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7 Natural Immune Boosters

Robyn Openshaw - Updated: March 22, 2024 - - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

How I helped my daughter get well using natural immune boosters, and avoided the negative effects of antibiotics.

You’re going to want to grab my FREE list of the 7 most powerful NATURAL immune-booster and viral-killer supplements that resulted in a great outcome for this story of when my college daughter got very sick!

I want you to have these for when you get sick. (P.S. We do not make or private label these supplements. They’re just what I found worked best, in raising 4 kids for 25 years.)

But you DON’T want to wait until you’re sick.

Then you’ll just climb in bed. You won’t want to wait till Amazon delivers, and you won’t want to drive to the health food store to shop.

Have them on hand, and all in the same place--for peace of mind, and your key to getting well, QUICKLY, and without the negative health impacts of taking pharmaceuticals.

In this post:

Supplements are a dime a dozen, aren’t they? And so many of them claim to strengthen the immune system.

Let’s look at the mechanism for how they do that, though. Let’s take a look at which supplements to take regularly, and which to use ONLY when you’re sick.

After all, you don’t want to constantly “stimulate” extra immune activity, any more than you want to run on a treadmill 16 hours a day.

Helping My College Kid When She Got Sick

Recently, after raising 4 kids for 25 years, with not a single dose of antibiotic taken by any of us….

… daughter Emma, a few hours away at college, got very sick.

I feel confident about my ability to use my natural toolbox to knock down just about any virus or infection–if I get on it, in the first day symptoms come on.

But Emma didn’t reach out to me until Day 4. The text she sent me said:

“Mom. I’m dying. I can barely swallow. Fevers and chills.”

Emma and her boyfriend, Arturo

College Students, Stress, And Sleep Deprivation

Emma goes hard. College student. 'Nuff said? (Partying! All night studying! Boyfriend! Two jobs!) Emma cares a lot about academic performance, but she also never wants to miss anything fun. Consequently, sleep suffers. And that's the #1 thing that affects our immune function, whether we’re getting enough sleep or not.

I wish I’d sent an arsenal of my natural, immune-supporting, virus- and bacteria-killing natural remedies, with her to school.

(I won’t make this mistake again. That's why I'm writing this--for your sake. I had taken her good health for granted. Now she’s stocked up. And I’m getting my other two kids who live away from home stocked up, too. Baby Boy will have everything in his medicine cabinet, in case anything happens while I’m out of town. And by the time you’re done reading this post, I want you to know how to prepare, too. Well before flu season. Emma got sick during the summer!)

Quick Strep Test And Antibiotics

The next morning, I had her at the Instacare, after she passed out in the shower and I became seriously alarmed. I prepped her for what I knew would happen:

“Now, even if it’s viral, they’re going to try to prescribe you an antibiotic. Please know that I’ve protected you kids from antibiotics your whole lives, and there are good reasons for that. Please have the doctor call me before he writes you any prescription.”

They did that bogus “quick strep test.” I’d warned Emma that there are far too many false positives, and I don’t consider that test valid. I’ve tested positive every time I’ve taken it, sore throat or not!

But, Emma actually tested negative, even with the quick test. And negative for several other bacteria.

Sure enough, the doc gave her an antibiotic script anyway. Then he called me, per my request.

Mama Bear came out.

Tennyson, Emma and me

How To Talk To A Doctor About Antibiotics

Listen, those “standard of care” doctors are on the lookout for holistic weirdos, like you and me. They may think we know nothing about medicine, or the human body, and may be gearing up for an argument the minute you start asking questions. So let me give you some tips to totally defuse that potential situation:

1. Set The Stage And Give The Benefit Of The Doubt

I very politely but thoroughly explained that I’ve worked very hard to avoid antibiotics for my children and me for 25 years now. That said, I said that I would absolutely agree to antibiotics for meningitis or probably even for strep, especially since my daughter let this bug go for quite a while before intervention.

(I wanted him to know I’m a reasonable person. Educated, rather than a doctor-hater, or someone who would let my child die rather than give her a drug. I did this to set the stage for what I would say next. This is important. Those of us committed to holism come up against the medical folks’ recommendations sometimes. It’s good not to take up arms, assuming from past experience that the “standard of care” practitioner will be arrogant or combative.)

In this case, he was friendly and pretty educated and open to what I was saying, as he would prove, the next couple of days. He also listened patiently. I’m very glad I gave him benefit of the doubt and treated him like a partner in caring for my daughter, rather than an enemy I needed to scold and condescend to.

2. Firmly Explain Your Position On Antibiotic Risks

I then explained that if she takes the antibiotic, it will destroy years’ worth of healthy colonization of the healthy bacteria in 30 feet of her gut–would would comprise 85 percent of her immune system.

