed Kids to Keep Them Cavity Free for Life!
  6. Your Dental Work May Be Making You Sick (and What to Do About It)
  7. What Should I Eat…for Beautiful Teeth?
  8. Why Some Popular Diets Are Destroying Your Teeth (Which, and Why!
  9. What Your Dentist CAN’T Tell You About Metal Fillings!
  10. Fluoride Makes Your Teeth Stronger…and Your Bones Break!

We’re so excited to empower you with this groundbreaking video masterclass, that we’re offering a launch special of 80% off!

So jump in before the price goes up! Dr. Jorgenson and I will teach you everything you need to know to have your mouth be beautiful and healthy, and the perfect foundation to your whole healthy life.

Grab your free Insider’s Guide to Holistic Dentists, get the course at 80% off, and I’ll see you inside the videos!

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