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How To Protect Yourself From 5G Dangers

Robyn Openshaw - Feb 19, 2019 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

"How to Protect Yourself from 5G Dangers" at Green Smoothie Girl

Worried about just how dangerous 5G could be when it comes to your family’s health? You’re not alone. There’s been a whole lot of buzz about 5G lately – and with it comes a whole lot of concern from many people about the potential risks 5G could pose to our well-being.

In this post:

The network is promising faster speeds and more reliable coverage, but to deliver those benefits, cell phone providers are installing hundreds of thousands of “mini cell stations” that are positioned as closely as every other house. With towers located at such close distances, we’ll experience so much more exposure to cell phone radiation – and once the network is fully installed, it will be almost impossible to escape.

As with any new technological development, there are plenty of reasons to be wary of 5G dangers, but that doesn’t mean we need to panic. There are plenty of precautionary steps we can take to minimize our exposure and reduce any potential health risks.


To understand exactly why 5G may be dangerous, we first need to understand exactly what 5G is. When we’re talking about “Gs,” we’re talking about generations of wireless technology. You’re probably currently used a cell phone that operates on the 4G network – or the fourth generation of wireless technology.

Graphic of cell phone towers, from "5g dangers" at Green Smoothie Girl.

5G internet will soon be the standard for cellular internet connection.

Each new generation has faster transmission speeds and is encoded in a new way, which is why each generation is incompatible with the one that came before. Like each of the versions that came before it, 5G offers faster speeds, will be more responsive, and allows more devices to be connected simultaneously.1

Shorter Waves = Smaller Towers, Closer Together

The new 5G service delivers all these benefits due to a number of factors – but in simple terms, it uses much shorter waves that the Gs that came before it. However, the trade-off of these shorter waves is that towers must be much closer together. As 5G rolls out, new towers (which are now a comparatively tiny shoebox size) will be installed nearly everywhere. While one 4G tower used to serve an entire neighborhood, hundreds of 5G towers will now need to be installed at dramatically closer distances, therefore dramatically increasing the risks that come with EMF exposure.


Up until now, most of us have relied on cellular networks for our phones, but we use DSL, cable or fiber optics for internet in our homes. However, because 5G has the potential to offer such a dramatic increase in speeds in such higher capacities and on more devices, it stands to become a viable option for home internet.

As the “Internet of Things” continues to expand, many of us are finding more and more wireless devices making their way into our homes – from dishwashers, thermostats, washing machines, and even slow cookers that can be controlled with your device, far from home.

I recently got a “Litter Robot” which automatically rotates the litter and makes my kitty’s messes a cinch to clean up. I love it, but after my boyfriend set it up, I noticed “Litter Robot” in my Wi-Fi menu on my phone! Apparently, it has functionality for me to check usage while I’m away from home.

Since this trend is likely to continue, and the vast majority of users are excited about these technology advances, the need for speed is real. It’s widely believed that 5G could provide that speed and keep all of our devices operating efficiently – essentially eliminating buffering or “page loading” issues.

After the network of small 5G towers is completely rolled out, anyone who lives in an area with 5G coverage will have the potential to choose it as a truly unlimited internet service option rather than just having it as a cell phone service that’s only used when you’re away from your home.

Because of the extensive bandwidth it offers, it also has potential for a wide range of commercial uses – from virtual reality to industrial robots to self-driving cars.2 It also could have implications for hospitals, allowing doctors to perform wireless remote surgeries, and it could connect the infrastructures of today’s industrial world to allow robots, machine, and software to interact seamlessly.


Because the 5G network is still in the early stages of being rolled out—a lot of infrastructure has to be installed all over a pilot city—many of the health risks of the 5G network are still unknown.

Many “social experiment” changes in our world have to be rolled out in a big way, and the health effects assessed over the course of two decades, before researchers can prove there is a problem and sound the alarm.

However, scientists do know that exposure to Wi-Fi and EMF – or electromagnetic fields – can have negative health effects, so it’s highly probable that 5G will create exponentially more health risks.

Graphic of a person afraid of EMF, from "5g dangers" at Green Smoothie Girl.