She’s also likely to get a yeast infection and probably repetitively get sick with whatever viral and bacterial things are going around.

Depending on her genetic expression, she might even be fighting the effects of pharmaceutical use, and trying to rehab her gut, for years. Worst case scenario, an autoimmune condition or even cancer could result. (A great deal of evidence points to these risks from taking antibiotics.)

(What I did here is outline precisely what the very real risks are, to my daughter, whom he is treating. I want him to know that I’m watching, and that I don’t consider what he’s telling her to do to be without risk, and I would hold him responsible for jumping the gun. At this point, I did not believe her illness was bacterial.)

3. Ask The Doctor To Back You Up On Appropriate Antibiotic Use

I told him, I consider antibiotics to be very invasive. I realize that sometimes you give them because the patient just wants something. Some folks want anything, whatever you’ve got, if there’s even a chance it might make them feel better fast. Emma isn’t that kind of patient, I said–we don’t want an antibiotic unless it’s appropriate.

And, I said, you and I both know, doc, it won’t do her a bit of good if this is a viral infection. Then she gets all the devastation of the drug, without any of the benefits.

I asked him to support me by taking the scrip away from Emma, and explaining to her why.

I said, “Please back me up and don’t make me be the bad guy here. She’s an adult, and she will do whatever she wants–so I’d really love it if you’d educate her about all the good guys that live in her gut, and why she needs them, and what the consequences are if she fills this prescription.”

Then I asked Emma to use the natural immune-supportive and natural bacterial- and viral-killing items I would buy her immediately.

IMG_1803 edit 2
Emma and me in Switzerland - 2015

I sent her boyfriend, Arturo, to the health food store, to have the clerk call me for my credit card.

Emma was furious for a minute, and raged at me.

I told her, “That’s okay, you can be mad. One day you will thank me. I wish someone had educated me, when I was your age taking antibiotics, not knowing any better.”

(Then I smiled: this is a good sign, that Emma’s still being Emma--flashing white hot! Luckily, like me, she doesn’t stay mad more than 5 minutes.)

Arturo went to find my Magic 7 Immune-Boosters and Viral-Killers, which I’m sharing with you now, for download.

The doctor had taken blood, and the tests would come back in 24 hours, showing whether there was anything bacterial going on.

The next morning she texted, “Mom, I’ve had it. I need to get well so I can go back to work--I’m going to take the AB.” Only 12 hours since she’d gotten the supplements.

She went back to the clinic where, to my surprise, the doc refused to give her the prescription! He said, give your supplements time to work, and let’s get this blood test back first, to see if it may be bacterial.

Later that day she texted, “I’m feeling somewhat better.”

Emma and me at The Festival of Colors

I was thrilled! We'd dodged a bullet.

Why Natural Alternatives To Antibiotics? Gut Health And Immunity Function

In my 20’s, I thought antibiotics were a wonderful silver bullet. I took them every time I got anything at all, and was so excited I didn’t have to get strep tests like I did, growing up, in military hospitals an hour away, where you wait in lines for hours. (I was on many courses of antibiotics for serious strep infections, through my childhood.)

I was so thrilled that the doc would just prescribe over the phone, with no testing. My, how times have changed!

Finally, I learned the truth about antibiotics. When I got strep for the last time when I was 27, I beat it with a Goldenseal and Echinacea combo supplement.

After having flu and other illnesses countless times in my 20’s, I rebuilt my gut and virtually never get sick anymore, in my 50’s–despite this past decade being one with a lot of life stressors in it. I have not been ill from strep since I was 27, half my life ago.

May I share this impression with you:

Your body is miraculous. It has fought off 1,000 invaders so effectively you never even knew you were in danger. It keeps cancer cells, strep, staph, candida, and many other bad guys in control, every day. Some experts estimate that you develop detectable cancer four times in a lifetime, on average–but you don’t know, because your immune system takes care of it.

Your immune system is a complex, finely-balanced thing of beauty, involving many biochemical processes and organs.

No one really understands how it works, entirely. But as we learn more and more, we identify the players. Macrophages, killer T cells, gut permeability–so many factors keep you well, or make you vulnerable.

To rapidly dividing aberrant cells (cancer). Or to overgrowth of yeast (candida). Or to takeover by a viral or bacterial infection.

I love the body and worship the forces that create it.

That a baby takes root and grows, and is born perfect and healthy, millions of times every year, just blows my mind. A thousand things have to go right. The Universe is simply perfection, sometimes. Consider that, in the wake of so much man-made tragedy these days.

