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Forget CALORIES. Let’s talk about the VIBRATIONS of food!

By Robyn Openshaw | Sep 28, 2017

Forget CALORIES. Let’s talk about the VIBRATIONS of food!

The way you’re thinking about food is all wrong. And I have something special for you today.

It’s not your fault that you’ve been chasing down bunny trails, with the way you evaluate your food choices. The food industry wants you counting calories, and grams of proteins, fats, and carbs. (They sell more processed, manufactured, standardized packaged foods that way.)

Unfortunately, counting calories or grams of protein has little or nothing to do with whether you’re healthy.

Vibe, by Robyn OpenshawMy book, Vibe, explains why Einstein’s and Tesla’s theories of quantum relativity show that calories aren’t a good assessment of energies. At all.

You might be shocked at how much information is available about how to be healthy, that isn’t in the mainstream media and books, at all.

Obsessing about whether you got enough grams of protein today isn’t particularly helpful, either.

It’s the equivalent of going backwards in time, to when we used leeches and lobotomies in trying to help people conquer disease and depression!

It’s just unhelpful, limited, and leads people astray. Understanding energies—your own, the energetic frequencies of your food, your medicine, your emotions—is powerful stuff.

Energy Medicine Concept, illustrationDr. Oz has said that “energy medicine is the next frontier in Medicine.”

(Does that sound voodoo? Consider that lasers are focused frequencies. Lasers can kill, and heal. Surgeons now kill a diseased organ, and cut it in pieces for removal, with a laser, pulling it through a ½” incision. This has made many surgeries far less invasive, with fewer complications. Then another laser, with focused healing frequencies, can help your tissues regenerate 10 times faster than normal!)

Do you get an idea of how powerful energetic frequencies are? It’s already changing the face of Medicine—now I bring it to you, and how you are interacting with other people, and choosing what to eat, what to medicate with, what to do with your negative emotions and thoughts.

Thinking that calories and grams of protein or carbs guide us to health, is the equivalent of living in 100-year old constructs based on Newton’s physics and biology.

Atoms, molecules, DNA, these physical constructs–it’s not that they are invalid.

It’s that there’s more. Much more. And your vibrational frequency actually has everything to do with…

…the kind of day you’re having
…whether your career is stalled out, or whether you have opportunity everywhere
…whether your relationships are loving, reciprocal, and exciting
…whether your disease risk is minimized, or sky-high
…whether you’re depressed, or jumping out of bed in the morning ready for the day
…whether we look younger than our years, or much older

And what’s exciting about vibrational frequency, is that you can change it.

With the smallest of decisions, attitude shifts, adjustments. It’s not even particularly difficult.

Shopping List Preview Image

You just need to be aware of your own energy fields. We’ll talk through what “high vibrations” feel like. Which foods have them. (And, which foods will drag you down.)

Not only did I do a Facebook Live talking about the VIBRATIONS of food, but I also have a really cool little shopping list for you. I worked with the research of scientists like Bruce Taino, and Beverly Rubik, PhD, to give you the TOP 200 high-vibration foods, and the BOTTOM 45 lowest-vibration foods…grab it here, free!

Take a look at the shopping list, and think about the ways you would enjoy eating MORE of those highest-frequency foods. Because doing so will have a dramatic effect on how you feel, how you look, how rapidly you’re aging. Your disease risk.

Take a look at the Bottom 45 list, and consider eliminating or at least minimizing these foods in your diet.

And here’s the Facebook Live I just did telling you more:

Vibrational frequency is an amazing way to assess quality of life—health, happiness, everything that matters to you.

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9 thoughts on “Forget CALORIES. Let’s talk about the VIBRATIONS of food!”

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  1. Robert says:

    How were the vibrations measured and/or quantified the various food groups and what lab performed them?


    1. Ruth says:

      if I said I had a soul, would you need lab proof of that? When you are able to sensitize yourself to the truth of who you REALLY are, you feel a resonance that becomes your compass. I bless you that you find that guiding force within yourself.
      David Wolfe HAS done some scientific work in this area though.

  2. Tracy says:

    Loved your FBI live talk. I am going straight to the grocery store. I’m going to share your talk with my teenage son!
    Thank you!
    Tracy from California

  3. Johann Nepgen says:

    Quantum theory is not Einsteinian thinking. Einstein disblieved quantum theories (and was proved wrong)
    i am also interested in the technology behind the quantification of measuring foods.

  4. Mary says:

    Obviously put high vibration ingredients in a soups

  5. Lisa Griffith says:

    Interesting topic. As a Biofeedback specialist I can well relate and have seen so many lives change just by helping them to heal energetically. Well done!

    1. Jolyn says:

      I agree!! I too have been using biofeedback therapy for over 10 years and I’m thrilled to see you are bringing so much light to this subject of vibration!! Well done ♥️

  6. Liz Gibson says:

    I’m watching in the UK – there’s no shopping list below, or anywhere. Interesting talk, though.

  7. Bob says:

    Hi Robyn. Interesting subject and I want to try it out

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