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My Family’s Experience With Fluoride

Robyn Openshaw - Updated: March 14, 2024 - - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links


I recently published a newsletter about the effects of fluoride on health. But I wanted to share my personal experience with it, today.

I raised my four children in one of the last counties in America that was not fluoridating the water. Adding fluoride to water is forcible mass medication with a known poison.

I didn’t know better than to fill a prescription of the blue pills for my oldest child, in kindergarten, which the pediatrician had told me he “needed” because our water wasn’t fluoridated.

I fed my son ONE of those pills, and then my gut told me to stop doing it, and learn more about it.

Turns out, the scientific evidence had been proven decades before, in many published studies, that consuming this neurotoxin doesn’t prevent cavities.

But it does harm a child in many different ways. It calcifies the pineal gland, robbing children of IQ when the mother drinks fluoridated water while pregnant.

Not to mention osteoporosis, weakening tooth enamel, the teeth turning brown, called fluorosis. Fluorosis also affects the bones of the whole body.

My husband, growing up earlier in that same county, was fed little cups of fluoride in his 4th, 5th and 6th grade classes.

The school nurse and the public health system were told that since chemical fluoride wasn’t added to our water, we had to get it in the kids one way or another.

To help prevent cavities. That’s what we are told. If you’re a school nurse or public health employee and look fluoride up in the Merck Manual and resist inflicting it on the public, I imagine you’d be out of a job pretty quickly.

So why was Utah County where I raised my kids not fluoridating the water?

A family who owned the 5 Good Earth stores, one of the last privately owned chain of health food stores in America still standing, fought the anti-fluoride fight for years, in Utah County.

The Ken and Rae Howard family’s activism kept fluoride out of the water. Year after year, they went to the Republican county and state conventions, to speak on the subject of what the data tells us about human beings consuming fluoride.

Year after year, they’d convince local legislators into voting NO on fluoridating the water.

Sadly, Ken and Rae Howard both died ten years ago. Utah County now fluoridates the water that people drink and shower in, like everyone else in America.

You can decline the fluoride treatment at the dentist, as I have done for 25 years. You can also buy toothpaste not containing fluoride.

The biggest issue to consider, because you swallow the fluoride, is to get it out of the water you drink.

Drinking bottled water has its own risks, including microplastics that do not degrade and are “obesogens” (making it difficult to lose weight), among other health risks.

Not to mention that well over one million water bottles go to landfills every day in America.

And, most of the bottled water is actually just tap water, containing chlorine and fluoride! They can say it’s “filtered” because the water treatment plant does limited filtering.

Filtering your own water is the best solution. I have researched this for decades, and this is the “cheapest best” water filter I’ve ever found.

Since I’m often asked this question by people aware of the health damage from fluoride and also the chlorine added to kill pathogens:

A good water filter takes the fluoride, chlorine, and dozens of other toxic chemicals out of the water, before you drink it.

(The Brita pitcher gets rid of some of the chlorine, but not fluoride and many other toxins.)

Anyone can install this affordable filter, at your kitchen sink, in a few minutes. The most economical version of water filtration is the pitcher also offered on that link above.

As you look to prepare heading into the future, with Berkey recently being required by the FDA to stop selling their filters, having a good water filtration system on hand is the most important, “first things first” preparedness we can do, in my opinion, to give you peace of mind.

Whether you get an under-sink water filter, or a pitcher, you might want to order some replacement filters as well.

You can watch the video version of this article below.

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My Family’s Experience With Fluoride

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