Do worms crawl out of pork?

When I was in Europe, I told one of the cancer patients I met that, while I’m not a vegetarian, I eat animal flesh only rarely, keeping it under 5 percent of my diet, and I never, ever eat pork. I don’t want filth and parasites in my body. Or to get trichinosis, a food-borne illness that comes from meat and can causes pneumonia and heart failure.

(Check out this link telling us to freeze our meet first, to kill the larvae, or overcook it, and sterilize the kitchen…..ya kiddin me? Why not just NOT EAT IT?)

The cancer patient I met told me there’s a famous YouTube video showing that when you pour Coke on raw pork chops, worms crawl out of the pork—to escape death by chemical-laden-carbonated-sludge, I guess. (There’s another irony, since it’s a “food” for humans.)

In a quick look, I couldn’t find the original video, which I would imagine would have millions of hits. I did find this one that duplicated the results:

And this one, which has a guy explaining how it’s done (you have to marinate the pork for a few hours), and he finds that organic pork doesn’t have worms crawling out, but cheap pork does:

There are other people on YouTube who so desperately want to defend pork and show versions of the experiment. The many vids show the experiment with and without worms.

WHY TAKE A CHANCE? There are tiny larvae you CAN’T see, a thousand of them in a cubic square inch of beef, too. Who wants to WONDER if their pork is full of maggots inside the meat?


The only way to make something more disgusting and bad-for-you than pork? Is to add a bunch of salt and nitrates / nitrates (the MOST cancer-causing approved food-additive chemical known to man).

That’s what bologna, smoked meats, bacon, ham, and sausage are.

People are always saying to me, “All things in moderation, right?” I say, “No, I think the intent of that saying is, all GOOD things in moderation.”

Pigs are to never, ever eat.

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  1. Right… so obviously there are no worms in fruit and veg. Flies, snails and other more or less veird creatures do not sit on them and lay eggs.
    I am not sure if you know but there are also bacteria on all the food we eat. More or less depending realy on how thoroughly they were cleaned and how long they were left ambient. Freezing down may kill magotts but it only hibernates bacteria. Oh. Wait. The most killer bacteria are around our ears and nose. Do you check on your cook if they never touch their face?
    You just proved this thing is total bullshit and you are just vegetarian disease. Sorry don’t buy this.

  2. You are absolutely a fucking idiot. This is a proven urban legend. Way to spread hysteria. Good thing your blog isn’t popular guess I know why now. Literally hate idiots like you that spread “gossip” pretty much. Really wish if you want to get on your high horse, that you’d so your own experiments & research and not take the word of a YouTube er. Do you not realize how full of untruths the internet is ?? Do you believe everything you read ??? Fuck. Literal and pure ignorance.

  3. I eat organic pork very rarely. In Ecuador we were not allowed to eat pork because of the high risk of getting very sick.

    Does anyone know of a source of raw goat milk in the Heber area? I am following the GAPS diet and need a good source of goat milk. I can’t tolerate cow milk and want to try goat milk to make kefir and yogurt. My baby boy (who I plan on nursing at least 20 months as I did with my girls) is super allergic to dairy as well.

    Thanks for all you do Robyn. I have to believe you are partly responsible for the great organic options at Costco and Harmons. Our Smith’s in Heber also has a lot of great organic options.

  4. Can you clarify what you mean when you say that pigs have no lymphatic system? When I googled this it shows that they do have a spleen, thymus and some nodes, but there aren’t many good sources of information. My brother in law is giving me a hard time since I posted this link to my Facebook page! 🙂 He also seems to think that we don’t eliminate toxins by sweating.

  5. you made a believer out of me. That is DISGUSTING!!! I haven’t eaten pork in quite some time and I definitely will not eat it again after seeing this. Yuck!!

  6. I had trichinosis when I lived in Thailand, contracted almost certainly through undercooked pork. It was truly horrible – I ended up in hospital with blinding headaches, muscle spasms and violent stomach upset (they had to put me on a drip with the kinds of drugs they give chemo patients to prevent uncontrollable vomiting). Once diagnosed, the treatment was rapid and successful, but took a long time. I lost a ton of weight (not in a good way!) and even now, 15 years later, I get pain and stiffness in my back, neck and shoulder muscles which is where most of my parasites ended up (they leave scar tissue). It is RARE to get trichinosis at all, and even rarer if the meat is properly cooked, but trichinosis is truly horrible (and can be life threatening for some). So since avoiding pork is better for animal welfare, the environment, and your health in general …. probably not worth risking a nasty parasite as well!

  7. I haven’t touched pork for many years as I personally know 2 people who were thought to have a brain tumor, and after post surgery pathology was done on the tumor they were found to be worms from undercooked pork. Ugh.

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