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{VIDEO} Are you an Intuitive? An Empath? A Highly Sensitive Person?

Robyn Openshaw - Oct 11, 2017 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

{VIDEO} Are you an Intuitive? An Empath? A Highly Sensitive Person?

Did you know that some people are far more sensitive than others?

And that some people are Intuitives, or Empaths? What do you think YOU are? (Take a guess. Then, let’s find out for sure.)

Preparing for the release of my new book, Vibe, has been researching and interviewing Intuitives, Empaths, and Energy Healers, as well. They are fascinating people, because they have access to information sources that others don’t!

And I’ve developed a short quiz, so that you can learn, quickly, which of these special abilities YOU have.

older woman in blue
Dr. Elaine Aron, author of bestselling "The Highly Sensitive Person"

Dr. Elaine Aron has published research about “Highly Sensitive People,” or HSP’s, and discovered that they comprise 15 to 20 percent of most populations.

Dr. Aron studied how HSP’s interact with other people, and how they are often criticized and made to feel they are defective.

My own research discovered this about other interesting groups of energetic sensitives:

Intuitives have “sixth-sense” information as powerful as encyclopedias full of facts.

Empaths sense others’ feelings, but they often struggle with setting and maintaining boundaries.

Energy Healers have natural vibrational frequencies that people, and animals, find calming and healing.

vibrational energy concept

Einstein discovered as early as 1940 that energies are information. But at the time, the world was not ready to understand his discoveries.

Now, it’s becoming clear, documented by the HeartMath Institute and many researchers, that individual people, emotions, thoughts, and even foods have specific, vibrational energies.

Intuitives and Empaths are gathering far more knowledge from energies in the environment, than others are.

And what we do with that powerful information can lead to far more love in our relationships, success in our work, and attracting more wonderful vibes into our lives.

In short, the HSP’s, Empaths, Intuitives, and Energy Healers are very special.

Take the quiz to learn if you are a Highly Sensitive Person, Intuitive, Empath, or a natural-born Energy Healer. It takes less than 90 seconds. We’d love for you to comment and post a screenshot of your results.

When I learned that my younger daughter was all four types, it explained so much about her personality, our relationship, and how she engaged with her siblings.

I wish I’d understood all of this earlier in her life! I could have dealt with her much differently, in a more helpful way, had I realized this when she was young.

But I’m still raising my 17-yo son, and knowing that he, too, is a Highly Sensitive Person helps me tremendously, in meeting his needs. Because when you’re dealing with a 6’4” athlete, you don’t expect him to be so sensitive—but, it turns out, he is.

After you take the quiz, if you’re curious about how to develop some of the innate abilities that aren’t currently strengths for you, watch the short video about any of the types that interest you.

Each video is about how to leverage these gifts for your own health and happiness--and how to better communicate your empathic or intuitive knowledge with others.

You’ll also learn how to engage with other “sensitive” types. Because we all live with one, or work with one!

If you love energy work, and want a deeper dive--you can take the 4-video Vibe Accelerator Video Masterclass.

Learning about being an Intuitive or Empath (or a Highly Sensitive Person, or an Energy Healer) is just one part of the masterclass helping you understand how to live a high-vibration life, where peace, success, and love are flowing.

In the meantime, here’s a Facebook Live I did about this subject, enjoy!

Photograph of Robyn Openshaw, founder of Green Smoothie GirlRobyn Openshaw, MSW, is the bestselling author of The Green Smoothies Diet, 12 Steps to Whole Foods, and 2017’s #1 Amazon Bestseller and USA Today Bestseller, Vibe. Learn more about how to make the journey painless, from the nutrient-scarce Standard American Diet, to a whole-foods diet, in her free video masterclass 12 Steps to Whole Foods.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links that help support the GSG mission without costing you extra. I recommend only companies and products that I use myself.

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17 thoughts on “{VIDEO} Are you an Intuitive? An Empath? A Highly Sensitive Person?”

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  1. Rebecca Post says:

    Hi Robin,
    My results came back very High on all 4!
    I have always felt I don’t belong that I am different I’ve struggled all through my life feeling alone.
    Just recently my son the youngest had an accident he’s fine praise a God! The accident happened exactly where I’ve warned all three of my grown kids to watch out! I had just a gut feeling one of them would have an accident there And my son did three weeks ago! I find that strange? but I had been warning them time and time again! My good friend Ruth told me about the book Highly Sensitive Person I ordered it about 8 months ago it has changed the way I feel about myself it’s a gift not a curse I will be ordering your book from Amazon and thank you for reaching out to us

    Becca Post

  2. My quiz resulted very high in all except for the energy healer. I always knew that I was very sensitive and I sense when others are hurting. I look forward to finding more about this. I am sharing my journey at 🙂

  3. Karla says:

    I scored highly in all areas and yes to healer. ( I did not even know what an empath was until a few months ago.) I did know that some of these gifts were useful to me when I was still working. I was a speech/language pathologist and seemed to know when to push or back off from clients, and often made intuitive changes in therapy plans that worked out beautifully. Some people said that I had a kind of “radar” . I wish I had known and appreciated this about me before I retired. I always felt isolated and different.

  4. Rebecca says:

    I scored highly for the first three, but I’m not an energy healer. I’ve known for a long time that I’m highly sensitive. I even have a specific memory from my childhood of my mother saying to me, “PLEEEEASE stop crying.”

  5. Teri Jarman says:

    The quiz said I was a very high empath, very high intuitive and an energy healer.

