{VIDEO} What Supplements Should I Take?

Ever wonder what supplements are MOST important, for you to take every single day?

Most of the supplements out there aren’t helpful. The critical supplements complete a whole-foods diet–not take the place of it.

There are just THREE I developed because I wanted them for MYSELF–and to be able to recommend them wholeheartedly. Made in small, fresh batches (which is why we often sell out!), out of organic, plant sources only.

On a rare occasion, when the quality I want doesn’t exist in the marketplace, I create it.

I’ve put three of these very special supplements together, in a pack I call the DAILY DOSE. I’m super proud of them, and made a video show-and-tell about why you’ll want to make them part of your daily routine.

You can buy each product separately, or you can get them together and save–check out the Daily Dose pack!

The Daily Dose Supplement pack includes:

PreZymePro: My one-of-a-kind, three-in-one digestive aid that supports your whole digestive tract:

  • GSG PreZyme Pro Supplement6 plant-derived digestive enzymes (ease the burden of eating cooked food, on your overtaxed pancreas and liver!)
  • 15 probiotic strains for gut health and repair
  • Organic prebiotic to feed and multiply the probiotics

Try to find a probiotic this fresh (we make it in SMALL batches, which is critical for probiotics) *plus* has the prebiotics they feed on, *plus* has digestive enzymes! You won’t find it, because it doesn’t exist.

Our product actually ferments or “cultures” milk, and few brands do. (We’ve tested it, check out the video!)

Ultimate Minerals:
It’s GSG’s best-selling, most-reordered product for a good reason–it gets results!  I have countless testimonials of customers who sleep better, lose weight, relieve neurological symptoms, and have more energy because they take Ultimate Minerals regularly.GSG Ultimate Minerals Supplement

For me, the dark circles under my eyes disappeared. I began falling asleep quickly for the first time in my life, and my hair and nails grew twice as fast, and thicker!

Modern agricultural practices have stripped soils to the point that even organic produce doesn’t have the trace minerals our bodies rely on for every process it does. Ultimate Minerals is super-concentrated fulvic and humic acids from ancient plant deposits–containing all the trace minerals in their organic, ionic forms.

GSG Garden Vites Multivitamin SupplementGardenVites:  This special multivitamin is just…real food!  Vitamin supplements are usually lab-created synthetically with chemicals. We use raw, organic fruits and vegetables to give you 100% of the daily vitamins you need, from a source your body will recognize and use readily. I also added a bonus Antioxidant Superfood Blend of raw whole food powders for a great nutrient boost.

Get them all at a discount!

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  1. I can’t believe you let your cat crawl around on your kitchen counter! Gross! So unclean – those feet are in its litter box! and your credibility has been ruined for me.

    1. Hi Dianne, Our 3 proprietary supplements are featured in this blog. Not sure what you mean about the 4th supplement?

    1. Thank you Hercules – I appreciate your kind words! I hope you are well and enjoying great health in 2018!

    1. Hi Maryse – we do a limited amount of shipping to Canada – digital programs can be purchased but consumable products cost our members far too much money at this time. We are hoping a viable solution will enable us to widen our International member’s purchasing options.

  2. Oh Robin, you had me interested until “US RDA”. The RDA is for sedentary, older people that can’t get up and exercise. Definitely not me! I’m 57, eat pretty clean, and train at the gym 5-7 days per week. So, I guess for me, your wonderful product doesn’t apply.

    1. Rev. Nagi Mato, Just because a product meets USRDA requirements, doesn’t mean you can’t go over and above those. (as i do.) USRDA isn’t just exercise recommendations, it’s also basic food requirements, and for sure it’s a very minimum threshold.

    1. Spaceroadcom, we do a limited amount of shipping to Canada – programs can be purchased but consumable products cost our members far too much money at this time. We are hoping a viable solution will enable us to widen our International member’s purchasing options. And yes, our supplements can be used by children and we recommend half the adult dosage.

  3. These products sound really good for me, but have always confirmed there is independent tasting for purity and potency. Are these products tested?

    1. Hi Linda, You’ll find every single product has it’s very unique sourcing/processing structure and protocol and hope these published facts will continue to reassure you we are so fortunate to have the best of the best products to round out our daily whole food lifestyle. Our GSG protein powders and bone broth (along with all our products) are consistently tested to guarantee the highest quality for our community. We are meticulous about each one and has them routinely tested to maintain the highest standards. Our bone broth products are tested for heavy metals before packing and yes, it has been cleared. Getting a clean product is so important and that is exactly why we wanted to make our own — so we can control what goes in it and it is made to preserve the bioavailable nutrient structure. Our bone broth is made in California, which has the strictest quality standards in the nation. Also, the grass-fed beef source for our bone broth is Sweden, where the pesticides and hormones and antibiotics found in the other bone broth products are illegal to use. We don’t do heavy metals testing on the final product, but all of the Flax/TriOmega ingredients are heavy-metals tested before packaging. We have copackers in Utah and California we have contracted to mix and pack our products. They are inspected regularly as part of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) as well as being gluten-free, allergen-free facilities. All those specifications come with a mandated number of inspections and qualifications. The same goes for all of our exceptional supplements. PreZymePro is made in small batches to provide the highest count of good bacteria. Please look at each product and read about the details to better understand the high quality provided: https://shop.greensmoothiegirl.com/pages/food-supplements

    1. Hi Tori – all three of these are safe for children but they’re in capsule form, so I’d open the PreZyePro and Veggie Bites and put into their smoothie 😉 Please use half the amount of adult dosage for your little ones. Trace minerals are 25 drops 2 x a day for adults so I’d do 12 drops starting out 1 x a day and see how they respond.

  4. IS this the same trace minerals in the sole from OHSC you recommend on your site? How is this different because I am taking the sole everyday.

    1. Judy Rose – Thanks for asking because we want you to glean the utmost from our GSG ULTIMATE MINERALS! It’s really best to take it by itself, with a buffer of 20 minutes before or afterward from food and supplements, because one of the features of fulvic acid is that it makes cells more permeable. That’s great news for the organic vitamins, minerals, aminos, electrolytes, etc that fulvic carries along to deliver, but not so great if your food has pesticides, or if your water has chlorine, or if your medication needs to be exact (since fulvic will increase cells’ ability to absorb it, essentially increasing the dose).

    1. Lauren, we absolutely let that be the participant’s choice, but most folks do enjoy taking our supplements during detox time and beyond.

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