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Reversing osteoporosis

Robyn Openshaw - Mar 17, 2011 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

I got this from Jackie on my customer support team:

“We’ve been getting a lot of people asking about whether you can reverse osteoporosis. Can you address this on the blog?”

First of all, we have to stop believing, as a culture, that drinking cow’s milk is some kind of insurance against osteoporosis. The U.S. has one of the highest rates of osteoporosis in the world AND the highest dairy consumption! The other highest rates of osteoporosis in the world are the other highest dairy-consuming nations. (Perhaps this is partly because in North America and Europe, we don’t get enough bone-building Vita D from the sun–but clearly guzzling milk by the gallon isn’t helping us build strong bone.)

Some of the lowest rates of the disease are found in countries that consume NO dairy products, such as in African nations where it’s virtually unheard of.

Dairy products have calcium that is about 32% bioavailable to humans, whereas leafy greens are over 60% bioavailable. (Plus dairy products are mucous-forming, they are pasteurized to kill all the helpful enzymes, and full of bovine pus, antibiotics, and growth hormones.

An exception to all those problems is to buy raw, organic milk and make kefir or yogurt from it. The fermenting process breaks the proteins down and avoids the body’s reaction of producing mucous to flush it out.)

So if we need more useable calcium rather than more calcium, greens are the most bioavailable source. I don’t mean to sound like a broken record here, but greens cover a multitude of sins.

And let’s not forget about our soda-drinking habit. If we’re guzzling pop by the liter, we’re draining the bones of calcium because of the massive amounts of phosphorus the body has to work overtime to neutralize. Check out my sources in Ch. 1 of 12 Steps to Whole Foods: kids who drink sodas have three to four times higher risk of bone fracture than kids who don’t. Kids only gain bone mass for 20 years or so, so it’s a crime to let them drink soda. “You can’t recapture your youth” has another important meaning… get only once chance to build bone mass.

I can’t promise anybody they’ll reverse anything. That wouldn’t be ethical. Prevention is easier than reversal. But I will tell you that I get emails EVERY SINGLE DAY about exciting stories of chronic conditions reversing, using the practices I teach.

I often have readers of my blog say, when I see them in public, “Is it really true you wore glasses when you were 20 and now you have 20/20 vision at 43?” I don’t know if I have 20/20 vision, but I did 4 years ago when I was last checked. And I didn’t have surgery or any other corrective actions.

I don’t know why that happened except that I juiced or blended vegetable and green juices for years and now eat 20+ servings of vegetables, greens, and fruits every day.

You can take MSM, or chondroitin, or whatever, to reverse osteoporosis, but I don’t think the studies show impressive results. What I have much more faith in is food and good lifestyle practices. Don’t drink or smoke. Breathe fresh air, find ways to release stress like yoga, let go of anger and guilt and resolve your emotional issues, and drink lots of water.

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20 thoughts on “Reversing osteoporosis”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What Greens have calcium in them?

    1. Robyn Openshaw says:

      Heidi, all greens are high in bioavailable calcium.

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. Anonymous says:

    Robyn,I was at your lecture at good earth in sandy. You were going to tell us where you go to for you bio-identical hormones. And, who do you see. Please forwrd this info. Thanx

  4. Anonymous says:

    This is not about this blog. Ihave the 12 step program and I am really enjoying it. I have a question about the fermented spiced carrots. There is two entries for sea salt. Is this right or should it be another spice instead. I have made it twice but wonder if it needs something else

    1. Robyn Openshaw says:

      Sibyl, thanks for the snag, I will look into that. Just add the salt once!

  5. Anonymous says:

    When evaluating greens for calcium I think you should also check for oxalic acid content in the greens. Rhubarb, parsley, spinach and beet greens all have high concentrations of oxalic acid. When you blend, I think the calcium combines with oxalic acid and forms a sediment called calcium oxalate which is stable and I assume goes straight through the intestines without being absorbed. This of course is better than consuming oxalic acid without calcium which may deposit in the body for instance as kidney stones.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Silica! (Cucumbers in our smoothies) The body makes calcium predominantly from Silica. plus a plethora of other minerals such as boron, copper, calcium, germanium, gold, iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium, sulfur, zinc, oxygen, and vitamins B, C, D and E. So stay mineralized! I have reversed osteoporosis with the following Smoothie:

    2 whole cucumbers (The Fleshy part is super high in silica)

    Big fistful of spinach (high in calcium and other minerals)

    2 plums (w/center of pit) when in season or 2 prunes soaked (super high in silica)

    Horsetail extract (most horsetail extracts are 7% silica by weight)

    Fistful of goji berries (18 amino acids, 21 minerals, Glyconutrients for cell communication, and more beta-carotene than any other food on Earth)

    1/4 tsp cinnamon to neutralize the glycemic count of the plums and goji

    1. Nadia says:

      Would you please provide exact amount for the horsetail extract, the brandname and how many times a day you take the smoothie? Thank you so much!

  7. Anonymous says:

    You talk about pasteurized milk but, what about raw milk?

  8. http://KrisJ says:

    Hi, David Wolfe strongly recommends MSM for skin, joints, arthritis and osteo. Who’s right?

    1. Robyn Openshaw says:

      Kris, funny…..after spending the whole weekend with David Wolfe, I have just purchased MSM myself. Can’t hurt! I’m going to give it a try–not that I have any of those conditions, but just to see!

  9. Anonymous says:


    How much each day, did you drink, and how long did you drink this “Silica” smoothie to reverse your osteoporosis? How much horsetail extract did you use and how many points did you have reversed on your bone density test? Also, could you give me a general idea of the overall diet that you are eating and the amount of exercise each week?

    Thank you!

  10. Anonymous says:

    I take MSM in my colloidal silver almost daily. Had a problem with what a chiropractor thought to be arthritis in my neck…after taking the MSM the problem seems to be gone! Also drink green smoothies and juice greens.

    1. Ademira says:

      are you taking MSM powder,how often and how much,

  11. Anonymous says:

    I have not gotten any of your emails since March 17. Has something happened? I sure miss them.

  12. Anonymous says:

    A new study shows that resveratrol supplementation has the ability to “exhibit bone-protective effects equivalent to those exerted by hormone replacement therapy. […] It is therefore anticipated to be highly effective in the management of postmenopausal osteoporosis without an increased risk of breast cancer” I take the Resvantage resveratrol supplement as it is the best quality one and the one that most physicians recommend. Access the links below for the scientific facts about how resveratrol can help prevent osteoporosis.

  13. Anonymous says:

    So if a person doesn’t like vegetables I guess they either have to go through life eating something they don’t like or just crumple up and die. This is all great for those of you that do like the veggies but I would not be a happy person if I only ate things I didn’t like.

  14. Darla Steege says:

    How do you feel about juicing vs. green smoothies?

    1. Hi Darla, thank you for your question. You can see what Robyn says here:

      —Lindsay, GreenSmoothieGirl

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