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{VIDEO} 3 Ways To Make Your Coffee Healthier

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | Jun 20, 2017

Remember the Dolly Parton song, “9 to 5?”

I always thought the lyric “Pour myself a cup of ambition” was a clever phrase.

That little kick of courage is just ONE reason people love their coffee.

Is coffee good for you, or not?

CoffeeTwo-thirds of Americans are drinking an average of almost two cups a day. And despite heavy marketing by the coffee industry about some benefits, you’re better off relegating it to occasional use rather than daily ritual.

Coffee is, after all, among the most acid-producing substances you can ingest. Dr. Rashid Buttar, in his best-selling 9 Ways to Keep the Doctor Away, says there are 203 different acids in coffee.  And acidic environments are the perfect disease climates.

Non-organic coffee is also highly contaminated with herbicides and pesticide. It’s one of the most-sprayed crops in the world.

And then lots of folks are further junking up their liquid ambition with awful creamers and sweeteners.

A healthier cup of joe

There’s a better way! If you’re going to be drinking coffee, let me show you how to get rid of all the additive toxins. Take a look at this video on THREE ways I make my own occasional coffee habit much healthier (in fact, there’s a little fourth bonus tip–watch for it!).

Check out my video above if you love coffee.

This is my favorite coffee on Amazon because it’s delicious, it’s organic, and it has tons of great reviews. Then my favorite liquid stevia, in English Toffee flavor, can be purchased from Amazon as well!

And here’s that link to the FREE Video Masterclass I mention in this clip. Where I’ve got SIX free video classes on how to eat healthy, super-cheap, in ways your family will love.

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59 thoughts on “{VIDEO} 3 Ways To Make Your Coffee Healthier”

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  1. Iga says:

    The best way is to roast it for yourself just before having it, delicious!!!

  2. Barbara Gray says:

    Yes, coconut milt makes organic coffee taste wonderful! Sometimes I add raw honey plus liquid stevia….then for more taste adventure can also add powdered organic ginger and cardamom. I read recently that mushroom powder can also be added. I have not tried this yet looking for organic. Aloha

  3. Kim Rochetti says:

    Good info. I often times add a pinch of baking soda to make it more alkaline vs. acidic and coconut oil for me gut health.

    1. Janis J Hedges says:

      I was going to mention the baking soda as well. A food chemist relative told me about that…it reduces the acid!

  4. Lily says:

    Thank you for sharing this. I share to a lot people and I hope they open their heart to be healthy.

  5. Kay says:

    I really learned a lot of great tips…I am doing so much wrong. One granddaughter has an allergic reaction to peanuts..Both have allergies to glutton wheat, soy some fruits, sugar…My daughter also does not give antibiotics almost at all…unless there is bacterial infection. One granddaughter has behavior outbreaks when glutton is present in gut. Other gets eczema with eggs.

  6. Mattie Gootee says:

    You are killing my inbox. Can I get a weekly instead of 3 per day?

    1. Helen Blair says:

      Hi Mattie – Please go to unsubscribe and you can choose different options.

  7. Alice says:

    Thank you for this video. It tells me that I am OK with my organic coffee and coconut milk creamer. But I also use filtered water – I think that is important too.

  8. Great tips! Especially about the Stevia. I’ve tried Stevia many times and I do NOT like the taste. I will give the liquid a try.

  9. Justin says:

    Well done…..thanks much

  10. Faye says:

    Thank you for this great information. If I’m cutting down to one cup a day I want it to be the best and healthiest!

  11. Beverly says:

    I hoped you said more about coconut milk, like best brand etc.

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