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Ep.24: Electromagnetic Frequency and Your Vibration

Robyn Openshaw - Mar 08, 2017 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

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For the next three episodes, we’re going to talk about a really important topic that is invisible, that you might be completely unaware of, and that might be one of the most low-hanging fruit things that you can possibly do to improve both your health, your mood and your happiness. That is, we are talking about EMF; electromagnetic frequency. This force is all around us more than ever before with our increased use of electronic devices and wireless transmissions. And more and more studies are showing the effects that these frequencies are having on our health.Electromagnetic pollution (EMF) is now proven to cause mutation of cells and cancer.

Many exposed to radiation from our electronics report difficulties in focus and completing tasks, headaches, loss of energy, and feeling unwell. People in the Western world are carrying more devices than imaginable even 10 years ago, and the increase in EMF is happening far faster than safety studies can keep up with. Dirty electricity can cause cancer and diabetes, and the World Health Organization, the FCC, and the FDA have also issued warnings and classified EMF as a carcinogen.

In the next 3 episodes you will learn all about EMF’s and how they are affecting your health. You will also learn what you can do to protect yourself from overexposure to these damaging frequencies but at the same time function in this modern world.


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Robyn Openshaw:              Hi there, and welcome back to Your High Vibration Life. I’m your host, Robyn Openshaw, and this is episode 24. For the next three episodes, we’re going to talk about a really important topic that is invisible, that you might be completely unaware of, and that might be one of the most low-hanging fruit things that you can possibly do to improve both your health and your mood, your happiness. That is, we are talking about EMF. If you’re new to what the concept of electromagnetic frequencies is, let me share with you in this introductory episode.

Before I introduce you to an expert who has really helped to educate me, and is helping me clean up my own house from this kind of pollution or toxicity, we’re going to educate you a little bit about what dirty electricity is, or the chaotic frequencies, the broken, fractured electrical frequencies, the radiation, if you will, that is coming off of all the electrical devices in our energy field. Now we are in the middle of what I consider to be a massive social experiment. I’m just turning 50 and I now have a bird’s-eye view, having be a health researcher for 25 plus years now.

I’ve looked at so many different trends that somebody sold us something, and we only found out a minimum of 20 years later how devastating it was to us. For instance, saccharin. People were drinking drinks sweetened with saccharin for years and years and years. It’s one of many, many examples like that, including drugs, including monosodium glutamate or NutraSweet in our foods. Just examples of how it seemed like the next great thing. It seemed like our way out of eating too much sugar, eating so many high-calorie foods, which of course we’ve been taught to believe is a bad thing.

We’re going to get into, in episode 25, our next one, with our expert, we’re going to talk about the light bulbs in your house and how, if you have the wrong kind, you might be exposing you, and if you have children, the developing brains and developing organs of young people to far more electromagnetic frequencies than is necessary. That’s just an example of the things that we’re going to talk about, and while we’re going to cover a lot of ground, which is why I’ve planned three different episodes, two of them being a two part interview, I don’t want you to feel overwhelmed. My primary thought as I planned all of this, because I have been deep diving into this stuff … I started researching electromagnetic frequencies and grounding and dirty electricity, and what is happening to our ADD generation, our children, from so much exposure the chaotic frequencies and radiation. You can really get overwhelmed, and so my biggest thought was, I don’t want you to feel overwhelmed.

First of all, we will copiously build show notes for you and a special action plan so that you can look at all these URLs. If we tell you about a resource, don’t worry. Don’t panic. This is designed to educate you, and I want you to relax and I want you to sit in your high vibrations of gratitude for the information you’re about to receive of relaxing and enjoying, learning about some stuff you didn’t know about before, that fixing it could be really easy — it could be inexpensive or even free, in many cases — that we’ll hope you’ll be healthier. There are people who are extremely sensitive to these broken frequencies. It’s like, just imagine a bunch of cell towers everywhere and bits of electricity all connecting between them, all these smart meters that we have, all these different devices.

There’s just little electrical frequencies all over the place and millions of them, and they’re getting in the way of our high vibration life. Luckily, even if you’re not willing to wear grounding shoes and blue light filtered glasses and live at the end of a dirt road, way out in the country, and throw your cellphone away, even if you’re like me and like our guest that I’m going to introduce you to in our next episode, there’s so much that you can do that can really be powerful for your health because there are people probably, because of other taxing things going on with their immune system or heavy metals toxicity or a bacterial infection that they don’t even know about in their blood, or any number of different things that could be going on with them, if their immune system is already maxed, they may end up being very susceptible to or sensitive to these electromagnetic frequencies.

