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People LOVE the 9-Day Green Smoothie Challenge!

"Yessss, I've lost 3 pounds since I started. I don't feel as tired like before. I will definitely continue this. Thank you."


"My stomach feels more flat. I feel great too! More energy! Been struggling with adrenal fatigue and I can tell this is helping a ton."


"I lost 7 pounds, I feel so much lighter and the recipes took me out of my comfort zone plus they were delicious. I can definitely make this a routine of mine."


"I'm a kindergarten teacher and I have 22 minutes for lunch. Having a smoothie is relaxing, delicious, and keeps me satiated for the remainder of the day. I didn't lose weight but I lost inches around my tummy which is even better!"


"I'm loving all these green smoothies. I didn't think that they would taste as good as they do. I feel so much less bloated too."


"These new recipes were very fun and provided some variety and ideas for future smoothies. My husband and I both really enjoyed this challenge, as it fit in with our busy spring schedule."


"Thank you for all the support (admins, Helen, you were like my personal admin throughout... mwah!) this group of greatness!"


"Well, this 79-year-old queen made it to Day 9 of two smoothies a day! I'll continue this lifestyle as it's helping my worn out back and knees."


"I found myself thinking clearer and sleeping better, and I feel like this is the way we humans are supposed to feel! After years of suffering from tick-borne illnesses, then H-Pylori, and autoimmune symptoms, I have hope again. Best I've felt in a long time!"


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