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This Rare Mineral Removes Deadly Toxins and Heavy Metals in Just 30 Seconds a Day

Robyn Openshaw - Jun 19, 2022 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

Are you “toxic?” Probably so. It’s a function of living in this world. And we don’t know better, until we know better.

Have you had a metal filling? Lived in polluted air? Taken medications, eaten processed food, gotten vaccinations, used commercial deodorant, drunk out of plastic bottles?

All of these are EXPOSURES to toxicity. Your body is not built to metabolize and eliminate things like mercury, aluminum, and glyphosate.

We’re all being exposed to toxins and heavy metals on a regular basis, and avoidance of the toxin is no longer enough.

The results: fatigue, brain fog, sleep and mood issues, inability to lose weight, premature aging, and many other health concerns.

Instead of feeling hopeless or trying a bunch of things that don’t work, there’s one natural mineral that’s proven to clear out the “toxic garbage” that might be devastating your immune system and holding you back in ways you don’t even know.

In this post:

How Toxins Impact Your Health 

The toxicity we must all deal in today’s world is something I talk about all the time.

I believe it’s important for everyone to detoxify often, and I lead a guided 26-Day Detox once or twice a year. (In January, we have a big group, and it’s FUN, as well as highly productive, as we see everyone’s health turn around!)

We’re exposed to at least 80,000 chemicals in our daily lives, from food, water, air, and more. So much of the disease, cancer, and health problems we experience have their roots in toxicity.

Mercury, arsenic, lead, cadmium, pesticides, mold, radiation, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are only some of what our bodies have to fight daily.

Much of the health problems we experience today are rooted in toxicity. In fact, over 90% of major diseases can be linked to toxin exposure.

So, you need a way to eliminate these toxins, effectively.

Why You Need a BINDER to Carry Toxins Out of Your Body, Even If You Do Cleanses and Detoxification Programs 

Even good detox and cleanse programs that open up your elimination pathways may not be enough to deal with major toxin-related health problems.

As your body tries to detoxify itself, the toxins can overwhelm your elimination pathways, allowing heavy metals and other toxins to re-circulate back in your body.

The toxins may even re-embed in fatty tissues — your body’s way of protecting you — making it difficult to release extra weight.

Binders “bind” to toxins and transport them out the body. If toxins are not bound to anything, most of them will get reabsorbed in the gut.

Heavy Metals Are Harmful and Don’t Leave Your Body Easily! 

Heavy metals occur naturally. Some, like zinc and iron, are vital for life in trace amounts. While others, like arsenic, lead, and mercury, are some of the most deadly substances on earth. You may be exposed to them and not know it.

Many “mystery illnesses,” like brain fog, fatigue, and headaches, can be traced to heavy metals accumulated in your organs and tissues.

Unfortunately, heavy metals don’t leave your body easily. But, there’s a substance that’s been clinically proven1 to help remove heavy metals safely...

Introducing: The Natural Mineral for Detox, Zeolite Clinoptilolite 

Nature has an answer to all the toxicity we’re dealing with.

Zeolite clinoptilolite is a natural mineral, created through a reaction of volcanic ash and seawater.

“Zeolite” refers to a type of mineral. There are a lot of zeolite products out there, but many of them are made from synthetic zeolites. Zeolite clinoptilolite is a natural version. (From here on in this article, for brevity, I’ll mostly refer to it as simply zeolite — but please know that I’m talking about the natural version, zeolite clinoptilolite.)

This porous substance has a negative charge and a “cage-like” structure, so it binds to positively charged toxins, like a magnet, and carries them, quickly and effectively, out of your body for good.

Zeolite is especially effective because it can bind to toxins throughout the body — and it has an affinity for toxins only. So, it never removes beneficial minerals, which your body needs to help fight toxins.

(Some people use IV-chelation-containing binders to remove heavy metals from your body. But, this type of binder also massively depletes the minerals you need, for every function in the body. So, it can be very hard on you, to go through that process.)

