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Research Results: Green Smoothies Change Lives [part 1 of 2]

Robyn Openshaw - Mar 15, 2009 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

The results of my poll of 175 green smoothie drinkers yielded some interesting results that suggest quite definitively that it’s a 10-minute habit worth adopting!

The vast majority, or 97 percent, said green smoothies noticeably improved their health or quality of life.

Only 18.5 percent had uncomfortable, short-term cleansing reactions.   The following symptoms were reported:



Skin breakouts




Intestinal gas






Lethargy or weakness

Runny nose

Mucous in the back of the throat

Liver pain

Mood swings


Emotional crisis


Very exciting to me is the fact that 84 percent of those drinking green smoothies are so enthusiastic about the positive health benefits that they’ve  taught others about  the habit!

These are the positive health effects people experience, listed in order of their frequency among the research respondents:

85.4 percent experience more energy.

79.2 percent experience improved digestion (more regular and/or complete bowel movements, no straining, soft/formed stool, etc.).


65 percent experience fewer cravings for sweets and processed foods.


52.3 percent experience a more positive, stable mood.


51 percent experience an improvement in skin tone, or fewer blemishes.


50 percent experience weight loss.   The average reported pounds lost is 17.3 lbs.!

(Keep in mind when considering this very impressive statistic that some of the respondents had been drinking green smoothies only 30 days, and some of them did not have any weight to lose.)


48.5 percent experience an increased desire to exercise.


44.6 percent experience improved sleep (need less of it, decreased insomnia, more alert in the mornings, etc.).


41.5 percent feel less stressed out.


40 percent experience blood sugar stabilization.


39 percent experience people telling them they look better.


35 percent say their fingernails are stronger or grow faster.


26 percent say their hair is shinier or their dandruff gone.


18.5 percent experience a decrease in PMS symptoms.   (Consider that some of the respondents in the survey are not females of menstruating age.)


17 percent report an improved sex drive.

More data tomorrow.

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6 thoughts on “Research Results: Green Smoothies Change Lives [part 1 of 2]”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow, that’s really exciting!

  2. Yeah I was definitely part of those statistics. Anyway, I have seen agave plants and stevia plants at nurseries here in San Antonio. I was wondering if I got one, could I just use the leaves to sweeten smoothies or what not? Or do they have to go through some process- like drying and being ground up? How would I accomplish this?

  3. Anonymous says:

    I feel like I may be one of the few to have a “cleansing” reaction. Do you know how long this cleansing reaction should last? I been doing the smoothies for about a month.

  4. Just went in to my ND for a followup and we were discussing some issues regarding losing weight. He suggested that I may be acidic and then did a urine and spit test. He tested the samples and came back surprised at the fact that my pH levels were “better than the majority of patients” he sees. I was 7.4 and 7.2. I told him it must be those green smoothies 🙂

  5. Anonymous says:

    I have been taking Green Smoothies for about 7 months now and I have lost about 10 pounds. I do not have food cravings and have a even dispensing of my energy throughout the day. I am a long distance runner and I do not have the after aches and pains that I usually have after a high intensity training session. I am definitely mentally sharper and I am in my mid-fifties. What I have noticed more than anything else is that I eat less and am more energetic.

  6. With using the OVC & a green smoothie every couple of days, I’ve also felt more energy & have had some of those ‘you look GREAT’ comments. My desire for sweets has shifted, & for food that’s less ‘vital.’ I got a little smoothie blender for work – do the ‘base’ at home (mostly seeds, some OVC & maybe some yogurt – have been experimenting with coconut milk yog!) & chop some leaves a bit, then add & blend them mid day at work!

    Yikes – I’ll glow in the dark soon!

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