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Ep.11: The Power of Music and Sound with Michael Tyrrell

Robyn Openshaw - Dec 04, 2016 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

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In today’s episode I have the exciting opportunity of introducing Michael Tyrrell, a grammy winning musician. He is also an author, a speaker, an ordained minister, a musicologist, composer, inventor, and producer. He’s got over 30 years of experience in the music industry, and what he’s talking about today is how he makes high vibration music. He discusses the power of sound and music on your personal vibration and overall health.


  • The affect music has on your vibration
  • Specific sound frequencies that have been known to stimulate healing in the body
  • The power of words on your vibration and health


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Robyn:  Hello my friend, it’s Robyn Openshaw of Your High Vibration Life Podcast, and you are in for a serious treat today. I’m introducing to you Michael Tyrrell. He is an author, a speaker, an ordained minister, a musicologist, musician, composer, inventor, and producer. He’s got over 30 years of experience in the music industry, and what he’s talking about today is how he made high vibration music. He won an Emmy in the mid-80s and what Michael’s body of work has brought to us has really changed my life.

I’ve done all these things to raise my vibration in terms of the way I metabolize my emotions, and the books that I read and the words that use, the green juice that I drink and the processed food that I don’t eat. Holy cow! He’s about to share with you how his music is like a hypodermic needle under your skin. Are you ready for this?

Michael, thank you so much for joining us today on the Your High Vibration Life Podcast. We’ve had such a crazy time trying to connect with both of our crazy schedules, but especially yours. No offense, but especially yours. You are on just a wild tour. Where are you going that’s going to take you all the way through Christmas and be so busy?

Michael:  Some of it is due to a project that I’ve already previously recorded that I haven’t even started talking about yet. The second part of it is that I’m going to do some video taping in L.A. this weekend and into next week. Yeah, there’s just a lot of different things that I have that are going to take me away probably close to Christmas. I’ll be out in Seattle for a while and a couple of other places either speaking, or recording, or video taping.

Robyn:  I’m excited to hear about all the stuff you have coming up, because I’ll tell you, we met in May and I got your Wholetones CDs and then I read your whole book and I have it sitting in front of me and I have underlined more in your book than probably any other book about vibration, energetics, frequencies of any book that I have, and I’m telling you, have stacks of them.

Robyn:  I’m really excited for you to share with us. Talk to me for a minute, would you, about how you as a composer came to become so committed to finding high frequency music. Two; what’s wrong with our music out there that most of us are listening to?

Michael:  Wonderful. Part of it is a story that’s already in my book that probably would burn most of our time. Just to answer that the best way I can. There was always an intuitive sense that there was something wrong with music. I couldn’t put my finger on it, because music is beautiful. When you listen to it, you’re mesmerized by it. Yet, for me, there was always something that was missing.

One day I simply realized that I needed to ask a question that nobody asked, and that question is why is most modern music, especially in the United States, tune to the note A=440 hertz, or vibrations per second. Nobody could answer my question. I realized it was a worthy question. I worked laboriously for some time to get the answers to that and I realized at one point where our tuning as far as the United States and Canada came from, which was a man named Joseph Goebbels and its historical fact that 440 hertz was also known as a Nazi radio beep and it was used in propaganda and in mind control.

I realized right away that there had to be an alternative, there has to be a positive for every negative. There had to be a frequency that would work on the body. Seventeen plus years, I researched and I started realizing that everything is frequency and everything has a resonant frequency.

I.E., you and I couldn’t be having this conversation. There would be no vehicle for my voice to create yours unless there was something that also had frequency. Your thoughts, each of our thoughts as we conduct this interview are frequencies. Everything is a frequency. Everything has a resonant frequency. I thought if I could somehow find frequencies that could be the underlayment, if you will, with music, I could literally use music like a hypodermic needle to do nothing but good in people on a cellular level all over the world.

Robyn:  Backup for a quick minute, because The Sound of Healing is the book that comes with these seven pieces written around the most healing frequencies and The Six Tones of Solfeggio. We’ll get to that in a minute. Backup to you mentioned Joseph Goebbels, he was Hitler’s…

Michael:  Minister of propaganda.

Robyn:  Yeah. He was Hitler’s number one buddy. You’re the only source where I’ve read in-depth about his agenda. Just for audience, because they may not have read your book. Why would Joseph Goebbels care about putting chaotic frequencies out there? Which may lead you to talk a little bit about what the big deal is about frequencies and music anyway.