But the thing that’s really sort of scary about electromagnetic frequencies is that I think that most of us are not taking it seriously, and I think that the reason for that is the fact that we can’t see them. I see my cellphone charging. It’s pretty far away from me. I’ve gotten pretty good at getting it outside my energy field when I’m not actually using it, and this is one of the most obvious, most low-hanging fruit things that you can do, is charge your cellphone far away from you. Don’t have your cellphone on your person. Whatever you do, please don’t carry your cellphone in your bra, against your breasts. Guys, please don’t carry your cellphone in your pocket, next to your prostate. Okay? This is just a very bad idea. You might think, “Oh, I haven’t read this in the mainstream media.” Just keep in mind we haven’t even been carrying cellphones on our bodies for 20 full years.

There’s actually a lot of data out there. The FDA has actually classed electromagnetic radiation as a class C radioactive carcinogen. It’s now very mainstream. It’s now very accepted that the radiation coming from our devices is in fact cancer-causing. There are people documented now, many of them, who have developed a brain tumor in the same shape and in the same location that they held their cellphone against their ear for many, many years. There are women who have developed breast cancers in the same exact spot, in the same shape that they carried their cellphone. I believe that we’re going to be seeing more and more and more evidence coming out because it takes 20 years for data to catch up with a new kooky habit that we have in American life, where we’re so in love with technology, we’re so in love with chemical drugs. The more of these we implement at warp speed now, because of a global economy, the more important it is that you and I be educated and have good critical thinking skills about the things that we’re letting into our space.

The doctor that I’m going to introduce you to in the episodes 25 and 26, which are next, I actually chose her after interviewing a bunch of electromagnetic frequency experts. It’s not that I didn’t like the others. It’s that the others, when I would introduce myself to them and they would say, “All right, let’s get on the phone and talk through your questions. I hope we’re not getting on your cellphone. I hope we’re talking from your landline,” and I was like, “Well, actually, I don’t have a landline.” I felt so anxious talking to some of these folks, and I don’t blame them because they are immersed in the science and the danger of these dirty electricity sources that they sort of have a vibration of paranoia.

I don’t want to live in that vibration, and I don’t want you to either, so let’s all take a deep breath and realize that the information that I’m going to share with you is not intended to create fear. It’s intended to create empowerment. When I started on my journey when my first child was just 15 months, and we got hit with lots of health issues … As you know, if you’ve been listening to Your High Vibration Life podcast, I used to weigh 206 pounds and I had 21 diagnosed diseases, and my baby was dying. When I started learning, I felt overwhelmed. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, just know that it’s a normal, natural phase as you begin to learn more about the world of functional approaches to the body. Just know that in the beginning and only in the beginning do you feel overwhelmed.

Before I ever brought this to you, I wanted it to be organized. I want any resource we’d tell you about to be clear for you in the show notes, so just remember that you can go to That’s the only thing you need to write down, is that this episode is We’re going to have an easily downloaded and printed action plan and anything that interests you, as we’re talking here, for instance, how do you minimize or mitigate the radiation you’re exposed to when you travel? All this stuff is going to be on your action plan, and we’re going to categorize it in terms of super simple, low hanging-fruit, inexpensive or even free things that you should do that everyone will do. Then we’ll have another category for things that if you’re willing to spend a little bit of money, okay?

The doctor that I’m going to introduce you to tomorrow, I chose her because she didn’t say to me, “Well, we better not be talking on your cellphone.” I understand that, but I love that she’s a mom. She’s a working professional. She lives on a budget. She’s a homeowner. She lives in a city. She lives in a major metropolitan area. I love all of her tips and tricks. She’s a true expert and she’s extremely articulate, and she lives in the real world like you and me. I am not planning to move off of the grid any time soon. We’re going to talk about where does dirty electricity come from. The science on it, like I said, is still pretty new and we are the social experiment, so let’s not be lab rats and have this be yet another thing that’s hurting us. Let’s opt out of as much of it as we can.

We are going to talk about in episodes 25 and 26 about grounding and how this doctor that I’m going to introduce to you, when she found out that exposure to an electronic device that she used as diagnostic in her functional medicine practice actually made her so sick … She started using it just all day long every day in her practice. When she found out why she was so sick and kind of losing her mind and coming apart, another practitioner friend told her to go out and lie down in the dirt, and it was the middle of winter and Chicago. This started proving to her how powerful it is to be grounded, so that’s something foundational that I want to share with you, is that we didn’t use to have all these electrical broken frequencies in our energy field, but we also had the practice of being grounded.

We used to, 2,000 years ago, have a lot of contact with the Earth. We used to walk around in dirt and in grass. Doing that … I go outside and I do it every day in the good weather. If you’re in the sun, even better, is that you’re literally electron-exchanging with the Earth. Your feet, your skin, your entire body are picking up millions of electrons. They are exactly what you’ve heard of, called antioxidants. You think of antioxidants as something you get from colorful vegetables and fruits. You also get them from contact with the Earth, but contact with grass or contact with dirt is one of those lost habits that probably got us in this space of where so many of us aren’t very happy and so many of us are suffering with mood disorders. As I put it to you, and I hope that you’re talking the talk of Your High Vibration Life, living at smooth flowing, clear, fast frequencies.

