Avocado-Almond Sandwiches

When I was in Portland last month, GSG reader Debbie made all this fabulous food for the road. Which was a good thing, since we did 3 lectures in 24 hours, sometimes with a 2-hour drive, so we had no downtime. (Now she’s setting me up with some speaking engagements in Hawaii for September. Anybody have a place that would like to host, on any of the three major islands? Speak up now before we commit to some others, okay?)

When we got home, Kristin and I craved those sandwiches Debbie made. They were mashed avocado, with chopped Smokehouse Almonds, on Dave’s Killer 21-Grain Bread that you get at Costco.

When I got home, we came up with this healthy, sprouted version of “Smokehouse Almonds.” (I googled the ingredients and made lots of substitutions.) I added lemon juice, kelp, and garlic powder to the mashed avocado for the sandwich filling. You can eat the almonds any way you want–you’re not limited to chopping them for this recipe.

I made the sandwiches for my kids for dinner tonight and they loved them:

Smoke House Almonds

1/4 cup coconut oil

2  TBSP chili powder

1  TBSP nama shoyu

2  tsp Original Crystal Himalayan Salt

2  tsp garlic powder

1/2  tsp basil

1/2  tsp onion powder

1/4 tsp cayenne

7-8 cups sprouted, dehydrated almonds (soak truly-raw almonds overnight, drain and dry in dehydrator until crunchy)

Mix all ingredients except almonds in a small bowl.   Add nuts; stir to coat.   Arrange on teflex dehydrator sheets and dry at 105 degrees until crunchy.

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  1. why do I need to sprout and dry the almonds and THEN add the ingredients? could I soak and sprout my almonds and dry them off a bit and add the ingredietns and then dehydrate them once?! I just found some coconut aminos and I think I will try to sub in this recipe–DD can’t have soy and I’ve missed out on the yummy nut recipes with nama shoyu I’m sure it will be less of a taste but still good ?!

  2. MSG is really a naturally occurring amino acid as opposed to MSG that is made in a lab and used as an additive. In Braggs MSG is one of the naturally occurring amino acids. MSG that is artificial is the item that causes the damage. MSG that is naturally occurring is why the additive can be in a product and they lump it with natural flavorings and do not say it is chemically made. One always needs to know the source of the ingredients. Braggs is perfectly safe.

  3. Robyn,

    I just had a friend who did some research and found that

    Braggs amino acids chemically is MSG. Have you heard this, or have any info

    About this?



  4. Jana, There could be a few reasons why they don’t feel full after a smoothie. One, what Robyn said, but most people who are eating a SAD probably are not receiving the nutrients from that smoothie, their digestion is messed up. If they cleaned up their diet a bit, and did some healing, and added more raw fruits and veggies, eventually the digestion system settles down, and begins to receive some of those nutrients, and then they begin to feel full on less…Obviously there is greater detail to that, but that’s it in a small nutshell. Since most people have a hard time with the whole concept of changing a diet, it is great if you just keep encouraging them, and slowly add new info and food and maybe they will slowly weed things out = )

  5. Can you put the almonds in an oven at low temp( like in Nourishing Traditions cookbook) instead of dehydrator? And do you do it twice–once before seasonings and once after? Thanks, Karen

  6. Hey Robyn,

    Off topic: What about friends/family who says green smoothies (without added protein powder) don’t fill them up or keep them satiated long? A related issue is a friend who is ALWAYS hungry, even after eating a large meal.



    1. Jana, it’s a valid issue since there are less than 200 calories in a quart of green smoothie (unless you’re adding fats like flaxseed oil). They can add protein powder if that helps. Or eat more food!

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