When you do a detoxification program or cleanse, it’s a great idea to take zeolite to support your body in flushing out toxins, instead of reabsorbing them.

And even if you don’t do a detoxification program, taking zeolite morning and night, for a few months, or a week out of every month, is a great idea, to bring your “toxic body burden” down.

Scientific Research and Health Benefits of Zeolite Clinoptilolite

Zeolite clinoptilolite has been widely studied, and the health benefits are impressive. These are only some of them:

  • Strengthening the immune system. Removing toxins makes it easier for your body to protect and take care of you. Too many toxins can overwhelm your body, paving the way for disease and other health challenges.2
  • Protecting against viruses. Zeolite is able to absorb viral particles and prevent them from replicating. Research suggests that zeolite may be effective against a whole host of viruses.3
  • Getting rid of heavy metals. In a 2012 study, zeolite was found to successfully flush heavy metals from the body, including toxic lead.4
  • Detoxifying mold. Zeolite is used as a detoxifier of mold toxins, called mycotoxins.
  • Maintaining a healthy pH. Zeolite gives you alkalizing minerals, which support healthy pH levels in your body.
  • Protecting your kidneys. Heavy metals can cause damage to the kidneys.5 So getting rid of them can strengthen your kidney function.
  • Protecting against leaky gut. In a 2015 study, zeolite was found to strengthen the intestinal wall.6

Important Warning: Most Zeolite Products DON’T Work 

Zeolite binders can be wonderful for truly getting rid of toxins. But, there are several problems with most zeolite products on the market:

First of all, an abundance of low-quality zeolite products exist on the market. Many of them are made from synthetic zeolites. That’s why you want to choose a product made with zeolite clinoptilolite, a natural zeolite.

Second, powdered zeolites only work in the colon. But that’s not where the majority of toxins accumulate. Pure Body Extra Strength uses a unique activated hydrated zeolite optimized to target toxins on the cellular level — for a passive and fast-acting whole-body cleanse.

Third, most zeolite products aren’t capable of cleansing at the cellular level. To go beyond the gut and reach into cells for a deep detox, you want a zeolite that’s nanosized.

When it’s nanosized (made exponentially smaller) and suspended in water clusters, zeolite can cleanse at the cellular level, traveling throughout the body. It’s even able to cross the blood-brain barrier.

And fourth: when zeolite is mined, it’s naturally filled with environmental pollutants, because it’s good at absorbing toxins. To effectively help cleanse your body, and not add to the toxicity, the zeolite must be first cleansed itself, and then filled with alkalizing minerals.

Most zeolites available today don’t work because they can’t take any more toxins from your body because they’re already full of toxins from the environment.

How To Protect Yourself from Toxins with a Zeolite Product That Works

Robyn loves this product for eliminating heavy metals and toxins from your body!

I’ve been researching detoxification for 25+ years, and recovered my own health by doing effective detoxification, so I’ve learned a lot about the right way to support your body’s ability to remove harmful substances.

I’m excited about a zeolite clinoptilolite product called Pure Body Extra Strength by Touchstone Essentials because:

  • The cleansing process removes all other pollutants, including lead, so the zeolite can effectively bind to and remove heavy metals and other toxins from your body. Third-party, independent clinical testing backs this up.7
  • It’s super easy to take. The zeolite particles are encapsulated within water molecule clusters, so it’s delivered in a liquid spray, with no odor, no taste, and no hassle.

Pure Body Extra Strength has a high percentage of zeolite clinoptilolite — the natural type that is proven to work. Looking at the x-ray diffraction analysis,8 you’ll see that it has 100% natural zeolite, with 80% pure clinoptilolite (one of the highest ratios found in zeolite deposits in the U.S.).

