Are you gardening yet?

I hope those of you doing 12 Steps are ready to look at Chapter 5, to plant an organic garden and use everything in it!

Today Jenni told me about this cool online tool, very easy to use, where you can map out your garden just by dragging and dropping the crops you want in each square.

We are planting spinach, kale, chard, and some other fun stuff this weekend. Sometimes it doesn’t work out because it freezes hard here in Utah, right after the seeds sprout, but I’m anxious to get some greens going, so I’m going for it. Especially with the supply problem in Texas, Mexico, etc., I am reminded of the importance of self-reliance!

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    1. Kristi, I believe there was a freeze in Mexico, Texas, etc., so a lot of spinach and other greens are now not arriving in your grocery stores.

  1. I’m in Florida so I’ve got lettuce, spinach, swiss chard, beets, carrots, radishes, and some herbs growing already! Love the weather this time of year!

  2. Still snow/ice in the back yard and what’s exposed is a muddy mess! Won’t be planting in this part of Canada for a bit.

    Thanks for the online garden planning tool! Love things like that!

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