{VIDEO} Book Reading! (Join Me In Living In the High Vibes!)

Book Reading of Robyn Openshaw's new book, Vibe, publishing October 31!

Ever feel like you’re just not in sync with the people you live and work with–with your ability to create and be productive, or with the Universe in general?

I’ve felt like that. Now, I get quiet when I realize this, and I ask myself a few questions.

So many choices you make each day affect whether you’re living in the high frequencies.

Why do high frequencies matter?

Because that’s where you feel great, you have sustainable energy all day. Your disease risk is low, because every cell is detoxifying well and filling its purpose.

When you’re “vibing,” you’re creative in your work, and loving in your relationships.

Every day, you hear someone talk about whether they “vibe” with something. Or not. But what does it mean?

Einstein’s quantum physics and biology has been ignored in the field of nutrition, wellness, and human happiness…

…until now.

Enter Vibe. My new book publishes on Oct. 31—and yesterday, I read the Introduction, live on Facebook. Check it out.

Vibe Book Reading! Robyn raising her vibe, doing yoga outisde
Robyn raising her vibe, doing yoga outside

And if you’re seeing this before then, you can get the book with a bunch of really cool bonuses. Including three special 5-in-1 Vibe-Raising Videos (value: $69) that you can take outside, to do 5 things at once, to raise your vibration 5 Hertz.

Plus I’ll immediately send you the Vibe Shopping List, with the 200 highest-frequency foods on it–make sure lots of them end up in your grocery cart and on your plate or in your smoothie! They’ll make a huge difference in how you feel!)

One more thing: when you order, we’ll also immediately send you the 7-Day Vibe Detox. So you don’t have to wait for the book to arrive, to get started on one amazing way to get every cell of your body into higher frequencies, in just a week.) The menu plans, shopping lists, and recipes use only ingredients from the 200 highest-frequency foods known to man.

Here’s my Facebook Live reading the Intro:

The Earth you live on has as a vibrational frequency of 528 Hz. When you’re feeling gratitude, or love, or you’re in a creative process at work—your own frequencies might be 10 Hz. higher.

Conversely, drinking soda or feeling anger or hate will drop your electromagnetic frequencies into a danger zone.

Why isn’t this talked about in Medicine, in nutrition, in personal growth? Well, it is, now.

I hope you grab a copy of the book. I was on a radio show with Dr. David Friedman, last week, who told me, “I read every word of your book. You are starting a movement here—this is very powerful stuff.”

Get your copy here, and I’ll immediately send you your bonuses: the 7-Day Vibe Detox, the Vibe Shopping List, and access to the three exclusive 5-in-1 Vibe-Raising Videos. They are my gift to you, to thank you for your support of my work all these years!

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  1. I was going to buy the book on Barnes and Noble for $16 (I have a membership) but I thought I would pay $30 to support you and get the freebies too. Now you are offering the $16 gift certificate so basically I could have gotten the book for free.

  2. You ROCK! That was so much FUN seeing and hearing your VIBE! I am with you every High Vibration breath along the way. Thank you for your scientific clarity, which exemplifies what spiritual teachings have addressed. Even before reading your book, I can feel that it is on my MOST recommended list! CONGRATULATIONS!!!
    Thank you for sharing your HIgh Vibration. With Gratitude and Love, Deborah Gold

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