This exceptional zeolite product cleanses down to the cellular level, throughout your body — and it doesn’t remove beneficial substances from your body, only harmful toxins. Plus, it’s backed by 300+ studies on PubMed.9

What People Are Saying About This Exciting Zeolite Product 

Here are some testimonials that show how Pure Body Extra Strength by Touchstone Essentials is making a difference in people’s lives:

  • "I feel a thousand times better than I did before. I'm no longer feeling low, constantly tired, and irritable. I sleep much better, my mood is more stable and I'm happier throughout the day." Aaron S.
  • "Now when I wake up I actually spring out of bed and I have never felt better! The mental clarity I have has helped me become more organized and focused and I feel young again as if I am starting a new life." Sandra N.
  • I am getting better sleep and feeling more energy and less brain fog!!” Melanie L.
  • "Wow! What a significant difference. My mood, my energy, my digestion. It’s like a complete turnaround." Apryl L.

Touchstone Zeolite testimonial

A Way to ELIMINATE Toxins from Your Body

The $5 promotion has ended. However, you can still get the Pure Body Extra Strength Zeolite Detox product at a 20% discount when you sign up for auto-ship.

Best of all, there’s zero risk. You can cancel your subscription any time (before the next shipment), or return your shipment within 30 days for a full refund.

Imagine being finally free of health-harming and disease-causing heavy metals, VOCs, pesticides, radiation, and other toxins in only 30 seconds a day, with no harsh side effects.

Grab your bottle of Pure Body Extra Strength to start effectively eliminating toxins from your body!

Pure Body Extra Strength uses natural zeolite that has been purified to perfection, making it a highly effective detox. It’s colorless, odorless, 100% natural, non-toxic, and safe for long-term use.

Everyone Needs to Take Action Against Toxins!   

Our world today is filled with toxins, and our detoxification systems simply can’t keep up.

We all need to take steps to reduce our toxic loads and eliminate toxins from our bodies if we want to strengthen our immunity, and live healthier and happier.

Using zeolite clinoptilolite is a powerful and proven want to support your body with a rare mineral created by nature.

Pure Body Extra Strength by Touchstone Essentials is cleaned, easy to take, and backed by 3rd-party testing.

Photograph of Robyn Openshaw, founder of Green Smoothie GirlRobyn Openshaw, MSW, is the bestselling author of The Green Smoothies Diet, 12 Steps to Whole Foods, and 2017’s #1 Amazon Bestseller and USA Today Bestseller, Vibe. Learn more about how to make the journey painless, from the nutrient-scarce Standard American Diet, to a whole-foods diet, in her free video masterclass 12 Steps to Whole Foods.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links that help support the GSG mission without costing you extra. I recommend only companies and products that I use myself.

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23 thoughts on “This Rare Mineral Removes Deadly Toxins and Heavy Metals in Just 30 Seconds a Day”

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  1. Connie says:

    I have Aspergillus mold toxicity in my body ! Have struggled for years trying to heal my autoimmune issues and feel learning recently of this mold, may be the reason why I am not healing.! BUT spouse does not believe/understand how mold negatively affects health and cannot get home tested . Am using activated coconut charcoal for now! Curious about zeolite…but may be too expensive!

    1. Gudrun Norte says:

      I received the $5.00 special bottle, but then I was reading it should be used together with the oil.Can the spray be used by itself for the purpose of detoxification??

  2. Betsy says:

    How long do you take this for? A week? Two weeks? Once a year for a month? Every day for the rest of my life?

    1. Thank you for asking, Betsy!

      Robyn recommends taking this zeolite clinoptilolite product morning and night, for a few months, or for a week out of every month to bring your toxic body burden down.

      She also recommends taking zeolite when you do a detoxification or cleanse, to support your body in flushing out toxins instead of reabsorbing them.

      Zeolite is not stored in the body, passing out of the body in 4 to 6 hours. Natural zeolite clinoptilolite is safe for long-term, daily use, and has been granted Generally Recognized As Safe status by the FDA.

