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I’m having this overpowering craving

Robyn Openshaw - Jul 07, 2009 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

It’s late at night and I am having this huge craving . . . for arugula.

Yeah.   Arugula.

It’s one of my favorite foods.   If I type the word, I salivate.   Weird, huh.   In the winter, I buy it and can’t wait till I get it home before I fish around in the bag from the store to find it and munch on it in the car.

I have it growing in my square foot garden and every morning when I go out there to pull a few weeds and sometimes plant a few squares, I  eat some.   But right now I can’t find a  flashlight so I can go out there and find some!

I bring this up because I think for people transitioning to whole foods, it helps if you keep a list of really nutritious foods that you discover you REALLY LIKE.   Keep track of the recipes, yes, but also just the simple, plain vegetables, fruits, nuts, or seeds you love.   Put it on the inside of a cupboard or somewhere you can consult it when you’re bored of what you’re eating or need a reminder that good foods really ARE yummy.

What’s on YOUR list??   Telling us might remind us of long-forgotten whole foods we love, too.

Your 12 Steps journal is a good place to keep track of these things.   I don’t love everything that’s good for me–not a big fan of raisins, or nori sheets, or broccoli, or brussels sprouts.   But I loooooove asparagus, artichokes (especially the hearts), bing cherries, mangoes, almonds, dried apricots (not the Turkish kind), raw green olives, and the aforementioned arugula . . . better than almost any treat.   That’s my list.

Dang, now writing that has sent my craving into orbit . . . where IS that flashlight!

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3 thoughts on “I’m having this overpowering craving”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The things I crave?

    pineapple. mango. lettuce. cherry tomatoes. apricots. raspberries. cherries. blueberries. sweet corn. ginger (pickles sushi ginger… yum…). sweet peppers. herb tea – peppermint, verbena mostly. wakame seaweed in japanese green tea (just a pinch in a glass and you’re by the ocean, no matter where you are). nectarines. zucchini “pasta” (the raw kind – soooo good!). raw sushi rolls. green olives. sun-pickled cucumbers (in brine not vinegar!).

  2. Anonymous says:

    oh just forgot! oranges and limes! of course!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hmm……jicama sticks; kolhrabi fresh from the garden; spinach in a salad with home grown strawberries or raspberries with slivered almonds, covered with a light dressing made from lime juice and honey; snap peas eaten while weeding; cucumbers in a sandwich with home grown tomato slices and smashed avocado for the spread, on whole sprouted grain bread; cherry tomatoes–another thing to munch while weeding; peaches from our tree; fresh green beans which are lightly steamed; fresh broccoli and tomatoes with avocodo chunks eaten with some brown rice all of which is seasoned with coconut oil, braggs liquid aminos, and “the Zip” seasoning, sprinkled with crushed flax seed and a few pine nuts (Shelley Young’s Zippy Breakfast) which we eat every morning; and the list could go on and on………

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