The dangerous effects of EMF and 5G are not completely known.

While 5G is a cellular network, it works in a way that is similar to Wi-Fi. If you have a Wi-Fi router in your home, you know that the closer you are to it, the stronger the signal that you’ll get. If your house is large or has multiple stories, you probably need an extender or a Wi-Fi mesh system to make sure you can surf the web or stream Netflix throughout your entire home.

That’s because Wi-Fi uses relatively short waves, so you need to be close to the device that’s sending out those waves – which is your router or access point – and research shows there are health concerns associated with being closer to those waves. New 5G technology also uses short waves, and it stands to reason that it may cause some of the same health concerns.

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Those concerns aren’t unfounded. When it comes to Wi-Fi, studies conducted on rats have found that exposure causes brain changes that decrease learning and memory and increase anxiety3– and causes hormonal changes that could be associated with brain disease or cancer.4

Additionally, animals exposed to Wi-Fi were found to have DNA damage in brain tissue,5 and baby rats born to moms who were exposed to Wi-Fi had problems with motor skills, exploratory behavior, and anxiety when they became adults.6

In addition to these risks associated Wi-Fi, science has found that exposure to EMF is even more alarming. In fact, EMF exposure has negative health consequences that may lead to death. It’s also been associated with:


Protecting yourself from 5G and other EMF radiation seems like a no-brainer, and I’m going to make several suggestions here, as the solution is multi-faceted.

In fact, protecting yourself is exactly what cell phone manufacturers recommend, even though it’s buried in the fine print on the insert that comes with your phone. Believe it or not, right there in the manual that comes with every iPhone, Apple recommends that you keep at least 10 millimeters between your phone and your body.14

Whether you’re holding your phone to your head to have a conversation or you’re carrying it around in your pocket (or your bra), Apple suggests you maintain a distance of 10 millimeters – or just under half an inch – for your safety. I believe the evidence shows you should keep it much further away than that, and take measures that we’re outlining here, beyond that.

You can take other steps you can take to minimize your exposure to EMF. While 5G probably isn’t in your home right now, it likely will be, soon, especially if you live in a major metro area – and you may even opt to use it as your home internet service.

In that case, these suggestions for protecting yourself from Wi-Fi will also apply to the router you use to get 5G:

  1. Keep your 5G router as far away as possible from the room where you spend most of your time. Again, just like Wi-Fi, 5G uses short waves, and the farther you get from those waves, the less intense your exposure. If you can keep your router in a back bedroom or office where your family doesn’t spend their evenings relaxing, you’ll put just a little more distance between yourselves and those potentially harmful waves.
  2. Turn off your 5G router while you’re sleeping. While it won’t do anything about the 5G towers that have invaded your neighborhood, turning off your router at night will at least reduce your exposure to the EMF waves bouncing around inside your home. To make it easier on yourself, you can get an inexpensive timer to turn it off automatically. You also can turn off the data on your cell phone (or turn off your cell phone completely) while you’re sleeping for even more protection.

Of course, you also can choose not to adopt 5G as your home internet service no matter what speeds it’s able to provide. By sticking with cable internet service, FiOS, or DSL, you have the option not to use Wi-Fi at all, instead using a wired connection for your devices. In fact, several countries have banned Wi-Fi and rely on wired networks in places where there are young children – like nursery schools and classrooms. When 5G comes to Park City, where I live, I will not be choosing this option.

Photo of a person holding a paper with the Wi-Fi symbol on it, from "5g dangers" at Green Smoothie Girl.

Some countries are banning WiFi to protect people from the negative health effects.

In the US, while the federal government has generally turned a blind eye to problems with EMF, a Baltimore School District advisory committee recommended that the schools skip Wi-Fi completely and use wired connections. I believe we will be seeing increasing public concern, and action, but not fast enough--and we could all be better citizens by speaking up about the problem that the vast majority of us are oblivious to.

Not only will wired connections keep you safer, but they often provider faster speeds than current Wi-Fi is able to deliver.


