Detox From Heavy Metals–Naturally

Heavy Metals Exposure--Mercury

What Are Heavy Metals, And Why Are They Dangerous?

Heavy Metals Exposure--LeadHeavy metals occur naturally on the planet, and some (like iron, zinc, and even silver and copper) are even vital for life in trace amounts. While any metal has the potential for toxicity in excess, the term heavy metals usually refers to those that have no known human benefit: lead, mercury, cadmium, and arsenic.

You may be exposed to heavy metals and not even know it. They can be contaminants in food, drugs, and supplements, or leached into groundwater. Occupational hazards from raw materials, equipment, processing, and fumes are also very common. Some typical exposure risks include:

  • Lead from old pipes, paint, or even leaded gasoline still in topsoil (with children particularly at risk because even brief exposure can affect brain development)
  • Mercury from dental fillings and industrial applications
  • Cadmium from tobacco smoke or food grown in cadmium-rich soil
  • Arsenic from treated lumber, coal-fired power plants, and runoff into groundwater

Heavy metals bond to and accumulate in organs and tissues, causing all kinds of physical, mental, and neurological damage. Many “mystery illnesses” like muscle weakness, brain fog, fatigue, nausea, headaches, and even constipation can be traced to heavy metal exposure and accumulation.

The higher the concentration, the worse the problems. Depression. Hair Loss. Learning disabilities. Immune disorders. Cancer. Even death.

What Can I Do About Heavy Metal Exposure?

If you live in the US or any other industrialized country, you almost certainly have some level of ongoing heavy metal contamination.

1. The most important defense from heavy metals is to avoid additional exposure when at all possible:

  • Eat organic produce
  • Rice is one of the most arsenic-contaminated crops–limit your consumption and check if your organic source is tested for heavy metals
  • Limit your consumption of fish, which is often contaminated with mercury
  • Heavy metals build up in animal fat–make sure your meat is from clean sources and eat sparingly
  • Install water filters on your home water system (check out LIFE Ionizers)
  • Switch to a biological dentist who uses nontoxic procedures and can safely remove metal fillings
  • If your home was built before 1952, have pipes and paint checked for lead
  • Wear protective masks and clothing if you work in industries using heavy metals

I have an amazing resource of quick-reference guides and wallet cards you can print and carry with you, and one of the wallet cards lists common neurotoxins like heavy metals, and which products, procedures, and foods to avoid to limit contact with them. Check out the Genius Guides here!

2. Use a fulvic and humic mineral supplement to naturally remove heavy metal toxins.

Detox Heavy Metals Naturally With Ultimate MineralsFulvic acid has dozens of beneficial uses for the human body. It transports nutrients, is a super-antioxidant, increases alkalinity, modulates hormones, regulates neurologic function, acts as an electrolyte, boosts immunity, and is the best source of bioavailable organic trace minerals. Fulvic acid is also nature’s most powerful natural heavy metal detoxifier.  It has a unique molecular structure that binds to heavy metals, making them inert. They can then be flushed safely out of the body with the help of humic acid.

I wanted both fulvic and humic acid in a concentrated formula, but couldn’t find one that could meet my standards–I finally had to make my own! We call it Ultimate Minerals. It’s also an “Ultimate Detoxifier,” making it the perfect daily supplement to deal with ongoing exposure to heavy metals and other contaminants.

You can get Ultimate Minerals as a stand-alone supplement, or in the discounted set Daily Dose along with GreenSmoothieGirl’s PreZymePro and GardenVites.


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  1. Parsley can reduce chemicals in the body… I drink parsley tea occasionally. Cilantro can remove heavy metals as can EDTA. I have iron overload disease so this article interested me. I would have to eat a lot of cilantro to rid myself of enough iron to normal levels.

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