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Aloha from Hawaii!

Robyn Openshaw - Mar 23, 2012 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

I’ve just returned from a heaven of pineapples and papaya, teaching on Maui and Oahu. Thank you so much to my friends there, the Vegetarian Society of Hawaii, and Down to Earth Markets, for hosting my lectures. Many thanks to GSG reader and my friend Debbie Tuttle (shown below with her husband Tom, and my friend Ben and me) who organized the whole Hawaii trip.

In the photo below of the “Dine Out” event they hosted after the Honolulu event, you can see event organizers Anjie Pham, Jim Thompson, Ori Ann Li, and Lorraine Sakaguchi, who are delightful and committed to helping the world eat more plants—and encouraging others to not eat our friends, the animals. I have never met more detail oriented, kind, committed people. And Sylvia Thompson has a fabulous takeout / delivery raw-food service called Licious Dishes—absolutely fabulous food we ate all week. Thank you to Dr. Karl Seff who graciously opened his home to us, and Dr. Steve Blake in Maui for running our event there.

It turns out that wherever I go, about 50 cities a year, I find a big group of people who

–need help and inspiration returning to whole foods, to restore their health

–don’t know how to eat any more because they’ve been bullied and brainwashed by food cults

–want someone to help and inspire their family, friends, children they bring with them

I don’t like trying to get people to adopt labels or join food cults or extremism. (Of course I’m friendly to some movements in the nutrition space—vegetarian, vegan, raw food, alkaline food.) What I do like, staying out of pointless debates and marginalizing, is helping people learn how to eat more plants. That much is certain: eating more plants in their raw state means less disease, more energy, more abundance, more positive mood, pretty hair and skin, strong bones. It also means fewer animals live in misery and die to end up on a plate.

Just for fun after the lectures, Ben and I spent some time at the Pearl Harbor memorials, the Polynesian Cultural Center, the North Shore, hiking, paddle boarding, and lying around on Waikiki Beach. We came home tan and relaxed, and I can’t wait to visit Hawaii again.


robyn talking to an audience

robyn with a group of people

robyn with others


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4 thoughts on “Aloha from Hawaii!”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is in response to your article regarding “goiter” causing greens…I could not agree with you more, I have been doing green smoothies for the last four months, took a two week break and have fallen off the wagon with my healthy foods and I cant get back on fast enough, I feel yuck! Green smoothies and whole foods are exactly what the system thrives on and sugar and fat quickly over compensate all the good that these foods bring, i can quickly see postive changes with the greens and negatives with processed foods and surgar! And I love the George foundation too!!! Both of your books are my favorites!!! Keep up the good work!!!

  2. Mayura says:

    Hi ,

    Greetings from Singapore. Taking the liberty of writing to you. To give a brief

    introduction, I am a nutrition consultant based in Singapore. I run a social

    enterprise called Healthfriend which conducts nutrition workshops and

    ploughs profits into charities that support malnourished or underprivileged


    Currently I am co authoring a book with Vegetarian Society of Singapore. The

    book is on oil free healthy heart recipes for Singapore Heart Foundation.

    Wanted to request youi to contribute one oil free,dairy free and nut free vegetarian simple easy

    to make recipe for this book. It has recipes from health restaurants, heart

    patients,chefs, doctors etc. including recipes from Ann Esselstyn – wife of

    Bill Clintons Cardiologist Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn.

    The book is based on Dr. Esselstyn’s philosophy of preventing and reversing heart disease through diet.

    We would be grateful to have a green smoothie recipe from a well known health and green food guru

    like yourself. It will be credited to you along with your bio and website

    Looking forward to your response.


  3. Kate Larson says:


    I cannot thank you enough for your efforts to ‘green-up’ people. I am incredibly healthier for your book and continue to praise the greensmoothies movement. You have changed my life, my adult son (who lives with me after a job loss in CA) and numerous friends, relatives…I’ve lost about 60 pounds, blood pressure and overall health fabulous, and your greens (mine now : ) ) are helping to control my type II Diabetes. I am vegetarian, and continue to work towards a more raw diet for the health benefits thereof. I no longer get ‘sick” with colds/flu, etc. Just doesn’t happen.

    When I see your outstandingly beautiful outward appearance I know it is a glow that comes from the greens!

    Much gratitude to you and praise to you for your hard work

    Kate Larson

    Brooklyn Park, MN

    1. Robyn Openshaw says:

      Kate, so impressive—I love your story. Having once lost 45 lbs. myself, I know that it’s an EPIC achievement. I am humbled by your experience and thank you for your words. Bless you.


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