Some people respond quickly and dramatically to treatments that support

the body’s own immune function. Fredrick arrived at Oasis terrified and

barely able to swallow, from huge tumors pressing on his neck and

tongue. He describes them as “melting away” in just two weeks. He

explains here what he’s doing that he feels makes the most difference in

his treatment:

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  1. Robin , The reason eating an organic raw diet maintains good health and fights disease is because of the metabolic enzymes and digestive enzymes in the food. Try reading the book Herbolution by Dr Kevbin Sullivan ND.he coming out with a new formula that is packed with enzymes. Mushrooms are full of metabolic enzymes Dr Nan Fuchs has a good supplement formula of mushrooms.Also , Nicholas Gonzalez MD in NYC has been treating patients with enzymes for years. Last, Richard Sullivan ND , White Hawk Health is great at electrodermal testing and can identify cancer and disease at a very early stage.

  2. Thanks for the info and cautions, Robyn. When you get a chance, could you address what you look for and what brand(s) of sauna you recommend? Always appreciate your research and knowledge about products.

  3. Robyn, I too love the idea of this sauna, and will start saving up! Will you be offering a 3 person corner unit? How big of a room do you need for the 3 person? And do you put it together yourself?

    Thanks for all that you are sharing with us! I’m fascinated with your blogs from the Oasis…sounds like an amazing place. Kudos to Dr Lodi for swimming upstream.

    1. Hi Patti, so fun to see you in Houston even if we got to talk for only a minute! YES on the corner unit, and I want to say it’s 72″ of wall space. But we should be announcing it shortly. I love the 3-man because I get in there with friends all the time. It’s kind of social and makes the time pass more quickly!

  4. To Sue- a decent looking 3-person sauna is sold on for about $1900, and has been on sale for $1500. I’m plotting to get one myself- so wishing you the best!

    1. I don’t recommend the Costco brand—it’s the cheapest, but you don’t want offgassing and cheap parts, no plastic, no hemlock, you want good heaters, and possibly above all no EMF.

  5. Robyn,

    I really want an infrared sauna you were talking about. It sounds so amazing. Any idea of what a ballpark price range for one may be so that I can start planning to get one? Thanks for all you do and for all you continue to teach me and the world. You are truly amazing.

    1. Sue, thanks for your kind words–a three-man unit like mine will be under $3,000. You can get 1- or 2-man units though for less.

  6. My wife and I are big Whole Foods people and have a testimony of what you are talking about. I also believe that in today’s age our modern diets do nothing for our bodies and that is why we are infested with so many diseases and hardships. Along with a Whole Foods Diet, we also found a Supplement that assists in removing enormous amounts of free radicals that damage our bodies and are the root cause of every disease. I have been taking the pill for several months now and I have never felt better! I can’t even describe the results that I have experienced. In short there is an ABC ‘Primetime Investigation’ on my website that will show you what I am talking about. You will be nothing short of impressed and it will make a difference in all of your lives.

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