Michael:  Honestly, there is quite a bit of research, some from the Schiller Institute, which is just straight up nuts and bolts music history. Others by a man named Leonard Horowitz who has actually wrote an abstract that I used in this book concerning this. I might read that real quick if you don’t mind.

This article details events in musical history that are essential to understanding the treating of modern psychopathology, social aggression, political corruption, genetic dysfunction and a cross-cultural degeneration of traditional values risking life on earth. The history concerns A=440 hertz “standard tuning,” and the Rockefeller Foundation’s Military commercialization of music.

The manipulation and the monopolization of music industry features this imposed frequency that is herding populations into greater aggression, psychological agitation, and emotional distress predisposing people to physical illness and financial impositions profiting the agents, agencies, and companies engaged in the monopoly.

Alternatively, the most natural, instinctively attractive, A=444 hertz, which is what I use, which shifts the center or the C note to 528 hertz. This frequency is most vividly displayed botanically in nature. That is, the good vibrations that the plant kingdom obviously broadcast in its greenish-yellow display, remedial to emotional distress, social aggression, and more, has been musically censored.

Thus, a musical revolution is needed to advance world health and peace, and has already begun with musicians returning their instruments to perform optimally, impact audiences beneficially, and restore integrity to the performing arts and sciences. He goes on to say that he can confirms that the note A=444 hertz is a healing, life-giving key. Whereas 440 hertz is detrimental to the human body. That’s Dr. Leonard Horowitz.

The article also that’s in my book that goes on … Talks from the Schiller Institute of the historical actual events of when Joseph Goebbels in the midst of wartime decided that he was going to on a one man campaign to unilaterally bring all nations into one turning. It’s like the one world agenda, but this was the one world music agenda of getting every nation to tune the same.

For your listeners, you don’t realize that every nation tunes to a different frequency. I found that up by subtraction on a trip where I went to play with a band in South America and I had tuned to my tuner and they tuned to theirs and we were terribly out of tune with each other. I found that they operated in a different frequency than we do.

Us, in Canada, we’re the only ones, by the way, that eventually adopted Joseph Goebbels German radio beat of 440 hertz. All the other nationals have different ones. Few of them used 444. Now, even in our nation, the Boston Pop Symphony.

Robyn:  We’ll all go listen to the Boston Pop Symphony. We’ll put some links to some great stuff by Dr. Horowitz. Dr. Leonard Horowitz, if you watch his YouTube videos or if you pay attention to what he’s saying, it’s very scientifically dense. Whereas Michael’s book … One of the things that really struck me how you said, and it’s exactly what I’m doing on this podcast, Michael. Which is why I have chased you down to be a guest here is that you said I wanted to demystify frequencies into something that you can put to use.

Michael:  Precisely. If I would have met you 45 years ago, if that was possible, I would have visited you at your home and I would have came in with an aluminum rectangular box and I would have said, “Hey, Robyn. I’m going to cut a three foot by two foot rectangular space in the sheetrock of your kitchen. I’m going to put this device in there. Afterwards, I’ll leave and you’ll be able to push a few buttons. You’ll be able to heat up your cold soup and take it out of there without burning your fingers. If your coffee is cold, you can shove it in there. Push a few buttons.” You would have said, “This guy is out of his freaking mind. Where did we find this guy?”

That’s our microwave. Now, it’s an antiquated device, but its modality is still the most commonly used thing today, which is frequencies. People don’t realize today that the cutting edge research of today is … There’s an Australian scientist that is finding a way to inoculations through a laser probe. There’s another Canadian scientist that when there was that great oil spill in the Gulf, he was the only one, including Costner, gave it a shot with his machine. He was the only one that was able to clear a cubic square a mile of water by using the frequency 528, which is also one of the frequencies I use in Wholetones Frequency Healing Music.

He was able to use enough amplitude and one frequency and he cleared down to the normal amount of particulates water that had been completely polluted and even cleared the bottom, which most they were finding oil balls allover the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico. This guy literally cleared a cubic mile of water by using frequency alone. Mind-boggling.

Robyn:  It is mind-boggling. To think how far we’ve come, you’re right, 45 years ago, you would have come in and you would have showed my mother a microwave and she … I remember when we got our first microwave 45 years ago, I would have been four years old. I remember as a young kid, my mother who’s very holistic [leaning 00:11:09], the first time a microwave came into our home she said, “I don’t trust this thing. We’re not going to use it for much.”

Michael:  Wow! She was right.

