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Automate one meal

Robyn Openshaw - Dec 21, 2012 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

images-23Here’s a success secret of people who have lost 30 lbs., on average, and kept it off, according to  a study published in the medical journal Obesity:

They find healthy foods they like and stick to them. They “automate” one meal daily so that it’s not a struggle.

That’s what the green smoothie habit does for you. Every day, you KNOW what one meal will be: a quart of green smoothie (and any other healthy foods, if you need more calories, as I do, playing sports).

images-25Then you know you’ve covered a lot of nutritional bases and eaten LOTS of the lowest calorie, highest micro-nutrient foods available to you.

You’ve ramped your supply of enzymes, allowing your body’s resources to go to energy production and detox. You’ve given your body fiber to sweep the bloodstream of debris and toxins. You’ve amped your nutrition in hundreds of ways. Your body, mind, and spirit will thank you.

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  1. Amanda says:

    Oh, I can’t wait to learn what the high-nutrition habit from the famous Budwig Protocol is. I love learning from you. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us!

  2. darbos77 says:

    I am automating two of my meals (breakfast and lunch at work) using smoothies in an attempt to lose 30 lbs. I am documenting my progress.

  3. Julia Norris says:

    I have been having a green smoothie every day now for 28 days. I eat a huge salad for another meal and a homemade bean soup for my third meal. My snacks are fruit. I have lost about 7 pounds. Do I have the slowest metabolism ever created or am I doing something wrong? I’ve been thinking of calling one of your coaches. Anyone out here have any suggestions? Thanks

  4. Patricia Lynch-Dopkin says:

    My sister sent me this article that says 90% of nutrition in green smoothies is lost by blending. I love my daily green smoothie! Please see the enclosed article and let us know that this is not true!
    Blended foods vs. Juicing – Another Primer From Dr. Brian Clement.
    Cindy: I think we talked about it before but it definitely bears repeating, especially for newer people, that you pointed that there is a huge difference between blended food like making any kind of juices or liquid in a blender versus say a juicer –

    Dr. Clement: Well, the objective of taking a juice is to eliminate the fiber so that even a person with a very difficult digestion, elimination and somebody who’s endured radiation or chemotherapy, they have a difficult time ingesting or digesting nutrients. So in all of the above cases I mentioned, you want juices because in 20 minutes, 15-20 minutes, in the worst cases, those nutrients have now been absorbed into the body.

    Whereas, blended food, when we had a colleague test it for me, within a minute and a half – that’s 90 seconds – you lose approximately 90% of the nutrients through oxidation. And then you have to contend with fiber that once again has to be interacting with the enzymes that only come through chewing, mastication.

    And if that hasn’t happened, when you eat, or rather, drink this roughage, it goes through the areas that should be interacting without interacting, then it sits like a lead balloon inside of your intestinal tract and starts to ferment. So not a great idea.

    Cindy: I know I learned that from you at the institute, there’s a huge difference between juicing and blending and some people think even eliminating the food and making vegetables liquefied that it’s somehow helping them. But from what you’re saying, it’s not…

    Dr. Clement: Well, there are two reasons for this. Some of the major advocates of blending are people who sell blenders, and they have the public believing, well, you need roughage and so you’ve got to put all the roughage in there into my expensive blender because that way, you’re going to get it.

    Now, what we do know in real science, not salesmanship, is that 80% of carbohydrates digest in the human mouth, and how they digest is through mastication, through chewing. And so if that is not being achieved, then a person cannot and will not digest that food. The second reason is that there’s misinformation being written about it that said that Ann Wigmore decided to take blended food because she thought it was better for people.

    The reason Ann Wigmore began taking blended food was twofold. #1, because she had colon cancer, she had an inability to go to the bathroom on her own. So every single day of her life, she literally had to do enemas and implants. And #2, she saw the cost factor of making juices were astronomically higher than the cost factor of putting things into blender. And God bless her loving soul but as an Eastern European [being very frugal], the cost factor became more of an issue than anything else for her.

    So the idea that there was some real science done on this and that Ann Wigmore basically decided after science that blended food was good is completely off base. I was there at the time. It was cost and her own personal problem with elimination that drove her to blended foods.

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    1. Robyn says:

      Patricia, yes, I know Brian says this. He and I disagree on this. And I’ve not seen any true evidence of 90% nutrition loss. I don’t believe it. And who has time to juice and consume the juice right then? I have a Norwalk juicer and make enough for 3 days. There is some oxidation, but blended OR juiced vegetables are still infinitely better than 99.9% of what virtually all Americans are eating, all day long. Brian’s a purist. I appreciate that, but I live in the real world and advise people who need sustainable habits for life, not things that are terribly expensive and terribly time consuming, along with disparaging the “next best thing” that is an amazing habit that ramps your nutrition immeasurably. See my YouTube video rebutting this.

  5. walter huss says:

    I have been doing the green smoothie thing for two months now,I have cut out all white flour based foods,all annimals products and any sugars.My every day smoothie consists of about 75% greens(spinach,kale,collard greens,etc)the rest is one banana,half an apple,whole lemon,some grapes sometimes strawberries or cantelope or blueberries thrown in,but only totaling 25%.I have lost nothing so far.Any suggestions as to what’s wrong?

  6. sharih14 says:

    Do you suppose there is too much sugar / fruits in your diet? Perhaps it’s an insulin thing, as this can cause one not to lose weight. I am just not sure about consuming a lot of fruit…
    As an older lady, I was told my an endocrinologist (to lose weight) eat less than 75 carbs a day…well, look at the carbs in fruit? I have to go gluten free too, so I only eat grass-fed beef, organic chicken, wild fish, and vege’s, and nuts…ROBYN PLEASE RESPOND…

    1. walter huss says:

      I’m wondering the same thing,although the amount of fruit is pretty minimal.Out of the fruits I listed I only use a few of them with each smoothie.About 10 years ago I did adkins and lost 50 lbs in a year,the big difference was low carbs.I don’t want to give up the green smoothie because of the other benifits.

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