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{Video}Making Nut And Seed Milks

Robyn Openshaw - Nov 01, 2010 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

My friend Jenni is gluten intolerant, and taught me how to make coconut milk.

Here’s my video on how to replace dairy milk with yummy and nutritious milks from sesame, almond, cashew, or even your shredded coconut from the group buy.

Jenni makes coconut milk, and then, with the pulp left over in the nut milk bag, she makes coconut macaroons:

Coconut Macaroons

6 egg whites (organic, free range eggs)

¼ tsp. Original Crystal Himalayan Salt

½ cup maple syrup

2 tsp. of no-alcohol vanilla

1 cup coconut pulp (from making coconut milk)

2 cups unsweetened shredded coconut

Blend egg whites and salt until stiff peaks form. Fold in vanilla, maple syrup, and coconut with a spoon until just mixed. Drop batter onto a parchment-lined baking sheet by rounded tablespoons. Bake at 350 degrees for 12 minutes or until lightly browned.

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21 thoughts on “{Video}Making Nut And Seed Milks”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Katie –

    I feel your pain about the expense – You can use a cheap walmart blender – just know that you may have to replace it many times in your lifetime and things won’t be quite a smooth – but we used one for years and it worked great. We don’t go the totally organic route right now and have found a grocery store in our area that sells produce super cheap as their “leader” item so we always stock up there. Growing a garden is a cheap way to get produce as well – start looking for seeds now or in winter and start your own plants from seed in dixie cups. Also – we have found that as we cut out the pre-packaged processed foods – that saves a TON on groceries and on medical costs so you can put those savings toward a more whole food lifestyle. I have found that it is about good better and best – just make choices with this in mind – it may not be possible to always make the “best” choice but making a good or better choice is much better than a bad one! Good luck!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Robin,

    I love to use Almond Milk often, but what do you think about raw milk? It seems to be so wonderful for many reasons…


    1. Robyn Openshaw says:

      Lynn, it’s much better than pasteurized, fractionated milk, especially if you make it into yogurt/kefir (breaks proteins down). Even better, raw goat milk.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Robyn, thank you so much for keeping us all on track. We love and appreciate all you do and share. Your research is amazing. Life changing stuff.

    What about Rice Milk from brown rice? Any ideas? Since it is a grain, would it have to be cooked first? What about boiling water poured over it in a jar out overnight–like you can do with wheat? (I do well on rice milk.) Thank you for your nut, seed, coconut milks. So appreciated!

    1. Robyn Openshaw says:

      Joanne, also good! (Raw is better, but I like rice milk, too!) Thanks for the note!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I do know about almond milk, and coco-nut milk, and sesame milk…have already tasted them. I do not have THE TIME to “manufacture” these products at home… I buy them in a NaturaSì Bio Store in Parma where I live. I’d rather prefer oats milk and soy milk…do not like rice milk…

    I arrived at tasting them and then buying them as I think I developped kind of an allergy/intolerance when it comes to dairy milk.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hello Robin,

    I loved the video, I usually soaked the coconut before I blended it, it is the same if I don’t soak it?, and also what kind of vanilla extract you use?

  6. Anonymous says:


    I have both the Blendtec and Vita Mix. I think the Vita Mix is a little more industrial and could run for 20min. with ball bearings. The Vita Mix has continously variable speed with a much slower minimum speed, but does not have sealed switches and does not fit on a counter under the top cubbards with the lid on.

  7. Anonymous says:


    Money is tight for us too. We used a regular blender until we could afford a Blendtec. My husband went on line and found a refurbished one, complete with warranty, for about $200. It works fantastic. We try to save $10 a week towards future bulk buys, etc. and then just buy the best we can get for the money we have. It’s definitely better than what we were doing before.

  8. Anonymous says:

    How do I get replies to questions posted on here?

  9. Anonymous says:

    I have just discovered this raw food green smoothie way of life not to long ago and I think this is my way back to health. My days normally consist of only sweets and snacks of some sort like chips for a while and then back to a bowl of ice cream and then maybe an hr later a candy bar and then maybe later on some cookies and my days have gone like this for years. I usually have to take a nap or naps each day cause Im tired often. I feel terrible, but for the last couple of days I have slowed way down on the sweets and actually think about what Im putting into my mouth. I even started rebounding!

    I went to the farmers market yesterday and got some apples and oranges and bananas. I live in a very very small town so the grocery store that we do have we can’t get kale and turnic tops and all the good stuff like that so my husband is taken me into a bigger town tomorrow to get my stuff for the week. lol It seems like a lot of money to spend for it all, but really when I look at it, its really not that much more then we are spending now.

    Anyway I just want to thank you Robyn for caring enough to share all that you know about raw foods. This is going to be my way of life for me, my husband and children forever. They are already excited about the granola video I showed them and can’t wait to try it!

    Im planning on getting the green smoothie diet book and the 12 step program. I need to lose 80+ lbs at 34 yrs old…..80 lbs seems like a really big number.

    This blog is so helpful!

    1. Robyn Openshaw says:

      Christy, God bless you. Take 5 lbs. at a time, as goals! I once had 40 lbs. to lose and it was daunting–when my thyroid died when I was young and packed on that much weight in one year. You can do it–and you’ve found THE. BEST. WAY. there is! Addressing your body’s need for good nutrition, including more whole and plant foods. Weight falls off naturally that way.

  10. I have lost 60lbs this year by changing to a raw vegan diet and I eat and eat and eat! it is fantastic. I love the vitamix blender and have a fruit smoothie every day. Today I had a lime green one 🙂 cant put tons of spinach in yet as I dont like the dark green colour but I love spinach in my salads. I will never go back to how I used to eat as it made me very ill and I am so grateful that I have been shown how to eat properly for health. Good luck to everyone just starting with this, you can do it!

    Good health

    x x x

  11. Anonymous says:


    I also suffered with problems getting my last baby here. Finally at age 43 after 7 miscarriages I had a perfectly healthy little boy. My advice would be to see a naturopath. After getting a diagnosis from a medical dr. I did a year of herbal treatments and was able to carry my son full term. Good luck:)

  12. My sons went crazy over the coconut milk we made today with a splash of vanilla agave. Good thing the coconut I ordered form your store comes next week!

    1. Robyn Openshaw says:

      Denise, yum!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Love the suggestion to go and buy the mesh paint strainers. I went to Lowes and bought a package of two for $2.00. They have an elastic top so it stays in place over a bowl or jar, so much easier than cheesecloth. I enjoyed the video with suggestions on what to do with the pulp as I wasn’t sure what to do with it when I was done. Robyn, I’m interested in some ballpark figures on how much to buy of the items in the group buy which might last my family of 5 for a year. Could you help me with this?

    1. Robyn Openshaw says:

      Pat, that’s hard to know since every family’s eating habits are different, but as examples, I use 50# of almonds, 50# of cashews, 6 bags of Ormus Greens, 3 gals. of agave, 25# of pumpkin seeds, 3 bags of protein powder, annually. I have a family of 5 as well.

  14. Anonymous says:

    My wife is a kidney patient on dialysis. Do you have any experience with like patients reactions to this program? She is limited as to the amount of liquid she is supposed to take in daily.

    1. Robyn Openshaw says:

      Charles, I’m so sorry I can’t advise you about specific health problems.

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