Love and nurture your body, okay? Make sure YOUR kids (and you!) have these 7 Natural Immune-Boosters and Viral-Killers on hand. Tell them to begin taking them the moment they feel symptoms coming on, so they’re most effective:

7 Natural Immune-Boosters and Viral-Killers

Take the first 6 in this list at the first sign of illness as directed, for 2 weeks only, but take #7 always:

  1. Vitamin C
  2. Zinc
  3. Oregano oil (in caps)
  4. Goldenseal (herb in capsules or drops)
  5. Kyolic garlic (in caps)
  6. Colloidal silver (preferably a nano formulation, which has much higher efficacy)
  7. Beta Glucan

Bookmark my 7 Natural Immune-Boosters and Viral-Killers, then stock up for you, your kids, and grandkids out of town, and please make sure they have them all in one place.

(I put them all in a gallon freezer Ziploc bag with their name and “IF YOU GET SICK” written on it, with a Sharpie.)

Buy them the whole collection of seven for a holiday or birthday gift, and write them a letter telling them how this can be their first line of defense to get healthy.

You could even get the Genius Guides (currently 50% off) as part of the care package--with these anti-viral supplements on a laminated wallet card, plus 9 other guides that help you get well safely and eat healthy, in 10 different, very important ways.

It’s such a thoughtful, health-promoting gift, and you can quote me as the expert if it serves. (You’re never a prophet in your own land, right?)

Get the supplements from Amazon (we’ve linked to the products above) or at your health food store.

Learn more about Beta Glucan, and you’ll want to get that product here.

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Photograph of Robyn Openshaw, founder of Green Smoothie GirlRobyn Openshaw, MSW, is the bestselling author of The Green Smoothies Diet, 12 Steps to Whole Foods, and 2017’s #1 Amazon Bestseller and USA Today Bestseller, Vibe. Learn more about how to make the journey painless, from the nutrient-scarce Standard American Diet, to a whole-foods diet, in her free video masterclass 12 Steps to Whole Foods.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links that help support the GSG mission without costing you extra. I recommend only companies and products that I use myself.

7 Natural Immune Boosters to keep on hand

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  1. Rachael Byington says:

    How do you feel about echinacea and using it in combo with the goldenseal?

    1. Maurice Elias says:

      Very important. What about Vit. D3 and A, and Essential Oils (Inner Defence of Young Living)?

  2. jessica smoot says:

    So when are antibiotics ok? You mention strep? My 7 year old just came down with strep and I hate to have to give her antibiotics but I cannot get her to take all the immune boosting things you recommend and i didn’t catch it soon enough. Then what? I destroy her gut with the drugs and put her at risk for lifetime issues? Please help

    1. Rebecca says:

      So, how to use these with little kids who can’t swallow pills? What can I use instead? Thank you!

  3. sanmuir says:

    Robin, I bought the items listed and am wondering how much and how often to take each item. Many have a serving listed on the container for example the garlic says 2 twice a day. The zinc says 2 a day. What about the oregano oil, Golden Seal and the Colloidal silver. I have a horrible cold I should have gotten on all of this sooner, but wasn’t able to do it. I hope it will kick in quickly as it did for your daughter.

    1. Robyn says:

      sorry i’m late seeing this, but just follow the bottle’s directions because we don’t sell these items and each brand or potency may be different! it’s not like drugs, where an overdose could kill you, luckily!

  4. Kascia Lybbert says:

    Robyn, thank you so much for this. Is it safe to give these to my young children and even toddler?

    1. Naomi Beres says:

      Yes I would like to know this answer to because my son and I are both sick I’m trying to get on these vitamins as quickly as possible. please answer quickly.

  5. Connie says:

    Good group of immune boosters, but personally will have to find better supplements than some suggested here. Artificial sweeteners, vitamin c usually derived from corn..I cannot tolerate corn, gelatin capsules..intolerant to beef, or soy ingredients..intolerant to.

  6. Connie says:

    Are beta glucans advisable for one who is intolerant to glutens( wheat, barley, rye) or histamine intolerant and should avoid yeasts? Trying to understand what beta glucans are derived from.

  7. Kathi says:

    So when I feel a sore throat or cold coming on, how many of these seven should I take? And all at once, or spread them out, thanks Robin for helping so many people. I appreciate your intense interest to help us all understand alternative ways besides synthetic drugs that have so many side effects

    1. Rose Butler GSG says:

      HI Kathi, you can rotate through them and spread them out thought the day. Robyn does recommend using the Beta Glucan daily though.

  8. Very interesting blog. I think people need to give more thought to pro-biotic remedies and not jump to anti-biotic therapy.

  9. Anna says:

    Wish I had this list sooner in life, thanks! What natural remedies do you suggest to fight a candida overgrowth caused by antibiotics? Obviously avoiding all sugars but any remedy/supplement in particular to rebuild a healthy gut?