Robyn:  Yes. She was right. Evidence would bear her out. How exciting that we also have these really healing frequencies. You’ve covered a lot of ground by reading Dr. Horowitz’ stuff and really giving a good overview. I don’t know it’s Goebbels or someone else. I believe it was Goebbels, because he was the propaganda minister. He was responsible for creating chaos. He said that if A=440 hertz were blared from a siren, there would be mass hysteria in the streets.

Michael:  Yes.

Robyn:  Is that right?

Michael:  That’s correct.

Robyn:  What I like is that if Goebbels’ agenda was to create chaos with sound frequencies, you are not blaring one frequency from something that projects sound. I listen to them quite a few times before I realized that there was this one frequency running through as a thread, because you wrap all these beautiful music around it. Tell me about that.

Michael:  I always like to say that Wholetones is like a spoon full of sugar that helps the medicine go down. The way you see that is the medicine is the frequency and the music is merely the spoon full of sugar that helps you assimilate the medicine. There’s an underlayment of frequency, a different one for each of the seven frequencies that are in the Wholetones package. It was honestly the only purely organic thing I believe I’ve ever been a part of. Meaning that all of these happened spontaneously.

All of the musicians … I don’t think I’ve ever shared this. All the musicians … When I walked into the studio, I have a methodology. We all do. I have a system that always works and it all went out the window the moment I walked in the studio. I walked in the studio and I got down on my knees and I started weeping and I didn’t know why. I realized I had no music to hand these musicians. That I had nothing to direct them with and I had nothing other than seven tones in my head.

I told them, I tried to explain to them. I said, “You’re already on the clock. You’re getting paid. Don’t worry.” I said, “I have these seven tones and there’s music in them. If I in after them, as soon as I get something, I’m just going to tell you what to play. I’m going to sing it to you and I want you to do what I tell you to do when I tell you to do it.” They all looked at me not like I was crazy, but like it was the most exciting thing they were ever a part of.

I can tell you that when it came down to the recording, all five of us were in separate booths and were in isolation booths. Meaning we were not in ling sight of each other, whatsoever. There was no way for us to see each other. None of us were wearing wristwatches.

As I began to play the guitar, everybody started playing and they knew exactly what to do. I remember stopping … Feeling impressed to stop in the middle of some of these songs dead and everybody stopped dead with me. All of these is one take, and all of them without us looking at a watch end it at precisely 22 minutes and 22 seconds. I think that adds the divine part of this and also the reason why I believe that it’s organically effective is the fact that it’s not manipulated in any way. It is what it is. It is what it was.

It’s simply was me getting out of the way of the divine instead of me coming in with my system and asking the divine to help me with it. It was purely something I went in completely empty and void and allowed it just to happen organically. If that make any sense at all.

It makes a ton of sense and it’s what we’re also excited about on this platform about raising our own vibration and also recognizing the other vibrations in the universe that we want more of or less of. We don’t know, just because there are ways that the entire universe if orchestrated to make us whole. You are so clearly all about that. Tell me about how your music channel’s good vibrations, and bring in a little bit about this skein of Pythagoras, brings math and frequencies together with your Six Solfeggio Tones.

Sure. We’ll tie it all together. The one thing about your question about good vibrations. I think it’s really funny that the Beach Boys came up with a song in the 60s. None of us really had a clue what they were talking about. I look at, “I’m picking up good vibrations. You’re sending out excitations.” Basically what he was saying is that, “I’m receiving a signal that you’re sending and I’m getting it the way you want it to because you’re excited about it.” When I met you at the Consumer Health Summit, I loved you immediately.

That word. If you love somebody, there’s no mistaking love when you find it. It doesn’t exist because there’s past history. It doesn’t exist because you actually even have to know the person by the book or by the cover. Whether they’re beautiful in your eyes or not. Beautiful is irrelevant. You can touch someone’s heart and you can love that heart the moment you come in contact with another person.

Good vibrations is really not mystical. It’s simple. All of us have either been around someone. Whether it would be our first meeting or there was another. You immediately said in your mind, “I resonate with this person.” That’s exactly in essence what you were doing. Your frequencies were resonating with another and it was beginning to be this symbiotic thing going on in the frequency realm where are are actually starting to shake what would shake in the other person.

There’s other times when you come in contact with someone and you can’t get away from them fast enough. They’re operating in a completely different frequency realm in you and it’s contrapuntal. If you’re spinning in a clockwise way, they’re spinning in a counter clockwise. There’s this tornadic emotional invisible thing that says, “I don’t want to be around this person. I got to get out of here.” This is real stuff.

