Green Smoothie Testimonials, Part 16

“I have spent all my adulthood overweight and miserable. My weight went from 135 to 280 during that time. Most of the time I had skewed ideas that I was either too fat (when I weighed 135) and not that fat (when I weighed 280). My perception was always off. But I did know that I just didn’t feel good.

I have been on Weight Watchers, the soup diet, hard boiled egg diet, Chinese tea, and every diet that came in magazines. I finally found that Atkins worked for me–three times! Funny that I would go off after several months and the weight would come back on, with its 30.-lb. friend! I realized that if I kept dieting that way I would completely ruin my health. I was so afraid to start another diet, so I decided to never diet again and just accept myself as I was.

I remarried at 210 lbs. and within 3 years had put on 70 lbs. with careless eating, primarily fast food. Then my DH was diagnosed with cancer (digestive related) and I found It was an answer to prayer because this is a LIFESTYLE–not a diet. In the last 9 mos. I have lost 40 lbs., my skin glows, I am nearly off the medications I was taking for high blood pressure, arthritic aches and pains, and mucus. My wrinkles also are going away!

I will NEVER diet again because I can eat everything I want and truly enjoy it (even chocolate). I am never hungry because I have God’s fast food with me all the time (fruits). I have found that the more raw I eat, the faster I lose weight. I am no longer fanatical about it and believe that my body will end up the weight I am supposed to be, not the way society says it should be. I just wish I had been able to learn this earlier in life.

Sorry about the long blog, but I feel that finding and Robyn’s blog has saved my life! Thanks, Robyn and every one else!”

–Karen L.

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  1. Thanks for asking about my DH. He was diagnosed with esophagus cancer in 2007. Had surgery, radiation and chemo in 2008. Then we found GSG and started a new lifestyle. At first I was really diligent, lost a lot of weight and felt terrific. I was able to ditch a lot of my meds (HBP, joint aches, cholesterol). DH struggles with what he can eat post surgery so he has had a harder time recovering.

    Then we got a little lazy. Summer of 2009 found the cancer had spread. That remotivated us. His cancer has slowed now I think in part due to our GSG lifestyle, the herbal supplements I have found for him, and the chemo he will take the rest of his life. He has now outlived the 3 mos he was given – 3 times, and I think he has possible years to go. I am so glad that Robyn decided to go “public” and share her knowledge at the best price – free, or nearly free. I can’t imagine where we would be without GSG!

  2. I stumbled onto your website today after talking with my trainer, who is a Green Smoothie wacko. I’m intrigued. Absolutely so…..

    I’ve been diagnosed with adult onset asthma about 2 years ago, am 35+ # overweight and am so eager to try this….

    I’m thinking about going to and buying one of those mixers and giving it a whirl….no pun intended…

    I’ve been working out consistently, altered my diet a lot, but this might be what I NEED. I am so sick of having asthma….

  3. Wow Karen, that is great. It gives me hope that I can do the same. Your story sounds a lot like mine. I have tried all those same diets and lost with the high protein, only to gain it back. I found Raw foods a few months ago, but had a hard time in the beginning. Now, I have settled in and feel so much better. I hope I will be able to loose weight once my body readjusts to my yo yo dieting. Thanks for your testimonial. It gives me hope.

  4. I totally agree with Karen- I don’t obsess over weight loss anymore. I just know that eating like this will take me to where I need to be! That being said, I still step on the scale often because I love seeing the numbers go down so quickly! It is absolutely fabulous! And I feel amazing! And I don’t feel deprived at all! I have chocolate everyday! Just not in the form of candybars…

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