Triglycerides drop from 232 to 82! Cholesterol drops from 199 to 96!

Here’s an excerpt of a message I just got on facebook. I am SO pumped to hear stories like Lisa’s, so please send yours through facebook or, and you’ll likely see them show up on this blog eventually:

Dear GreenSmoothieGirl:

My name is Lisa and I ordered your 12 steps last year about this time… original goal was to lose weight….[she talks about how she counts calories and my program does not concern itself with calories….she began by having a green smoothie every single day]…

My starting weight was 230 lbs…….I soon starting losing and went down to 1200 calories but still continued with my GS every morning…..I made sure my GS had a good fat (counted the calories), 1 piece of fruit, and a scoop of protein powder….I lost 50 lbs by December 2010!

I lost 35 inches just in my breast, hips, waist. But the best news of all is my blood work. Last year 2009 my triglycerides were at 232 (they have been as high as 377 in 2005). In December 2010 they are at 82!!!

My good cholesterol is 56 was 36, and my bad was 199 and now is 96!! I feel amazing and continue doing my GS every day. I work in a salon and people come in all the time telling me how thin I look and how did I do it!! If you can use my story to help others, or if there is anything I can do to help others, I would love to hear from you.

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