    1. Cindy D May says:

      Anna, I know what you mean. I’ve been researching candida and remedies for 25 years. Back when there was no internet or FB groups or anything very helpful. But I can tell you THE place to go. This is the first place I’ve found that had ALL the information you need and actually can cure candida. Even if you think you have a mild case, if you can swing it, I"d do the whole protocol. Phase 2 and 3 are essential. If you don’t get rid of heavy metals, candida will continue to recur. That was new info to me. So that includes any metal in your mouth. Also any root canals need to be reversed bc they cause infection throughout the body. Body can’t heal entirely while infection is still present. I’ve tried a couple of other cleanses that did not work. This is the first one that is working and has not produced any die-off. (Reason being they have lots of good binders, but also the flagship product that clears your intestines Mimosa Pudica) doesn’t kill anything. It’s gelotinous when wet and drags everything out of the small and large intestines. MP is just a plant/weed. There’s only one thing in the capsule–MP plant.

      Thousands of people are getting CURED from all kinds of fungal issues. Candida, Lymes, Mold, Bacterial and Viral Infections, Morgellans, and anything else fungal. I’ve personally found that the longer candida is in the body, the more things develop. For instance I discovered a systemic bacterial infection. Some people find they have nearly all of the above. No big deal. If it’s fungal, it’s gone with this protocol/ company.

      You don’t have to get tested for anything, and you shouldn’t :). Waste of time and $$. Too many false negatives. And any of these things can go anywhere in the body–organs, arms, legs, etc. The most problematic stuff is in your small intestines, where no enema or colonics can reach. You can call MF and get all your questions answered. Even the people on the phone know their stuff. And the docs have a weekly live Q&A. Both docs are founders, and one had lymes for 10 years, and the other doc–his wife had lymes for 25 years. Both are now cured. They also have archives of past weekly calls. They do answer questions, but if you don’t type it in the first minute the moderator goes live, it’s probably not possible to get it answered. Too many people. You can learn a lot from everyone’s questions.

      As far as food, there is not one specific diet that works, and don’t let anyone tell you that there is. The food isn’t what is going to heal you! It is wise though to cut out all processed and pasteurized foods, sugar, alcohol. Most people say sugar and alcohol are a must bc they so directly feed the stuff we want gone.

      Some are doing KETO (all meats and fats, no carbs). Others are doing what I’m doing–a plant-based diet. I prefer that. Don’t eat foods that give you symptoms. Make sure things are organic. Fungal stuff is highly toxic. Candida for instance emits 90 different mycotoxins when it dies.

      If you don’t know yet, every fungal thing comes with parasite as a carrier. So you will not see candida being eliminated, but parasites. It’s a good thing that they sop up all the fungal stuff because that contains a lot of the toxins until they are eliminated. Most people doing this are doing coffee enemas as well, as they are the best body detoxifier, focused on liver detoxification. They will also help prevent any die-off.

      You want to be going to the bathroom 3 times a day and drinking lots of water. I notice when I miss a day of liquids. Makes a big difference. If you’re not going 3 times a day or are having any trouble, Mag07 is the best product I have every found. I unfortunately am taking prescription medication which is one thing that messes up your bowels and their ability to move badly. Mag07 took care of that I was shocked. That’s just Amazon. No other Magnesium works like that one. If you aren’t on meds, their intestinal mover is something that you can use as much as you want of until you are going as much as you need, and then you will be able to ease down to a normal dose fairly quickly once things are cleared out.

      There are thousands of parasites, 30% of which are visible to the human eye. They will be inside your stool. If you want to see, chopsticks are the thing to use. Everyone is different. I’m not a digger. 🙂 I can tell you though that I eliminated parasites just out of my intestinal tract for 8 months–anywhere from a pint to a liter a day. The way things eliminated with me, I could see them.

      Last thing I want to make you aware of if you don’t know, is doing this for a year, in my opinion, is best and minimal. You can go longer. Reason for a year is this: Candida leaves spores behind and they bloom with change of season. You want to make sure they don’t recur when you’re not taking product.

      Parasites also burrow, lay eggs and larvae. It takes a while to get to them all. And then make sure to maintain a couple or few times a year. 🙂

      Now is not the time for probiotics or prebiotics. Prebiotics feed the probiotics, but they also feed candida. (They’re a form of sugar–FOS and Inulun).And you have enough gut rebuilding to do that when you are ready for probiotics, the very best thing you can do for yourself is make homemade probiotics. They’re not hard, and you don’t have to make it complicated. Just one or two will do the trick. Dr. Mercola tested the major brands of probiotics, even the ones with 10-12 strains, and found that one spoonful of homemade sauerkraut has more probiotics than an entire bottle of store-bought probiotics. More strains too. There are thousands of them. So the more you consume of various strains, and the less you kill :), the healthier you’ll be.

