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Dr. Lodi on camera, OASIS part 10 of 13

Robyn Openshaw - Dec 01, 2011 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

Here’s my first video with Dr. Lodi, and I’ll post another one tomorrow.

I asked Dr. Lodi his success rate relative to allopathic stats and he said, “70% or 80% leave here with no cancer or very little cancer. But the 5-yr. marker is the telling statistic.” And it is very difficult for holistic clinics to know if patients who leave actually follow the nutritional protocol. Following the protocols taught by Lodi and other nutrition-focused approaches isn’t easy because it involves bucking cultural norms.

It may involve going against family traditions without the support of people close to you, if they don’t understand what you’re doing. You have to be a strong and committed person. It helps if you’re educated WHY you’re eating no sugar, no meat and dairy, and all raw plant foods.

But as Dr. Lodi said, and I’m paraphrasing: The thing that got rid of the cancer is also the thing that prevents cancer from coming back. If the lung cancer patient leaves and starts smoking again three months later, how can those statistics mean anything when the cancer returns?

It sounds crazy to say that some people would rather have junk food than their life. So I won’t say it. I believe that part of the problem is that people aren’t educated to realize that people who eat lots of sugar and excesses of protein are far more likely to get cancer. It takes a significant amount of focus and learning to be educated enough to understand the critical link between dietary choices and cancer.

Because most oncologists “play dumb” on that issue, patients are highly confused. (I say they “play dumb” because they “light up” cancer by feeding it glucose and then doing PET scans, so they know full well that sugar is the food of cancer. Why virtually none of them tell their patients to STOP feeding their cancer sugar, I can’t understand.)

A woman who lives a few blocks from me had a late-stage thyroid cancer a few years ago. Two years ago, after becoming weary from her medical treatment (she has to cover her tracheotomy with her finger to speak), she turned to a vegetable-juice diet. It sounds like the Gerson Therapy. I’ve not interviewed her yet; I just know her story from a friend of mine I served on the town Planning Commission with years ago. This woman, Linda, is now healthy and fit, two years after beginning the diet.

Another woman in the same neighborhood was subsequently diagnosed with cancer. She went to her oncologist and he instructed her to go learn what Linda had done, and do it!

That’s great, but here’s my question. Why isn’t the doctor learning about it himself, and putting it into practice? If it works, and they can see it working right in front of their eyes, why aren’t docs ordering the books on Amazon, reading them as fast as they can, and getting life-saving info into the hands of as many of their patients as they can, every day?

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