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My Dressing Your Truth® MAKEOVER! The big REVEAL

Robyn Openshaw - Feb 25, 2016 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

After my Dressing Your Truth® makeover, Carol brings me out as a TYPE 3SM energy, so that my full expression of my energy is complemented by hair, makeup, clothes, and jewelry. One question she asks me is, “How do you feel?” My answer was unscripted and honest, check it out above.

You’ll also learn what was holding me back in truly dressing my truth, even though I LOVED what I learned 4 years ago. Hint: I utterly loathe shopping.

Did you get your own beauty profiling done yet? Carol’s given my readers a big discount on her program, enjoy checking it out and doing your OWN transformation to be your most authentically beautiful self!

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2 thoughts on “My Dressing Your Truth® MAKEOVER! The big REVEAL”

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  1. Marianne says:

    I just LOVE!! your new look! I tried to click on the link to check out the discount on the Dressing Your Truth site, but it would not open up…I will send the link home and try there. Is there another way to access this so I am able to take advantage of the discount? Thank you so much Robin and Carol! I have followed GSG for way over 5 years and have changed my eating because of Robin! Even got several co-workers drinking green now! Did you already do your tour in California?

    1. Jess says:

      Hi Marianne! Jess here, blog manager for

      First, we are so glad that the GreenSmoothieGirl has impacted your life for the good and, in turn, you are passing on the message of health to your coworkers. Nothing makes us happier than testimonies like yours! Second, we are sad to inform you that the Breakthroughs Live Tour 2016 has been canceled. 🙁 We had to cancel due to circumstances beyond our control. Because of this, the tour has not nor will take place in California or any other location it was scheduled for. However, you can still sign up and get free content from our Breakthroughs Masters here! Please check out the link, and thanks for following the GSG!

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