      Top 3 causes of candida are: antibiotics, birth control and steroids. Antibiotics (unless natural) will always start the fungal process. Just one dose is all it takes. If you’re in a situation you absolutely have to take them, start eating homemade probiotics. Kefir and sauerkraut are the easiest. Robyn has a whole bunch listed in her 12-steps. Whole foods carries some that may be comparable to homemade. If it’s sauerkraut that is not pasteurized, but raw, that will have good bacteria in it.

      Shoot I keep thinking of things! 80% of America’s antibiotics are used in the cattle/meat industry. Along with growth hormones, moldy grain for feed, it’s a recipe for illness. The only type of meat you should ever eat is pasture raised, hormone and antibiotic free. You sure don’t want antibiotics in your food, either! Check out butcher box for a less expensive option.

      Hope this helps. You shouldn’t need to do anything else for the candida than what is on this protocol. MF has a facebook group. All the best! Here’s to a quick healing. Personally, I think this protocol is good for everyone who has ever taken an antibiotic or eaten regular grocery store meats and milk 🙂 The sooner you clean up, the less likely you are to have any problems.

      I personally believe that candida and other fungals are the cause of almost all chronic or recurring illnesses. Fibro, RA, MS, cancer, allergies, recurring colds and flus, IBS, IC, and the rest.

      1. Cindy D May says:

        Everything the company makes is organic, non-GMO, no excipients and no fillers.

      2. Anna says:

        Thank you Cindy for all the great info! Am still fighting with the candida after the antibiotics I took last month (it’s been years, never really took many) and am on a whole food plant based diet already, which sure helps. Do I understand right that is Microbe Formulas protocol is the $1155 detox starter? That’s simply too expensive for me. Or are there any single products that would help?

      3. Sandra M says:

        I have to agree Microbe Formulas is a clear way to clean out parasites, heavy metals, etc

    2. Cindy says:

      If you need to have dental work reversed, MAKE SURE to use a biological dentist.

    3. Cindy D May says:


      I only had 3 rounds of antibiotics in my life. And I was on birth control for 5 years. Anyone else reading this–spread the word–stay away birth control.

      For the antibiotics you took recently that you said you’re recovering from, I would do one or more of the following.

      1. Goldenseal Tintcture–Nature’s Answer is by far the best. Amazon. One dropperful at a time under the tongue, or more if needed to reduce symptoms. Don’t use this more than a week to 10 days in a row. (Amazon)
      2. Oreganol P73 tincture (Wild Oregano in olive oil–Amazon)–4 drops under the tongue every 2 hours. Chase with water 🙂
      3. Tea Tree Oil that you can ingest. Only one I know of is made by DoTerra or Young Living. Also called Melaluca.
      4. I’m currently for the first time using 3 essential oils that form a natural antibiotic. Good to know for the future. DoTerra: OnGuard, Melaluca, Oregano (5 drops, 5 drops, 3 drops-resectively–put in an empty capsule, and take 4 times a day.)

      You can take the first 3 items on the same days as other things I’m listing, or you can alternate.

      5. If you’re struggling with candida symptoms, cut back on anything that the body may interpret as sweet, such as fruit or juice. You can def eat fruit while healing from candida. But if you’ve got symptoms, that is one thing that can make life easier. If you’re juicing, stop that until you feel better. This isn’t how to heal. It’s how to get you feeling better quickly.

      6. Homemade probiotocs–Robyn has a great selection of homemade probiotics. I go to what is easy and not sweet at all: Kefir and Sauerkraut.

      Kefir is made with milk. Only use organic milk, and best to use raw (not pasteurized) and not homogenized if you can get it in your state. (We have a private co-op. It’s $10 a gallon–still cheaper than co-pay, prescription, and whatever damage antibiotic causes to your long-term health. 🙂 I have found that plain kefir can actually make me feel better. It tastes like eating plain yogurt, sometimes with a little bit of fizz to it. I like it. Love it actually. Most people don’t. They’ll put in smoothie to disguise, but that would usually include fruit.

      Sauerkraut. There are two recipes. I’ve made both. Easiest one to make is the one with salt. You can also make with whey (whey is the watery part of cultured milk. You’d end up with it only if you’re using raw milk to make fermented milk products, like cheese or a pretty firm kefir.) It’s good for you and it incidentally also kills parasites. Don’t use powdered whey.

      The answer of which products to use when not using all, really depends on how sick you are (to what degree has it effected your life–for instance, I’ve been bedridden for a while, because it advanced before I had answers and knew what to do with it–but I know I’m getting better) while other people have something "simple" like chronic infections of some kind that they know how to treat naturally, and it hasn’t impacted their life much yet..

