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Apple Flax Pancakes

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | Aug 12, 2015

apple flax pancakes

It’s pretty obvious that weekends are special. Weekends are set aside for family time, little get-aways, that desk you’ve been meaning to stain, and, importantly, breakfast in your pajamas watching Netflix. Now before you go find the biggest bowl for your Saturday morning almond milk and cereal routine, consider apple flax pancakes! With a little extra time on your hands this weekend, try making this extra-special pancake recipe that is packed with fiber and omega-3 essential fatty acids. You won’t even realize there is no sugar added! In fact, you may want to double it and freeze the extra so that you can have a glimmer of your special Saturday morning all week long.

Make sure you use a non-stick pan instead of greasing a pan. This will eliminate any added fat in the recipe. These apple flax pancakes are an excellent source of fiber from whole grains and applesauce.

Happy Cooking!

GSG Recipe apple flax pancakesp.s. DID YOU KNOW, You can substitute GSG Sprouted Flax for an egg?

Egg Substitute = Soak 1 Tbsp. GSG Sprouted Flax in 3 Tbsp. water for 5 min.

This serves as a cholesterol-free egg substitute with the same binding agent you need from an egg. Plus, this substitute delivers omega-3 essential fatty acids that an egg cannot.

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4 thoughts on “Apple Flax Pancakes”

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  1. KC says:

    This question is for Robyn Openshaw, Green Smoothie Girl. I’d like to know which cookware you use and recommend, and why? Do you know about Saladmaster Cookware? Thanks!

    1. Robyn says:

      KC, I do like Saladmaster. I just avoid copper and aluminum pots. Stainless steel is great.

  2. sharlan says:

    This question is for robyn openshaw..Now that i’ve finished the gsg detox whats next? whats on the menue to keep me feeling great and the weight off? I didn’t have any almond/coconut milk on the detox but is it ok to start using that again and how much sodium is recommended in a day?

    1. Robyn says:

      Hi Sharlan, 12 Steps to Whole Foods is you LIFESTYLE. It’s how I live every day, very sustainable. Check it out on GreenSmoothieGirl.com. It’s the thing I’m most proud of that I’ve ever done. Took me years to complete and it’s all best practices in nutrition, made inexpensive, easy, and delicious. Hope you enjoy it. Congrats on finishing the detox!

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