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What’s in YOUR fridge? Runners up! Part 3 of 5

Robyn Openshaw - Apr 21, 2013 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

mariza's fridge

Mariza’s Fridge


Laura’s Fridge

Our very own GreenSmoothieGirl Coach (Doctor) Mariza Snyder inspires us that she’s stocking up for just her and her boyfriend Alex, in a small fridge–but look how full of great stuff it is!

 Laura Olson from St. Louis, MO shows us how she removed one vegetable drawer and used Tupperware to store greens and more efficiently use her refrigerator. Very organized!

melissas fridge

Melissa’s Fridge

 Melissa Krueger from Bartow, FLA has tons of spinach, dates, mushrooms, baby spring salad mix, almond milk, fresh OJ, romaine lettuce, chopped raw nuts, eggs (from her 3 chickens), celery, cucumbers, homemade raw herbed cheese, miso, juicing carrots, parsley, strawberries, cabbage, assorted bell peppers, assorted mini peppers, figs (YUM!), jicama, butternut squash, beet tops.

In the freezer (not pictured):  gluten-free bread, raw walnuts, raw pecans, raw almonds, hempseed, quartered beets (hello hot pink smoothie!), blueberries, pineapple, strawberries, green beans, broccoli, edamame, peppers, assorted gluten-free flours.

I’m inspired! More stories and runners-up, tomorrow!


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4 thoughts on “What’s in YOUR fridge? Runners up! Part 3 of 5”

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  1. Angela says:

    My fridge looks a lot like Melissa’s, right after I get home from grocery shopping. Beautiful. But then, time passes, stuff gets jammed in and half my fabulous produce gets mushy and rotten and wasted 🙁 Anybody else have the problem of having good intentions especially at the grocery store, but then reality doesn’t live up to that?!? Any advise?!?!?!

    1. Melissa says:

      Hi Angela, I’m the Melissa the fridge belongs to. Here are a few tips I have learned along the way. Try to look at it this way. Purchasing the produce is your committment to eating it. In other words, if you are buying it, then you are making a committment to make sure THAT is the food you and your family are eating. Get the shortcut foods (stuff in a bag, can or box) out of your home and then you’ve eliminated the “bad” options. Get the firmest freshest produce you can find because it will last longer in the fridge. Check your produce frequently and use it up in the order that it goes bad. For example, I want to use my spring mix and spinach daily in green smoothies as well as salads. On the other hand, that huge bag of carrots will last for weeks (unless I’m juicing them) so I don’t need to use them every single day. I only get things that I know my family likes in large amounts. Experimental foods don’t usually come into the house unless I already have a recipe or a plan for them. Stocking our fridge like this has been a journey for us. We used to have foods going to waste and I realized that was not only throwing away the money spent and the time wasted shopping, but our health was being ripped off too. Because if we weren’t eating all that good stuff I was buying, then what were we eating?! For me, it finally boiled down to that first tip. If I’m buying it, that is my committment to eating it. Even when we don’t “feel” like eating something healthy. We got all our “crutch foods” OUT OF THE HOUSE. Leave yourself with no other option but to eat the good stuff. Trust me, eventually you will find a way to come up with something you like with the good choices you’ve left yourself. :o) I hope this helps. Peace and love, Melissa

      1. Angela says:

        Thanks for your reply Melissa!! I guess you’re right, it does boil down to committment. I think I’ve been stuck in the ‘knowledge and intention’ stage, but haven’t been truly committed enough to put it into action. Hearing that yours was a journey has given me the hope that I can (and will!) be where you are now. Your comment on ripping your health off has also resonated deeply. Because really, I can fool other shoppers in the grocery store and any visitors to the house and even my own family with all the healthy foods, but I can’t fool my body by buying them and not eating them. I needed this post. Very sincerely, THANK YOU.

      2. Veronica says:

        Melissa – You have a lot of spinach, do you do anything special to make it last longer? I buy it and eat it in salads and in my smoothies but it seems to always have some mushy leaves before I get done. I put them in my smoothie cause I figure it isn’t rotten. Just wondering.

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