      How long you’ve been sick and at your worst?
      Do you work, exercise, etc?
      Have you had to cut any activities "permanently" because of not feeling well enough–not enough energy, etc.
      Do you go to the bathroom 2 to 3 times a day? Do you ever struggle with constipation?
      How much water do you drink in a day? What else do you drink?
      Do you have mercury fillings or any root canals?
      What are your symptoms if you don’t mind sharing publicly? If the list is too long, you can list the major ones, and then something like + 25 annoying ones.

      What, if any, other things you’ve done to detox besides changing your food intake, which is fantastic. Eating organic, and anything that decreases your toxic load def helps.

      Have you done coffee enemas or liver/gall bladder flushes?

      Make sure absolutely no sugar or alcohol (even now), until it’s cured. It can sneak up on you and surprise you–not fun. You’re so close to the answer, I wouldn’t risk it. 🙂 Even afterwards I would make desserts or anything sweet with natural, unaltered, sweeteners. Honey, maple syrup. is the best place to go for more desserts than you can eat in a lifetime, and the healthiest way to do so.

      They really should make a "microbe formula" on the cheap for people who aren’t ready/able to fork over that kind of money. I would keep in mind "Go Fund Me" for now or later. Seeing sick people get well is something people like to fund. And for a Go Fund Me project that’s not that much.

      Do you mind answering my questions above, so I can answer in the best way?

      I will add that I haven’t done the entire protocol, and if you don’t mind answering those few questions, I can help you figure out what you can skip. Also, you can start with one product and increase from there if you love the way the product works. (The Mimosa Pudica is what I started with–it’s the only one I had heard of. But using only product won’t CURE it.) And that one is not the best starting point for everyone.

  10. Rob Fowler says:

    Kudos to GSG for allowing us to hear in depth from Cindy May. Lot’s of good stuff there! Please don’t forget too that there are other serious toxic environmental conditions that affect and aggravate fungal and viral overgrowth in our bodies. Radio frequency radiation is one of those environmental factors that stimulate that growth but also cause other serious havoc in our cells. Those of us living in large metropolitan areas need to get smarter about this. I bought a tri-mode meter (semi-affordable) (Cornet ED88Tplus) (building biologists poo-poo it) a year ago and have been slowly learning about it ever since. Only recently, however did I notice and capture with this meter astounding levels of RF radiation (163,000 microwatts/square meter — High Crest Factor) (actually captured by a building biologist we hired) (look this up to determine how bad this is) in the downtown office I have been working in for the last 20-25 years. I would not have discovered this if I didn’t have this meter. Nobody (in power) cares about this stuff. There are powerful cell towers everywhere downtown where I work. I didn’t know I had one pointing straight at me (it is disguised)(8th floor) from a half block away. It’s not cheap but now we have radiation blocking window film and RF blocking fabric hanging on interior walls of our office. Yes, the RF radiation from that tower blasts right through the walls of the office suite next door and into my office. Don’t forget wifi routers and cordless phones at home either. Everyone, unfortunately, needs to own one of these meters to get a true picture of their environment. Watch out for the 5th generation of wireless that is being rolled out now. Current meters don’t detect these "millimeter" waves in the 8 gigahertz to 90 gigahertz range.

    1. Rose Butler GSG says:

      Rob, thanks for sharing!!

    2. Eric Richards says:

      Have you seen this Rob, at the bottom of the comments,
      I used to have it as a footnote to all my out going emails, to try and spread the word, however it does not talk about "Dirty electricity" I heard a story a boys autism was cleared up when his bed was moved away from electrical wiring running in the walls.

      Healthy sleeping

  11. Joanne Paulie says:

    Are all of these safe to take during pregnancy?

    1. Rose Butler GSG says:

      Hi Joanne, thanks for your very important question. You should check with your health care provider before taking any supplement while pregnant.

  12. Eric Richards says:

    Do I have to say this again, I feel like a broken record in flu season, DO NOT EAT ANY FOOD THAT HAS TOXIC SUGAR IN IT, This works great for me, I have never had the flu injection in my life. but just the last few years I can get thru a flu season without getting the flu or any hint of the flu symptom, because I stopped eating food that has refined (cane) sugar in it a couple of years ago, Fruit is OK while it has sugar in it, it is not the unnatural version. My blood test showed that when I had a White Blood Cell (WBC) count after having a few Easter eggs my WBC was boarder level low, we need high WBC to fight infection, also drink water the same amount as in summer to flush out any virus you might pick up.

    By The Way:
    A friend of mine believes getting or having your Vitamin D high also helps avoid Flu, he says if he forgets to take or runs out of Vitamin D supplements he is more likely to suffer flu or flu like symptoms, but as far I know does not have food rich in toxic sugar.

