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My Dressing Your Truth® Makeover! Part 1 of 2

Robyn Openshaw - Feb 24, 2016 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

Several years ago, Carol Tuttle, a local author and pioneer of the Dressing Your Truth® brand, called me and asked me to lunch.

She wanted to do a “celebrity makeover” on me.

The video she posted on YouTube, back then, was her most-watched video to date.

So, what’s my problem? So many Carol fans have come to my lectures over the years and said, “Why aren’t you dressing your truth?” Good question!

In this video…..and my dramatic “REVEAL” which I’ll post on tomorrow’s blog….you’ll learn where I got stuck! We started over, recently, and Carol offered to do ANOTHER transformation!

This video today is my “before.” Carol helped me solve the problem once and for all! (Now the question is…..what to do with this closet full of BLACK AND WHITE??)

Tomorrow, come back to see my BIG REVEAL, which energy type I am, and how I “dressed my truth.” Weigh in about which you like better!

In this short video, Carol and I talk about how we women are programmed to undermine ourselves. How we then pass it along to our daughters, for another generation of shaming ourselves and living small. Let’s end it now, shall we? We have enough challenges as it is, ladies. Let’s own our personal power.

If you’re excited about Dressing Your Truth and want to learn if YOU’RE a TYPE 1SM woman, TYPE 2SM woman, TYPE 3SM woman, or TYPE 4SM woman, Carol offered my readers a FREE beauty profiling, check it out. I **love** the incredible production values of Carol’s site and videos, really fun to watch and learn how women get their internal energy in sync with the face they show the world—in hair, makeup, jewelry, and clothes!

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4 thoughts on “My Dressing Your Truth® Makeover! Part 1 of 2”

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  1. Cindy May says:

    My cousin who is a few years older than I am has 7 children. All biological except one. Her first child has down’s syndrome, and they adopted another down’s syndrome baby whose parents just didn’t want to take that on. Sad, but everyone is different. Anyway, what I loved about my cousin and her husband is that every day they told/tell Zoe how beautiful she is. And she is! Beauty is on the inside anyway. I love what you expressed about talking to and about our daughters and our bodies and their bodies with them. I haven’t struggled with a food addiction, so I don’t know quite what it is like, but I know SO many girls suffer with it. As moms and dad’s we have so much power with our words to make sure our daughters see their own beauty–not in a prideful way–but in a way that is also able to build up other girl’s self esteem. I can’t wait to see your new look Robyn! Love the new jacket you were wearing.

  2. Ciel says:

    I am excited to see Robyn’s new look, knowing how hard it is for her to put black behind her!
    Robyn, you will be a rockin’ T3!!!!! You already are, and I cannot wait for the new reveal, and for your outside to mirror your inside.

    1. Pam says:

      I enjoyed the video! I look forward to seeing your new look!!

  3. Jorja M says:

    Robyn, I am so glad to see you in rich dynamic colors. Last winter I opened one of your videos and thought, oh no, Robyn has been sick. (You were dressed in black and white). You seemed okay though, so I looked closer and knew it was because you weren’t dressing your truth. Your videos are going to be much more effective now! Thanks for standing up for long hair!
    From a fellow type 3 (although secondary 4)

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