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Do Worms Crawl Out of Pork?

Robyn Openshaw - Dec 09, 2012 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

When I was in Europe, I told one of the cancer patients I met that, while I’m not a vegetarian, I eat animal flesh only rarely, keeping it under 5 percent of my diet, and I never, ever eat pork. I don’t want filth and parasites in my body. Or to get trichinosis, a food-borne illness that comes from meat and can causes pneumonia and heart failure.

(Check out this link telling us to freeze our meet first, to kill the larvae, or overcook it, and sterilize the kitchen…..ya kiddin me? Why not just NOT EAT IT?)

The cancer patient I met told me there’s a famous YouTube video showing that when you pour Coke on raw pork chops, worms crawl out of the pork—to escape death by chemical-laden-carbonated-sludge, I guess. (There’s another irony, since it’s a “food” for humans.)

In a quick look, I couldn’t find the original video, which I would imagine would have millions of hits. I did find this one that duplicated the results:

And this one, which has a guy explaining how it’s done (you have to marinate the pork for a few hours), and he finds that organic pork doesn’t have worms crawling out, but cheap pork does:

There are other people on YouTube who so desperately want to defend pork and show versions of the experiment. The many vids show the experiment with and without worms.

WHY TAKE A CHANCE? There are tiny larvae you CAN’T see, a thousand of them in a cubic square inch of beef, too. Who wants to WONDER if their pork is full of maggots inside the meat?

The only way to make something more disgusting and bad-for-you than pork? Is to add a bunch of salt and nitrates / nitrates (the MOST cancer-causing approved food-additive chemical known to man).

That’s what bologna, smoked meats, bacon, ham, and sausage are.

People are always saying to me, “All things in moderation, right?” I say, “No, I think the intent of that saying is, all GOOD things in moderation.”

Pigs are to never, ever eat.

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