This Exclusive Members-Only Digital Masterclass includes:



Lifetime Video Masterclass Access:

  • What High-Vibration People EAT Every Day
  • Spend 90 Seconds to Eliminate Any Negative Emotion
  • Five Things High-Vibration People DO Every Day
  • Identify and Leverage your Inherent Gifts as an Empath, Intuitive, or Energy Healer

Three Bonus Five-In-One Videos, 10 minutes a day to raise your vibe!

  • Yoga + 4 other vibe-raising practices
  • Tai Chi + 4 other vibe-raising practices
  • Emotional Release + 4 other vibe-raising practices

Vibe 7-Day Detox (delivers immediately!)

  • Printable meal plan to shop and cook for a powerful 7-day cleanse
  • Detox at a cellular level to lose weight, increase energy, and reduce disease risk
  • Get started now, before your book arrives

Total package value of $144, available today for $27.99!

More of what you'll learn in the Video Masterclass!

How to Shift From Hate and Gratitude and Peace
The Two Qualities of Every Successful Person
Why You Are (or Aren't) Attracting High-Vibe People
Five Things High-Vibration People Do Everyday

Total package value of $144, yours for just $27.99.

Accelerate your vibe….accelerate your learning….accelerate your detoxification! With these four videos, you get these high-value bonuses:

  • Why high-vibration FOOD causes you to lose weight effortlessly, ditch inflammation, and regain high energy
  • Learn what high-vibration people eat.
  • Learn and follow 5 things high-vibration people do, daily.
  • Discover if you’re a Highly Sensitive Person, Empath, Intuitive, or Energy Healer. (And what to do, if you are, or aren’t!)

PLUS: BONUS 5-in-One Videos, and the 7-Day Detox, valued at $89, FREE!

About the Author:

Robyn Openshaw

Robyn Openshaw's 15th book, Vibe, releases Oct. 31, 2017.

Years ago, she lost 70 pounds and eliminated 21 diagnosed disease states....

.....and discovered a "quantum leap" in how to be healthier, more disease proof, and far happier.

These "Einsteinian" discoveries are in the book. Explore how quantum physics and biology can help us change our energies and ability to resolve problems, quickly and permanently.

As a therapist and a single mom of 4, facing many challenges along the way, Robyn discovered the "secrets of the Universe" Nikola Tesla said were found in "energy, frequency, and vibration."

In 2014, she spoke in 88 cities on this topic and now brings it to the masses in this groundbreaking new book.

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