I have that happen if I don’t even know somebody. I can go to a restaurant and have a waitress come up. I might still give her some money just to help her out because she’s having a bad day, but I don’t want her waiting on me because she’s not there to love. She’s there to emote or she’s pissed that she’s there. It’s not going to be a good experience.

I had a great experience with you at CHS because of your heart. I could see who you were right away. I felt very comfortable talking to you I was really excited to hear what you were all about and what you did and that’s the reason why we’re having this conversation.

To be able to say about what good vibrations is, we could take it really technical or we can demystify it. Listen. Good vibrations are what make you feel good, man. It’s a situation thing plays person. When you come in contact out of your cold space into that space, if you feel good when you’re around someone, something, or somewhere, there’s some good vibrations going on somewhere. There’s a frequency that adheres to your heart that makes you feel glad you were there.

The same way the bible says it in a profound way. It’s just the power of life and death is in the tongue, where the vibratory member of your mouth that forms words. You can speak life or death. Example, if I tell somebody I love them and my intention is pure, they’re going to feel it. There’s no way around it. If I tell someone I hate them and my intentions are pure and I say that they’re going to feel that too.

Just like if you’re driving down the road in California and all of a sudden you see a blue and red light flashing into your rear view mirror. Immediately, there’s a feeling and it’s a feeling of what? Everything is running into your stomach and you feel sick to your stomach. All of a sudden all of these hormones are going wacko and all of these acid pours at your stomach because something happened that makes you say, “this is a negative experience and I’m going to get a ticket and it’s going to be expensive.”

Robyn:  It really is helpful when you realize that these wavelengths can be important messaging, and so you tune in to them and it’s a whole other source of information that goes beyond the books you’ve read or the education you got.

Michael:  Look at what we’re just talking about. We won’t talk about it long because everybody else. Everybody is talking about two candidates in an election and none of those people they’re talking about them know either one of those people. No one’s ever sat down in a room and exchanged frequencies with those people and found out, “Is all of these some kind of conspiracy?” or, “Is all of these just … The best spinners of each of these political pundits telling us how wicked each one is?” I don’t think either one of them are as bad as anyone.

I would say discernment. Yeah. I’m going to use the D word. I would say discernment comes from vibrational information by something that bypasses your ability to use just your brain or any preconceived ideas, or even any racial slurs, phobias, past experiences. If you’re around somebody and you’re empty enough to feel how you feel around that person, you’re going to know right away if somebody’s really, really good or if they have some issues. I don’t say bad, I would just say not optimum.

Robyn:  When you are making decisions and you just don’t have the depth of data that you need to make a decision. I am so thankful that we are all connected by these subatomic energy particles.

You have done an amazing work with music. You talk in your book quite a bit about words and you’ve been talking about words and you … There’s the words that we use and the charge they held. I’d love you just comment about that a little bit, because it’s clearly important to you that you use your words well, but you also use the the word in your speaking. As in capital THE WORD. Tell me about that and the impact, or the energies that words carry.

Michael:  Yes. For me, my Christianity is fundamental. I would never try to hide it or try to make myself more appealing to people that did not embrace that at all. With that being said, I’m also not a militant Christian. Meaning, I’m just a loving guy. It’s like I just have chosen this particular type of belief system as the foundation for everything that I do. With that being said, like I had mentioned earlier, if we listen carefully to what we say, intuitively, we’ll begin to realize the power of it.

For example, let’s say that you have a car, okay? Whatever, you would say this car is a lemon. Everyday, you would get in that car and you go, “This car sucks. I can’t believe that I bought this piece of crap. This thing is always breaking down.” You know what? You have the repaid bills to prove that because you spoke it into existence and you don’t realize that. If people grasp half of what I’m saying today, they’re lives will change elementally.

You decide what something does. You speak to it and it will do what you say it does. As a man think it, so he is. You can change your life with the selection of words that you use.

I remember for years when I couldn’t rub two nickels together and I would always go to the mailbox expecting nothing but bills and bad news. You know what I got? Nothing but bills and bad news. One day I looked at my wife and I said, “I renamed our mailbox.” She said, “What did you name it?” I said, “I named it the moneybox.” Check started showing up in my mailbox in a couple of weeks. I said, “It’s the box of good news and blessing,” and it’s been the box of good news and blessing every since.

My point is for your listeners is you can change your world and you can change our world. You can change your life with the words that you say. Here’s the difference though. You got to really believe it. You know what? You got to believe it man. There has to be an intention, an activation in what you say.