    1. Rose Butler GSG says:

      Hi Eric, thanks for sharing this very important information. We do agree that staying away from processed sugar is best for many reasons.

  13. Eric says:

    You might like to also add on the "7_Natural_Immune_Boosters.pdf" version 2 cut out, that so the body can get the best amount of Iron from food, the Iron rich food should also be taken with Vitamin C in the same meal.

  14. Brenda says:

    My daughter has been suffering from bacterial vaginitis for 2 years, all they want to do is put her on antibiotics! Will your immune supplements help with this? She has tried boric acid, tea tree which helps for a little while and then comes right back!

    1. Cindy says:

      I was going to tell you about boric acid, but I see you have already found that. I found two things that may be of help to you. It could be that there’s a bacterial or fungal something going on in her body that doctors don’t know how to test for or treat.

      I found through a friend information about natural anabiotic’s. You may Google it and get more information than I have. I initially got this from a woman who uses do Terra oils. Can you get capsules on Amazon. I had to Google to find the size of the capsule that was the largest. I think I got 00.

      And you fill each capsule with three drops of oregano, five drops of Teatree or Melaleuca, and five drops of thieves or On guard. I listed the equivalent oil for Young living as well. Because those oils are expensive, I looked on Amazon and found the equivalent ingredients for much less, and that’s what I’m using now.

      You take four capsules a day, and do so until the infection has cleared. I refuse to use pharmaceutical anabiotic‘s because of the incredible harm that they do to the body.

      I had a systemic bacterial infection, so I was on those capsules for about four months. They take longer to work but they don’t kill you in the process. I did take a couple of breaks throughout so that my body would not get too adjusted to having that all the time, rendering it ineffective.

      What I would actually recommend the most is to not do any testing, and check out Microbe Formulas. When you have recurring infections, it is usually indicative of fungal overgrowth that has started in the intestines and can literally spread anywhere in the body—into the extremities or organs or the sinuses.

      This company is amazing. A brief summary is that what we feel or see manifesting on the outside as symptoms begins inside in the intestinal tract. And for so many reasons that I won’t take the time to list here, it is highly likely that most everyone in America suffers from this, even if they don’t know it yet.

      Fungal infections start when anything disrupts the micro biome. And taking probiotics does not fix the problem. It would be like throwing Probiotics into a septic tank and hoping that the problem went away.

      Even if a person never had one round of antibiotics in their entire life, had never taken birth control or steroids, which are the top three causes, most people in America still will have ingested far more anabiotic’s then they have realized – and that is through our food supply.

      I had no idea that 80% of antibiotics made in America are used on the animals that produce the meat and dairy that we consume. I cannot even wrap my head around how much that is, because I already know that anabiotic’s are handed out to anybody like harmless candy.

      The only safe type of meat and dairy to consume is pasture raised, and pasture fed (grain-fed Is very likely to cause mold infections because of the way the grain is stored.)

      And it has to be antibiotic free, and growth hormone free. And if it’s dairy, it needs to be organic and not pasteurized. What you would be doing is getting milk from a local co-op who understands that milk from the store is very harmful, so the milk you’d get would be raw milk, from cows raised very carefully.

      It can be more expensive to eat that way, but if you want to crunch numbers you will save loads of money in doctor bills that she won’t have to pay and you can change your insurance plans to have a much higher deductible, because once you realize what I think you already realize, you’re not gonna use that insurance anyway. Because you’re not going to go to that type of doctor.

      The founding doctors of this particular company both dealt with lymes disease personally— So they are committed to helping people learn the truth about what is really going on in their body and then go through the process of healing it.

      The reason I said not to bother getting tests to see if you have one of the hundreds of types of fungals that exist or one of the thousands of types of parasites that exist, is because it is literally impossible for any doctor or machine to perform such a test. It is a waste of time and money and can really mislead people, because people get more false negatives than anything else.

      It’s a a paradigm shift and a change in thinking and that is hard. Thank God for Robyn who charted that territory so we could start realizing what’s causing the problems.

      Microbe Formulas is located in Idaho and all of their products are organic, non-GMO, with no fillers and no excipients. Since seeing is believing, you might want to start with just one bottle of Mimosa Pudica. Use that for a month and you should see Parasites coming out pretty quickly. If your daughter has well-formed stools, that would really be the only way that she would have to put in some effort to see a Parasites. That’s digging around with chopsticks, And I think there are other options that are bunchand I think there are other options that are much better.

      Before you start you may want to chat with one of their customer service people because they are exceptionally knowledgeable. Your daughter doesn’t wanna start without making sure that she’s having at least three bowel movements a day and that she is drinking at least half her body weight in water. (Mag-07 is by far the best product I have found for changing your bowel habits overnight.)