What I want you to learn here is going to be really powerful for you and I think it can also be … it’s actually critically important, more than just important for children in our lives. Children have developing brains that do not do well with chaotic frequencies. Electromagnetic frequencies, let’s get really clear about it, involve radiation. We are exposing ourselves to radioactivity, and when we do, it keeps on doing damage. We’re actually disorganizing the protons of our cells when we are exposed to these chaotic frequencies. You know, all this study that I’ve done has really made me think about the connection with my own children. Both my former husband and I are very focused people. We don’t have any symptoms of ADD or ADHD. Sadly, I believe that my children’s sensitive to EMF, the more I study it, is why all four of them have either ADD, or even a little bit worse, ADHD.

Okay, so we’re going to get, in the next two episodes, really real and really actionable and really practical about fixing your life so that it’s not buzzing with junk that slows you down from living your high vibration life. We’re going to prep right here so that you’re going into the next interview sort of an EMF ninja, or at least you’re taking the 200 level class instead of the 100 level class, but you really got to know this stuff if you’ve got young children in your life because they’re just far more sensitive than we are, and we are fully developed. We are maintaining, but they are developing, so if you are responsible for a child, we really owe it to them to understand this stuff.

Years ago, I discovered a device called the xZubi. In your show notes I’m going to share with you a link. We actually bought 5,000 of them for you because these are hard to find. If you buy a five pack of them, if you can find them out there, they’re $100, and so we bought 5,000 of them so that you could get one for $59. What these are … I have these xZubis on my children’s cellphones. I’m going to show you. I can link you to where the patent comes from, where the science comes from, how well documented it is, that if you have this hologram with three layers of paramagnetic earth materials on it, why it neutralizes the effects of electromagnetic frequencies. As long as this deal lasts, the several thousand units of this that we bought, you’ll have access to the deal where you can get a five pack of these xZubis for any electromagnetic frequency emitting device. I’m talking about cellphones. I’m talking about laptops, PC screens, TV screens, iPads.

You know what one of the highest EMF emitting electrical devices is? Is your pencil sharpener. You probably don’t think anything about that, but that was a strange result that I had. In our next episode we’re going to talk about how to get an inexpensive and highly accurate EMF meter. That way you can test whatever you have, whatever is near your bed, if you want to get your alarm clock across the room or get a battery powered alarm clock if you need it right next to your head, like my teenage kids have a tendency to do. In the show notes at, we link you to this special deal that we got on the xZubi device. It’s a five pack. You can get one right now for $59, which is 40% less than you can get anywhere else. That will just be as long as our supplies last.

Come back for episodes 25 and 26 where we’re going to learn more about how to protect yourself. Okay, remember these episodes are about empowerment, not fear. Empowerment is high vibration. Fear is low vibration, okay? That along with EMF is not helpful. Fear is instructive when a saber-toothed tiger jumps out of bush at you. Fear is not particularly helpful when you listen to a podcast and think, “I’ve got to write everything down. I’ve got to buy everything in this by tomorrow.” Nope. We’ve got you covered. The show notes in all three episodes will have our action plan where you can just print it off. You can do it on your own time. You can do the most easy, low-hanging fruit options first. Be empowered, be committed to your own education, and up-leveling. Stay in your own high vibrations and get ready to learn why all this dirty electricity is jeopardizing your health, but even more so, what to do about it.

Remember, little hinges move big doors, and while you’re making all this effort to go to the gym and work out for an hour, or maybe you’re like me, and you get up and you do high-impact interval training every morning for 20 minutes, maybe you’re making a quart of green smoothie a day, these are high effort things that have helped your life, that have raised your vibration. The things we’re going to learn about in the next two episodes might be some of the easiest, most low-hanging fruit that will dramatically impact your health, your disease risk, and even your happiness. See you next time

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  1. Kim Flagen says:

    trying to find the ViQ test

  2. Cherie says:

    Have you tested the xzubi with the EMF meter? I am looking to return the xzubis I ordered.

    1. Jennifer says:

      These devices do not work. In fact, they can give you a false sense of comfort and do more harm that way. Keep your devices in Call and MMS mode only (turn off cellular data) as much as possible, and turn them all off when you don’t need them. Turn off WiFi on your devices and in your home when not required. Get or make a Faraday Cage for your modem. Devices with WiFi on will constantly seek a WiFi signal. The closer you are to a device, then higher your exposure. Smart Meters are the WORST exposure you can possibly get besides standing next to a nuclear reactor. You can buy a Faraday cage for that, too! Faraday Cages do work up to 99%. You can test them with the EMF Meter.

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