If the power of life and death is in the tongue, can you imagine the power, the inherent power that you have just within your gums, what you can say? People don’t talk much about harp. I won’t go too far in it. It’s a militarization of frequencies. Here’s the interesting thing. It’s being created as a terrible weapon.

You can do good things with frequencies, or you can do horrendous things with frequencies. You can manipulate people and you can use it to gain power for yourself and your agenda. You can draw things to yourself because of narcissism, or you can speak life to people, free them. You can speak life to things, free them. You can talk positively and watch everything in your life including your social and economic structure change before your eyes by properly selected words with very powerful belief that some people would actually call faith.

Robyn:  I love it. What you’re saying here, we have talked somewhat about how this whole concept of frequencies and resonating and finding frequencies that you match with is the law of attraction. You’re saying your words create energies which create realities.

I love your story about how you started to call the mailbox the moneybox and then the box of good news and blessings. That’s going right there. That is going in the show notes my friend. That is some good stuff.

Michael:  Look at Masaru Emoto’s work. I’m staring at his book right now. One of my favorite people that ever lived. I remember getting a hold of a guy at the turn of the century named Snowflake Bentley from Jericho, Vermont who was the first man to create a special camera that actually could capture frozen water crystals. Then you take his work and multiply it by a thousand … You have Masaru Emoto who unfortunately passed away from us I think almost two years ago.

His research, he proved that because of the low surface tension and the life in the water that if you spoke to it, it would take on the characteristic of your intention; I.E., love, peace, goodness, long-suffering. Each one of those, when you spoke that into the water and froze the water, created absolutely astronomically gorgeous crystals.

However, when you spoke negative things like hate, death, certain other words, the water not only was chaotic but it would not even form a crystalline form. It’d form maybe like the [Panhedrian 00:25:50] shape but it wouldn’t forma fully formed crystal. It was chaotic and a broken wall.

I found that so beyond fascinating that I begin to do experiments. This is back in 96. I started doing experiments at home with different types of food and water and different things, and I would put two in a jar and I would just write the name of what it was that was intentional. For example, I could take an apple and wrap it in a piece of paper that said, “Love.” I could take another apple and wrap it up in a piece of paper and wrote the word hate on it and leave them in a basket and watch one of them completely come apart in a couple of days and watch the other one last for three weeks. It was astronomical.

I’ve done so many experiments with being intentional and using frequencies and diverse in different ways. I can simply say that to completely demystify it, it’s like whatever makes you feel good. When I say feel good, means make you feel light and not heavy doubt, or weird, or like you want to get out. You’re in some kind of proximity to something that’s very, very positive.

Robyn:  It is so undeniable when you see actual visual evidence of the power of the frequencies of words. Those are sound waves and that’s what we’re talking about with music, which brings us back to your life’s work that sound frequencies in music are something that you take for granted. You’re not just trying to entertain. There’s so much of the music in our pop culture is digital now. It was totally fascinating to me when you talked about digital versus analog. Say a few words to us about that and then tell us about these seven pieces and what they’re all about.

Michael:  I’m going to give you the quick numbers guys. If you want to jot this down if you’re listening. These are the actual hertz numbers for the seven healing frequencies on the Wholetones project. 396 hertz, 417 hertz, 444 hertz, 528 hertz, 639 hertz, 741 hertz, and 852 hertz. I’m telling you that for the simple reason of explaining how the skein of Pythagoraswe know about is amazing brain and he was the linchpin of mathematics by which we do many very complicated computations.

Nonetheless, there’s the skein of Pythagoras. What the skein of Pythagoras means to oversimplify is let’s take the number 396. We would add three plus nine plus six, which would give us the equivalent of 18. Then we would reduce it down and take one plus 8 and we find that comes to nine.

You do the same with 417, we’d come up with 12. We add the one and two integers together, we find three. We do the same for 444. It comes to three. 528, comes to six. 639 comes to nine. 741 comes to three, and 8552 comes to six. That might not sound substantial to you, but you have to understand that all music is interrelated with. You can’t separate music from arithmetic. It would be literally impossible.

With that being said, when I have these frequencies, I did not know they’re in a relation mathematically. I didn’t know that they would all add up to come to the same thing where they all overlap. I play them all together and sometimes people are fascinated at the sound of all seven playing at one time. Let alone individually.

