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My boy makes green smoothies to impress hot girls

Robyn Openshaw - Apr 03, 2012 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

Last night my 18-year old son had some hot girls from his school over to…..wait for it….do a green smoothie demo. I mocked him pretty hard. Since he has never made a green smoothie in his life. I guess the hot girl asked him point-blank if he would make her a GS. (Shameful, yes, that I’ve not taught this to my kid. Until last night, they were always made FOR him. Don’t worry, though—he’s had lots of vacuuming and lawn mowing and other tasks under his belt. He does make salad.)

He nervously asked me to train him, before the actual demo event. He also shut me in my office when the kids got here, so I could not embarrass him by laughing at the idea of him demonstrating something he’s never done before. (Not that I would! Muahaha.)

He pulled it off and a gang of teenagers settled into watch The Rookie after their green smoothie initiation.

I should have mentioned a few days ago, for my soda-addicted friends, that if you really have to have a soda now and then, Zevia brand in health food stores is a much better alternative. It’s no superfood. But no artificial colorings or chemical sweeteners or sugars—just stevia sweetened. Carbonation isn’t good for your blood. But—many of the dangerous things I wrote about last week are NOT in the Zevia sodas.

Kristin is on the wagon right now. She promised her brother Todd she’d get off “the stuff.” (That would be Diet Pepsi.) She is drinking stevia-sweetened green tea in the late afternoon now, and she adds a spoonful of chia. This is helping her feel that her mouth has something to do.

Her mouth is used to being entertained by carbonation. So she has to find another party for her mouth. She says the funny little chewy chia seeds make her pretty happy.

If the “party in your mouth” is your reason to drink soda, maybe that’ll work for you.

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5 thoughts on “My boy makes green smoothies to impress hot girls”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hilarious!! Now that’s a real stud! 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    Teenagers are really coming around to the idea of green smoothies. The private school where I work has a newspaper that is doing an article on eating more plants, with green smoothies as an easy way to do it. The journalism teacher came to me for a recipe, since I’m the green smoothie girl at work. I gave her your book and she did a little tweeking on a recipe to come up one she thought the kids would do – they are very open to it. The main point of the article being that with all the stress and pressure of school (98% of our students go on to college or university, so it is very high-performance) it’s really important to fuel your brain and body right. A coworker told me a few weeks back her daughter wants her to buy a blender, so she can do green smoothies, but she told her ‘when I see you eating right, I’ll do that’ but I said ‘No, no – she’s right! Green smoothies are the best way to change your habits – they are the starting point, not the end game!’ She wasn’t convinced, but hopefully this article will change her mind and she’ll get her kid a blender. Can you imagine a kid saying ‘I have great interest in eating tons of healthy food, and here’s how I want to do it’ and a mom saying ‘No!’??!! I had to hide how incredulous I was. And I’m not talking Blend

    Tec (I will never be able to afford one) – I have been making my own smoothies with a $30 blender from Target for a really long time – I’m about ready to buy that kid a blender myself!

    1. Robyn Openshaw says:

      mgm, you are very right. I have had lots of teenagers in my audience. Occasionally I have a teen or young adult who drags his or her parent(s) to my class! Recently I had a young college athlete stand in line after class and drill me with her questions. She left, bought green smoothie ingredients, and came back to ask more questions as we were packing up to go. In most cases, the teens and young adults are highly motivated because they have desperate health issues.

      Good for you for being GSG at work! Love it! Thanks for helping to get the word out….

  3. Do you just do smoothies or do you juice as well?

  4. Do you just do smoothies or do you juice as well?

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