      According to Touchstone, “Given the fact that we are exposed to heavy metals and toxins every day through the air we breathe, food we eat, and water we drink, continuous use is recommended to help offset ongoing toxic exposure.”

      Hope this helps! — Lindsay at GreenSmoothieGirl

  3. Teresa K says:

    Does Robyn no longer endorse CytoDetox? This comparable or significantly better?

    1. Hi Teresa. Thank you for asking. Yes, Robyn does still endorse CytoDetox.

      We are currently sold out of it, and she wants more people to have the opportunity to get the benefits of the right kind of zeolite product. Both products use natural zeolite, with no lead and other heavy metals and toxins in the product — which isn’t true of many other zeolite products on the market.

      Hope this helps!

      —Lindsay at GreenSmoothieGirl

  4. Susan Ripaldi says:

    Love to try this product but does it also remove zinc and would we need to replenish it? Use it for covid prevention

    Also is there a small group of people that would like to split the special
    You have in nuts. I would love to buy but don’t have space or need for 25lb, can we divide to smaller size??

    1. Toni says:

      In the article, it stated that it doesn’t remove beneficial minerals, so that should include zinc.

    2. Beth says:

      I’ve done this in the past. We divided up the order with each person paying me for their part. Don’t forget to include shipping costs. I divided that up fairly by their share. Then it came to me. I weighed out their orders with a kitchen scale and bagged it separately. It’s totally worth it!

  5. LJ says:

    I’m very interested in learning more about this. Can you please tell me have you heard from any clients who have had success taking this that are very sensitive to detox? I tolerate Takesumi but most everything else makes me fluish.

  6. Kim says:

    Hello, can you please tell me if this product is okay to take with mercury fillings or should they be removed before taking the product? Thank you

    1. Hi Kim, you can reach out to the company with this question:

      —Lindsay at GreenSmoothieGirl

  7. Joann says:

    I am about to have some mercury fillings removed. Should I wait to start this product until after they’re out?

    1. Hi Joann, you can reach out to the company with this question:

      —Lindsay at GreenSmoothieGirl

  8. Penny says:

    I liv in the UK. Is th product vailable here?

    1. Hi Penny, yes, this product ships to the U.S., Canada, Europe, and the UK. Thanks for asking!

      — Lindsay at GreenSmoothieGirl

  9. Angie says:

    Hello! What dose (number of sprays) should I use for children ages eight and 10? Also, what duration should they take it? AM and PM, one week per month, or AM and PM for three consecutive months? They have had vaccines, but no metal fillings. Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Angie, You can reach out to the company with that question:

      Lindsay at GreenSmoothieGirl

  10. Therese says:

    I have been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis since 1996 And I just learned that I am electro magnetic sensitive. Will this help with autoimmune issues and EMF sensitivity?

  11. M says:

    I M curious about a cancer patient. She is taking a chemo pill for life. How can she take the zeolite?

  12. Jacque says:

    It doesn’t appear to be $5, but rather 13.83. What am I doing wrong that I’m not getting the $5 deal?

    1. Hi Jacque, the $5 has ended. We’re working on getting this article updated. It’s still a great deal!

      —Lindsay, GreenSmoothieGirl

  13. Scarlett Pflugrad says:

    Robyn, I was planning on sending you a question about your Ultimate Minerals compared to the Fulvic Minerals+ also sold by Touchstone. Their Fulvic Minerals incl 50 mg of Fulvic acid. Zeolite 15 mg and trace minerals complex 100mg. Doseage is once a day. Your ultimate minerals incl fulvic acid 370 mg and humic acid 80 mg Doseage is 3 times a day. I was only been taking your Ultimate 2x a day. Right now I’m taking their Fulvic Minerals once daily. I’ve tried the Pure Body Extra taking it 3x a day but really didn’t notice any difference.

    Seems to me that your Ultimate is a better thing. I’ll have to investigate your zeolite.

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