Since 5G will be the new standard when it comes to cell phones, there’s no way to completely avoid it unless you choose to give up your cell phone – and even then, you’ll be exposed to the thousands of towers being installed across your city. Still, we have some great suggestions to help you mitigate your exposure:

My top recommendation to help protect against the stress of 5G, EMFs, and other stress is the Harmoni pendant.

This beautiful, functional device is proven to restore balance and harmony to your body.

You should also adopt the standard safety precautions you’d use to protect yourself from any type of cell phone radiation. This includes the following two recommendations from the FTC15:

  • Use your cell phone with a hands-free device or speakerphone. Smart home devices like the Google Home Mini or Amazon Alexa make this easier than ever and reduce health risks by increasing the distance between your head and your phone.
  • Wait until you have a strong signal – with three or four bars – before making calls. Your phone emits less radiation when a strong signal is available, and this will limit your exposure to cell phone electromagnetic emissions.

Additionally, there are EMF protection products that can help create a barrier between you and the ever-present 5G waves. I’ve got a helpful resource to help you get started, my Top-5 EMF Action Steps Checklist.

For example, EMF Protection Paint goes on just like regular paint – and if you apply two layers, you may be able to create a shield between outdoor radiation and your home.

My EMF Solution Masterclass gives you a complete Action Plan and how-to videos to show you, step by step, how to protect your home from EMFs:

EMF Masterclass: Clean Up Dirty Electricity at Home and Work, Step by Step -- Green Smoothie Girl


As of this writing in early 2019, 5G hasn’t rolled out to the public full scale, though we do know the telecom industry has a massive rollout planned. While that’s expected to happen throughout 2019 and 2020, there’s no way to know exactly how it will affect our health until after it’s been implemented.

And for years, all we will hear is case studies. We are truly a science experiment here. Many marketers stand to make billions of dollars with this upgrade, but it always takes 10 to 20 years for research on the widespread effects to make themselves known.

They say “ignorance is bliss,” but in this case, “better safe than sorry” is a more proactive and practical approach. Taking precautions to limit your exposure is smart, and we hope these tips are of use in protecting you and the people you love.

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Photograph of Robyn Openshaw, founder of Green Smoothie GirlRobyn Openshaw, MSW, is the bestselling author of The Green Smoothies Diet, 12 Steps to Whole Foods, and 2017’s #1 Amazon Bestseller and USA Today Bestseller, Vibe. Learn more about how to make the journey painless, from the nutrient-scarce Standard American Diet, to a whole-foods diet, in her free video masterclass 12 Steps to Whole Foods.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links that help support the GSG mission without costing you extra. I recommend only companies and products that I use myself.

"How to Protect Yourself from 5G Dangers" at Green Smoothie Girl


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  1. Ilona says:

    You are doing a good job about explaining ab out cell phones, routers, etc. But you are not talking about the dangers of having a smaller 5G tower every 500 ft on every street which constantly bombard you and the houses in its vicinity. There are a lot of ways of protecting you at home, but very few when you are on the road.

    1. GSG Support says:

      Hi Ilona, Robyn does mention that having smaller 5G towers close together will "dramatically increasing the risks that come with EMF exposure." This blog is just the beginning of this topic. Look for more information about 5G from Robyn as it sadly, continues to roll out into our neighborhoods!

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    I fail to see how the referenced Apple information supports the statement that Apple "recommends 10mm of separation when using the phone". If you read the linked Apple information it simply states that the basis for the SAR testing they perform simulates 0mm of separation to the head and 10mm separation when carried against the body.

    1. Tina says:

      In your phone there is a warning. Find it in settings. It warns that you should only use in handheld mode.

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    1. GSG Support says:

      Hi Tamie, the best place to put the xZubi is on the back of your iPhone. I would avoid putting it on a phone case in case the case needs to be replaced one day. Also, the best place to put it on your computer is on the back, near the power cord if you have a desktop or anywhere on the backside of the screen on a laptop. Hope this helps.

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    What are your recommendations for EMF-safe or SRT jewelry? I feel there are a lot of fakes out there.

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      Hi Melanie, Robyn likes these Q-Link necklaces.

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      Hi Nanette, I know they seem expensive, but when Robyn first purchased these discs she purchased them in bulk so she can pass the savings on to her followers. They are 40% off now.

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