With that being said, if I take the common number of each, 396 is nine, 417 is three, 444 is three, 528 is six, 639 is 9, 741 is three, and 852 is six. You add those together, you’d get 39, which equals 12, or add one plus two and three. There’s absolutely no way to un-divide the interrelation between these seven tones and their relationship to certain parts of the human body. Interestingly, Nikola Tesla, probably one of … If not, my very favorite human, who wanted all of us to have free power using our own home toroidal transformers and never have to pay a power company again for the rest of our lives. Obviously, the powers. That was ridiculous. We won’t go there tonight.

However, with that being said, he said, “If you knew the magnificence of the numbers three, six and nine, you would know the key to the universe.” If you notice, regardless of what your spiritual preference might be, mine is Christianity. Everything in Christianity is built around this premise. The creation of the world. Body, soul and spirit. If we understood what three, six and nine represent on a global scale, then we would understand the beginning or the vestibule of God’s intent for creation of the world and how it begins.

Again, most of my stuff is by subtraction, Robyn. I went to clinical route. We did clinical trials, and all they wanted was more substantiation. We started letting the people that used Wholestones tell their own story. That was the best thing that I ever did. One of the things I realized really quick was there’s common denominators of certain things that happened, like 396. Everybody uses that for sleep. If you put it on a loop at night, that’s the first one, it’s called the open door.

If you put 396 on at night, even if you have trouble with insomnia or you’ve been hooked on Ambient or different things and still not getting profound sleep, you put this on and let it run all night. I’ve never made it past the five minute mark of the 22 minute and 22 seconds song. Let alone, had to repeat it. You an leave it on inifite repeat. I’m pretty sure that you’ll experience what people tell us they experience, which is an amazing quality of sleep.

I could go through all of these, but we just don’t have the time. Thank goodness. Inside of my book, I’d go into detail about each of those specific differences.

Robyn:  Yeah. You and I have a mutual love of Nikola Tesla and a dream would be to have an interview with you and him where we talk about how you are taking his work and making it real in the world of music. Now we have the amazing Elon Musk, and Tesla, the company, long past his death. The first quote that I talk about all the time with my audience by Tesla is if you want the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.

Just to drive home Michael’s place in these amazing high frequencies, he has brought together the power of Wholetones with Tesla’s quote, “If you …” He already said it once. I’m going to repeat it because I think it’s so mind-blowing. It’s in his book with a picture of Nikola Tesla and on the facing page is Masaru Emoto’s water crystals research which both of those will blow your mind. You’ll just sit there and you’ll stare at it for 20 minutes and it will help you make connections to things in your life that you’ve literally never thought about before. Tesla said, “If you only knew the magnificence of the three, six and nine, then you would have a key to the universe.”

Of course, we want the secrets of the universe. Why are we just putting in our time here in life if we’re not figuring out the secrets of the universe?

I love your music and I want those who are listening to this podcast to go listen to the samples of it. Wholetones has made a special deal for us, for our readers, and I’m linking you to it in the show notes. You can actually listen to a bit of each one. The package, the special deal they made for us actually gives you Michael’s book as well as all of these pieces. Tell us just a little bit about the Solfeggio.

Michael:  There’s so much there. Originally, people don’t know this either. I don’t think I’ve told any audience this. Initially, when I created the music, I was only going to write a tinny little explanation of how to use the music at home. I started writing and a month later this book came out, all of it, at one time.

I wrote until I fell asleep and then I got up and did the next day, did the next day. It was all written by hand and the editing process was daunting. I’m thankful I didn’t have to do all of it, because I’m a terrible editor.When it was finished, I remember looking back at some of it and I have to honestly tell you there was things that I wrote there that I didn’t know. That’s going to sound crazy to your listeners too, but there was things that I wrote that I didn’t know, because they were being spoken through me while I was writing and I had to go back to collaborate my own writing later and find out it was absolutely true, but I didn’t even know when I read it. I went, “How did I know that?” “I don’t know that, but it’s true.”

With that being said, the Solfeggio tones, there’s a lot of information about them in the book. There was six particular tones that were a part of what was called Gregorian Chant, but obviously it predated that substantially. Pope Gregory was given the illustrious title being the creator of Gregorian chants, when actually he wasn’t even a musician. He was part and parcel one of the main reasons why these went into hiding. These six particular tones that were even being used in the time of Christ, believe it or not, and where we find the original, what we would call the first century church, if you will.

This was part of their typical worship experience, and these were not what we would call … it wasn’t polyphony. It wasn’t like chordal music like we’re used today. It was strictly melodic. There was a particular group of intervals and when they would use these intervals in music, spontaneous healing and supernatural things used to happen during the early century church. Eventually, that was shutdown and it goes into all of that history in the book.

