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What’s in YOUR fridge? WORST winner. Part 2 of 5

Robyn Openshaw - Apr 19, 2013 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

mike randolf 1 Alas, our friend Michael Randolph, from Kansas City, Missouri (a bachelor, no surprise), well, this fridge is just begging for some lovin’. We find in it, well, um, not much. It’s got olive jam.

(WTH is olive jam?!) And mustard, and stuff…..(my voice trails off here)……

olive jam

Jam made from olives! Who knew?

The upside is, just like Bernadette with her radically amazing fridge, Michael’s getting a 12 Steps to Whole Foods manual (400 pages, full color). Enjoy, my friends. In fact, Bernadette, maybe we should hook you up with Michael as the first ever in a GreenSmoothieGirl Big Brother / Big Sister program!

My next page will have some honorable mention fridge photos. I was amazed and so humbled by how many people showed me beautiful fridges full of stuff they use to live my 12 Steps to Whole Foods lifestyle. Retirees. Young parents. Single people. I love it.

You can see why we took mercy on Mike and sent him a 12 Steps manual. (He did send me a photo a few days later after doing some grocery shopping. And he put a jar of smoothie in the second photo, to doll the place up a bit.)


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