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Can Sound Heal?

Robyn Openshaw - Jun 13, 2017 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

Sound waves

Did you know that sound waves can be destructive, or healing?

When you’re feeling stressed, the usual noises around you might take on an especially grating quality.

The wrong kind of song on the radio make you lunge to turn it off. You prefer silence, when you’re stressed, or soothing music.

When you’re having trouble sleeping, a snoring partner can almost send you over the edge!

chaotic sound frequencies can lower your vibrationWhen you’re trying to meet a deadline, even ordinary sounds like traffic, kids playing, or a coworker humming “feel” loud, and crowd out your productive thoughts--escalating the stress even more.

I’ve shared before how chaotic electromagnetic frequencies (or EMF) can cause health problems, I’m talking about electronic devices in your “energy field” (within 8 feet of you), wi-fi emitting signals, even the smart meter on your house can be disruptive and troubling to energetic “sensitives.”

But chaotic sound frequencies also disrupt our physical and mental health.

In fact (word-nerd alert!), the word noise is derived from the Latin word for nausea.

Choppy ocean waves can make you nauseous--physically sick.  And “choppy” or chaotic waves of other kinds--EMF, pulsing light, sound--have physical effects, too.

Adjusting sound vibrations to perform physical tasks is common. Think of how ultrasound can create an image of a fetus, or how bats use sonar to “see.”

Or how a singer can actually shatter glass by hitting and sustaining the right resonant sound-wave frequency.

But can sound actually heal?

As a classically trained pianist and a music lover, I know that sound, especially in the form of music, can have a profound effect on my mood.

Live music in particular, where I can feel the vibrations in the floor and the acoustics in the room, augmented by the visuals of the singer performing her art, is incredibly powerful.

Music is one of the easiest and quickest ways I raise my personal vibration, whether that is for better relaxation, or for more energy, or just to feel happier.

But is that the same as “healing?”  Yes--but better mood just scratches the surface of what musical “good vibrations” can do.

Green is a “Sound”

I talk a lot around here about the benefits of healing and nurturing your body with nutrition.  About how greens build cells from high-vibration materials, so every one, of trillions, can thrive and serve you well.

the sound of natureResearchers who correlate sound waves with light waves (including the visible spectrum of color) have found that green, as a mid-spectrum color, literally corresponds to the healing sound of nature, at 528 Hz.

The frequency of 528 Hz has been studied as a “restorative” frequency.

It’s the natural frequency of the earth, of healthy human DNA, and according to Dr. Leonard Horowitz, 528 Hz is the “musical mathematical matrix of creation,” and the frequency of love.

In 2010, it was even used as a solution to clean up the BPA oil spill to restore the Gulf of Mexico.¹

Mathematically, 528 Hz is one of seven “Solfeggio Tones,” or healing frequencies, that I discussed on my podcast episode on music and sound with Michael Tyrell. He explained that each of these seven tones relates to one another mathematically, and has specific effects on humans, including facilitating love, awakening intuition, boosting immunity and even physical healing.

Michael tells the story of the eve of his mother’s surgery, when he played his guitar using the healing 741 Hz frequency.

She had a powerful physical reaction in which she declared herself whole, and the next morning, was unsurprised when her surgeon reported being unable to find the issue when he opened her up.

These healing frequencies contrast with the frequency used to tune nearly all modern music since the 1940s: 440 Hz, a chaotic sound frequency that, according to Dr. Horowitz, is “herding populations into greater aggression, psycho social agitation and emotional distress predisposing people to physical illness.”²

The use of this “imposed frequency,” he reports, arose during the Nazi regime as a calculated move to subdue and control prisoners.

Whether or not its subsequent standardization in Western music is deliberately related, saturating our culture with chaotic frequencies is bound to manifest in illness and disease.

Clearing the Chaos

In my deep dive into everything high-vibration over the last few years, I’ve learned this: raising your vibration is an intentional process.

Understanding yourself to be an energetic being--all the “matter” in your body is simply organized energies--is profoundly important, to be healthy and happy.

That doesn’t mean living at higher frequencies has to be hard, but it does take attention.  Usually, not paying attention is the reason we find ourselves in low vibrations and sickness.

The intention to choose healing rather than chaotic sound frequencies is another way to be deliberate about raising your vibration.

Michael created 7 CDs, each around one of the 7 Solfeggio frequencies, and his listeners have written hundreds of testimonials about their healing experiences with his work.

Robyn loves Wholetones for sound healingI’ve been listening to his CDs for over a year now, when I work out, when I’m ready for bed, or when I need some calming.

I highly recommend them--in fact, I asked Michael to give my readers and listeners a discount for the set. You can even click on that page to hear samples of each of the seven 22:22-long pieces.

Living a high-vibration life means becoming more finely tuned, to the frequencies of the words we’re speaking, the energies of the people we’re spending time with, and even the music and sounds we allow in our space.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I have!



1 B Naman. Chemical Analysis--Water Samples After Frequency Exposure: BP Oil Spill Study--Perdido Bay Water. Oct. 26, 2010. PDF

2. L Horowitz. The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of Love. 2011.

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    2. Hah!!! Yes!!! Thank you leaving that comment! It’s really true isn’t it?! Sound frequencies MATTER to our matter!


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    Fascinating article! Thanks for sharing.

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  8. Catherine says:

    And this is exactly why you should NEVER have an ultrasound when pregnant!!! Ultrasounds are extremely harmful to a newly developing fetus.

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    Robyn, could you give testimony as to what all these music tapes have helped you overcome or obtain in your life? Much appreciate your feedback.

  10. Cal Stewart says:

    The God of law and order, of praise and worship, the maker and sustainer of an incredible universe that is the mathematical expression of Their perfect Love of all things beautiful – hey, that we are designed in that image capable of, and invited into, that realm, is simply put, Heavenly…sounds good to me.

    Google Brian Doerksen’s ‘You Shine’ and that, too, will make you want to dance.

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    I wonder if you can use headphones to block out certain harmful frequencies while having an Ultrasound during pregnancy.

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