The most interesting thing is, is that these six frequencies disappeared for hundreds and hundreds of years, and it was a calculated plot to cover them up. I’m not a conspiracy weirdo. Take a deep breath. They literally were taken out of books. They were removed from history. In fact, the particular monks that became Gregorian monks later on were told never to even mention or speak of them. Pope Gregory the Great removed all of these particular frequencies from all of their music.

Let me just quickly explain that if you can work with me, Solfeggio means sight singing. It means by interval. It means your father had a song and he taught you that song and he taught you the frequency of that song and it’s completely something that you work on to memory until it’s part of you.

All of a sudden what this guy did was say, “Hey! That tuning that’s part of you, we’re going to change it,” and he did. He did. We lost those six tones for hundreds of years. There was talk that, first of all, they have been burned. Secondly, that they may still today be in the Vatican Library. Nobody really knows. Way before me, probably another … Goodness. Another six to eight years before me, people begin talking about these missing frequencies. Before you know it, people unearthed this in a very obscure Gregorian timed song. It was a hymn to John the Baptist. All of these frequencies that hadn’t been seen in music suddenly were in this little bit of music.

A guy named Dr. Joseph [Pilaro 00:37:18] was the first one to recognize it. Later on, Dr. [Pelayo 00:37:23] got in touch with Dr. Leonard Horowitz, and they were the ones that really blasted this thing out and were the first ones to really help people lock in to why it was so important.

Again, I didn’t understand until after application and then … Mathematics. That they were interrelated mathematically perfectly, like a crystal. Even the number themselves. It was all one beautiful thing that had been taken away from mankind. I’m just honored to be a part of unearthing it and demystifying it and bringing it back to the people.

Robyn:  I opened a loop earlier that we should probably have you close. Tell us just a minute about digital versus analog, because that was all news to me.

Michael:  Yes. Very important. Once again, before 1982, we were still dealing with cassettes, for example. We were dealing with different types of tape. Before that, of course, we had 12 inch vinyl we called records. What was interesting about that is that analog signal or what is produced with analog technology is decoded organically. Meaning, let’s say I was playing a grand piano in a room and I recorded that on to direct to disc or to a tape. I would have as close to an exact reproduction of that tonality as possible.

What’s interestingly about it is that when you get to digital, you begin to convert frequencies into numbers but in a different way, in a binary scale. What that looks like today to make this real simple. If I would have put you into a room listening to Ride of the Valkyries by Wagner through 2 AM speakers with a Macintosh tube power amp with an AR turntable and put a record on and I played that. You’d probably burst into tears, your hair would be standing up on your arms.

I could do the same thing with your iPod, iPad, your small device, your phone and do it with iTunes and you’d say, “Oh! That’s a cool tune.” The reason that you had that, it wasn’t just because you’re jaded, it’s because of the bandwidth.

What am I talking about? Analog is a very wide band with the frequencies. Meaning, if you would ever be into a great Carnegie Hall and listen to music, there’s very little amplification because so much of the natural acoustics and resonance comes off the stage and overwhelms the listener. Whereas the other way as we would depend upon taking our frequencies, our wave forms and converting them into numbers and then allowing those truncated signals to become music.

Here’s the plus-minus. It’s a smaller truncated signal. Someone asked me the other day, “Why do you offer a digital version of Wholetones?” Listen. Everywhere I can, I use analog technology in all of my recording. In a modern recording studio today, it is literally impossible to record at the level with the musicians in the time that we use without including some kind of digital technology. It would literally be impossible.

However, I have all kinds of tricks and ways, things that I do to remove the digital and wash through analog circuitry, and then again in the mastering process, wash it all through [wise 00:40:47] tubes and a lot of other beautiful analog circuitry.

Our discs are overwhelming because of that process. As our music that’s on Blu-ray is outstanding as far as its audio file quality. With that being said, an MP3 is a digital, almost on the level of what we would say a truncated or folded signal.

Here is where it gets fun. The only people that are really going to recognize that is somebody with a trained ear or somebody who’s an audio file. I can prove it to you by this. We had a nurse, I didn’t know she was a nurse. She called me and she said, “Hi. This is blank. I’m from Tampa, Florida. I had to talk to you. You have these digital samples on the internet for free.” I said, “Yes ma’am.” She said, “Somebody told me about them.” She said, “I have rheumatoid arthritis.” I said, “Yeah. I know a little bit about RA.”