      Most people who are doing this cleanse are also doing coffee enemas, because they’re so effective in moving toxins from the body very quickly. And fungals and parasites are extremely toxic. I have been emptying a pint to a quart of parasites a day for over a year. The longer it goes without being treated the more you can have living in you.

      Now that I’ve researched it, I agree with the doctors that this issue is the physical root cause of nearly 100% of all chronic illnesses. Whether a person has symptoms or not, I would say do this cleanse—the whole thing.

      When we are talking about chronic illnesses, we’re talking about everything from cancer to fibromyalgia to IBS to IC to eczema and other skin problems to migraines to RA to MS to allergies or food sensitivities or 1000 of other ailments you’ve prob never even heard of.

      Personally, I recommend to do this cleanse over the course of a year, And if her symptoms resolve much more quickly than that, then to just stay on low doses of Formula One and Mimosa. And then, it’s imperative to maintain it at least twice a year. The reason I say it’s important to do the whole cleanse over the course of a year is because at every change of season, fungals do things. Just one example is that Candida leaves behind spores. And you may think you’ve gotten rid of all of it and then it turns from fall to winter, and the spores bloom and things start happening inside that you’re not aware of. If that is too much for your daughter to think about right now, then just keep it in the back of your mind.

      Parasites and fungals come in sets. You do not have one without the other. The parasites sop up whatever is there. It doesn’t matter if it is mold if it is candida if it is Lymes or any other systemic bacterial or viral infection or anything else.

      The only thing that is an absolute must, in changing food, is that all forms of sugar must go. You can choose any combination of food as long as it does not include processed toxic food. And that pretty much eliminates shopping at any of the major grocery store chains. There is sugar in crackers in cereal in bread in yogurt, and even in some probiotics !!

      And unless you are shopping in the organic produce section, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything that is not crammed full of ingredients that have no business being in our food. That includes all supplements. Look at the other ingredients of each item. And read the labels on what you’re buying or on what is in your pantry.

      Two tricky things are “natural flavors”, which include so many different things and probably none are actually natural. And citric acid is a preservative.

      One more thing, I buy all of my pantry foods from They carry everything that any of your local health food stores carry at about a 30% discount. In addition, they also always have coupons for another 10 or 15% off. I still check the labels, but everything I buy from them is organic and non-GMO.

      But you don’t have to choose to go Paleo or GAPS or any particular program. The point is to eat food that is nourishing and alive (meaning it is not pasteurized, and does not contain preservatives or any ingredients that you don’t recognize.) The reason I included processed foods is because most of them are full of various forms of sugar or GMO‘s or ingredients you cannot pronounce and don’t know what they are.

      In lieu of sugar, use raw honey. If you haven’t read about that yet, it is not only healing, but you can enjoy sweet things without using sugar, or sugar substitutes. Chocolate covered is the best website for simple healthy desserts, and you will never miss the sugar.

      As you help your daughter along the path, try to just slowly replace bad foods with good, nourishing foods.

      I personally am a huge huge fan of the green smoothie and hot pink smoothie that Robyn introduced me to years ago. I think she has the recipes on YouTube, or else search her site.

      And Green chef meal box delivery is the best and least expensive and is 100% organic. That is the fastest and simplest way to switch from the normal American diet to 100% organic, without overwhelming your poor brain! I hope this is helpful. I know it’s a lot of information, and I wouldn’t have put it out there, if after 25 years of research, I didn’t think it would be basically impossible for her to heal completely, without doing this particular cleanse and possibly changing her food if she hasn’t already.

      I don’t remember the items that Robyn had listed. I learned so much through her, but the problem has escalated over the past 10 years, and I think you’d find yourself chasing your tail, when they helped for a while but didn’t necessarily solve the whole problem. I hope this is helpful to both of you. Half of my life has been poured into searching and learning all of this.

      Oh! Did I mention if you do the coffee enemas (seriously no big deal!!), you are likely to get a very clear view of what is exiting. Warmly, Cindy

  15. Toni says:

    I was just wondering how often to take these? Is it all the time, a couple times a week or just during cold and flu season? And which are safe for children? I looked each up and a lot of them only give a adult dosage.

    1. Hi Toni, thank you for reaching out. Robyn recommends keeping each of these on hand if you need them.

      Dosing should be on each bottle. Take beta glucan always (or as often as you can). Take the others at the first sign of illness. Also, with the others (and most herbals) take them for up to a few weeks (if you wish), and go off them for 2 weeks. Take them again if you wish.

      Hope this helps.

      —Lindsay, GreenSmoothieGirl

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