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I Love Texas, Texans, and Whole Foods Market, part 2 of 3

Robyn Openshaw - Apr 15, 2010 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

A fun tip was contributed in one of the Dallas classes by my sister-in-law Kim: she says her kids get up in the morning with only 20 minutes before the car leaves for school. So she puts all the green smoothie ingredients in the blender jar the night before. Then she sticks the blender jar in the fridge. All she has to do is BLEND, the next morning.

Most of you know I approve of making enough green smoothie to last 48 hours, and keeping it refrigerated in pint or quart jars. Some oxidation and nutrient loss does take place. (It’s still better than anything ELSE you’d be eating that day, though–so don’t lose sleep over this.)

But I like Kim’s idea because it saves time AND it avoids that oxidation nutrient loss! (After her comment, my bro raised his hand and said, “She makes the kids sleep with their school uniform on, too.” ROFLMBO!)

I am thinking of going to Anaheim May 15 for a speaking engagement invitation. If I do, I might swing down to San Francisco before or after.

Anyone in those two areas, if you’d like me to do a free class in those cities approx. May 14-16, here’s what you do:

Contact a health food store and see if they want a really fun, informative, 90-min. clinic / demo / book signing, by a speaker/author who brings her own crowd. They have to:

(1) Have a room large enough to seat 50+ and additional standing/floor-sitting room

(2) Be willing to actively promote the event using my flier I will supply or they can make one

(3) Supply me a table and green smoothie ingredients (and preferably VitaMix or BlendTec blenders, though my readers always come through if they don’t have that)

What’s in it for them:

1. Their customers / clients / friends are educated about how to USE the products they sell in their store, and why it can change their health and their life.

2. Lots of people come to their store through my blog / newsletter who have never been there before.

You can send a health food store owner or manager here to this blog entry, if you like.

I would like a venue to teach a class in the late afternoon MAY 15 in ORANGE COUNTY, and other venues on May 13-14 in the BAY AREA. Anyone who lives there and may have a connection, do let us know: support123 [at]

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