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Throw a starfish back in the water

Robyn Openshaw - Dec 26, 2012 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

Check out this USA Today article.

In the U.S., we’re living longer, but we’re sicker. We’re prolonging desperate, miserable lives.

Remember, “A man with his health has many dreams. A man without it has only one.”

In America now 10% of us have diabetes, 28% of us are obese, 31% of us have high blood pressure, 26% percent have done no exercise whatsoever in the last 30 days.

Reed Tuckson of the United Health Foundation points out how unsustainable this is:

“There’s no way that this country can possibly afford the medical care costs and consequences of these preventable chronic illnesses. We have two freight trains headed directly into each other unless we take action now.”

That’s my whole mission, trying to turn the freight train around.

I feel like the proverbial guy on the beach, picking up stranded starfish and tossing them back in the water. Someone points out that his mission is futile and doesn’t matter: “There are too many starfish!”

You and I can’t save all the starfish of the world, but it matters for each one we pick up and toss back into the ocean. Everywhere I go, someone says, “It’s funny, my friend Maddy [for instance] reads your website and tells everyone to go there.”

I feel like I have a small army of friends I’ve mostly never met, silently, one at a time, helping save a starfish.

That’s the way I know of, to throw more starfish back in the water and give them a chance: send them to the site I’ve built for 5 years. Although it’s been a gradual process, I know there’s a ton of free info there, since I’ve had 8 engineers working on overhauling it, since March! That, plus live teaching events, are how we reach out.

The average American is eating 100 times more sugar than their pancreas can process. Estimates are that in 10 years, the 10% diabetic statistic will be double or triple of our current rate! Many diabetics are undiagnosed. We cannot go on this way.

I am forever changed by my research at dozens of cancer clinics all over the world, the past 18 months. I’ve met hundreds of people who are fighting for their life and trying to change their lifestyle before it’s too late. I’ve been brought to tears by many of them.

When we model an example of change, and give people other options, a way out, we’re giving a starfish another shot.

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3 thoughts on “Throw a starfish back in the water”

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  1. Cindy says:

    I’m one of those star fish. Thank you for giving me my life back.

  2. DeAndra says:

    Love the analogy! It’s do-able! I’d like to hear more about your experiences and revelations after visiting the cancer centers around the world. I’m sure you learned so much.

    1. Robyn says:

      DeAndra, I have lots of blogs written about my cancer travels, will post in the next 30 days, stay tuned!

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