  6. Rhonda Rae Williams says:

    I still have not received my email so I went & filled out again. I scrolled down to the bottom where you input your email I could see an exclamation point inside a triangle. I don’t know what I’ve done wrong

  7. Penny says:

    I scored very high on HSP and yes to energy healer. I found myself saying “yes that’s happened to me” for nearly everything Robyn said about HSP’s. I didn’t even know there was such a group of people. It’s nice to know this because I have always felt a bit different to many people around me.
    I also found it interesting that energy healers are often unhappy in their work if they work in conventional medicine. I am a nurse and have always felt dissatisfied with what I do, even though I would love to help people heal themselves.

  8. Cynthia says:

    I get told that I’m too sensitive and I still cry alot. I also can tell when someone is lying and instinctively know wether a person has good intentions or is just a jerk!

  9. Angelique says:

    Awesome video. I am a HSP with high empathic abilities as well as intuitive.
    Many have suggested I do healing work but having such a traumatic childhood has brought challenges I am always learning to grow from. I resonate deeply with your story and am a single mother to two girls.
    My 6 year old is definitely a HSC and probably an empath and intuitive. She has been diagnosed with ADHD. My 1 year old doesn’t seem to be a HSC compared to my oldest (who we thought was autistic until I read Elaine’s book and bawled because I felt like I was reading my own journal and also understood her better…) but is very empathetic and has a very bright light.
    I am excited to learn more about getting those loops resolved as I have had many many loops run everyday for as long as I can remember.
    Thank you!

  10. Waltraud Haasz says:

    so sorry I could not hear, it had no sound.

    1. Betty Rolt says:

      Put your cursor over the bottom of the video. On the right hand side at the bottom of the screen you will see a small X over top of the speaker symbol. Click on it and you will hear the sound.

  11. Heidi Larson says:

    So, I took the quiz twice and both times it came back sensitive, empath and intuitive… not a healer. However, listening to all the examples from people, such as yourself seeing light around folks, I question the results. I question the “abilities” for myself… I am sensitive, but I didn’t cry more than most when I was younger, but I have been told that I’m too sensitive. But, I don’t really feel like I have a “special gift”…. not sure.

  12. Mary says:

    My results were:
    Highly Sensitive Person: VERY HIGH
    Empath: YES
    Intuitive: VERY HIGH
    Healer: VERY HIGH

    I suspect I would have been Very High in Empath, however, I have been in therapy for over 20+ years and went thru DBT training to learn how to set boundaries and how to use my wise mind to stop my overreactions to worrying. I had my first “knowledge” of somebody (a neighbor who was my best friends dad) commiting a crime when I was 14 but wasn’t experienced enough to understand, but my mental agitation woke my mom. The experience was so traumatizing, after being suicidal at 15 I blocked the emotions and most of the abilities until a few years ago, but was always teased about being a mind reader, which wasn’t true, I just seemed to know things, and I ALWAYS listened to my intuition because it had saved lives before. But when I was taken off my twice daily antihistamines (since 18) because of kidney function dropping to 33%, all of a sudden I was inundated by emotions that weren’t mine to the point my therapist thought I was just manic until something happened and she had to admit it was all real. I am often called an old soul, have had wiccan’s come and address me as mother (which I totally don’t understand). I have been told I have the most gorgeous aura which I would LOVE to see. But while I know what I do know, I still feel kind of like a fake, because I suspect there is so VERY much I still don’t know. After being told I’m crazy like my mom, and because of my childhood with her it is totally understandable I can’t help wondering am I labeled crazy because of my “gifts”, or are our “gifts” what makes us crazy? I’ve always been extremely high functioning until I had to take “physical” disability in 2004 because of stress at work.

    1. John says:

      Hi, You probably have 2 MTHFR gene anomalies. You will want to avoid all Folic Acid-supplimented foods and vitamins (Artificial vitamin B-9) as it blocks your bodies receptors for natural Folate from green leafy vegies. Have a quart of green smoothie every day for nartural folate (foliage). Also commit to a compassion (heart-based) mindfulness daily practice. THis practice will teach you to guide and calm and heal your own energy (thoughts and feeling and entire nervous system and physiology) into a state of grace and serenity and safety. Look up Dr. William Walsh’s videos on YouTube to understand Methylation issues – a biochemist, he wrote “Nutrient Power”

  13. Darcy says:

    This is so exciting – I have been researching this exact same topic for the last year (digging deeper to find the best type of work, environment, foods, health approaches etc. best suited to my HSP/empath design). I was already familiar with Elaine Aron’s and Judith Orloff’s work and have been a huge Donna Eden fan. And I just recently discovered Heather Dominick, so it seems we have been on a very similar wavelength here! I scored high on all 4 types on the quiz and I just love that you are sharing this information as it is needed now more than ever. Thank you!

  14. Tricia says:

    My results were high in all as well! I am a massage therapist for over 6 years now and feel a lot from my clients and all that I come in contact with. Being in large groups makes me very uncomfortable due to this. I have always been sensitive since I was a child. Trying to find tools to help with my gifts and not have them be a curse and struggle. I resonate with so much that you are talking about and sharing. I know my clients are drawn to me and I feel compassion and empathy for everyone. It just can be overwhelming especially with those that don’t understand these gifts. I so look forward to your book and I ordered it! Thank you so much! It is comforting to not be alone in these feelings. 🙂

  15. Mark Manning says:

    Hi Robyn ,
    I’m definatly all 4 ……. throw in some paranoia too . My whole life I feel i’ve been trying to block this “gift” and its confusing ! Comes in handy sometimes , but it comes and goes and doesn’t work when put on the spot ….if i’m in a room with lots of joy , I become the life of the party ! Yes , would like to fiqure me out !

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