My Subversive (Garden) Plot

Listen to Roger Doiron’s TedTalk, about how we take control of our food supply and change the world. This video is worth your time:

View Roger Doiron’s TedTalk HERE!

I’m a huge fan of growing your own food. It can truly change your life. It empowers you. It connects you to your food source. It gets you out in the sun with your hands in the dirt, which gives you the most important hormone/vitamin to prevent cancer, and grounds you to help eliminate the harmful electromagnetic frequencies you build up. It saves you money. It will make you feel happy, I promise.

Step 5 in 12 Steps to Whole Foods is all about how to grow an organic garden, in any amount of space, and use everything you grow. Thank you to Marianne, our new webmaster and a longtime GSG reader, for sharing this video with me.

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  1. That was a GREAT video! So inspiring! Thank you! I would LOVE to turn our unused grass space in our backyard into a kitchen garden. I will check out, but I am a complete novice at growing a garden. Do you have any resources to pass along for beginners?

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