She said, “There’s no cure for it.” I said, “I am aware of that. You’re a nurse, so you can collaborate that.” She said, “Precisely. That’s my point. I put on one of your frequencies, I listened to it. I went to bed and fell asleep. I woke up the next morning, I had no pain in my body.” She’d thought whatever she used, like the Advil, must have kicked in or whatever. She said, “Three months now, and I don’t have a [lick 00:41:59] of pain and my personal doctor at the hospital says that I have no markers, whatsoever, in my blood from rheumatoid arthritis.”

Just to say that, I’m not saying that this is something that happens all the time or this is what you can expect. I’m saying that listening to a free sample MP3, which isn’t even as good as what you get from a digital download, caused the lady to listen one time and walk away from something that was incurable that she had for 10 years. How that happens? I don’t know. I’m not making any claims on your show. I’m saying that if something if charged with good, then good will happen when you use it.

Robyn:  In your 528 hertz of pure love that you poured into this project, I feel it and I hear it, and I feel it and it’s become part of me. If I could sum this up, I feel like what we’ve learned here, I’ve learned so much from you Michael. I feel like this whole concept of our country, if you’re listening to this in the United States, Canada as well, we have A tune to 440 hertz or A=440 hertz. These are chaotic frequencies. These are damaging frequencies.

I think the number one takeaway from what I’ve learned from Michael’s body of work is that here I am, I’m drinking my green juice and I’m choosing to make sense of and make positive things out of the difficult things that happened to me, raised my vibration, use my podcast and my books and any way that I’m blessed with an audience to raise to other’s vibration. What a revelation to realize that the music I listen to can be an enormous part of having a high vibration, and that there are healing frequencies. That’s what I’ve learned from you.

Michael:  Wow! All I can tell you is this, is that if all us work together … We always talk about changing the world. When I was born I knew I was created to do that. I never knew how. Meeting you and 84 other people in Scottsdale, everybody in that room is a world changer. I brought this point up there and whatever I can do to help Robyn, I got to do that. Whatever she could do to help me … Why? Because if you’re created to be a world changer, then it’s all about relationship. It’s all relational.

I know right now what would be great for everybody in America that’s healing from this caustic, ridiculous, over-politicized choice between two pundits is this … One of the frequencies, 639, I’ve watched it time and time again, you have two kids in a room and they’re fighting and I don’t even see anything. I’ll just put the disc on and all of a sudden the fighting stops. They’re fighting over a toy and all of a sudden the one gives the toy to the other person and the other one hugs the other one.

There’s some crazy relational component. I’m not making medical claims. I’m saying when this music plays, it brings peace in the midst of chaos and makes even enemies friends. If we could find a way to broadcast these kinds of things in inner cities and places in Chicago where there’s shootings and turmoil and hatred, we could actually have a chance of doing something with music that could change our world, could change our cities, could change our lives, could change our marriages. It’s so simple that we overlook it. We don’t really understand what you can do when you mix power with frequencies and love behind all of it. It’s absolutely the most powerful force in the universe.

Robyn:  That sums it up very, very well. Michael, thank you for the blessing that you are in my life. You’re a high vibration human.

Michael:  Thank you for your love for me and for all that you’re doing for so many people. It’s going to take all of us, but I believe it can be done. Thank you for wanting me to be on your show.

My friends, I hope that you were inspired by that as I was. I think that Michael Tyrrell is an amazing human being that we could learn a lot from. I’ve put in the show notes the link to so that you can see the special deal that Michael has made for us on these seven amazing healing high vibration pieces of music. Each of them 22 minutes and 22 seconds.

I’ve also provided links to some of Dr. Leonard Horowitz’ content on High Vibration Music and other related issues at See you next time.

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  1. kristidrennan says:

    Loved this! As an energy healer it is such an amazing tool to add to my healing toolbox! Wondering…the show notes indicated a “special deal”. Is it a GSG discount or just as we see on his site? Just confirming before I order. Thanks a bunch and loving this direction you’re taking in addition to your GSG content. 🙂

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    I was mesmerized by Michael Tyrrell. Looking forward to getting his sounds…I need the healing aspect of the whole tones. Amazing series, Robyn. Always looking forward to the next episode. Thank you for your Devotion…

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    I had goosebumps the ENTIRE interview. Please, please, please, look into and interview the Focused Life Force Energy (FLFE) guys… It’s like this but sent to your property or home. I have seen such a change in my family just with their 2-week free trial and it fits in with your high vibration theme so well!

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